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: I have 95 LP! You think if I talk to a mod they'll grant me promos :)?
: Keep your team motivated and encourage them when they do something good.
i just got 2 afk's in a row and almost got demoted. whats posotive about that. good job team for loosing me the game. :D
Nidken (OCE)
: 3 day ban for afking in a ranked game.
i just got 2 afk's in a row and a demotion because of it fuck you
: Rude player chat
wow if your offended your a pussy
: Being Called A "Dumbass"
: Thoughts on League of Legends?
The game sucks its not about skill at all its about the players you get placed with, you can be and lcs player in bronze 20/0 but if you have an afk or your team just feeds like hell and doesnt listen you cant really do anything about it but wait for next game and hope you dont get players like that.
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: so being bad should be a bannable offense?
> and i thik the people who do bad should be placed with people who also do bad or something like they get less ip
: so being bad should be a bannable offense?
being bad too much should put you with players who also do bad
: can't blame someone for having an off game
Its not an off game if they are just bad though. Think about that.
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datfatguy (OCE)
: How can they know if someone on your team was trolling?
after the game, like an hour, reports on a player are usually seen by someone at riot or something.
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: this is a nerf to yasuo
: Can we just remove the move speed bonus on Zeal items?
Nerf marksman, the role that requires skill and time to learn but don't need yasuo who is critting at Low levels, gets a shield by doing nothing, has 3000 + health and high ad ratios, and has incredibly simple chasing mechanics. Nerf adc so yasuo can stomp on them more, good idea.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: As I've found, it is always best to NEVER jump into ranked at the start of the season. You have a higher chance to be placed EVEN lower then before the moment you jump right in because everyone is set it a base Silver MMR. That will cause a lot of people to end up low silver or bottom bronze (even if they were higher in the last season). I've placed two seasons in a row at Silver III by NOT doing placements with in the first month, and thus it worked out a lot better. I had climbed Silver II in season 5 and Gold 5 in season 6, and that was after the Silver III placements twice in a row. So it's usually best to wait it out and not dive right in.
well plat 1 is the highest you can be placed, I guess waiting wont do any good now I'm 9-0 and going to get silver still just because I played at the beginning of the season. At least i had fun.
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: Check out Elementalist Lux!
Yeah Lux totally needed another skin, :/
: 2016 ranked season ends
Finally got gold this year! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Arakadia (NA)
: If these Swain nerfs go through, Swain's gameplay will have changed so much I will not play him much

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