: Everyone absolutely hates all of those champions, barring shyvanna when shes actually built to be a bruiser. I see no problems.
Jayce and Gnar have been in and out of the meta for years, Elise was literally played at world this year and UoL made a name for themselves with a Nidalee in their lineup. Sincerely, a Shyvana main{{champion:102}}
: support items don't make as much as they used to. yes I know it's cheaper to buy support items than it is ADC items, but how is a support going to even get any gold to even buy their support items when ADC just hog every minion ( which is understandable) and take all the kills ( which they bitch if you take it as a support). Now explain where is my gold going to come in from assists go so far that's why supports needed those items, to begin with. you can't say it does go far because I never saw an ADC get many items with pure assists.
there's a reason tankier supports are more prevalent in the meta. Take Relic Shield, let your ADC know you'll take CS only when it's up and you now have more team gold off the same CS. if you assist in a kill you get 50 gold. Turrets give team gold. There's a ton of gold to go around if you know how to play. Since my last reply I've played a fair bit of both support and ADC, my supports never seem to have an issue with my play and neither they nor I in a support role ever seem to have trouble getting gold for our builds. The 'nerf' only took about 500 gold throughout the course of an average game from supports, that's minimal and it is still not difficult to get items as a support. If you still disagree offer more details of your plight and I'll offer what advice I can
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: I seriously wouldn't be playing with you as my adc whenever I support. But personal opinion is all adc's are greedy and this nerf made them even greedier.
Apart from this post being outdated now (4 patches old) and the fact that I'm a jungle main whose least favorite role is ADC, I must highly disagree with your (presumed) assertion that the ADC is 'greedy' for taking the gold that they can to get their builds done faster. First off, the typical item costs for items supports generally take are hundreds of gold cheaper each. while you're buying Redemption they're rushing Essence Reaver or Bloodthirster. there's roughly 1000 gold right there. supports don't need as much gold to be relevant throughout the game as your role is to supplement the power of your ADC. if you're trying to carry a game as a support either your ADC is shit or you're playing your role wrong. Not only that but the enemy support feels the same gold loss that you do! you can't claim it's some sort of disadvantage when it applies equally to both teams! Perhaps if you clarify your issue with this small chunk of change being taken away we can have a better discussion on the matter though.
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: I think it would be best for champ select and for scouting if you guys forced it into the order of the roles we selected so there isnt any confusion of which person is playing what role, cause multiple people could have lets say a bunch of ads as their most played this season but they cant all play ad, and in champ select it would make it more like lcs and make everything feel better
Yea, but then you got people shuffling roles and locking in random roles and finding any of a bunch of other workarounds, there’s no way for the system to have a failproof method of telling you who to ban. They give you basic info to use as you will, it adds more strategy to the mode.
Ahriman1 (NA)
: Yeah, the people that smashed my team HARD day 2, smashed everyone else they faced by MILES (only one game out of their 9 games had them having less than double their enemy team's kills at 30-19), and told the team after us that they were a team of professional dota 2 players still have their stuff. It's okay though, i totally buy them being silver 4 through gold 1 playing ALL with easily diamond mechanics. If anyone wants to contest this I am happy to provide gameplay. I've been in low to mid plat for a few seasons now, and every single player on this team was hands down better than me (better than I have ever been). I am the best person on my team, both in rank and realistically. ACTUALLY ruined our experience - everyone went from hype as hell about clash to all kinds of salty and unsure if we want to continue this into the future if these guys get to get away with this shit. They may be fine to get away with it because they don't have higher ranked accounts, but they HAD to have sand bagged their placements to make this happen. There is no world that these guys belong in a game against my team.
vanguo (NA)
: why can not I use other language during a game...When I play with my friends who are Chinese, It's unfair to use only English and French to communicate!!
Just use the Voice Chat, way more convenient. Tho it really does seem racist lol
: Clash NA beta - What’s changing? Your feedback in action!
The fact that they capitalized May sounds like a hint... 🤔
: {{champion:10}} + {{item:3115}} + Conqueror might actually make her viable normally.
Kayle is already a viable champ, I've seen some really strong Kayle players and her kit can be annoying af to fight
: I don't think it was the AP bonus that was the issue. Pretty sure it was the true damage conversion that was the issue.
I can see that, looking at the rune itself it looks to be oriented around attack speed oriented champs stacking AD and crit. It really isn't meant for ability spammers, it really would break the meta :/ IMO the rune itself was a misstep on the part of Riot, but I won't go so far as to say it should be reworked/removed for fear of triggering every ADC ever
: since when do adc's allow support to get the last hit. it's just making all supports to rely on luck and skill that may not arise to make at all.
when it comes to taking an objective like a turret the support is not expected to yield the last hit, and neither is the ADC. On top of that if there's no resistance at the turret the ADC usually roams mid anyway. If you really just sit in bot lane when the turret is already secured because you're a greedy ADC who doesn't realize that this is a team game then you will have one hell of a time making it past Gold. I play support as my tertiary role and I generally get last hit on 1-2 turrets per game, because when I play supp it's in a duo with a competent ADC.
: Um... Like who? The only junglers I have a problem with as shyvana were Udyr and Warwick.
Evelynn is her main counter, Udyr's output isn't enough to take her down without help and as for Warwick as long as he doesn't get fed isn't any kind of real asset
: I believe the huge cut to support gold items are ridiculous, how else will support gets gold when they cant take CS..??
Instead of taking 50% of the support's gold income per 10 at T1 and 75% at T2+, why not simply make the support items cost a bit more and reduce to 3 gold per 10? If they're getting too much gold that's cool, but with so hard a nerf you really do cut them off at the knees. -every support ever this patch But wait... 3 gold per 10 seconds is 18 gold per minute, if a game goes for about 25 mins after your first back (we will assume that first back happens around 8 mins, works out to 48 gold lost on your T1 support item) then over the course of the game you lose about 450 gold, plus maybe 50 off T1 for a total of 500 gold... doesn't really seem so huge after all. Take a look at what it will actually mean, rather than just taking a nerf that seems larger than it is and crying in the comments. if you get the last hit on one turret (and it happens quite often) that's 425 gold iirc? There's your gold back, go buy a mana crystal.
: They aren't going to. They already tested it with being adaptive and it was way stronger on AP to the point that it was oppressive when balanced to be useful for AD champs.
then they could nerf the AP bonus it gives?the ratio doesn't have to be static, they control the code and what it does
R492 (NA)
: Level Up Issues
UPDATE: The issue in question is actually the end-of-game screen displaying the incorrect amount of exp required to level up, in the profile screen it states 192 exp to lvl up
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Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Riot commented on a "roll back" version of the game (a gamemode from a long-past season) - the tech behind the game has changed massively over the years, so they would basically have to make the old version completely over, which would take significant resources away from making new and better things for league.
That's a quite sensible argument and I can understand that issue, however there may be some workarounds. For instance, any coding done on a different piece of software can be translated into the current one, with a team of 6 they can probably do it in a couple months while the rest of their staff continues their work uninterrupted. After that it would make sense for them to apply the bug fixes that have taken place since the release dates, as otherwise the mode would be fairly unplayable. if they ran it on a separate server linked to the new one so that summoners could join they wouldn't have to spend too much extra cash, and since it would be entered into the rotation it wouldn't be a waste. Then there's the added incentive of players wanting to buy champs that used to be broken but aren't anymore (and therefore the summoners haven't purchased them) so they may earn some extra revenue in that regard. It would be quite the process but I think the overall response from the community would be positive, and if they are looking for something new why not go with something old? One alternative as well is at the end of the season we get a 'flashback' mode where all champs are returned to how they were at the start of the season (and champs released throughout the season are either banned or set to their original state).
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Fyji (NA)
: Personally, my biggest problem is that BE income is mainly based on leveling up, which is too unreliable; anybody over level 50 gets completely screwed over since leveling slows over time. I did some crude math a little while ago and found out that at my current rate of play, it would take around a year to unlock the three champs that I want. 365 days. For 3 total champions. Kennen, Bard, and Sol. If that's the case, there's a problem. **aight controversial opinion time** What if you could unlock one champion of your choice per every x amount of levels? For example, if you unlocked one every three levels, that would allow me to get 10 champions by level 30, which would help to secure a competitive champ pool. They'd still make money off of the truly impatient (a large portion of the playerbase) while those of us interested in the long grind to level 390ish (for every champ at 1 per 3 lvl) would still have a realistic goal to work towards. As an interesting side note, some more math revealed that unlocking every champion through BE in the current system would be far beyond the scope of a human lifetime.
That's certainly an interesting idea, and it's certainly an improvement on the current system. However I'm not sure Riot would be willing to do something like that because with the current system they can put a lot of pressure on players to buy points to grab new champs. Knowing our playerbase they probably made over $100k by now just off players buying Kai'sa packs (and it would not surprise me if the actual number was much higher, I was unable to find any site with the info). This game has changed so much, and I think we all can agree when I say: I miss Season 5
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Cloud273 (NA)
: League doesn't need a shield breaker item
Pretty sure the idea here is to balance out teams so that even if you had issues early you can still make a comeback, League been having issues with balancing teams lately and so this can help to compensate
Kaìju (NA)
: Silver scrub ADC main chiming in here. I got to play two games on her today, a normal and an ARAM. The normal game went okayish. Her lane phase was fairly fine but that's only because the enemy Varus did not abuse his range advantage to bully me out. However I noticed that her E lock out feels really really really bad early. To give an example, I was in a jungle fight and had to dodge a Q from the enemy Bard jungle. I pop E and juke it, feeling really good about it. Until I try to auto and realize I still can't and he just last hits my ass because we both had one hit of health left. Early game, the lock out time feels like an eternity and on a champion with such a short damage window due to her range being so short, not being able to attack feels miserable. I fell behind and just did no damage as well. I went a more AP/on hit build of Nashors, Wits End, and Rageblade but found myself just doing no damage until my passive popped. I felt so useless unless I got all four or five autos off because Rageblade. I got flamed by my team a bit and did tilt, selling my items and going crit but even with IE, PD, and a Zeal I felt like I did not do nearly enough damage to be any real threat. The ARAM game. We lost hard. The enemy had a Caitlyn and that felt really good to fight. At one point I literally said to my friends in teamwork "ADC Thresh has 50 less range, free scaling armor and damage, and lot more utility than Kai'Sa. I'd rather be AD Thresh right now." And that should tell you all you need to know about her in ARAM. I think I landed less than 50 autos on champs that game. I really do think her range needs to go up, at minimum 525 but probably to 550. She doesn't have Sivirs range or wave clear and she doesn't have Lucians mobility without a damage lock out. She just doesn't compete with the other 500 ranged marksmen. Not even getting into everyone else out ranging her.
Just going to post a link to a guide for Kai’sa here, do with it what you may: [](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/sUBZPEEs-new-champion-overview-kaisa)
R492 (NA)
: New Champion Overview: Kai'sa
Please note that I am aware many people claim Kai’sa to be a botlaner, and while it’s not a bad way to go I truly see potential in the midlane due to her range, power, and ability to get fed on her own
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oRexo (NA)
: Cinderhulk Udyr Overrated?
Don't really get the Tiger stance meta, I always R>W>R>W>E>R>W>E for AoE+durability while jungling, then get my E started for teamfights. If my team lacks a tank I build Cinderhulk>Frozen Mallet>Warmog's Armor and then focus resistance based on opposing builds. If we need a brawler I go Warrior>Morellonomicon>Warmog>Titanic Hydra and finish with attack speed. Thoughts?
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.3
It seems as though you are missing out on the best junglers, like {{champion:19}}, {{champion:77}} and {{champion:33}}. These junglers are some of the best in the game, with {{champion:19}} taking out the Dragon at level 3, {{champion:77}} being rated Number 1 as a jungler and {{champion:33}} getting the penta on an AD team. Am I alone in playing these and not Fid and the others?


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