: {{item:3146}} would probably be better if you were to post this somewhere someone not familiar with League might read it since its passive text explains that you heal for 15% of all damage dealt, but this is still great lol
Cyst (NA)
: What makes people "toxic" is them labeling other human beings with a term that means poison might as well call them cancer or autistic. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Thats the reason they're call toxic, because they're just downright poisonous (their attitude)
: Really, for such a rare skin, it should be a legendary skin at least.
> [{quoted}](name=BLU Medic,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=wM1GNN3a,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-03-21T09:08:43.539+0000) > > Really, for such a rare skin, it should be a legendary skin at least. It's considered a Mythic Skin I just got the skin shard yesterday
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: LF a trio to push out of bronze need all lanes
Ill be on all tomorrow looking to play some ranked{{summoner:14}}
R31nz (NA)
: been lookin for a team I guess I'd make 5 if you guys really wanna do this?
> [{quoted}](name=R31nz,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=xvpENEaR,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-09-04T03:52:36.412+0000) > > been lookin for a team I guess I'd make 5 if you guys really wanna do this? I have mains across every position
XeroDusk (NA)
: climbing out of Bronze
been lookin for a team I guess I'd make 5 if you guys really wanna do this?
: I main LB, and the following champs give me a headache: {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}}{{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:157}} Each of them either has a lot of sustain, long range, point-and-click CC, or a way to interrupt my combo with shields or untargettable abilities. For example, Liss can stop you dead in your tracks instantly with frost nova or her ult. If syndra manages to stun LB at any point, she can flash in and press R and LB will just melt because LB is squishier than tissue paper. Annie can insta-cast tibbers and burst you down immediately. If LB doesn't get a kill early on, these matchups get worse and worse over the course of the game as they also scale better than LB and are more useful in teamfights. When you're in a weak lane that you think you can't possibly win, focus on getting CS without taking harass and immediately spam ping as soon as they go mia. Following LB is usually a bad idea because she can sit in a bush and wait for you, so push hard. If you get negatron and catalyst as your first items, she can't get fed off you, and if your other lanes keep safe, it will turn into a 4v5 late game, while you can build a roa and abyssal and almost never die to her. It actually doesn't take a whole lot of resists/hp to outtrade her - once LB loses trades and takes more % of her dmg than you do, the lane is won and you have a very good chance of winning the game. Don't be afraid of her and fight back if she harasses you and plays aggro. It might sound trollish, but Janna Mid actually wrecks her harder than any other champ. If you really are struggling and want a go-to champ to deal with her, Janna's your pick. Max W and interrupt all her dashes with your tornado, and shield her combo, and she literally can't do a single thing. Late game you become a pushing machine, and LB will fail to do anything to your team because you're Janna.
I play alot of Azir and in fact the majority of the time I go against LB its picked into my Azir. Its funny you say he gives you a headache! Could you give an example of how Azir would be problematic to you? Is it mostly that he can just keep you at a range?
: {{champion:3}}
good ol {{champion:3}}
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Porocles (NA)
: There's been a issue for some players crashing while using third party programs. If you have any apps like play.tv or overwolf, disable them and try again. You can also test it out in custom games to prevent any penalties. Let me know if your issue persists!
No 3rd party programs are on my pc Please Fix me shit RITO
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R31nz (NA)
I'd like to add this isn't just on league of legends its across all games
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: The Guinsoo Problem
Honestly i don't think guinsoo's is bad in itself true its a pretty strong item especially for the cost but the problem wherein lies more i think in this {{item:3124}} +{{item:3931}} it is the nastiest combo of items allowing basically anyone to either 2 or 3 shot you...now add in the champs that often build these items and their abilities and or passive further synergize with these items {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} those are the two biggest offenders
: I think he does have too much harass for an assassin. But, I also stand firm on my belief that he also has the most counterplay out of any assassin. Most assassins have 1 burst that will either kill you if they are ahead, barely kill you if they are even, and almost kill you if they are behind. This combo is normally very difficult to avoid and outplay because most assassins don't have that many dodgeable skills (Talon, Diana, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Leblanc), and they probably can kill you even if they DO miss them. Every basic skill of Zed's is dodgeable, and he needs to hit ALL of them to kill his target, unless he's already fed (which means he already landed them on his targets earlier in the game). Because of this, he also has the most outplay potential out of any assassin (except for Fizz and LeBlanc), which is why he's so frustrating to deal with, especially if he's snowballing. This gives him a lot of safety, which makes him a very different kind of assassin.
way to deal with this you need to be just as aggressive on him, calculated but aggressive whether that be with your jungler or not. Also I don't see alot of mages rushing {{item:3157}} maybe not the full item completely but definitely the {{item:3191}}
: Can I get a Riot response on the current state of NA servers?
same exact issue, i was 30 minutes into that queue though xp
: "It's really quite simple" D is for Dash F is for FIRE
ahh but its quite simple that flash isnt a dash its a blink
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R31nz (NA)
i think i forgot to mention this is after promos with 7 wins 3 losses....
R31nz (NA)
glad to see higher elo players really being helpful to the community thanks you guys are the real stars of the show
R31nz (NA)
im not saying i play perfect games everytime but when 90% of games im either carrying or the guy with the second most (not about kills but for this example it is) look at it this way i NEVER go even with my lane partner im a step above the competition at my level and because you got lucky enough not to have my luck doesnt mean you can sit there and tell me its my fault i cant climb i do all those things Ive mastered the mechanics of the champions i use and ive play this game long enough to know everyones kit and how much of a beating they can dish out and receive at any point in the game
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