: ill miss b4 they made the changes to the Q that made him mainstream again. he was super strong, as I jungled him but nope! let's just change him and put him in the spotlight and completly gut his damage. holy smokes.
I have found another Jungle Kench unicorn, let us mate and preserve the species.
Kazekiba (NA)
: At no point does 50 damage become more than half of Yi's total AD, and only 35% of his bonus AD is converted into TD. About 1/4 of his damage is true damage if youre generous.
Double strike does less physical damage {50% i think?) but still deals full on hit damage. Phantom hit deals almost no physical damage, but full on hit damage. Against tanks, the point where they start taking more true damage than physical damage might be around 100 armor (50% physical reduction).
Senamz13 (NA)
: It's preseason! Let me go see what people think about theses changes on the boards... Oh
Tank supports (melee) definitely got shafted by the change to relic shield: Removed the ability to buy the level 2 support item at first back (used to be important for granting a lot of sustain in hard matchups). Removed the heal that scaled on %missing hp (5 - 30 hp for level 1 item, 10 - 60 for level 2). Removed the 50% hp per 5. Removed the 10% cdr. Increased the charge time at level 1 item ( 40 sec -> 45 sec ) Charge time at level 2 item doesn't improve from level 1 ( essentially: 30 sec -> 45 sec ) Level 3 item removes the execute passive ( even just 1 melee minion every 30 seconds is ~3.2 gp5, the compensation for losing the exectue was 2 gp5 ( 1 gp5 -> 3 gp5 ) ) All of that for "saving" 1400 gold ( not really, since I was paying the gold for improved gold generation & healing ), and gaining a lousy chunk of AD or AP, because tanks are known for Tons of Damage. Maybe implementing one or two of these changes would have been fine to tone down the sustain a bit, but all of these combined just deletes tanks from bot lane all together. Matchups that I used to consider quite easy, like facing Ashe, are now terrifying because every stray Volley and autoattack adds up very quickly to push you out of lane.
: Why is Garen winrate dropping so fast
No idea about ranked, but I'm seeing a lot of people play Garen jungle and feeding a ton in normals (with plats / golds). Might just be people trying new things for now.
: you can play syndra and ruin his turrents, but playing melee into heimer is suicidal
Since the days of GMod 9 and Facepunch I've wondered... how exactly did the spelling "turrents" even occur? Like... there's not even an "n" sound in the word...
: I'd rather troll pick and lose lp than wait 5 minutes tbh
Things you can do in 5/30 minutes from dodging : Read a chapter of a book Listen to a portion of a podcast Browse your favorite forum Play a different game Make a coffee or tea Do some light exercise or stretching Things you can do while troll picking for 15-30 minutes : Play league while your team flames you ---------- Seems like a bad trade.
Nebuul (NA)
: From [Riot's own page](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/summoners/spells/): > Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 70-410 true damage (depending on champion level) over 5 seconds, **grants you vision of the target**, and reduces healing effects on them for the duration. _(emphasis added)_
If you read the ability description in game, it actually explicitly states "does not give vision of stealthed targets". I remember needing to tell my teammate to learn to read because of this specific reason.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Seems like the solution to this would be like Tahm or Warmongs, make his passive 'out of combat'. So he can't just disappear and come back full HP.
I would support this. It's very annoying to have to save a ward for Pyke in the laning phase just so he can't duck into a bush and gain 20% hp in the middle of a fight. Kench at least has to pull out for 5 seconds or waste it all on a crappy shield, Pyke just goes into a bush with oracles and laughs.
Icely (NA)
: Actually triggers me to no end the shit they do to make champions "easier to play for newer players". Every time they do it they ruin a champion: Rumble, Ryze, and now Asol. Like lmao if you're a newer player play an easier champion, why does Riot have to dumb good champions down for them. And people are going to tell me "Rumble is fine", but all I have say is that he's even more clunky than before now that you have to wait an extra 0.5s every time you want to hover around 50 heat because of the change they made to it. Ruined for me, at least.
How was ASol easy to play for new players? He has a really finnicky stun that you can easily short by being too afraid and walking backwards. His W required you to dance around your enemy, which requires high apm and reaction speed to match your opponent (something new players are not going to be good at). His ult and E might be the only straight forward mechanics about ASol.
: [GAME CRASH] a critical error has occurred
Double check that you don't have anything related to cheating open on your computer. Could be cheat engine open, could be a folder named cheat engine open, could be a browser tab with a cheat engine Google search open. Not accusing you of anything, but there was a moderately sized shit-fest when people realized this was happening.
datfatguy (OCE)
: I genuinely think I’m the only person on this planet who doesn’t mind ARURF
I do miss being able to play Tank Sejuani every game (old Sej), but I think part of the fun is making champs work. Even "bad" champions in Urf can usually be built as a split pusher or tank and still do relatively well. I think all random is much healthier for the game mode overall. Seeing Sona, Zed, Hecarim, Alistar, Ezreal, Malphite, etc. every game made everything feel stale after one week.
Stratixx (NA)
: Tahm Kench support winrate
I'll just leave my name here.
: That intensifies because "wall distance" to Qiyana, due to how absurdly far the ulti pushes you in the first place, is ANYWHERE.
Worst part is, the projectile could be two Teemo's short of a wall, and yet it'll still send out the stun wave. It's fun when the center of bot lane is still within stun distance of a wall.
Farahad (NA)
: How does {{item:3077}} interact with this? Does it proc off every unit he spins on or only one per tick? Because if it does, then he will be an absolute monster with it in minion waves or teamfights
Pretty sure that Tiamat is "on attack" like rage blade and hurricane, not procced by abilities that apply on hit.
: > [{quoted}](name=saphireflame123,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IojTHu2x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-15T00:10:54.607+0000) > > Progression doesn't cost... But it will when eternals come out! :D
> [{quoted}](name=Sebastit7d,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IojTHu2x,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T02:22:40.722+0000) > > But it will when eternals come out! :D Nobody makes you buy emotes, skins, icons, and borders. The only thing that even comes close to affecting gameplay is a set of very specific skins like I-blitz, Spooky TF, and headhunter Nid. Even those have been changed slightly to bring them in line with base skin effects.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEVsMjOy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-14T19:55:16.947+0000) > > yea, for melees it diddn't change much vs pant, he can still Q spam you in lane, just that he now has his 1 point wonder E to block all-in atempts vs him. > Therefor he's less good vs range, less reliable poke as his Q snapcast is not as high ranged, enough to molest other melees but not enought vs actuall ranged, his all-in is alot less scarry and his removed block passive makes him alot more vulnerable to AA-harras. Doesn't Panth's empowered W also stack with braum's passive? I believe I saw it on a video.
It'll count like 3 AAs like Renekton's stun, so it'd be good with Braum, Sejuani, and on hit items like wits end Somehow i don't think he'll be viable as a melee attack speed carry though.
: I'm not gonna use my ban just because this guy didn't want to ban Zed, he's hoping someone else will. No thanks, I'd rather ban Yasuo or Urgot. Maybe he should have banned Zed instead of Lee Sin
And that's perfectly fine? What if there was someone about to ban "None" and instead decide to ban that champ? Coordination is perfectly fine.
: How it feels to jungle
Something that happened to me: Start top side jungle Buff hits the top laner once *Spam pings ?* "Thanks for putting me so far behind" Top laner gets back to lane and immediately all ins "You almost killed me by letting the buff hit me" One minute later top still hasn't warded and gets killed in a gank "/all GG useless jungle"
Manxxom (NA)
: Teamate: Now push guys... Push! PUSH!
I too have seen Stephanos Rex's tribunal video.
: Throw an LDR in, and that 200 armor becomes 152 after TBC, then 99 after LDR, then literally only a measely 49 after lethality, or less than 25% of the amount they started with. Even with all magic pen items, 200 MR becomes 120, then the flat pen removes 33, leaving you with 87, or nearly twice as much MR as the armor you have left after armor pen. Hmm. . . it's almost like its actually the armor pen and NOT the magic pen that's the issue here. Who would have fucking thought, in league of AD assassins and ADCs, its the physical attack damage that's beyond over tuned and no longer has any functional counters. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
The issue is actually getting up to 200 magic resist; aren't spirit visage and adaptive helm only 50 MR each? You'd need something like Locket, Visage, Adaptive Helm, Zzrot... 4 slots dedicated to magic resist
: my client keeps refusing to open
There's an issue sometimes where the client won't open because it thinks there's another client open already. You can tell when it happens because the League of Legends logo will flash on screen and disappear right away without doing anything. Easiest way to start up League again: 1. Open up task manager 2. Go to the "details" tab 3. Click on any league of legends related tab, and then click "End Task" (I think the program is called lolclient.exe, but not sure) 4. Once all league programs are closed, you should be able to start with no issues.
: {{champion:223}} I thought they gutted and killed him... I guess there still a corps to kick.
Just when I thought he was finally dead, they make him dead-er
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=HungryAngry2SPP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OERNuLea,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-30T23:09:11.382+0000) > > 100 That let's say will spend 10 dollars each. > 1000 dollars for deleting a 2KB cursor. > > What do you think that Riot has money-trees in their HQ? Are you a child? Do you have a job? 1000 dollars is not a lot of money to a corporation. None whatsoever. A single person working 9 shifts at my country's minimum wage would make 1000 dollars
Even more perspective, $1000 is a 2-week pay period for a $15/hr grunt/first internship at 40 hours a week. And if the Senate passes the $15/hr minimum wage (Press X to Doubt), it'll be the paycheck of a burger flipper.
: Print Screen takes me out of full screen and f12 does not work for some reason
Uninstall the screen cap software you installed then. Holding the windows key and pressing print screen already saves a picture to "USERNAME"/pictures/screenshots. Holding the windows key and pressing G, there's also an overlay menu to save the last 30 seconds as a video, or to start a longer recording.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: kat resets last forever, same for trist, same for k6, oh yeah same for darius past level 16, oh yeah darius also has it at 20 sec before level 16, oh there isn't a single reset that can't be held for 20 sec?
Kat doesn't "reset", it just subtracts 15 (?) seconds from the CD every kill / assist (as long as you damaged the person in the last few seconds, not the full assist window) Trist's ult doesn't reset at all. Kha ult does not reset at all. Darius ult does, but at least it isn't AoE, ranged, a dash, or grant bonus kill gold, and even requires him to first get a target to 5 stacks of passive before he can deal full damage.
Umbral (NA)
: Akali's Project Skin has Sonic in it
Need a mod where her foot steps after recasting W is the ear rape version of Green Hill
Yenn (NA)
: Why doesn't Rumble's Flamespitter draw minion aggro?
AOE spells have never caused minion aggro. What you might be remembering is that in patch 8.2 they made it so targeted spells like Cass E, Kat E, Kat initial Q, Ryze W, E, etc. all cause minion aggro. If you're standing in your minion wave and Rumble Q's you in it, just back off and let the wave reach your tower. Rumble is very easy to gank.
: Am I the only one who like the old rune system better?
"Way more options and builds!" Yet I remember basically every guide saying "just go flat AP/AD reds, flat armor yellows, flat magic resist blues, and Armor/Magic Pen quints". Seriously, I had 9 rune pages from buying a bundle of 7 way back when, and I only used two of them. I could get away with only using two rune pages in this system, but that's only because we can actually change runes in champ select now. Edit: Dahaaka - Aftershock automatically changes to Grasp of the Undying (I think) if the champ you're playing as has no hard cc, just like how Mana Flow Band changes to the magic shield rune on champs if you have no mana bar.
PaRa77 (NA)
: GP can W out of his ulti bud
Yes because GP oranges remove all CC including suppression, thank you for proving his point.
: Well, played a couple games of Top Lane Kench.
Don't know why people would start playing Kench top lane now that he's over all nerfed. You could do the same and even more before the change, now you just do 30% less damage with W.
: No damage? He got massive damage buffs. They basically removed his support side and turned him into a utility bruiser á la Shen. Pick him in top lane to tilt the shit out of your opponent.
https://imgur.com/2VHP6VY In this graph, there are 3 lines. The red is damage at rank 5 before the nerf, blue is after the nerf, green is the damage difference (positive means pre-nerf did more damage). The break even point comes just before 1000 hp at rank 5 (aka level 9 if you max it first), I can think of no champion except maybe Sona that has less than 1000 hp at level 9. Every other time you're doing less damage. If you eat a 2000 hp squishy, you were doing 760 damage (+ 1.75% Tahm's HP), now you only do 500 (+ 1.5% Tahm's HP), almost a 30% decrease on the squishiest target available. Against a 4k hp tank, you are doing half the damage you would before the patch. You also have an extra 2 seconds CD at rank 5 compared to pre-nerf. Your rank 1 Q has a 60% increased cooldown at level 1. Even though the slow duration was increased, the stun is still for 1.25 seconds. So: Q: Ranks 1-4 have less or the same CD, only compensated by 20% extra slow rank 1 W: Slows yourself when eating allies, basically a death sentence for the both of you since you're locked into eating them for at least 1 second. Deals >30% less damage. E: Actually a good buff for laning/jungling. R: You can't even ult outside your own base from the fountain at level 1. You can't even ult from raptors to the center of mid lane. Roam potential = 0.
Rioter Comments
: ...a lot of people are just saying "oh unlock your camera". Can I just mention that Yassuo plays mostly on locked cam? Any of you consider yourselves better a player than that guy?
: riot, fix the red and blue side problem for camera locked players
What year is it? The last time I heard a locked camera was like season 3. You do realize there's the semi-locked camera now, and also per-side offset that gives more view downwards on red side?
: I'm just gonna leave this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2KgTcSLA2Q&t=21m55s
Rip dawngate. Maybe the next Ryze rework can be a Fenmore clone, I miss playing as Fenmore.
: It's almost as if they WANT you to go Hail of Blades Kench Top...
Hail of blades is pretty bad on Kench though, you can almost never stick to people to get the full 3 AAs off, and even then it's not that big of a payoff to get 3 stacks 0.5 seconds sooner. If you really wanted to go damage on Kench, you would take Press the Attack and pick up some attack speed like Wit's End and then go bruiser with Titanic Hydra and Steraks Gauge. At least then your keystone does more than just apply your passive faster. Really the keystone that people never seem to use with Kench is glacial augment. You can stick to one guy permanently by just weaving your Q slow and augment AA slow. Late game you provide a bunch of utility by rushing into the fight and stealing the enemy ADC with righteous glory.
: Your runes and items are troll though, I would ban you as a bot lol. cant disrespect you because of board rules
It's Co-Op vs AI? He has to push down all the turrets by himself since he has 3-4 bots every game. For not disrespecting him you certainly are being a douche.
: You can predict the outcome of 95% of matches from the champions
I'm a Tahm Kench jungle main. Tahm Kench has something like a 43% win rate overall, most ~90% of that in support and top? I have a 58% win rate. I would say I tend to do worse when my teammates get tilted that I play Kench, saying crap like "the jungle difference is real" 8 minutes in, before I even get ult. That said, I feel like you'd be one of those guys.
: Rakan Battle Dance (shield ability) Bug - Unable to cast twice on low mana
This is also occurring with Tahm Kench devour this patch. Never had it happen before.
: Hiding animations should be considered cheating.
This only works with abilities without cast times, and even then all spell effects play normally when doing this. So with Tryndamere, you still see his blade spin particle even if trynd himself is laughing while sliding.
: Binding laugh to a skill key?
I believe you need to do it through a configuration file now. C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You'll see an .ini file that you can modify.
: I know Sylas isn't OP overall but what the actual fuck is that healing?
The worst part about the heal Sylas has is that it is only oppressive late in the laning phase, like levels 7 to 11. Before then it isn't too noticeable, and after that in the late game he just dies instantly anyways. It could use something like level scaling or total hp scaling in exchange for losing some of the growth per ability rank.
: Steps on when to blame your jungler in bronze.
The gold level strategy is slightly different and requires whole team coordination: 1. Enemy is playing an aggressive jungler like Lee or Camille? Stand by your tower and protect it from falling over before minions spawn, tower is more important than knowledge the enemy is at your buff. 2. If the jungler is starting top side, the top laner must stand in the lane bush closest to the enemy tower. If the jungler asks for help, get there when the buff has 1000 hp left and donate only 2 auto attacks. 3. Now that the jungler is low hp, the whole team must be prepared to spam ping ? when he dies either to a scuttle crab fight or a level 3 invade. 4. The jungler is now level 3 while solo lanes are level 5, now mid and top need to communicate who is going to complain about not getting enough ganks because the jungler only knows how to "power farm". 5. When the jungler decides to try to gank to placate the person asking for ganks, make sure to let him know how useless he was during the gank and how you had to do all the damage and CC. 6. The most important step: even if the jungler redeems himself and goes 2/4/4 or similar, constantly remark how we are still going to lose because the lanes are too far behind from the enemy being a much better jungler. The fact that no one supported the jungler early game has no bearing on why he couldn't gank for you.
: Absolute Focus is getting nerfed on PBE
On top of what people say about carries using the rune, its very good for junglers with healthy clears. Basically just a free ~6 AD / ~9 AP your first clear that only gets better.
: Wait. I thought you quit weeks ago?
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zEnfIf75,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-17T07:38:42.981+0000) > > Wait. > > I thought you quit weeks ago? Remember, league is a drug. People will quit it many times and still find themselves here. Like me for example. (but mine was because it was causing poor grades)
Rioter Comments
: ***
I think you might be misunderstanding; it seems like he was saying "are we supposed to turn a blind eye (to racism)" while you are saying "we should turn a blind eye (to our differences)".
GigglesO (NA)
: Here is for "Conqueror is just 20% penetration" guys.
Your graph is terrible at communicating information, the way you output the damage as BonusDamage / NonTrueDamagePortion makes conqueror appear to have infinite linear growth. While the ratio might be correct, it's not painting the right picture in people's heads; a 300 damage Darius Q is still doing only 60 true damage against a 1000 armor Sejuani. I had made a previous post about the true damage conversion against a level 18 Ashe being only 300 true damage if you 100-0 her with physical damage. Lets go through the calculation for a Bruiser now. Lets just say an Irelia has 3300 hp and 175 armor, giving her an effective hp of 3300 / (1 - 175/275) = 9070 hp, and physical reduction of 63.6%. The calculation I use to calculate damage to kill is DBR + DBR \* Damage Reduction \* 20% = Effective HP. In our Irelia case, the algebraic equation is X + X \* 12.7% = 9070. X = 8046 Damage. This means that Conqueror is dealing 9070 - 8046 = 1034 damage. Scary right? But how long exactly does it take to deal 8000 damage? A 5 stack Darius with 600 AD at 1 attack per second will take 14 seconds, without conqueror his time to kill is... 15 seconds. If he can magically weave in abilities to do 50% of her EHP without interrupting his AAs, the time to kill goes from 8 seconds to... 6 seconds. If your allies do 70% of the damage beforehand, you also only deal 30% of the true damage. With only 600 AD AAs it now takes 5 seconds without conqueror and... 5 seconds with conqueror. Honestly, time to kill is barely even affected even with a chunky opponent, which I assume is your big problem with true damage. No, scale up the armor values to 300 for a tank and I bet the change in time to kill will only go from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. Thus, I don't think there's any reason to want to nerf the true damage portion of vibrator.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: 20% of the damage you deal is converted into true damage, which ignores armor. If you think that's underpowered, then i don't know what else i can tell you.
If you're fighting a non-tank, they probably only have ninja tabi for a large portion of the lane phase. If you assume that Tabi + Base armor = ~75 armor (Level 9 Irelia = 74.2 total armor for example), then you're only mitigating 42.5% of physical damage. If an attack does 100 damage: Without conqueror: 100 \* (1 - 0.425) = 57.5 damage With conqueror: 80 \* (1 - 0.425) + 20 = 66 damage = 8.5 extra damage Another way of looking at it: 100 \* 42.5% \* 20% = extra damage = 8.5 So late game, even against a full hp squishy like Ashe (2000 hp, 82 armor / 45% reduction, 3636 effective hp), conqueror is only doing 3636 \* 45% \* 20% = 327 damage. That's basically half a late game auto attack or ability, and about equal to an electrocute or dark harvest proc. Also remember, this required you to basically sit on Ashe's face for several seconds doing damage, electrocute/DH/Comet are astronomically easier to proc. Edit: Another way of representing the damage increase of conqueror is with a simple alegebraic equation: X + X \* 0.2 \* Resists = Effective HP For the Ashe example: X + 0.09 X = 3636, X = 3336 damage before resists needed to kill Ashe with conqueror, or, conqueror is dealing 3636 - 3336 = 300 damage
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