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: Spaghetti code. It seems like the charm causes them to reset for some reason? Either way, bug fixes come out a patch or two after discovery. Very rarely is a champion bug fixed same patch, and thatโ€™s for game breaking ones.
Thank you. Should i report or do you think it's already done?
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: (Champion Concept) Maxus the Demacian Craven
I love the idea of a "zero to hero" champion. It reminds of me of the journey Hercules partakes in the Disney adaptation. The lore is pretty thorough, you definitely took the time to come up with it all. The only downfall is that this idea almost forces you to play passive early game. It can also put a giant target on your back, seeing as how you want to have the enemy team almost forget about you until you come late game and ravage them. The w ability definitely has some "game-breaking" sense to it, with the ability to deafen your opponents. I could see Maxus as a late-game scaling top laner, or a passive aggressive support. P.S. For your first ever champion concept, wonderful job. Keep it up and I truly believe one of your ideas will make it. I've never done a concept myself either, so if and when I do, hopefully it's as good as a start as this.
: s4 supp main looking for duo
: Looking for 5th (Mid pref)
I can play some mid laners but I'm down to play
Do you have to be gold? In flex?
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: HEY YOU, YEAH YOU!!!!!!! --> Looking for 3 more for Flex team - Silver/Gold
: Creating Ranked Team Need players
Role: Jungle/ADC Rank: B1 Age: 21 Preferred voice comms: Skype or whichever Champ pool: JG- Gragas, Nidalee, Volibear, Kha'Zix, Jarvan 4, Zac, Rengar, currently learning Shaco. ADC- Twitch, Jhin, Tristana, Ashe, and Sivir. What can you bring to the team: Positive Attitude and the will to win. How much do you play: Anywhere from 2-8 hours a day. Open to criticism: Absolutely Shotcaller: Y or N: Can but prefer not too Playstyle: Very aggressive jungler. ADC i just follow my support and we win. Timezone: EST Coach/Analyst or Player: Player Strengths: Will to win, warding is a must, and you need consistent ganks to win your lane. Weaknesses: Sometimes too aggressive as a jungler. As an ADC the occasional lackluster start to farming. How long have you played: Little over a year now.
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