: I'd like Vel'Koz, Mundo and Singed to have unique class "Scientist". Just for keks. Like basic champ, but having three traits, except the third one doesn't do anything. Because they're all basically Mad Scientists. Except for Koz of course.
If I had to guess they will probably bring in a 'Poison' class for Singed, Cass, Twitch, and probably Teemo. Something like with 2 poison does 25% extra damage and with 4 it goes up to 50%
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: Fan Art - Kindred Tattoo
Honestly such an amazing tattoo.
Rob18446 (EUW)
: Yeah invisible missiles sound like a serious bug. Off topic somewhat does anyone know how she interacts with other champs untargetability (vlad ect)?
She can still fire missiles and heal Vlad if she is attached and he is in his W. My friend so said that while I was in Zhonyas when he was attached he was able to heal, but I'm unsure about that.
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: Anyone help me with a new champ?
Xerath and Vel'Koz are both good champions to try to pick up. Super fun imo and high dmg. You would also probably enjoy Syndra.
Schenix (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/p3m2bgr.png https://i.imgur.com/pKg5Yrj.png
I did see Meddler's comment on the other post made, however I did not see that second post. Again though, my question here is more are these minor bugs that will be addressed at a later point in time, and if not, as these are significant to Heimerdinger players, why were they not mentioned in the patch notes? A small hot fix for the major bugs has gone out (namely the turret amount and stun bugs) however changing Rylai's and Aery without putting it in the notes seems unintentional, but given that it wasn't changed in the hotfix, I'm left to believe it is intentional.
Kai Guy (NA)
: The standard rule is if the information is not in the patch note then its a bug. Far as dark harvest goes no idea. Edit. Meddler did chime in yesterday saying they needed to hotfix donger as he had some massive bugs. the Stun nerf was not intentional and the 4 stacks of turrets was an error as well.
Yes, I did see that which is why I made this. They mentioned planning a hot fix, which they did send out, to fix the bugs, most notably of course being the stun duration and the four turret stacks, however in that hot fix came no change or mention of these other bugs/changes so I'm looking for clarification.
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