: My thoughts on playing ADC atm.
in all honesty I think one of the bigger problems for the role is the lack of item diversity for adcs, we got one new item (two technically including ie)and everything else got price increases, when your best items are all expensive as shit, yeah non crit focused carries like ez,lucian, kaisa, will rise up since they don't need fifty thousand gold for one item, and its even better for people like draven and mf who just build stormrazors and then go full lethality or raw damage stats. there isn't any alternate build paths for adcs, its build the expensive as hell crit items or build raw ad or lethality that are much cheaper, they don't have any other items to help keep you in the game if the enemy keeps you down YOU ARE DOWN pass no go donzo farm and pray they don't send anyone after you, atleast if a tank goes 0-5 they can still be a tank, a mage or assassin goes 0-5 they can build into items, a adc goes 0-5 just afk
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: You are just a data dot to the grand machine. You, Data Dot, that is your name, Data Dot. Ok, Data Dot, here is a key; fresh and shiny. You like Shiny Keys, don't you, Data Dot? You will only get more Shiny Keys if you are nice and play hard! Here is another Shiny Key, Data Dot. Now get out there and play League of Legends. What? You don't want to go? There is a chance Shiny Keys at the end and even a Shiny Chest. I knew you'd like more Shiny Keys, Data Dot.
...plague of gripes is that you?!
: Let's talk about Aatrox
while I can understand the confusion, there's a LOT of outdated things still in the lore, hell I think fiddles noct and lee are all still tied into the institute of war ffs (could be wrong but I digress) while he is still being seen as a force of nature its changed to more like what nightmare from soul calibur is essentially. he isn't this aimless war hungering monster anymore, he's a weapon or a spirit inside the weapon that now he's free there is alot of hell to pay. you can tell by his interactions that to some extent he is still the oldest or atleast the most thoughtful darkin (varus is a bit outdated atleast when it comes to the vo department and rhaast was kinda the spark for the revitalization of the darkin story) you can tell this with some of his interactions with void creatures and zoe, tho I would like more stories that go in depth when he relaunches. why did he kill trynds tribe, how many darkin are left, what is his purpose or his goals, and why is he the only one allowed to say shit in league?
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zaire90 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rabid Husky,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7P6HqO24,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-13T20:10:10.016+0000) > > well ignoring the fact adcs are in need of buffs, blood thirster is the only definitive sustain or even defense item for marksmen in general without it then that squishy damage dealer is toast. fighters all have some form of sustain or defense even trynd and yasuo both have built in sustain defenses and mages have the ability to buy health and res with {{item:3001}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}} being available to every mage and ap user, marksmen really only have {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3153}} as the only items they are supposed to use and even then anyone who goes damage builds dd bork and bt. > > difference between literally anyone else in league is compared to most laners marksmen are generally the ones who need help the most. when they go into different lanes it's harder for them to really thrive compared to the people who actually go into that lane, hell I've even seen supports trash lanes {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} are all people i have seen in lane and wreck without even trying, the poor defenseless supports who can go solo lane while the cruel evil adcs can in rare cases lane solo My dude what when marksmen go top that lane is usually lost to the melee fighters because they cant fight back against the marksmen and they usually miss out on alot of farm because ifthey try to farm the marksmen starts throwing aa on them before the fighter cn get on them and if its someone like vayne who has their own way of self peel the fighter just stays under tower and hopes for a gank before the marksmen gets to the point of no return or until you finally lose your tower
to be fair the only people i've ever seen go top are {{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} since they have reliable self peel and mobility, I've yet to see a marksmen without that succeed in a lane without help, could be I just see garbage people think they can take them to other lanes but lose to someone who actually goes in that lane I'll admit it's a pain in the ass to fight tho had to fight quinn as camille earlier but I also saw a trist corkie and lucian try different lanes and lost horribly just this week
Rewt (NA)
: i mean like when we have the 6/0 gp who shit on the nasus, but because we didnt devote all our resources to killing him every second he showed up on the map, by 30 min he had enough stacks to be dangerous even tho by that time he was 1/11/2. the problem with nasus is that you have to devote so much just to keep him shut down, because he literally is a time bomb. Didnt win by 40 min? (which is becoming exceedingly more common with the tank meta coming back) welp, nasus is at 500 stacks even tho you devoted so much to keeping him shut down and now he can just walk into your team and take off half of someones hp with an ability that is on a 3.6 second cooldown (thats if you run trinity, its shorter if you run iceborn, and with they way you build nasus they do about the same damage)
gp isn't a hard bully he can't deny cs like the others can sure he wen't 6-0 but he couldn't do anything to make nasus back off the farm other than put out a barrel that mind you GIVES 6 STACKS if nasus uses Q bad example there. with a proper bully like {{champion:122}} he can literally stand in front of the enemy minions and pull him w q and half health a early game nasus risking death to get even one minion. even by 40 mins if you have a halfway decent team with even any cc then nasus becomes a liability if you group since his team fight potential is worse than camille's, and if he has 500 by 40 with alot of pressure then you and your team messed up somewhere; also the cd is the same on iceborn or trinity but with trinity you get the stack damage but doubled. over all stacking champions are fun and healthy (with a few exeptions) since they reward patience and play for the late game instead of hoping for early leads
: You forgot {{champion:14}} . Infinite health. Isn't that so bs with warmogs? I mean the guy will become unkillable lol
I did forget about old sion didn't I lol sorry about that. the unkillable thing is actually a bit wrong hell I had a literally hour long game the other day as vi against him and even with 4000 hp he wasn't unkillable at all hell he even had warmongs and he ended up dying just as hard as his less tanky friends, he even got a nice camp going on with hec and he was significantly more unkillable even without GA. sion just has alot of health and a sheild that's really his only claim to fame, I would actually put him in the same catagory as nasus sure he can wreck your day but he can also be the most useless character without his stacks
: Draintank: The Reason Why Ranged Champions Become So Stupid
well ignoring the fact adcs are in need of buffs, blood thirster is the only definitive sustain or even defense item for marksmen in general without it then that squishy damage dealer is toast. fighters all have some form of sustain or defense even trynd and yasuo both have built in sustain defenses and mages have the ability to buy health and res with {{item:3001}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}} being available to every mage and ap user, marksmen really only have {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3153}} as the only items they are supposed to use and even then anyone who goes damage builds dd bork and bt. difference between literally anyone else in league is compared to most laners marksmen are generally the ones who need help the most. when they go into different lanes it's harder for them to really thrive compared to the people who actually go into that lane, hell I've even seen supports trash lanes {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} are all people i have seen in lane and wreck without even trying, the poor defenseless supports who can go solo lane while the cruel evil adcs can in rare cases lane solo
Rewt (NA)
: you make it seem like last hitting is difficult........... its not. especially once you get sheen and like 30 stacks
when you have someone whose very agressive in lane and can outright deny cs it can be exceedingly difficult for anyone to farm. keep him from getting that sheen and 30 stacks he will have a hell of a time even killing a minion let alone hitting with Q, but nah just complain and don't adapt or learn just demand uneeded changes to a champion who is actually pretty balanced over all.
Rewt (NA)
: Nasus is problematic. Lets look to Paragon for help.
{{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:203}} also infinitely stack but the difference between them nasus and veigar is thresh is reliant on rng and bard has to go out of his way to get chimes which at intervals do something. people want to say nasus is broken but honestly he's the most balance stack champion since he is completely reliant on last hitting with his Q, requiring patience and a decent amount of skill in farming with only his Q to get his stacks up. kindred and veigar are both by far the worst stacking champions but on different sides of the spectrum. kindred is useless I have never since release had a game where kindred was a problem and they only got worse with nurfs, they're a prime example of what nurfing nasus hard will do making nasus even more nishe. veigar is the other extreme even if he gets camped and bullied it's very possible for him to be a insane threat at 20 mins even if hes 0-10 and that was before the buffs. thresh and bard are both interestingly odd since they're supports, thresh gets ap and armor while bard gets a slew of buffs to his little meeps but both rely on rng and even miss positoning just to get them. {{champion:122}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}} are all effective lane bullies to shut down nasus before he can even get 10 stacks {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} are petty good counters to veigar instead of demanding "x gets changed/nurfed" maybe consider playing around the champion and being half way decent at the game
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: Nasus...stack cancer
well consider the following nasus is a one trick pony, he uses Q then that's about it unless you go full ap which then you still are pretty much a one trick pony with your E. have you considered lane bullies? people who will (pardon my language) royally ass fuck that bitch and make him into your little bitch wiping your bloody cock on his face saying this is my lane? {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:78}} are all very effective as main top laners, keeping him from farming hell they've kept me from farming as nasus more than a few times. the problem with stack champions {{champion:75}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:203}} is that they are very feast or famine. now the big underline problem is notice only 5 champions two of them are supports two are decent/not useless viable champions and then kindred. kindred is the prime example of what not to do to a stacking champion and that is make them useless and almost unable to get stacks, veigar is the other side of the coin he can go 0-10 and end up 25-15 just from farming he gains stacks a bit to easy which considering how well he cans tack tear combined with rod morello and deathcap which is a easy 700+ ap set right there I've even got 2000 with the guy it isn't hard at all he's to easy with kindred being to hard and nasus is juust right for a simple reason, it's easy to get stacks but he's outright useless without them.
InTheory (EUW)
: ***
Actually the job for marksmen is to push lanes and deal damage to objectives more consistently than other lanes, they are also more kill and farm dependent than even stacking characters due to their items being much more expensive. Unfortunately the community is split and marksmen are both love and hated where you can't win one way or the other, bring other rolls people hate it bring marksmen to other lanes people hate it complaints everywhere. We could go the route of heroes of the storm where there isn't marksmen really maybe like 2 come to mind but I mean that game is basically dead I couldn't even find anyone in pvp to do the nexus challenge last month. At the end of the day marksmen and supports are going bot like they have since the pros in the EU have done since I believe s 2 or 3 ,(I'm spacing on it honestly,) and if that changes like we've seen with stuff like graves rarely being played bot and mord being changed for bot lane (point is he's very focused on bot lane with more than a few of his changes doesn't matter if they were good or not) people are going to complain not for their precious marksmen but for the sake of complaining.
: Camille near 58% winrate in Diamond on first patch.
am I the only one seeing people qq instead of learning the game? she's hanging on a 50% win rate and she literally has zero team fight potential but lets complain cuz that works. not like she can get recked by anything remotely tank with ninja tabi. after all when have tanks gone top and when should anyone play safe. I have destroyed camille and have been destroyed as camille since people learn how to play against her as do I starve her out get some armor and hp and she cannot do a single thing to you {{champion:111}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:58}} are all fantastic counters {{champion:92}} {{champion:14}} need to not engage lv 3 but are also pretty good
: I mean people who get a bit carried away with words get banned and people who feed or afk just get like 10 min cooldown on their next game.. afking or feeding ruins the game more than calling someone sh*t ganker.. but instead for sh*t ganker you'll get perma banned
afk enough and you will be properly punished they are much more laxed since most afks are results of crashes or internet instability and life happening, it's easy to say "report x for afk" but in reality unless they get flamed and rage quit it generally won't be intentional. there's intentionally feeding and then there's just feeding and being bad, hell I think everyone would've gotten banned atleast once or twice if they punished harshly for feeding. sometimes you just have a bad set, you get focused, you get outplayed, and all you can do it farm and hope to the flying spaghetti monster above you can pull it back which you can't always do sucks gg it's a game tho and thats what many people end up forgetting plus I have thrown my fair share of shade out but there's a ton more to this than just" oh yeah i said sht gankger then got banned" its obvious you got away with more toxicity but didn't reform right away you got smoted my friend all I'm saying is riot should let you come back a year from now to see if you changed but that's not up to me I'm just a fan of the game riot doesn't undo perma bans unless its a system mistake on their end sorry man maybe rethink hitting enter and typing on your new account
: ***
the entire system in this regards is very toxic in it's self as there are people who have played since closed beta and a stressful week that other members of their team only make worse end up ruining their entire account. that isn't to say there aren't people who are complete assholes and deserve perma bans after all this is the internet but I do believe it would be better to have a year long ban full 365 days so then atleast you can come back later and keep all that money and exclusive items you acquired
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: thanks for the screenshot! Yes, the client should be automatically resizing to fit within your monitor, I'm going to follow up on this bug. In the meanwhile, you can use the keyboard shortcut <ctrl> + <-> and <ctrl> + <+> to shrink and grow the client.
oh! thank you I didn't know that was a command thank you very much
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: Hi, do you have a screenshot? What resolution is your monitor?
http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p471/Rabid_Husky/Screenshot%204_zps371ofmhf.png 1152x 864 unfortunately it isn't a simple cut off this happens by clicking on the client after loading
: Report it as a bug
I have multiple times
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: Beside what Dunkin said. No one fuckin' wards enough so there is no place to TP for a kill setup. If we fail securing a kill when roaming Top gets out farmed and the damage to the turret isn't worth it. If Jungle doesn't help while their Jungler is God knows where, we end up ganked and lose towers. So most top lanes stick top, not waste TP anywhere else because zero kill potential is available and finally - we don't want to lose two Towers before 15. It's tactics. It's gameplay. And it's why I don't main top because I like a little backup once in awhile xD
Niuzao (NA)
: How didn't I get an S rank here?
dude I know this pain, I went 23-0-3 as draven 210 farm 40 mins in warded pink warded took objectives A fucking +
: But champs like amumu aren't the abuse cases, but it will see them get slammed. It's shit like viktor with his aoe dot ultimate that cause problems.
rotten apples spoil the bunch my friend
: What's a champ like kennen gonna build without Rylai's though? And what about amumu? Changing Rylai's is going to completely neuter these more bruiser types.
that's actually riots reason why they wanna change rcs in the first place, it's far to universal anyone with magic damage can build this and benefit from it.
: That "small dmg buff" increased her playrate by 6% and winrate by 1%. That's huge. Especially the playrate.
a 1% winrate is very negligible especially with a 6% play rate increase which a play increase to that amount is almost a given considering she's one of the most popular champs since her release and any buff would draw people back or atleast try her
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrWasjig,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yE2mlzOs,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-09-20T15:41:28.689+0000) > > Wait, when was Jinx buffed? I don&#x27;t recall seeing any kicking around > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} V6.17 Super Mega Death Rocket Minimum AD ratio increased to 15% bonus AD from 10% bonus AD. Maximum AD ratio increased to 150% bonus AD from 100% bonus AD.
so...problem? I don't see how this is a real game changing buff that warrents OH MAN JINX GOT BUFFED CUZ OF SKIN THEY WAS PLANNING THIS ALL 2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE honestly its a small damage buff rito said would nurf her as well as all the adcs cuz they seemed strong so everyone get your panties untied
: I think some emphasis on the LIVING SWORD.
maybe they could have some random mechanic to it like gnar or maybe have it so he feeds his blade the blood of his enemies that empowers him when his passive is up or even maybe a whiplash attack that can grab a enemy and yank them back think like kled but a bit more potent to help put emphasis on organic blade
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
I personally like his idea of a immortal warrior with a living sword who relishes combat but his current take is very...obtuse. he seems like warwick with early gank potential where you build a bit or AS then build tank and that seems a bit counter intuitive considering his abilitys. I'd personally like to see maybe more focus and reward for building specific ideals something akin to darius where yeah you can build full ad full tank or a proper fighter hybrid that feels rewarding instead of having some ad some attack speed and some tank when the team could've had someone more specific and stronger in any of these 3 catagorys i.e. gnar trynd darius jax udyr leesin. I'd also like to add while I'm just average his E feels bad even for simple poke it feels tacked on to give him range when the damage doesn't fit honestly I'd rather just see it gutted but that's me. THANKS FOR READING RIOT YOU GUYS ROCK! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Will ability ratios ever be visible in the game?
the new client shows the ratios the website shows the ratios the wiki shows the ratios.in game you need to know your damage over your potential damage
: PERMBANNED? I DIDNT DESERVE THIS, WTF?!?! Contacting my lawyer.
you could single handedly put in enough money to buy riot and everything in their shops and still be perma banned. looking at your logs not to mention your inappropriate name it's pretty clear cut, you do realize legally by clicking "I ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS" means that you are accepting the rules listed in them right? if you went out and started assaulting people the police can arrest you even tho you probably pay your taxes and therefore part of their paycheck money means nothing when you break the rules. you flamed and were toxic no excuses you had many opportunitys to reform and change since nothing here is outright permaban worthy the previous restrictions and bans were warnings you didn't listen. maybe now hear me out instead of trying to sue the company in a losing case where the best case scenario is you get unbanned but everyone in the real world sees how childish you are or you lose stay banned maybe even blacklisted and the world sees that you a grown adult is sueing a company because you can't get along with others, perhaps you should reflect on yourself work through some things try to reform and become a better person cuz sueing a game company for punishing you because you can't work with others, lay off the enter key, have self control, let things go is pretty sad man tho I'm sure your lawyer will love you paying him for a frivolous suit
: I think hes slightly on the too much damage/not long enough cast times to see what he's doing side of things. I like his kit and interactions, but he seems a bit overbearing. I would anticipate him getting a slight nerf here and there for the next few patch cycles until he levels out. Double Q damage on targets with flux is a bit crazy. Reducing his Q down to 5 ranks and bumping his ult to 3 ranks could help some of this.
number adjustments are to be expected, can't expect every release to be a velkoz, but I mean his kit as a whole. he isn't completely insane anymore and he feels good to play again. I'm sure adjustments will come, but I feel like his kit finally is what it should be powerful but not overbearing or op to the point that if they nurf him he's going to be useless
Rioter Comments
: >everyone argues just dodge like it really is simple, just dodge and you do fine?, alright but what do you do when you make that single slip up because you are human? Blitz should not be constantly throwing open range hooks at you. In lane you set yourself up behind minions. In teamfights you set yourself behind tanks. There is a reason Blitz is considered garbage at pro play and why he's not good master+
so you mean hes not good for .1% of the people who play this game? huh you are right you aren't arrogant prick just trolling a board talking like hes a god. it's funny how you also cap my human slip up factor but give nothing to argue it, in blitz doesn't need constant hooks he just needs to move around he can bully by moving around because that hook is to much of a threat blitz is mobile he can move just like anyone else set yourself up behind minions to a good blitz is absolutely a joke, a adc with any AS or farming power can and will eliminate a minion wave as the blitz goes behind your minions forcing you to mispoistion or go to tower, there is no winning. the whole team fight scenario is true but then you are at the mercy of your tanks they move to the left to turtle or to avoid a grab because it's a bad time to initiate you can be dead from that grab unless you aren't in the team fight at all. blitz is a problem and if he is considered "garbage at proplay" and "not good at master+" then we do have a problem trying to argue otherwise and blaming players doesn't help anyone. argue all you like it doesn't change the fact that his grab is not only inconsistent and broken but is far to reward reward for him, even pros make mistakes we are all human playing this game don't act like you're better than everyone else until you win the cup single handedly without 4 other players then by all means act like a god talk down to us, but in the mean time have fun living with your delusions of never getting hit with a skillshot and spouting the same vomit as I see you do in the other comments it really is boring seeing "git gud" "dodge scrub" and "I AM GOD" in this post without any form of humility from some fuck boy who plays cod more than anything else
: More counterplay besides the fact that you can make it useless by dodging? Do you want someone else to play the game for you too?
everyone argues just dodge like it really is simple, just dodge and you do fine?, alright but what do you do when you make that single slip up because you are human? unless you script chances are you will get grabbed atleast once by blitz and chances are high, it will kill you unless you are a full tank initiator with your team right behind you on point. the only argument to be had is mobile champs like assassins or graves or lucian can be counted as dodge worthy, but no matter what if blitz is in game unless he is bad he will land a hook on everyone atleast once, but nah act like you don't get hit by any skill shot ever. need them no skill champs to hit you like old taric right? you could fight ahri, ez, blitz, brand, lux, and nidalee ya know all those skillshot champs all by yourself never get hit and then laugh at the penta
: You talked a bit about your views for the reasons not to add more bans, but I'll just share my own reactions to them since I've seen them re-used way too many times with nothing new added. >Champion select lasts long enough already Remove the few seconds at the start of the game where you are supposed to pick what champion you want to play and decrease the ban timer slightly. It might be a little bit longer, but i'd think 4 more bans is worth it. I know the concern now, what about people worried about bans of the champs they want to play? A work-around is when you queue up for your roles, you could have the champion screen pop up and you would select the champion you want to play for the selected roles. That way, you're loaded in with who you have in mind, and everyone can see it. >If you just keep increasing bans, at some point it gets silly (30 bans?) I wish Riot would stop using this argument. It's not going to be a slippery slope - all we're asking for is that the last two members of each team have an option to ban someone they don't want to see in their game. The argument made on one of the podcasts was paraphrased as "Well, if we give them 4 more, pretty soon, there's gonna be 100" or something along those lines. It's purposefully over dramatic for the sake of the idea, I get it, but it remains to be a poor argument with the current roster and their kits. The counter-argument of "we wouldn't demand more bans if the champions were both balanced and healthy for the game" works here was well...just something to keep in mind. Ten is a good even number, and everyone gets to ban one champ - that's about as fair as you can make pick / ban. >Could shut down some very specialized comps (e.g. protect the Kog) I thought diversity by means of strategy and strategic banning was something Riot wanted? >Could shut down signature picks (e.g. Froggen Anivia, or just the one champ that you really like to main) Shutting down one trick ponies...oh how awful. It's their fault for not knowing how to play more than two champions. I'll use the game health point again; maybe if the perma banned were healthy and balanced, those champions wouldn't be banned so much. As for the pro scene, once again, if it's that important that people in the pro scene don't get banned out (because let's be honest, Riot doesn't want someone in the LCS to be forced onto something they're uncomfortable on because it makes for a cringy viewing for their precious show) then let them have 6 bans and introduce 10 to everyone else. Everybody wins. The one over-used argument I'm surprised I didn't see was "If 10 overpowered champions get banned, people will move to the next 10 overpowered champions." It's not going to happen, I can almost guarantee that. If Riot prides itself in diversity after artificially changing the meta by constantly buffing champs sometimes over the edge and nerfing others out of existence, this will bring _natural_ diversity back into the game. Let's say junglers are being targetted in a champ select, and your jungler realizes that their current mains are banned, and is forced to reach for pocket picks or to remember champions they used to play like...Olaf? After hesitantly locking him in, the Ashe on the other team is now panicking at the thought of Olaf running her down like an animal, so she needs protection. The Bard that was about to be picked isn't going to be very useful against an Olaf, but _Tahm_ can save her. Even though he's not meta anymore, he can protect Ashe, and although that's just one example, that game's bot lane is now that much more diverse. Edit: For the one-trick segment, I should have specified I was talking about FotM abusers claiming that Fiora is their main when tank Fiora was meta or how they mained Ezreal when blue build first started with Elder Lizard.
aw shit someone just smited riot
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Cosmar (NA)
: All a bunch of valid points below. I only posted this here because making a new thread is pointless when the title so aptly describes the overall point i'm getting at. I tend to think riot games just plain sucks. they had a good idea that they sucked at executing. This is Like the Batman vs Superman (2016) of games. ....you make a game free to play and charge for just about everything else, you also take extra precautions to make sure people cant "pay-to-win", that's all fine and dandy. You make a game free-to-play of-course many will play it, even the undesirables. That's great cause it means a better chance someone will buy crap, and you can generate revenue. Now i have played only about 120 matches or so, and this is a player that has payed you for your useless crap and has used all his refunds refunding that crap when you gimped the champions or when i found that champion just became super weak to the new champion everyone is using.... Here's my first reason in why you suck....3 refunds for life? your kidding right? do you know the term "customer appreciation"? Do you know that that's not a physical commodity? It cost only what you paid your CG programmers, developers, and artists....it's ridiculous i even have to mention this. Name another MMO that only allows 3 refunds EVER. you have shot yourself in the foot with this one, i know i will never give you another $, and i know many of my friends wont be neither, if we want one of your champions we will build IP, we never want your skins....there weak sauce. "you mean for 10$ i can glow and shit??!?!?" "yep, but only until we change the graphic on it, sometimes the models looks nothing like the artwork....and sometimes it looks almost identical to the original skin (Nasus\ Pharaoh Nasus)" This also breaks shit, like my mental health, i'm extremely OCD...just looking at how many tier 2 and 1 glyphs and seals i have quite litteraly gives me the spins (if you don't have OCD then i don't expect you to fully understand how terrible it is when you have the need to consolidate something, but can't)....and i can't even refund them for what's supposed to be my new norm after 20, and screw getting rid of them for free, i need them until i get the overpriced tier 3. My bottom line for this point, Riot shouldn't limit refunds to people who spend money and support them, its redundant....especially when you loose nothing refunding a digital, weightless, product for currency you can only spend on League....for more weightless, digital CONTENT! (some of which was paid for on a company level long ago) That's just the tip of the iceberg, the bigger problems are yet to be listed. You remember how i said something about undesirables earlier? Well those are your 7 out of 10 in PVP players....yes the're that abundant in regular league.....not ranked, because you have to wade and rage through over 200 matches to get to level 30 just to play ranked, and that's if you play decently, don't buy boosts, and make one good win everyday. With all that in mind, do you really think you created a good atmosphere for a cooperative game? Especially when its imperative to communicate and use teamwork. If your the only competent player on the team then chances are the other team will recognize this and simply team kill your ass anytime your trying to be productive. AND WORSE i have ran into MANY occasions when in asking for help i was either completely ignored or simply told "your using (insert champion here) you should be able to do that"...i won't even go any further on this...i understand there is a punishment system at play, but from what i have read and seen, its broken, it works rarely, and when it does the severity is uncalled for, whats more important....theirs no immediate response....no matter what your stuck with those shit players in that shit match until the end....whenever that may be (usually 50 mins when that happens). Seriously why would you perma ban someone based off of half a story? I think punishment for verbal altercations is ridiculous....just set up a method to were those guys wont see each other in game again if they choose not to. So if your still with me i have my final point to make on why Riot Games is the worst MMO creator of all time. This ones easy, i know a certain other game that if they had a thread with this much negativity someone would step in, write on here, and tell everyone what they are going to do to rectify the situation....not ignore it like you do....just sweep it under the rug and release some more skins. NO, they would actually change content, change methods, move mountains....and i'm not talking about offended people...offended people should not play competitive games....PERIOD I have read what your moderator and GM responses look like...the're savage...not in the good way....like a 'cow took a shit in my cereal' kinda way. I've notice your responses looks immature as hell (like your e-mailed response to Dunkey) "nope, your toxic"....ridiculous.... I hope you plan to answer some of these questions. How does Riot Games plan to handle this? Do you listen to your players?..the ones that have lives i mean Do you ever value their opinion when their opinion isn't based on how "[booty tickled](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Booty%20Tickled)" they got? cause World of Warcraft is awesome....there isn't a thread like this...not because they hide it, just because when there is, they take care of it quickly. Most problems are solved in game, they don't cut corners on making a player feel appreciated, they don't post up gimmics every month to try and make a better sell point...trying to force crap on us, the player. like the personal store shit...that was the lamest attempt to get people to buy skins ever. I understand being behind on sales...but why don't just give some freebies every once in a while, i promise if you give people hextech chests and keys after every match your wallet wont shrink.... Either way balls in your court Riot Games. What inaction will you take next?
I completely agree with your point riot is really fucking up lately but allow me to add something more to your beautiful speech because riot is only going to give you the ball if you buy it, what do I mean? well I'll tell you maybe you heard of vayne {{champion:67}} this girl well turns out riot wants to give this semi skin starved op character a new skin the catch? hextech crafting same as annie yeah and riot confirmed they will release more hextech crafting locked skins as time goes on with only maybe a couple times EXACT WORDING IS A COUPLE times a year being able to buy a limited amount of gems
: Decided to quit league - what game should I start next?
guild wars 2 overwatch are both fun you could try awsomenauts blade and soul tera or archage and if you want your wallet gouged every month wow is always available
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Woook3r (NA)
: Hes not much more snowbally. He has no safety. You lvl of snowball means nothing when you are dead. Id rather be a 3/0 jinx than a 3/0 draven any day of the week.
yup a displacer that slows and a speed up isn't "safety" compaired to a single dash on lucian or a root that takes more than a second to actually root. isn't this about draven v lucian tho?, since when did you feel adding jinx in? regardless at 3 kills assuming no farm he gets 150 more gold than jinx just right there not to mention he has a better kit than jinx atm but he is very risk reward if the enemy is smart enough to camp you or your support decides to pick their nose then you probably will die as draven with a decent amount of stacks before you can cash in which only worsens when your team decides you don't need a kill at all. over all its why I backed off jinx this season and main draven so far with better results granted the support is half way decent. REMEMBER KIDS YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT!
Woook3r (NA)
: every adc is one of the strongest adc's if they get a kill in lane...its called snowballing...
draven is much more snowbally tho, one kill is the kill gold+50+ and double his stacks so without a kill it isnt crazy to say double double his cs so at about 100 cs he will get around 700 gold just off a single kill. this is ideal and if no agression happens against draven until hes ready but regardless if you lose to lucian 1 v 1 then you mustv'e afkd for a few mins and fed him atleast 2 kills
: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
loving the lore and am hype for taliyah but I do have a few questions 1. how is tali able to remember azir and shurima having slaves? I'm sure she was told storys but she acts like she was alive during the time azir was betrayed 2. will we learn of other acended champions? the acended are very old and able to live long beyond people but would and could there be more? 3. last but not least with the small cameo of brand would this mean we are going up north for the next lore update? I am loving the lore here guys and am super stoked for taliyah keep being awesome guys!
Veraska (NA)
: does the mythos of runeterra have an equivalent to satan? should it?
I Be Rad (NA)
: I'm really not gonna understand the people complaining about Hextech Crafting.
the complaints are more or less RNG feels bad, like almost unfair unless you put money into it.from what I've seen people are either very lucky or put 500 dollars into it before they get noticeable skins ,of coarse value is in what you believe, but not alotta people get skins they want or have value in. on top of that there is champion shards which are useless if you own said champion,especially considering blue essence has no use as of this point in time. icons that i havent seen anyone get in a chest i just know there is a tab saying icons and ward skins that are hit and miss. Imagine if you will you open 5 chests they contain ryze, tribal sejuani, he man pantheon, vancouver amumu and ashe not really impressive is it now lets say these chests took a month next month you open 5 chests also earned free you get 3 champs you own and 2 skins that you dislike. people all have different taste and the system has more RNG than gps and kennens old ults I mean every skin for every champ that expands every 2 weeks every champ that expands roughly every month or two then you have ward skins and icons that also isn't set in stone. tho with this all in mind I do agree with you people need to stop bitching over it if you want a skin put that 30 bucks twords the skin instead of chests n loot...unless its a traditional skin legacy or hextech annie
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