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RJay123 (NA)
: I Love This Game (Visible Sarcasm)
I suppose I should switch to norms after losing a few. The only reason I didn’t stop playing was cause I needed to grind the tokens for the prestige skin. But I should switch to norms rather than let my ranking suffer more than it needs to
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: Very interesting analysis of the comic, I did a similar post but focused more on the comic and less on mythology {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
Thanks! Within the next couple of issues, I think I'll focus more on the comic itself but I figured covering the big background, thematic stuff that the story starts off with would be good for covering the initial parts of the story. And I figured it would make for a new way of looking at the story {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Goldglim (EUW)
: KDA Illaoi
Not gonna lie, I went into this thinking, "It's obviously troll, the theme doesn't fit her at all," but I gotta say, wow... this is shockingly good. Well done
Rustypug (NA)
: unpopular opinion
Eve is best girl, but I imagine that won't very well received around these parts lol EDIT: Yes, I'm an Eve main, surprise
: Prestige K/DA Evelynn
Fellow Evelynn main and I support this post. PLEASE RITO
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
I don’t think Hextexh J4 looks that bad. I like the recall. But I am still pretty confused about Ivern getting a Dunkmaster skin. The only match I see is Daisy’s third attack being a dunk. But that’s such a subtle animation anyway. Other champs are better imo
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: The Grand Archives of Piltover: THE WINNERS
Bummed that I didn't win :( but congratulations to those that did! I'll try harder next time :) It was fun, thanks to the organizers
Jellbug (NA)
: Aw, thanks! Well you are a very insightful reader :) As I was writing them, I definitely had old testament stories in the back of my mind, but I also was super inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost. Lots of awesome thoughts on what it means to be "fallen" there (see: every time Lucifer talks, haha).
Oh my! I LOVE Paradise Lost. It was such a fascinating perspective on Old Testament history. Dante's Infernal is another one of my favorites. I'm so excited to see how Kayle grows as a character. The way I see it, her and her sister will come together after they each make a huge sacrifice, something akin to how Jesus in the New Testament does it. Just my prediction of course, haha, but either way, there's so much to discover about them. I can't wait! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jellbug (NA)
: This is a super thoughtful and interesting analysis! Thanks for posting! <3
I love reading your stories and digging up all the little hidden nooks and crannies. I’m glad it was worthy of compliment from a Rioter. Thank you so much! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: If you want to climb, read this.
Not bad. Didn't make it out of silver before the end of last season but climbed to plat during the preseason and now I'm gold. Gotta say this is pretty solid. I'd say round and about the same sort of stuff that you are if I was giving tips. Nice
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Alzon (NA)
: Did you downvote yourself? 🤔
{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Tordio (NA)
: "I Evelynn Or Feed" if not taken "Throwing Shade" ?? "Peek a boo"?? "Heart Thief" all are probably taken but would be good shots
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: TerribleReworkChan?
Booooooo {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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: The Grand Archives of Piltover [CONTEST]
When results are released, are there going to be any honorable mentions, or finalists group of people that get a shout out or is it just the winners? Just curious
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: ***
Eh, whatever. South African, Australian, they both match her accent and both countries are rather sparsely populated and included desert-like biomes and both South Africans and Australians can be white. Not everybody with a mildly British accent is from London. That's all I'm saying. Kinda nitpicky to go for that though
: Gnar is the only known champion to break out of True Ice.
Holy... wait......... Gnar > The Watchers Dude someone call Lissandra and get this fuzz ball a contract!
: ***
Ok if you really want to argue over the accent and skin color of fictional characters, I'll back off it. Suspense of disbelief every now and then helps, you know
Terozu (NA)
: It's... it's australian.
I thought the actress was South African :o
: its not that simple, there are serious problems with kits or snowballing in general and its never adressed by riot. And the reason for so much negativity, you should have seen what a moderator posted about these forums...look up daily reminder from riot outrage.
> [{quoted}](name=Starmfangy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ap9WqX1z,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-01T18:19:12.773+0000) > > its not that simple, there are serious problems with kits or snowballing in general and its never adressed by riot. > > And the reason for so much negativity, you should have seen what a moderator posted about these forums...look up daily reminder from riot outrage. I think often times we underestimate the sheer scale and amount of work Riot is handling all at the same time. And there is a *lot* of things Riot is working on to try and execute them to perfection. The problem is, they are just human as us. There are inevitably going to be problems, and I don't think they're avoiding these problems so much as they're prioritizing some problems over others. Now you might have a dispute about the *way* Riot prioritizes problems that's altogether a separate issue. It takes time. Also, the rioter comment on forums is sort of why I posted this. I've been thinking about it and I can understand his frustration. Of course, he was wrong, but it was a rash comment about a fairly... well... toxic boards. It's not like there isn't context for what he was saying. I know I'm coming off as a corporate brown-nosing schmuck right about now, but honestly, I have the most sympathy for the creative teams that come up with the new characters and such. I wish most of all, that they could be left alone so that they can create all the kinds of characters they want to create without the community breathing down their necks.
: > why not emphasize what we like about the game Are we playing same game?
> [{quoted}](name=CrazyMonkeyCZ,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ap9WqX1z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-01T18:19:08.419+0000) > > Are we playing same game? I'm not talking I absolutes. I mean we should do that more often
: ***
South African ;) Also, it's probably local to the region to talk like that, who knows
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Camlens (NA)
: Dodge ball Syndra
Dude, Academy skin :O
: Ten reasons why it's better not to flame back
Alright, I have a compromise. Why not troll them? Not in game, I mean personally. You know how easy it is the mess with someone who's so mad they feel the absolute need to let you know that your presence makes them angry? *WHAT POWER* dude, it's like having a younger sibling get red-faced cause you whooped him or her in super smash bros. 1/7 top: Learn to jungle, you're absolute trash Me: Gotta see the jungle, feel the jungle, *be* the jungle top: *spam ping* Me: Is that how your mom calls you down for dinner? Can I join? Edit: I usually do better at being sarcastic in the moment :)
: Why Do You Play A Champion?
{{champion:28}} Evelyn became my jungle main soon after her rework and eventually, I just started one tricking her. What about Evelyn appeals so much to me? Well... It's the feeling of terrifying people. I remember I had a play where I flashed to instantly get into melee range on a recalling champ and before they had the chance to react, they were dead. The player then all chat's "Dude, you scared the sh** out of me." That was exhilarating. The feeling of being a dangerous possibility. I can be wherever I want as long as they don't pink up the whole map of course and no one would know I'm there until it's too late. The way it feels to play her is, in my opinion, exactly the way she should feel out of game. She comes in, tears you to shreds, and then gives you a kiss goodbye with her ultimate. It really does feel like, "You might chase me, try to find me, but you'll never catch me." Like playing a game of hide and seek, except often times, you're the monster doing the seeking and the enemy squishes are the ones doing the hiding. Often times if I'll have multiple kills drawn out over the course of a fight and I'll go back after to rewatch it but only through enemy vision and I legitimately attack from 2-3 different angles and someone dies every time I appear and reappear. Lore-wise, it's hard to say much cause she's rather mysterious. A demon woman of legend that's whispered in and out of history as a cautionary tale. But her coy personality, the way she talks as if she already knows you're going to die just by the mere fact that she's revealed herself to you, is priceless. Riot did absolute wonders with Evelyn and she is by far my favorite champion.
: Hey thank you so much!! Evelynn is one of my favorite champions, my jungle main! I never considered her for SG though, so I don't think I would work on her in the future. But who knows, my projects change all the time so we'll see!
Fingers crossed haha {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Star Guardian Caitlyn by Eraiviolett
....I just finished pouring over all of your art and wow... WOWOWOW. I'm an artist myself but I've never moved past pencil sketches. I do it often and I like my style but I never came around to incorporating color and more intimate poses and perspectives for my characters. It's something I've been trying to work on lately but this... you've got it all! The detail, the colors, the expressions and personality, everything is here and it's amazing. Absolutely incredible work, keep killing it on the drawing board cause this is stellar stuff. Now this is more of a personal request/ suggestion, you totally don't have to do this of course lol, but I wanted to bring it up cause, well, I want more of this.. you wouldn't happen to consider doing a Star Guardian, or Star Villain Evelyn, would you? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Cute Evelynn art stuff
Evelynn is my absolute favorite champ. I approve. Very much approve {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: I had a Vlad (surprisingly enough) that got upset that I got myself and bot and top fed before him. He died once, and AFKd for about 4 minutes. After he reconnected, I asked him... {{champion:102}} Did you DC? Are you alright? {{champion:8}} No, I just think it stupid that you put no focus onto mid and only payed attention to the other lanes when I'm the only way we are going to win this game. (all this chat from them is much more vulgar lol) {{champion:102}} But we are all winning hard, it's okay, you don't have to carry every game. {{champion:8}} You think? (Proceeds to intentionally feed) We then are winning the game and our support says, report this Vlad. (the 1/13 vlad says) {{champion:8}} "For what?" ^ This person cannot be helped. lol I got a million more stories, but one of my favorite was a Jayce. I recorded this game it was so good. lol Starts in the lobby. {{champion:126}} Oh another useless farming jungler. (Shyvana) At the first 2 minutes he said.. {{champion:126}} Hey Shyvana why don't you gank, oh that's right you cant. I ganked mid and bot and got 5 kills in like 4 minutes. {{champion:102}} Man too bad I'm a useless farm jungler. He died from diving and starts flaming me for not being up there to dive with him. {{champion:102}} But I got just infernal.... {{champion:126}} No one cares about infernal hows that gonna help me win my lane? {{champion:102}} ... {{champion:555}} Are you for real? Few minutes later he tries diving again and the jungler ganks him at the same time. {{champion:126}} Shyvana what are you doing, stop being useless. {{champion:102}} I'm 7/0 and I have 2x his CS and we are getting ocean right now. {{champion:126}} Help top you Iron jungler. I then got rift herald (solo) and used it top for the plates. {{champion:126}} LEAVE SO I CAN GET THE PLATES. I stayed. {{champion:126}} All: Report this Shyvana {{champion:38}} All: Why? {{champion:102}} All: Oh yes, please tell them why! {{champion:126}} All: She's trolling. {{champion:102}} All: How so? {{champion:126}} All: You took the plates. {{champion:38}} All: You guys duo? {{champion:102}} All: No. {{champion:38}} All: Are you kidding? {{champion:126}} All: I'll just report all of you. As the game ends {{champion:126}} Your lucky this bot lane carried Shyvana {{champion:555}} She has more kills than us combined. {{champion:102}} I got all the objectives!? {{champion:102}} Oh that too. {{champion:126}} You were just selfish took all the reds (really?) ** and focused on bot and mid only** (I'm not a dictionary, but I'm 99% sure that's the opposite of selfish.) Just a very, VERY special person.
> [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ckzXZvtO,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-02-28T16:33:08.857+0000) > > I had a Vlad (surprisingly enough) that got upset that I got myself and bot + top fed before him. This whole post was entertaining to read XD
: Oh jeez, please learn to paragraph your thoughts.
Sorry haha, I wrote as my thoughts formulated on it so it felt a lot like a long, winding trail of one thought after another. I'll go fix that now Edit: Hope it's more organized now
: Alright, before I read this, I need to drop [this link]( here.
: > [{quoted}](name=RJay123,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=7EWMAtGj,comment-id=005a,timestamp=2019-02-26T23:40:39.046+0000) > > Just checking in on any possible updates here :) Only like one judge left. We're so VERY close. @_@
Oh no, I was less prepared for this than I thought, now I'm super nervous o_o' But I'm also HELLA EXCITED {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: The Grand Archives of Piltover [CONTEST]
Just checking in on any possible updates here :)
: >Couldn't one argue that they wanted to target the support role's champion pool? It isn't unviable in my eyes to try to constrict one role as much as possible. I think in a case like that, comms should be looked at. The chatter among the team members should give away whether it was a part of a strategy or just BM. I said in the post above but compare picks/bans in other games or regions. Usually you target the absolute highest of high tiers (Such as Urgot), then you pick, then you constrict the roles that are left. Supports, as of not, are strong but not pick-ban tier. Much less the supports they banned.
Fair enough but some teams have completely uplifted a meta before, much like World's Misfits, or Gigabyte Marines. Depending on how you view it, I think there's some merit in the argument that ROX were trying to be wary of the possibility that they could flex conventional support champs into other roles. Karma and Lulu would be examples. I'm mentioning all this just for the sake of argument, though. I still think the easiest way to determine the truth with some hard proof is by looking at the comms. I just don't want to be quick to throw people into the fire for something they didn't intend, or desire to do.
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