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: Toxic players
The thing is that's not even the worst about it. I just got back from a group of 4 who were all queued up together. From the getgo the Twisted Fate was rude. Asked for help to net a free kill on their Ashe{{champion:22}} jungle who was standing in the river. the Tf was pushed up but he said he didn't care. Okay. If he isn't going to be helpful then I'm not gonna gank for him or I'll just end up dead. He starts to ping my runes. I was playing Mord{{champion:82}}. I had the wrong runes (PTA and such from my last games). After a while of playing and showing them that it wasn't so bad, he continued to ping my items and it only got worse. They all started pinging me. Every last one of them would non-stop ping my runes and items. The Kled, the Twisted fate, the Jhin, and the Brand. Every last one of them. Then the Brand joined in on Tf's camp stealing. They would wait for me to try to get one of my buffs and then come to try to take it. Riot will probably let them by. But the chat logs in-game and post-game were awful. Then they tried to get me while I was in my own lobby. I miss clicked the add to lobby button and they all came pouring in saying they "Just want to talk". They lied to the other team about me being toxic all game to everyone. Would you believe those kinds of people? They were awful and you know what? They probably won't be punished.
: Forgotten Project, The King of Fiora
Eh... I mean I like the guy but I hate Fiora...
: Qiyana Rundown
To be honest...Kinda disappointed with her kit. Her W and E just look so lackluster. Her Q is kinda neat and her R looks dope but woo she dashes and look she dashes again but with damage! I mean come on Riot. Riven's dash is more interesting. Sylas' first part of his E is more interesting (because it interacts with his passive) but I mean honestly... Her W is all the dash she should really need. or heck even combine the E and W and just make a new E.I can list so many champions that have more interesting dashes. You could make it so that her W deals damage around her then she dashes or vice versa like Kayn. Boom wave clear and mobility and her element thing all in one. She doesn't need a stupid root. She has dashes and a stealth so pick one or the other. Her knock back is okay at best and at worst a stupidly op Lee Sin kick. Stealth at the beginning of a fight, dash twice and Insec the entire team. Oh yeah and if it's in River then they get stunned or something too. Like the idea (super gimmicky but okay thats just what you do with new champs these days) but bad/boring design.
usul1202 (NA)
: Should the zero tolerence policy be renamed?
Yeah so I recently got a chat restriction for a game I played. My bot lane didn't leash and so I was pretty far behind. I lvl 3 ganked bot and took a little farm to help get the lane pushed out. My twitch didn't like this and decided to run it down mid for the rest of the game. Go to the after game and I got reported for reacting negatively to the twitch, complaining about the autofill protect (doesn't get refunded when a game is dodged) and wishing the enemy team inting team mates because they liked that twitch ran it down. I tried to reach out to Riot about it and nothing happened. No punishment for the other person as far as I know. Riot honestly could care less about what happens in game so long as it doesn't pose a problem for them. Thats why people like T1 were banned but not the other half of the community. I've been told on several occasions to kill myself because I like trying out different builds and seeing if they work. As far as I know, Riot hasn't so much as batted an eye.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
EpicOrg (NA)
: \o/ Reporting players via support tickets really works! \o/ Praise the player support team!
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: Riot doesn't care
Clearly they do care because they are trying to fix match making. That’s what the positional ranks were about. Unfortunately people found a way to abuse it and so they had to get rid of it. If you want to make the game or community better then you should start thinking about it rather than complaining about the game and community. No it’s not your job but if you want to make it better then throwing ideas out doesn’t hurt.
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: Oh boy I like that name.
Okay okay thats a pretty sweet name. Does this mean that the age of Taric and Ez is over cuz I'd like to start playing them now...
: Unintended pun is still a pun I guess xD
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Camille, the Steel Shadow
**SEID IHR DAS ESSEN? NEIN, WIR SIND DER JäGER!** (Anyone else think that the wallpaper looks kinda like Attack on Titan?)
: Riot doesn't remove LPQ's, sorry. Try to test it you've fixed the issue in Custom games and you won't get penalties for leaving if it still crashes. Riot can't exactly *not* punish any leavers, but they can't determine if your leave was necessary or unintentional either so they have to punish everyone equally. After you've fixed the problem, your leaver status will diminish as you play games without leaving, eventually resulting in low or no punishment for rarely leaving later. If you need help troubleshooting please post on the **Help & Support** board and they'll give assistance where they can.
{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Okay... Thank you for your help... I'm just gonna go cry with Amumu now...
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: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
I feel like he should somehow be connected to Fiora... Don't they seem kinda similar? Not kit wise of course.
: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
{{champion:4}} D: I has no facebook!!!
: {{champion:32}} i'll be your friend
{{champion:4}} 4MUMU U C4N H@Z N0 FR3ND5


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