: Am I the only one who like the old rune system better?
"Way more options and builds!" Yet I remember basically every guide saying "just go flat AP/AD reds, flat armor yellows, flat magic resist blues, and Armor/Magic Pen quints". Seriously, I had 9 rune pages from buying a bundle of 7 way back when, and I only used two of them. I could get away with only using two rune pages in this system, but that's only because we can actually change runes in champ select now. Edit: Dahaaka - Aftershock automatically changes to Grasp of the Undying (I think) if the champ you're playing as has no hard cc, just like how Mana Flow Band changes to the magic shield rune on champs if you have no mana bar.
PaRa77 (NA)
: GP can W out of his ulti bud
Yes because GP oranges remove all CC including suppression, thank you for proving his point.
: Well, played a couple games of Top Lane Kench.
Don't know why people would start playing Kench top lane now that he's over all nerfed. You could do the same and even more before the change, now you just do 30% less damage with W.
: No damage? He got massive damage buffs. They basically removed his support side and turned him into a utility bruiser á la Shen. Pick him in top lane to tilt the shit out of your opponent.
https://imgur.com/2VHP6VY In this graph, there are 3 lines. The red is damage at rank 5 before the nerf, blue is after the nerf, green is the damage difference (positive means pre-nerf did more damage). The break even point comes just before 1000 hp at rank 5 (aka level 9 if you max it first), I can think of no champion except maybe Sona that has less than 1000 hp at level 9. Every other time you're doing less damage. If you eat a 2000 hp squishy, you were doing 760 damage (+ 1.75% Tahm's HP), now you only do 500 (+ 1.5% Tahm's HP), almost a 30% decrease on the squishiest target available. Against a 4k hp tank, you are doing half the damage you would before the patch. You also have an extra 2 seconds CD at rank 5 compared to pre-nerf. Your rank 1 Q has a 60% increased cooldown at level 1. Even though the slow duration was increased, the stun is still for 1.25 seconds. So: Q: Ranks 1-4 have less or the same CD, only compensated by 20% extra slow rank 1 W: Slows yourself when eating allies, basically a death sentence for the both of you since you're locked into eating them for at least 1 second. Deals >30% less damage. E: Actually a good buff for laning/jungling. R: You can't even ult outside your own base from the fountain at level 1. You can't even ult from raptors to the center of mid lane. Roam potential = 0.
Rioter Comments
: ...a lot of people are just saying "oh unlock your camera". Can I just mention that Yassuo plays mostly on locked cam? Any of you consider yourselves better a player than that guy?
: riot, fix the red and blue side problem for camera locked players
What year is it? The last time I heard a locked camera was like season 3. You do realize there's the semi-locked camera now, and also per-side offset that gives more view downwards on red side?
: I'm just gonna leave this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2KgTcSLA2Q&t=21m55s
Rip dawngate. Maybe the next Ryze rework can be a Fenmore clone, I miss playing as Fenmore.
: It's almost as if they WANT you to go Hail of Blades Kench Top...
Hail of blades is pretty bad on Kench though, you can almost never stick to people to get the full 3 AAs off, and even then it's not that big of a payoff to get 3 stacks 0.5 seconds sooner. If you really wanted to go damage on Kench, you would take Press the Attack and pick up some attack speed like Wit's End and then go bruiser with Titanic Hydra and Steraks Gauge. At least then your keystone does more than just apply your passive faster. Really the keystone that people never seem to use with Kench is glacial augment. You can stick to one guy permanently by just weaving your Q slow and augment AA slow. Late game you provide a bunch of utility by rushing into the fight and stealing the enemy ADC with righteous glory.
: Your runes and items are troll though, I would ban you as a bot lol. cant disrespect you because of board rules
It's Co-Op vs AI? He has to push down all the turrets by himself since he has 3-4 bots every game. For not disrespecting him you certainly are being a douche.
: You can predict the outcome of 95% of matches from the champions
I'm a Tahm Kench jungle main. Tahm Kench has something like a 43% win rate overall, most ~90% of that in support and top? I have a 58% win rate. I would say I tend to do worse when my teammates get tilted that I play Kench, saying crap like "the jungle difference is real" 8 minutes in, before I even get ult. That said, I feel like you'd be one of those guys.
: Rakan Battle Dance (shield ability) Bug - Unable to cast twice on low mana
This is also occurring with Tahm Kench devour this patch. Never had it happen before.
: Hiding animations should be considered cheating.
This only works with abilities without cast times, and even then all spell effects play normally when doing this. So with Tryndamere, you still see his blade spin particle even if trynd himself is laughing while sliding.
: Binding laugh to a skill key?
I believe you need to do it through a configuration file now. C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You'll see an .ini file that you can modify.
: I know Sylas isn't OP overall but what the actual fuck is that healing?
The worst part about the heal Sylas has is that it is only oppressive late in the laning phase, like levels 7 to 11. Before then it isn't too noticeable, and after that in the late game he just dies instantly anyways. It could use something like level scaling or total hp scaling in exchange for losing some of the growth per ability rank.
: Steps on when to blame your jungler in bronze.
The gold level strategy is slightly different and requires whole team coordination: 1. Enemy is playing an aggressive jungler like Lee or Camille? Stand by your tower and protect it from falling over before minions spawn, tower is more important than knowledge the enemy is at your buff. 2. If the jungler is starting top side, the top laner must stand in the lane bush closest to the enemy tower. If the jungler asks for help, get there when the buff has 1000 hp left and donate only 2 auto attacks. 3. Now that the jungler is low hp, the whole team must be prepared to spam ping ? when he dies either to a scuttle crab fight or a level 3 invade. 4. The jungler is now level 3 while solo lanes are level 5, now mid and top need to communicate who is going to complain about not getting enough ganks because the jungler only knows how to "power farm". 5. When the jungler decides to try to gank to placate the person asking for ganks, make sure to let him know how useless he was during the gank and how you had to do all the damage and CC. 6. The most important step: even if the jungler redeems himself and goes 2/4/4 or similar, constantly remark how we are still going to lose because the lanes are too far behind from the enemy being a much better jungler. The fact that no one supported the jungler early game has no bearing on why he couldn't gank for you.
: Absolute Focus is getting nerfed on PBE
On top of what people say about carries using the rune, its very good for junglers with healthy clears. Basically just a free ~6 AD / ~9 AP your first clear that only gets better.
: Wait. I thought you quit weeks ago?
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zEnfIf75,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-17T07:38:42.981+0000) > > Wait. > > I thought you quit weeks ago? Remember, league is a drug. People will quit it many times and still find themselves here. Like me for example. (but mine was because it was causing poor grades)
Rioter Comments
: ***
I think you might be misunderstanding; it seems like he was saying "are we supposed to turn a blind eye (to racism)" while you are saying "we should turn a blind eye (to our differences)".
GigglesO (NA)
: Here is for "Conqueror is just 20% penetration" guys.
Your graph is terrible at communicating information, the way you output the damage as BonusDamage / NonTrueDamagePortion makes conqueror appear to have infinite linear growth. While the ratio might be correct, it's not painting the right picture in people's heads; a 300 damage Darius Q is still doing only 60 true damage against a 1000 armor Sejuani. I had made a previous post about the true damage conversion against a level 18 Ashe being only 300 true damage if you 100-0 her with physical damage. Lets go through the calculation for a Bruiser now. Lets just say an Irelia has 3300 hp and 175 armor, giving her an effective hp of 3300 / (1 - 175/275) = 9070 hp, and physical reduction of 63.6%. The calculation I use to calculate damage to kill is DBR + DBR \* Damage Reduction \* 20% = Effective HP. In our Irelia case, the algebraic equation is X + X \* 12.7% = 9070. X = 8046 Damage. This means that Conqueror is dealing 9070 - 8046 = 1034 damage. Scary right? But how long exactly does it take to deal 8000 damage? A 5 stack Darius with 600 AD at 1 attack per second will take 14 seconds, without conqueror his time to kill is... 15 seconds. If he can magically weave in abilities to do 50% of her EHP without interrupting his AAs, the time to kill goes from 8 seconds to... 6 seconds. If your allies do 70% of the damage beforehand, you also only deal 30% of the true damage. With only 600 AD AAs it now takes 5 seconds without conqueror and... 5 seconds with conqueror. Honestly, time to kill is barely even affected even with a chunky opponent, which I assume is your big problem with true damage. No, scale up the armor values to 300 for a tank and I bet the change in time to kill will only go from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. Thus, I don't think there's any reason to want to nerf the true damage portion of vibrator.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: 20% of the damage you deal is converted into true damage, which ignores armor. If you think that's underpowered, then i don't know what else i can tell you.
If you're fighting a non-tank, they probably only have ninja tabi for a large portion of the lane phase. If you assume that Tabi + Base armor = ~75 armor (Level 9 Irelia = 74.2 total armor for example), then you're only mitigating 42.5% of physical damage. If an attack does 100 damage: Without conqueror: 100 \* (1 - 0.425) = 57.5 damage With conqueror: 80 \* (1 - 0.425) + 20 = 66 damage = 8.5 extra damage Another way of looking at it: 100 \* 42.5% \* 20% = extra damage = 8.5 So late game, even against a full hp squishy like Ashe (2000 hp, 82 armor / 45% reduction, 3636 effective hp), conqueror is only doing 3636 \* 45% \* 20% = 327 damage. That's basically half a late game auto attack or ability, and about equal to an electrocute or dark harvest proc. Also remember, this required you to basically sit on Ashe's face for several seconds doing damage, electrocute/DH/Comet are astronomically easier to proc. Edit: Another way of representing the damage increase of conqueror is with a simple alegebraic equation: X + X \* 0.2 \* Resists = Effective HP For the Ashe example: X + 0.09 X = 3636, X = 3336 damage before resists needed to kill Ashe with conqueror, or, conqueror is dealing 3636 - 3336 = 300 damage
: [LEAKED FOOTAGE] Riot Employees insane reaction after playing first ranked game! ( NOT CLICKBAIT ! )
When you probably have over 200 games as jungle Tahm Kench and people laugh at it. Bitch I will ult in behind you and W-Q combo you for 30% Max HP + 300 magic damage.
Antenora (EUW)
: Attack move click has never been able to target Jungle/River monsters you're not in combat with
100% this Theres no way that attack move can auto target scuttle or even an inactive baron unless you click directly on it. The only way you will auto target monsters is if they're currently attacking something.
: Keystones are the main reason the game is how it is, nerf them or remove them
Predator is a burst rune? That rune is literally ~50-150 damage the entire game, on a nearly 2 minute cd if you don't take Ingenious Hunter. Seriously, if you take predator and look at the damage to champions at the end of the game, it barely even reaches 500 damage after resists most of the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=xBLI72Wp,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-09T14:52:23.692+0000) > > I mean Death Recap suggests strange things sometimes. > I already got killed by Xerath's passive (he didn't even basicattack). I've gotten killed by an enemy Ornn on aram from an ability called "FeelingOrnny", was kinda funny at the time.
It seems that effects that have no name come up as just the name of the player - you were probably playing against a person named FeelingOrnny
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gepovr8H,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-12-06T17:58:16.910+0000) > > i dont even have an autofilled player too often and 2-3 is a HUGE stretch unless your in challenger, i find i get my main role about 95% of the time even if i queue for top or mid, if you havent played with the old draft you have no clue how huge of an improvement current draft is Interesting comment since you don't play Ranked.
Remember, normals draft doesn't exist.
: As a Tank player, I am currently forced to play Bruisers or Assassins in jungle
As I will always say - Tahm Kench is quite a good jungler if you can avoid any costly fights before level 4. Early on, take Q-W-Q-E for abilities, use your shield to stop damage in the jungle, the magic number is take 3 hits from monsters then use E to shield the next 2. Oh, and make sure to use Glacial Augment, you need the extra CC.
: Remember when Tahm Kench top was one of the best things about him, due to his ult passive? Pepper-Ridge farm remembers. . .
> [{quoted}](name=Stand Alone Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LtieqUcp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-05T06:52:17.205+0000) > > Remember when Tahm Kench top was one of the best things about him, due to his ult passive? > > > > Pepper-Ridge farm remembers. . . At 3 stacks, you're really only losing 0.25%/0.5%/0.75% bonus hp as damage when compared to the values before the passive change. In reality, you're actually doing more passive damage from levels 1-11. It used to be from levels 1-5 you did 0% magic damage, levels 6-10 you do 2%, levels 11-15 you do 4%, but now from 1-6 you do 3.75%, levels 6-12 you do 4.5%, levels 13-18 you do 5.25%
: McDonald's burger
Wait, in the splash art its Aatrox's left arm that's demonic, but in game its his right arm that looks demonic instead?
: I earned a 450 bounty from a 0/7 Yasuo, which was funny as hell. But I do think that's retarded.
My weirdest moment - as a 2/0/1 Volibear jungle I had a 600 gold bounty, the 3/0/2 Master Yi on the other hand had no bounty at all. Chuckles were had at how dumb the bounty changes were.
: Is it really that difficult to simply close those things?
> [{quoted}](name=AeroWaffle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wroMErPr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-03T08:07:16.431+0000) > > Is it really that difficult to simply close those things? It is not a problem of closing those things, it's just extremely silly that it even happens. Why should I be required to double check all of my browser tabs for any banned words? That argument is almost like Apple's "You're holding it wrong" argument, it shouldn't even have this flaw in the first place. Edited for final sentence
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Typhaoens,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EkUEyJ3o,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-02T09:45:34.889+0000) > > I Mean It Does Have Custom Mode For 1v1 That Wont Stop The Possibility Of Riot Making a Better 1v1 Experience like a ranked mode for 1v1 :^D > we already got 5v5 3v3 why not 1v1 aye? They made an official 1v1 event mode for snowdown years ago, it was unsurprisingly not successful
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EkUEyJ3o,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-12-02T09:46:28.833+0000) > > They made an official 1v1 event mode for snowdown years ago, it was unsurprisingly not successful I honestly preferred the 2v2 version of showdown, there was a lot of cheese strats possible and conquering them was very fulfilling. One that sticks out in my mind is Jarvan + Heimer I played against, the bush cheese was easy to spot, but J4 still was able to lock us down long enough for the Heimer stun into rockets.
Paroe (NA)
: Glacial augment is nice and general, what if we gave it a niche?
I think most melee attackers don't get enough attack speed to have that change push it over the edge for them. This would push it more towards on hit ranged champs that just want to kite everything, like a Kogmaw with Hurricane. I somewhat like the ramping slow as Tahm Kench; against people with escapes the ramp often works to my benefit. They will get in melee range and be hit once, waste their escape during the weakest part of the slow, and then the strong slow combined with approach velocity get me in range to Q them and then AA again for the second slow.
: thats what reddit is for when it comes to 99% of communitys
Problem is, if you try to post anything on r/leagueoflegends its immediately buried by 50 posts of "LCS Results!", "X player leaves team Y!", "Z isn't retiring!", etc... I honestly wish they had a flair system for the subreddit to section eSports off from other posts. Hell, they should make it its own subreddit and link it in the related subreddits. They have subreddits for every champ main, bronze plays, fan art, fantasy sports, gay player hookups (???), and other subjects, but not eSports?
: The ONLY options missing are doubled up on AS and Health (no it was not 20% AS, it was 18% and no it wasn't 300 hp, it was 270). The Sorc/Dom/Insp combinations are slightly nerfed overall for everyone (as in Sorc/Dom combos), not just Inspiration users. And yes, the entire intention around not giving junglers the 18% AS option was because they now have 5 armor (note: they always had the AD cuz everyone and their mother went Sorc secondary when jungling).
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Trait:_Inspiration It was 20% and 300 HP.
: The stats remain the same actually. All it did was give the same bonus your primary path did. Now you can choose to either do that or mix it up. > Edit: I was wrong. For anyone like me who didn't know: > > Primary/Secondary > Prec/Insp = 18% AS > Insp/Prec = 20% AS > Reso/Insp = 270 Health > Insp/Reso = 300 Health
If you wanted to go inspiration + precision, you would get 20% attack speed. Now that's lowered to 9% attack speed. If you wanted to go inspiration + resolve, you would get 300 hp at level 18, now its 90 Inspiration + domination or sorcery, you are going from 22 AP / 13.2 AD to 20 AP / 12 AD. For an example of a nerf, Jungle Tahm Kench doesn't need AD or AP to jungle thanks to his passive on hit damage, but now he's lost 11% attack speed, about half of the bonus attack speed at level 1. 6 AD no where near makes up for this, and bonus defense stats at level 1 mean nothing when you're taking a ton more damage from clearing slowly.
: I prefer RIOTS version, if it's the bottom one. 110%
As someone who hasn't looked at the art before, its a very fun game. "The eyes in the top one look more like the Soraka splash..." "But the stubby chin in the bottom one looks more like the Soraka splash..."
BigFBear (EUW)
: You had 20% AS flat at start before the patch with Inspriartion+Precision??
Yes, but only with Inspiration as a primary. Inspiration also let you get 300 hp at level 18 (compared to 90 now?) or 13 AD/22AP (compared to 12 AD/20 AP now). http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Trait:_Inspiration Basically, anything that doesn't use pure damage is getting a nerf in terms of available stats.
Rioter Comments
: I hope the new mage is a male
Soraka is a guy though, haven't you seen the banana fan art?
: Kinky order. Founded by Tryndamere with his undying furry.
As with all members of the clan, Fiora never goes anywhere without her raper.
: If I remember correctly, Old Zac ult allowed him to bounce around 3 times slightly displacing enemies and doing some mild AOE damage. As for old Sej, her W was circle AOE that ticked every second or so around her (spinning her flail) as opposed to the goofy 2 part skillshot that's annoying as fuck to land, and her e once she hit an enemy with a basic attack or her W (not 100% on that its been awhile might have been just the W not basic attacks or vice versa) it gave them "frost", she could activate it and slow all targets with frost but then she couldn't use on the same target(s) again for awhile, and then her ult she'd throw out her bola and if it hit a target it did an AOE stun/damage, but if she missed it'd detonate at a certain range and AOE slow/damage. Also she didn't have that passive armor/mr shield that can get cracked and leave her weak as hell, the "frost" thing for her E was her passive if remember correctly. Which basically meant she was a CC bot without a whole lot of damage, with low skillfloor and relatively low skill ceiling as opposed to now, when she has a high skillfoor and and even higher skill ceiling. So basically they reworked her and Zac to have to too high skillfoor for most of the playerbase to use effectively, while having some much utility for pro play that they both had to be nerfed until it wasn't viable for solo que leaving their mains and fans that could deal with the higher skill floor out in the cold (pun intended).
Well to make things more simple: Zac - Passive - same Q - Simple AOE slow in a line, doesn't stop at first unit W - Same AOE E - Same leap R - Knocks back enemies a short distance (about a 3rd of the distance of Alistar headbutt?), and then gains a speed boost while bouncing 4 times. Each time he lands he knocks up enemies that haven't been knocked up yet, and only does reduced damage to those hit multiple times. Sej - Passive - All attacks and spells slow by 10% for 1 (?) second, marking them as E targets for 3 seconds Q - Same dash W - Next AA does %hp damage in a tiny AOE around the target, then deal small damage AOE around Sej for 5s E - Damages and slows enemies marked by 90% for 1-2 seconds, can't mark champions again until off CD (passive slow still works) R - Skillshot that damages and stuns in an AOE for 1 - 1.5 seconds. Can use E right after to slow all who were hit. Does nothing if it misses.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Yeah I much prefer the channeled knockback self-disarm to a dozen 400 unit dashes that are also knockbacks and also do damage. He needs a new Q because both his old and new are stupid but at least his current Q is thematic and unique
His old ult was not a dash? I don't think it even had that much of a movement speed boost on it. The old ult was also not a knockback every bounce; it knocked you back once for a short distance lasting about half a second, and subsequent bounces only did reduced damage. It also wasn't really a channel, the only thing that interrupted it was suppress and stasis effects.
matimatic (EUW)
: u stack a soul every time you proc the rune
And to proc it you need to attack champions. What lane isn't consistently fighting champions for the first 15 minutes?
: waiting for {{item:3004}} / {{item:3003}} irelia to become meta
Manamune would be amazing because it would apply its %mana damage on her dash. However, I think it would be more realistic to expect her to just take manaflow band than spend 2800~ gold into something that gives no tank stats.
: > When low, she goes invis and gets a clone. I personally am opposed fully to passive effects that act as a get-out-of-death-free card. LeBanc's invis, Anivia's egg, Aatrox's blood resurrection, etc. Death-avoiding skills should be activateable, require timing and active use, not passive effects that just let you brainlessly go ham.
Aatrox isn't quite as bad as it seems, if you kill him just as he panic ults he only gets 10%-20% of his hp back while you just walk next to him and wait. If his ult is full or nearly full, then you can usually just wait the 2 or 3 seconds for it to wear off (assuming he's already used his Q). A get out of jail free card that I really hate is honestly Poppy and Ekko's ults. Chasing Poppy with 1 or 2 people is impossible because she just knocks you away, and Ekko is a pain in the ass when he can ult and get back 30%-50% of his HP and tp to safety with 1 click.
: He still says "Ruby for Vigor" if you buy a Ruby Crystal.
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=931FKq0W,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-10-29T15:14:30.626+0000) > > He still says "Ruby for Vigor" if you buy a Ruby Crystal. He still falls prey to those "natural" gem enhancements with sapphire crystal though...
Salron (NA)
: None of those champions rush tank items like Viktor
Rush tank items? Most I see rush hex core (3k gold), and only after that's completed they build sheen into iceborn. They really don't have their first tank item until 6k gold into the game.
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