: Nah, I really like the new changes. He is a lot more fun to play now. And the point and click ability is fine. He is already hard to play and the point and click ability became harder to stun with so.... idk. Overall, the changes feels really good on him. https://media.giphy.com/media/xT5LMEcHRXKXpIHCCI/giphy.gif
How is it harder its literally 2 point clicks just on extra click is needed. Also how long have you played league for and what type of champions do you play. Sounds like you mostly play tanks.
: Ryze Change
How long have you played league, and do you mostly play champions that have point clicks?
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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
How do you even call this a rework you just swapped his passive with his e and changed his scaling a bit. For real rework champions that need it. Lissandra, malzahar. Not this half ass shit of kayle, morgana, and teemo. Better yet you should focus on balancing the game instead of lets focus on getting rid of the tanks and in that process lets make everyone a damn glass cannon with lethality that doesn't scale on anything. By nerfing the tanks you could change the scaling of their armor and magic resist and also reducing their damage since there are some tank champions that can go straight tank items and do alot of damage. Get your heads out of your ass and focus on the shit the matters. We don't need skins, and emotes.


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