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: I doubt it. The divine presence in Morgana's and Kayle's lore is to high for it to be removed. I would place a bet on them being entities that came through Mt. Targon, purposefully or accidently, and are trapped on Runeterra for whatever reason. Kayle hunting Morgana? Both banished until they make up or kill one another? Dragged to Runeterra by the Targonians to be sentinels? Targonians themselves?
You have some good ideas, but at this point I don't consider any part of old lore "too high" for removal. Especially anything tied to the Institute of War. I'm banking on whatever "cause" this new lady champ is fighting for being devisive among the Vastayans. The golden, one could say angelic even, hue surrounding these new champs is fairly reminiscent of Kayles whole aesthetic. Mayhaps there's gonna be some kind of civil war? I'm just kinda spouting out my butt at this point. The Targonnian route is equally viable at this point, I guess we won't know until we know more.
: There was mention of a "winged humaniod" race in Ionia, in the expedition journal. So unless the new champ(s) (is)are from this "winged humanoid" race in Ionia, then it could be a hint at Kayle and Morg's FUTURE rework.
I'm fairly certain all 4 (?) Of em will be winged Vastayans, though who can say whether or not our newest champs are actually seperate champs is pretty up in the air till tomorrows PBE update. My other bet is that they'll be what Quinn and Valor were on release, a ranged/melee switch champion (with an incredibly overloaded kit).
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: So riot seems like they are going to be releasing 2 champs at once
My money is on these folks being a rehashed Quinn/Valor type hybrid champ in the style they were when first released
: I don't understand Lux's interaction with Ezreal in her new VO.
Of course she's never met him, she spends way too much time goin down to Noxus so she can go down on her Noxian girlfriend
Blasteriz (EUNE)
: I'm a toxic player
I honestly want to commend you for your honesty and resourcefulness! It takes alot of presence of mind to work on this stuff, good on you man. And to be real honest Riot really ought to make this an option from the client settings page. "Mute all chat in game" I already know a good handful of people who arnt toxic that just automatically mute everyone they get into a game with pretty much in the first 30 secs of a match so they don't have to deal with potential flaming and toxicity, this would save time and relieve some pain points for a great deal of people.
: ***
Ah yes, and here we have a fine example of toxicity in the League of Loud Hens community
: Female Champion Chest Size Chart (Updated)
You bloody troll..... Why isn't Anivia on this list??????!?!?!??
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: Jax isn't far away from the update list. He's an eggplant that thwacks things to death with a stick. He's been cited as being feast or famine, with a severely outdated kit design that relies too heavily on jacking his AS through the roof and really doing nothing but make him a ball of stats who basically makes enemies stat check against him to determine if they'll win. He's just like Irelia, and Riot has said that she is someone they are eyeballing due to similar issues.
To be fair, all five of the Champs I mentioned are fair candidates for visual updates at the very least. But I don't think it'll be anytime soon, Jax is probably the best contender out of that list for a VGU but I wouldn't imagine he'd get on the list till at least the middle of 2017 which would mean he wouldn't be out till end of year? There's just a good handful of folks who definitely need it much sooner.
: Jax has a new short-story that ties him to Icathia, and thus makes him an enemy of the Void. Fiddlesticks has one too; he perpetually slaughters wanderers, bandits, and mercenaries that spend the night in his field. He presumably is related to the same source as Nocturne and Shaco (Listed as related champions). Malphite, we know, must be some sort of giant elemental. A rioter commented that, in lore, he's literally the size of a mountain. Morgana and Kayle will likely be VU'd together, and get proper updates then.
I hadn't actually heard about the short stories about Jax and Fiddles, that's actually pretty sweet to hear! I'm hoping they elaborated on the Darkin backstory that's been hinted at forever, though I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they've retconned that as well. But! While Im not really a fan of the little two-three sentence filler entries but even they would be better than the old stories that reference stuff that no longer exists. I'm just bringing this up because they've touched on the Shadow Isles twice since the retcon and while I really do appreciate the big updates they've been putting out its sad that these last little blank spaces have fallen on the wayside. My bet would be Kayle and Morgana will see some love with an update to Demacia. It would make sense for Kayle to be some kind of representation of Justice or some such.
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