: Super Galaxy ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!
: Is that a Cottontail Mega{{champion:150}} too???
Wouldnt surprise me if it was
: That splash art is so ugly :(
Lets be a bit more clear, the splash art isn't bad; they did a good job on it. It's the redesign of her that's bad. They did a good job on a bad concept.
: Champion Update: Fiora
mixed feelings about the updated kit, however I hate the updated look
: Cosplayers, the Pool Party challenge is here!
Okay being totally serious here, sad as it is I don't have 4 friends . . . who would do this with me *cough* Can I just do 5 different cosplays and photoshop myself into a single picture?
: Arclight Vayne strikes down the unworthy
{{champion:110}} arclight {{champion:161}} arclight {{champion:67}} arclight So apparently your name has to start with a "V" to get an arclight skin
: LOL! I hate you now. Like a lot...
hahahaha!! I cant unsee this
: Practice can't solve all the problems. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Maybe creativity isn't your fling{{champion:27}} but there is always something out there that you can be good at.
Exactly, this is so true. There's a lot of things I wasn't good at but then I tried archery and got really good at it. And now (as long as I'm holding my bow) people tell me I'm great at everything I do. So Remember kids, making others fear you can accomplish anything. Wait. . . where was I going with this again?
: That her.
Her cosplay is a bit inaccurate due to body type, tits are too big for jinx =P
: Gnar, Sivir, and Kennen are good picks because they could all use variations of a Predator's chakram. Zed could work because wrist blades. Viktor could work, putting a Predator-y twist on his tech, with his death ray laser resembling a Predator's Plasma Caster.
I could see Zed or Sivir, possibly Viktor though its a bit of a stretch. But definitely not Gnar or Kennen, would just be way to ridiculous to be taken seriously
Rioter Comments
: Master Yi is not in the lineup. I am disappointed.
why would master yi be in the dunk squad?
: Dunkmaster Darius enters the preseason
Don't let {{champion:119}} hear you say {{champion:122}} is the best in the game O_O
: Not ultimate, most likely legendary. Either way, this is going to be a sick skin!
I believe you meant to say it will be "Slamming" =p
: Original Dunk Squad, <333 {{champion:18}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}}
what about {{champion:254}} ?
Tasgal (NA)
: Statue looks almost exactly like Sion, so that's my guess. But on topic, yeah Shurima felt really incomplete. They didn't even fill out the lore sections for the characters? Come on. At least give more effort than a paragraph if you're gonna rewrite the story.
at first I thought it was Darius, then I noted the axe is dual bladed
67chrome (NA)
: Fiora vs. Yasou
dont you need a ward in there too though
Teenbus (NA)
: Because having casters yell "AND I'M A CUTIE PIE GETS THE ACE" destroyed esports as we know it, right?
"and top laner Balls is going deep into enemy territory"
sp441 (NA)
: I'm not being condescending, I'm being furious. I wanna play with him, I wanna play with him so badly. I stocked up IP for weeks just to play with him. I loved the few games I got to play with him, I want to play more. I wish he was enabled at least for bot-only games. I'd be fine with playing alone if I could use him.
you seem like the kind oh person who "plays alone" a lot =p
Rioter Comments
Teenbus (NA)
: I think that there's something out there ready to be written about who would align with each of them. Lore fans could probably already guess, but I think that a lot of players would be surprised that Kayle is more likely to gain Noxian support, whereas Morgana might win over Demacia.
sp441 (NA)
: Honestly, I'm just getting annoyed of free weeks always having 7 or 8 champions that I already own.
stop owning them all then =P
Pharrøw (NA)
: The health regen would make sense, in lane an auto that give so much as 50 HP (Let alone how much you actually heal total) is very good. But if passives make champs unique, why nerf them and balance them entirely around that? Revival skills and passives seem to do one of two things, which is make sure your damage is never apparent or make sure you don't last long enough in fights to realize that reviving can be a good thing, which is often isn't. Zilean can give his revival to other champions, but they kept his scalings on insane levels. Double bombs that chunk you to oblivion beat autos and slight superforms any day, especially in teamfight/lategame situations. And Zac has a larger delay on his AND HE'S A TANKY MANALESS AP %HEALTH DEALING BRUISER, which allows a proper response (but dying to Smite is just plain painful).
I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused about what you mean about the health regen being good or making sense since base health regen is per 5 seconds.
: His ult wasn't made this way, however the changes were more than earned. With AP you could do what TF does now to an entire team depending on their positioning. Perhaps less warning could be given if the scaling was changed, but something would have to give to improve the ult.
Also just noticed this, Nunu's ult hits harder, Scales better with AP and has less "warning time" and has the slow hit before granting greater chance of taking damage instead of after. Granted it doesn't have a teleport aspect but my point still stands that other than as a teleport his ult is useless. Also TF can teleport in at range and proceed to poke down the enemy whereas Panth is an all in champ.
: The last red responses I read about Aatrox mentioned that he was being kept in a non-optimal place intentionally because of his heal. I can see this as a real concern. Number-wise, it is a really strong sustain with no cost or CD. At the same time, his abilities cost health and he needs a way of easily replenishing it. If he is buffed, his sustain could make him a major bully that can't be easily out sustained. This puts him in a bit of a bind. I agree, he's not in a very good place right now. I am not sure what can be done either. But I think his heal and his health costs will need to be adjusted before he receives buffs.
Honestly I don't think his sustain is as monstrous as people keep claiming simply due to the fact that its ONLY every THIRD attack. The max AS cap is 2.25 aps, this means that in a four second fight (assuming he doesn't get some kind of hard cc) with MAX AS he only gets off 9 attacks or 3 heals. At max rank with 250 AD that means 102.5 per heal for a total of 307.5 health. That Barely offsets the amount of getting hit by a single ability and this is under optimal circumstances and not factoring in that you drain your own health through ability cost. Now look at Irelia on the other hand who heals with EVERY attack, and lets put her into the same circumstances. Passively she heals 13 per attack X 9=117 health restored which granted isn't much. But wait!! she can activate that to double health for 6 seconds so 13X2X9= 234 which is only slightly less AND she deals true damage during those 6 seconds!! Not to mention the high base stats, better stat scaling, and she doesn't have to spend health for her abilities. Honestly I think he just needs adjusted base stats as his base health, armor, and (ironically enough) health regen are some of the worst in the league.
Mecca (NA)
: New champion portraits are hard to recognize.
I'd have to say that {{champion:84}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:268}} are good and easily recognizable, {{champion:58}} could use work but its at least distinct enough to tell. But {{champion:69}} {{champion:61}} are terrible! Even though Cass is distinct enough to see who it is, her face is so bland and generic I still cant tell her apart. And Oriana just look nothing like herself. Still though, the splash's look great lol
: oh well were are they? they are all in the world and will be ranked above him.
but this list is top 20 AT worlds, not top 20 IN the world
: None of those people are emperors (hell, one of them isn't even a king), they are small time.
No but they were great rulers, but if you insist, Napoleon, Ceaser and Ramses II were also notable emperors who got their hands dirty =P
: I almost got the Perfect Ascention icon if it werent for a last second ks from a Nidalee when were at 195 ):
: When Azir's passive isn't on cooldown, dead towers will have a clicker as soon as they die that he can use to summon the Sun Disc. There isn't a limited window of opportunity and he can summon a Sun Disc on the same dead turret multiple times (cooldown providing).
kinda off topic but could you guys add base cooldown times to all the abilities in champion descriptions?
: The emperor doesn't get his hands dirty! As a matter of fact, he USED to attack alongside his soldiers, but it was only when Roku played him and said "you know wouldn't it be cooler if your soldiers attacked INSTEAD OF you" that we had our "oh shit" moment of "this is something entirely new and exciting". This allowed us to decouple the soldier attacks from Azir's attack range, for instance, and it's just COOL to point at dudes and have your sand army stab them.
I respectfully disagree. Ned Stark got his hands dirty, Willam Wallace got his hands dirty, King Richard the III (Richard the Lionhearted) got his hands dirty, all truly great rulers that fought with their soldiers. And while it may be cool to "point at dudes and have your sand army stab them" I think its cooler to beat dudes faces in WHILE your sand army stabs them =P
: My main issue is that this political entity is somehow strong enough that they can control these demigods. If they have that sort of power, they should be able to stop any sort of faction conflict with little effort. Its this line of either the IoW and the summoners are too strong and stifle anything from ever occuring, or they are not strong enough to control all of these beasts, mages, and warriors that make up the League, at which point they are just a meaningless formality and an awkward plot mechanism. In the grander scheme, I think it would be better if the many conflicts of Runeterra could occur on their own, in a more organic setting and with a more natural progression; not manipulated by the hands of a bunch of political puppet masters in an artificial environment.
While i certainly understand your point, I feel like its very much a representation of how our world is today. The reason the league was formed was to stop the world from imploding due to the rune wars, so now all political conflicts are fought using champions instead of all out war. They are not all powerful, just strong enough to stop a few countries from destroying all life. They still have civil war in the Freyjord, Noxus and Demacia still have grudges and launch black ops missions, and all the other little city states are trying to desperately establish themselves and gain league protection from the larger established ones. This is extremely similar to how the U.N functions (minus all the badass bloodshed). They ensure that any major country doesn't go mad and nuke the whole damn world or release a bio-hazzard etc. They have representatives hash out any type of border dispute or international sanction or whatever. Yes small wars do still occur with minor or unestablished countries but there are no more "Large Scale" wars that threaten the existence of the world as a whole. But America and Russia still have issues, they still try and fight it out through minor countries, others are trying to overthrow dictatorships or fighting a civil war and yet they all respect the power of the U.N as a whole.
: Without the IoW and Summoners, Renekton and Nasus are now free to duke it out on their own terms and when they see fit. Not forced to fight eachother under the pretense of the League of Legends and the watchful control of the Summoners. Two ageless demigods roaming the deserts with the sole purpose of fighting each other seems much more fulfilling than the same two ageless demigods being called upon by mortal mages to fight for their entertainment.
Except its not for entertainment (according to lore, cuz the game is friggin great) its for settling political disputes between countries without war, think Achilles at the beginning of Troy. Which actually makes more sense now according to the new lore. Before Renekton was a crazy power hungry butcher and Nasus needed to kill him to protect his home world. Now Renekton just wants to kill Nasus because he went crazy after being imprisoned, whereas I'd think Nasus would only want to fight his brother to subdue him and try to reason with him. And given the power and influence of the IoW and Summoners they could help accomplish this
MrSc0tty (NA)
: Actually TF gives 3.5 seconds. You know. The reveal icon. It's essentially just adjusted to the size of the AOE. If it was too low you'd get a free nuke+teleport every time. Panths ult isn't for the damage necessaroly it's for the free teleport and catching your enemies between a rock and a hard place.
I didn't count the reveal icon because it doesn't necessarily tell where hes going. So yes you semi know where to look but it doesn't exactly spell out where hes going to appear
: well he doesn't have big range on his autos so just jump on him and blow him up if he tries to do that.
lol yeah! just jump on him with all his extra move speed and his boomerang slow =p I know it can be done because i've done it but its stupid hard past lvl 6 to do it
: Earlier today, in this thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/9xU70QEs-xerath-lore-update?comment=000300000000
still doesnt explain why they had to remove the IoW or summoners
Zhugan (NA)
: By being fundamentally weaker than other options they are invalidated. Why would I ever pick something that isn't optimal for winning in a competitive environment? When people try to come back with "you can play for fun!"; I have a very important caveat to that argument. *Winning* is the most fun that can be had in this game without actively trolling. Which means, to have the best experience in both the competitive and gameplay sense, winning is absolutely necessary. If winning is necessary to having the best possible experience than logic dictates that you pick champions/roles that increase the odds of that. Meaning that certain choices become valid in the winning-not winning continuum, and choice that become invalid. The current meta makes the above choices invalid. And that is a bad thing.
Worgslarg has it right The fun of league is in the playing and in the competition just two days ago I played a game that was the most fun I'd had in weeks and it was one we lost, but it was fun because of the constant back and forth. We cleared both of the nexus turrets, lost a teamfight, spent 15 min pushing back up mid lane, and lost to a varus backdoor. I played as Pantheon (one of your "invalidated champs") and did exceptionally well (15 out of 38 kills). I agree its never fun getting steamrolled but the only thing less fun than that is playing with someone whos only emphasis is on winning.
darkdill (NA)
: Here's a thought: Why do Champions not address ditto's of themselves?
{{champion:29}} vs{{champion:29}} "you smell as bad as I do!"
: Change Shaco's Backstab to a more meaningful passive? Or a bonus passive on Shaco?
Shaco is fine as is, yes it can be a bit hard to make use of his passive but his kit makes it as easy as possible. You have a point that his damage is situational and unreliable but when you look at his design he's supposed to be that way. and last little sidenote if you really want to claim that a passive is hindering a champs gameplay remember kogmaws passive, he literally has to die to make use of it.
: I destroyed him with fiora. He cant really run from you since you have 2 dashes, and a speed boost.He hasn't enough damage to deal with you at really any stage of the game as long as you keep track on his mega gnar transformation . Pokey tops without major mana issues are also good against him if you know how to dodge and keep distance(karma, lissandra, cass,karthus...all of which have boss waweclear and kiting abilities.). No Darius I have played with has not destroyed him either. I guess he is weak to lane bullies with early all in potential and melee carries. Think of it, he has no real sustain or defensive mechanisms(apart from mobility), so nunu seems like a reasonable choice too.
IDK man, ap gnar is a douche. If he goes mostly ap he can put out between 500-800 damage every 3rd shot at max rank and run away like its no biggie.
: His ult wasn't made this way, however the changes were more than earned. With AP you could do what TF does now to an entire team depending on their positioning. Perhaps less warning could be given if the scaling was changed, but something would have to give to improve the ult.
I'd be more than willing to give up the AP bonus on the ult for flat damage and less warning, especially since I don't know anyone who builds ap on panth anyway. But as it stands the ult is only useful for engaging on a single opponent and trying to use it in a teamfight is almost a death sentence for panth =/
Rioter Comments
NauticaI (NA)
: Champion concept: Yohan the hidden blade (wip)
Congratulations, you didn't even bother trying to hide the fact that you're ripping off Assassins Creed =P
: You don't reward someone for NOT murdering someone else. You don't give a hundred dollars to everyone who DOESN'T rob a bank. In life society does not reward those who are "good" for the sake of being good. Society removes those who cannot cope with societies rules. The problem is not the fact that they don't reward good behavior. The problem is the fact that they do not punish the wicked. You go to any other game - and there is some toxicity, but it is never on the level that I have seen in this game. The reporting system is a joke because you cannot report someone until AFTER a match is complete. Once you DO report someone, they are immediately notified that their behavior was "unacceptable" and that the mythical "tribunal" would be reviewing the case. After you hit Ok - nothing else happens. Here is an example: I had a friend I queued with. He tends to have a mouth on him, and his go-to word is the N word. During the course of a match, he must have dropped about 20 "N" bombs, and about 30 "F" bombs talking shit to the other team - this was during a 20 minute match we ultimately surrendered in. He was obviously reported by their entire team - yet we played the rest of the night, and ever since and nothing has happened to him yet. So while Riot talks a big game about their honor code, they do very little to enforce it. **This**, above all else is why there is so much toxicity. If you want the problem resolved, then stop offering incentives for people to be good and start punishing people for being toxic. Unless this happens, toxicity is not going to go away. I mean what are you going to do? Report me? Oh no...I am scared.
: Like her R?
thats not flying, thats like an extended jump =p
: [LORE DISCUSSION] What happened in Shurima?
Awesome discussion man! Too bad riot is about to shit all over the previous lore
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
quit trying to ape DOTA2 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
If riot was a kid doing chores "Gosh, cleaning up the house is so difficult! If I dust I have to vacuum, if I sweep I have to mop, And its all only going to get dirty again since I continue to live here. I know! I'll just burn the whole damn house down instead!"
: Also, to be clear, we don't want people to think we're doing away with everything that's ever been posted in the Journals, Judgments, or other places. That stuff will always exist to be enjoyed, as it should -- a lot of players love it. It's about modifying things that get in the way of our telling bigger, better stories. It's kind of like with comic books: Wolverine in a '60s X-Men comic looks a lot different from Hugh Jackman in the DoFP movie, but he's still recognizably the same character. Superman's origin story has been retold numerous times and ways in many different media; some of the interpretations I've loved, others I haven't so much, but it's always fascinating to see those new perspectives on familiar tales. New doesn't invalidate old, it just broadens the world of stories told about Runeterra.
@Tommy Gnox Killing Superman and bringing him back as 4 aspects is definitely debatable as far as "sticking with core themes" but I think the most important point of that storyline was THEY BROUGHT HIM BACK!! And then they just moved on like nothing ever changed to begin with! If you want an "event" where the summoners temporarily lose control of the champions great! But why remove them from the game entirely? You keep mentioning that by removing the story you're opening up narrative avenues but common sense says thats pretty hard to do if there isn't a story anymore. What you're really essentially doing is making the gameplay and the story to separate entities, which removes all purpose from playing the game. You went from taking a game that made some sense with a lot of plot holes to a game that now make no sense whatsoever! How can you call this an "improvement"?
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
So then if you remove the league from the game are you just gonna rename it "Of Legends"? =/
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