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: Why is Doublelift only a Master?
he's in korea right now lol
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: You did not get banned for that game mr feeder. Altough, sorry i am not right. I should call you mr troll. You got banned for this one. And this one. And this one. And this one. And this one. All i have to say, is get rekt fucking asshole. The less intentional feeders and trolls we have, the better. You don't get banned for nothing, and everyone can check your game stats. You don't always troll, but you troll quite frequently from what i can see, and noone cares about the reasons
You realize that I buy those troll items as they are taking down the nexus right
Itankyou (NA)
: I see nothing wrong with what you did, did you perhaps type in game "im gonna run it mid"?
literally didn't say anything about intent feeding other than "im not intentionally feeding, this is my first time zed in a while and im being camped" after they asked me if i was int feeding.
: lol how did {{champion:122}} at 2-10 not get reported as well or the {{champion:21}} jungle at 5-10-3 or the {{champion:29}} at 3-7-8. i hope thats a normal game. not rank cuz that team comp was shit, match ups were shit, entire team played bad or got out played. im assuming you were with match with a premade and they all reported you. im sure there was flaming and toxic verbal abuse in chat. i dont think your 4/14/2 as {{champion:238}} the only reason why you were banned.
I'm pretty sure they were premade because they all were typing pretty similar things in /all
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Plizak2 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RY5,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=cTbc31ad,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-20T02:50:55.514+0000) > > I registered. Looking to play Jungle and join as a high influence-shot calling role. Registered to what? You need to come to the Teamspeak and fill out the form if you're interested. Replying to this post doesn't 'register' you.
> [{quoted}](name=Eternal Legend,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=cTbc31ad,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-20T03:07:26.018+0000) > > Registered to what? You need to come to the Teamspeak and fill out the form if you're interested. Replying to this post doesn't 'register' you. Registered to the teamspeak lol
RY5 (NA)
: Looking for top, adc and support for platinum+ ranked 5's right now
: Please tell me why this is absolutely necessary
{{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} G E T P I L L A R E D {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}}
: Please tell me why this is absolutely necessary
: looking for Gold-plat Jungler fpr ranked 5's, Dynamic, and competitive team
best jungle champs: {{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:254}} availability: most days time zone: us est weakness: gank setup (can be fixed with synergy w support) strengths: buff control, shotcalling, map awareness, teamfights Attitude: pretty good What form of communication do you have?: discord, skype, cv current rank p4, peak league d5
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Plizak2 (NA)
: Heavenstrike Gaming recruiting for 5v5 RANKED TEAMS. Tryouts starting 7/25 @ 7:00 PM EST.
I registered. Looking to play Jungle and join as a high influence-shot calling role.
: Diamond V JG/Top main LF duo partner.
we need a top laner for our 5's team right now if you wanna play
: Exemption Esports Recruiting
Add me ry5 i play jungle im always down to play
: Looking to create a team PlatV + preferred Possibly be in an LCS style tourney
IGN: ry5 Rank: plat 4 (peak d5) Availability: most days Role: jungle/ad carry Top 5 Champions in that role: {{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:76}} Time Zone: us eastern What you offer: Excellent buff control, Good shotcalling and map awareness, flexibility in draft, high potential to carry when put on dps champions like Kindred, Nidalee, Graves. I must say though one of my weaknesses is gank setup, however this can be easily fixed with a good support synergy.
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: Plat 3 ADC main looking for team
starting a team right now if you want in. im plat jungler peak league d5
: Starting a Diamond + 5s team (Very Serious) - Whos looking to compete at the highest levels!
Age: 17 Role: {{summoner:11}} Rank: Currently Plat 4 because I was testing out other roles but peak was diamond 5. Champions: {{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:79}} Strengths: Buff control, shotcalling, teamfighting, creating picks on champions out of position Weaknesses: Gank setup (can easily be corrected with good support and decent laners) Do you attend school or work [y/n]: y Do you have access to a working headset and have the ability to use teamspeak/discord [y/n]: y Timezone: us eastern time
Styled (NA)
: Creating 5's Team need ACTIVE Members (JUNG/MID/SUPP)
IGN: ry5 Current Rank: plat 4 75 lp Highest Rank Achieved: plat 2 99 lp Why you want to join: need a 5's team Main Role/Top 3 champs in that role: jungle/kindred/graves/elise Secondary Role/Top 3 champs in that role: ad carry/lucian/jhin/caitlyin How active are you: pretty active most days
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: Looking for players ranked gold 5-plat 1 for amateur lcs style league
Rank: plat 3 Age: 17 Role(only 1): jungle Top 5 champs: Kindred, Graves, Elise, Rek'Sai, Nidalee what makes me want to pick you: Good carry jungler, better shotcalling, past team experience and super good at drafting.
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Dim Star (NA)
: Geeks Not Freaks LF top laner
Age: 17 Current Solo Q rank: Plat 3 Experience as a top laner: Played a lot of it in Season 5. Declined my Top play in S6 too have a more shotcalling type role in the jungle. What they will bring to the team: I can bring a Dynamic champion pool of either fighters, tanks, mages or hard carries while also bringing good knowledge of the game and shotcalling if needed. Time playing league: I started playing League in January 2015. What you want to do in the team (shot calling, etc.): Shotcall and influence the draft Why you want to join the team: I want to join the team because 5v5 team play is more competitive and strategic than basic soloq
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: Looking for GOLD/PLAT players for ranked team
my team needs 1 more player (top laner) if you wanna play. we are 2-0 in promos with 25 min average game time. add me : ry5
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Balvinn (NA)
: Diamond 2 Top Laner looking for a serious tournament team
Vanjie (NA)
: I created a new account and I am starting fresh. I used to be a little toxic and wasn't proud of my behavior. So far I am doing good and maybe it will help you. 1) I turned off ALL CHAT. 2) I wait until minions spawn and see if my group is going to coordinate with me . . . or if I my ADC/Support is going to talk to me. If no one says anything meaningful, I just mute all. 3) I don't patronize or attack people in game, especially my teammates. If you want to offer constructive feedback add that person as a friend after the game and give them POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO HELP THEIR GAMEPLAY. 4) Never engage a troll, toxic player, or negative enemy player. Mute them immediately, report them, and file a ticket. MAKE SURE YOU ESCALATE YOUR REPORT AFTER A RESPONSE SO THAT PLAYER GETS PUNISHED. MAKE SURE YOU MENTION YOUR REPORT AS WELL IN THE TICKET.
These are good tips and they're appreciated. I'm currently playing on my smurf account about 2 tiers below my main ranked. I'm hoping that through practice on that account I'm able to reform.
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