: New Pantheon is really good. I've had major success playing Pantheon in the support role. I do not think he is good in jungle or top anymore.
hahaha yeah I guess supporting is a good job for him he can stun and do some distracting {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Pantheon skill set
Yeah btw I did but you know people do tend to post only winning matches, like I said had such. Some games I own them alot but it is not because of the champ or skills them self as much because the enemy is weak. I think that is most of the reason he has a high win rate. And btw is that the win rate in ranked or normal games? In normal games is the place where ppl seem to try new stuff so pretty much they fail there feed and panth seems so op and good. But the great gap when you enter with him in ranked is too much he gets countered by everyone, passive play is one choice but like today I got up against a camille which tower dived me so hard I had no choices of play , go in die stay behind die , :D.
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