: Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes
Is there a way we can see whether item effects stack (for instance, you can't do double morello) or is that going to continue to be a trial/error thing?
: Re: Locket & Zeke's. Does the effect only affect champs on the same row, or does it apply to the diagonal columns as well?
Also, are these both calculated ONLY at the start of the match, or is Zeke's calculated as units move as well?
: Teamfight Tactics Showdown
Oh does that mean we'll get an area for patch notes and so form of normalized items before then so they it isn't decided by RNG alone? xD Really love the mode though but man is it frustrating to get 0 items some first creep waves when other teams have 2 completed items.
Montag (NA)
: What push-to-talk key do you use for voice chat?
i usually use ` but i try to shy away from push to talk and am typically in discord with auto-detect.
: Maybe something towards Tywin Lannister in game of thrones? That and Beatrice is completely missing in-game :v
WHAT IF Beatrice is going to be the next champion!?!
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
here is my submission - Laughing Fish https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2014-11/22/12/enhanced/webdr08/anigif_enhanced-buzz-11842-1416676550-4.gif
Meddler (NA)
: Kindred's RNG is pretty minor in terms of impact on them at this point, especially given the recent changes. I think there's some benefit to it as a system creating different early play and that recent changes reduced the 'get screwed' potential a lot. Feels like a good example of RNG with mixed benefits/costs that got improved to be much more positive than negative as a result. TF's RNG on the passive averages out over time so I don't think it's significant. The card rotation on the W does add some variance to his combat, given the ability to lock it ahead of time and other ways skilled TF players play around it though I think it's very much a positive effect rather than a negative. Similar thoughts on other cases like Draven, Zac, Poppy.
I've recently been playing a lot more jg and with Kindred being a bit stronger in preseason than early in the season I've seen a lot more of them. I have a hard time balancing the running to the kindred camp that gets marked and setting up meaningful situation where I can impact the map elsewhere if I don't steal it away. Any thoughts on how to better play around that?
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
I used to click my summoner spells (with my mouse) instead of using the hotkeys... the good 'ol days.
: Man, I sure do enjoy my runes resetting to the "Resolve: The Colossus" page when I log into League
I mean, I edit my runes every single game now, so not a huge deal IMO to swap it, but glad to see rito is fixin it :)
: >me_irl https://gifs.joelglovier.com/crying/raining.gif
Props to you for coming to a topic you knew you'd get downvoted on and posting anyways. You're the real mvp. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Fair settings for deaf people.
Corki passive is another that should get a visual indicator :)
: Decide what skin Illaoi will get!
But what do the Illaoi mains want? I'm only mastery 4 on her -- like her quite a bit but I'd like to help the few and far between get the skin they want on the champ they play most!
: When you come back after not playing for over a year
I stopped playing for 2 and a half years (I had started playing back in beta) and played ARAMS until i understood the general concept of the champions again xd
: Hey is there anyway to drop my honor level back down to 4? I really prefer the look of the purple ward over the orange one, and everywhere I've read says that since I'm honor 5 I will only be getting the orange ward. The only way as a player I know of that you can reduce your own honor is to get chat restricted, and I actually don't enjoy flaming people, plus doing that would make me entirely ineligible for rewards defeating the entire purpose to begin with.
I'd probably open a support ticket rather than try to drop honor
: Still not a word about LB ;_; Also, why Irelia? I mean, sure she needs work, but IMO Tryndamere, Panth and Nunu need it more rn, they’re outdated in every single aspect compared to Irelia...
I haven't gotten used to LB's new play pattern so I feel ya there. I agree the Trynd/Nunu need a ton of work - but I'm not sure they've wrapped around the identity of either of those champs enough. I like Panth a lot, he's kind of nostalgic for me but I know the boards blew up on him once he came back into the spotlight and his kit is definitely dated.
Ahris (NA)
: Female? Burst mage? Not dark or serious? Enemy of Lux? Bubbles with twinkles? Perfect imo, cant wait for her.
I'm pretty excited about the new champ prospect -- a tad worried that Irelia is going to be too strong after the update (but I already am not a huge fan of playing against her).
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Voluug13 (NA)
: Until I see data saying otherwise, I am going to believe that proxy singed isnt the mayority of the singed players.
It's a strat that not the majority does, but the few that play that shit outta him do.
: I love your name <3 What system do you play in?
I played a ton on 3.0 back in the day, but then my 3 brothers and I all moved to different states so we haven't really got a group back together. We did transition to 3.5 eventually.
: Yeah, until you're really standing there and they just walk past you because "it's another decoy"
Options as Wukong Does the enemy have vision? * Yes ==> don't cast decoy as they can tell if you do * No ==> cast decoy Upon casting decoy 1. Continue running away hoping the enemy assumes it's a juke and attacks decoy 2. Run a different direction hope the enemy either assumes you are the decoy or continues to run the direction you are going 3. Don't actually have cast decoy and be standing still for 1.5 seconds in hopes they run the direction the expect you to go I'm just saying that decoy feels lack luster in the since that you're really relying on the opponent to make a mistake for it to work, there are some cases where you might get a good decoy off in brush, or get a decoy and then dash to a minion where you actually make an outplay but it is very difficult.
: But what if he's just standing still to bait you? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
then you'll know in 1.5 seconds... or less if you were out of sight and he cast it. If he casts it when you're in vision you'll know because it isn't seamless.
Voluug13 (NA)
: This proto-Tear on Singed is really dangerous since he is a melee on a trade heavy lane with no tankiness, damage or sustain. Same as Cass.
It would be if singed took trades in lane and didn't just proxy farm/suicide
: That's where you use mind games -- stand still in place and they'll think you're the decoy and when they walk past you turn around and go in the other direction, maybe with actual stealth LUL
it's just really obvious whether it's cast or not if they have vision on you -- and the decoy doesn't last long enough to actually fool someone
: Super Galaxy Splash Art!
needs more super galaxy kled
: > [{quoted}](name=R2D20,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eRcEBc9x,comment-id=0004000000000001,timestamp=2017-10-03T19:24:24.430+0000) > > I&#x27;m still saying that the ADC or Support would get the last hit, I&#x27;m just foreseeing something with massive wave clears being paired up and shifting the botlane meta - for example: {{champion:15}} {{champion:61}} they clear the wave and then speed off to a neutral objective or gank mid / invade jungle. > > Basically what I think it&#x27;d boil down to is a high roam botlane with massive wave clear -- they wouldn&#x27;t worry about putting the wave in a weird position because they clear it so fast that they could pressure other areas. i mean whats to stop them from doing that right now? sounds like an optimal strategy with or without the suggested changes. the best way to avoid being 4 manned is to not be there at all, and be ganking and killing the mid laner over and over instead.
What stops them now it typically you need to funnel money into the ADC to get them itemized to push waves/turrets. ADC's have a slower start and have to hard farm to be relevant. So if the support is taking money from ADC you are delaying the power spike meaning when you return to lane, the enemy ADC is going to be out farming you and punish you heavily for being under-farmed.
Destaice (NA)
: The entire Sanjuro situation is stupid
I think what's even more wild is that he thinks plays ruined his life and isn't being accountable for what he said. I grew up with 3 brothers and have a firm understanding of banter and how poorly it translates into text, but even in good fun / banter there are things you **don't** say...
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1. {{champion:240}} -- I am total garbage with him but think he's great 2. {{champion:35}} -- He's such a pain in the ass to play against 3. {{champion:16}} -- Genji: I need healing! 4. {{champion:157}} -- Please no 5. {{champion:51}} -- Pulsefire obviously
: Yeah. The minions would. Meaning that everyone still splits it.
I'm still saying that the ADC or Support would get the last hit, I'm just foreseeing something with massive wave clears being paired up and shifting the botlane meta - for example: {{champion:15}} {{champion:61}} they clear the wave and then speed off to a neutral objective or gank mid / invade jungle. Basically what I think it'd boil down to is a high roam botlane with massive wave clear -- they wouldn't worry about putting the wave in a weird position because they clear it so fast that they could pressure other areas.
: Did you know you could dodge the vision plant by using Fizz E/ Zhonyas?
the last one should be "using your Zhonya's, E and Flash but still getting seen by the vision plant and dying!"
: @RIOT you should add minion bounty sharing and here is a coherent argument about why:
My main concern with this is that the botlane meta would shift to that have high wave clear -- as in but the ADC and Support pick someone with fast wave clear so that they clear waves and roam (either to mid or objectives). Because who last hits wouldn't matter you could potentially see more of a "all-in / kill lane" than you do currently which may make it a lot less fun to play.
: You thought you attacked Wukong
I wish the decoy wasn't as obvious as it is -- it hardly feels like an outplay when someone attacks it as much as it feels like they're just being dumb :/ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Esio Rex (NA)
: I wonder if we could do something about Tear to make it fit better in this faster paced game?
While I like the idea, my only hesitation with it is that Rito balances around mana users having a harder time in the early game due to mana management, and this seems to be a gold efficient alternative to bypassing that. Sure there is a bit of a trade off but I don't know that it is notable especially on some casters ({{champion:69}} , {{champion:27}} , {{champion:81}} )
: Daily reminder that people put "daily reminder" in their title & never post a reminder the next day
I think they do that because -- stick with me here -- they want to get in the "Hot" section, where it may be seen daily. Could be wrong though.
: Akali as a melee assassin is beating bruisers top lane
As a bruiser you just need to start bramble vest and from there make smart trades. You should at least go even in lane that way.
: I kind of think it was Ahri in the story. And maybe Ahri's current team is an amalgamation of Star Guardians who wanted to stay in their alternate/human form. You can notice Syndra and Raka have different symbols representing them in their borders, so a big chunk of me theory stems from that as well.
: not bad, its a shame riot really doesn't have the resources (or at least it doesn't make sense) to write stories that go beyond like chapter 1. like for this story they set up what could be an interesting story but then it ends
I feel that, I wish we had a better flushed out antagonist as well. Picture it as a Netflix series or something. Right now they just have established the guardians team and their interactions and brief fight with those creatures, to me it felt like a pilot or the whole thing was a prologue. In order to really capture it, I'd want to see more interactions or harder choices (more of an arch) that better help humanize the characters.
: Star Guardian StarFall: read if you must discussion
As odd as it sounds I am interested to see who else they find as star guardians and want more information on who used to be guardians and how they fell/died. I would assume Syndra is who is referenced in Janna's story but I'm not 100% sure because they are both shown as Year 4 on their bios...
: you posted in gameplay, not "memes and games" <-- (specifically designed for chuckles and upvote farming)
I mean, it's a meme about gameplay changes... Or an unpopular opinion about gameplay changes. Regardless I would say it's more related to gameplay than meme's at its core.
: so you're acknowledging the majority of players think that riot is NOT giving good value by stating in YOUR PERSONAL opinion (which is a minority, hence the puffin meme) that riot is giving good value. (for 1/5th exchange of our runes) so all upvoters are AGREEING WITH THE MEME, not with riot.
Majority of board members for sure, could that translate to the majority of players - yes, does it necessarily - no. I would hope the upvotes are doing it because they agree with the meme or find it relevant or simply liked it.
: you have to get honored by one random or 2 premades to get it shown.
Yes, and in the post game lobby it'll have a status as to whether it'll show in the next game load screen :) -- there is a comprehensive FAQ [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148-Honor-FAQ) that has a section on loading screen flair.
afmghost (NA)
: Let this sink in for a bit
Rioter Comments
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: Season 7 Ending... How to Climb to Gold Easily!
well put together, trying to climb to gold in flex as well (already hit it in solo/duo) -- maybe I'll spam sona! {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Actually, my friend and I play lee sin support for giggles, it's not that bad either, TANK/AP build and focus on shielding, fucking skill shots my ass ;3 I have a theory lee was designed as a support, they planned for sightstone >_> THINK ABOUT IT, Lee was just a support shafted into jungle by the player base! He has his Q which was vision, W which was shielding, E which was vision + aa slow... And ult is hard CC!!! It all fits into a support kit doesn't it? And the way to win is build tank, something that fits into the support ideology! And then if you play lee YOU HAVE TO WARD! Erm, even if the positioning isn't great, 2 wards is better then 1!
no no, lee sin was meant for all roles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXxcpaCr1hw
: Riot, can we please report people in champ select?
nb4 they lock because you didn't hide names.
: Except the re-skinning is only on small parts of the map. And it can be turned off.
Didn't say it's a good reason, just the only one I can think of {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: How Riot actively destroys Twisted Treeline (Discussion about the new quest-feature)
The one reason I can think they specified SR on these particular quest lines is because of the re-skinning of the map to be arcade themed and this is the arcade themed quest line. That isn't to say that I don't agree that it sucks that TT is excluded, it's just to say that it's the only reason I can see.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I like this name. That's my go to name for it now.
looks more like Thor from the splash, so my guess is Thornn
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