: IF chat is so important why do high elo players rarely use it? Why do they only communicate with pings or voice chat? Chat is not necessary; Pings are much more efficient
> [{quoted}](name=R107 Games,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mUwfALfy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-23T16:38:52.531+0000) > > IF chat is so important why do high elo players rarely use it? Why do they only communicate with pings or voice chat? > > Chat is not necessary; Pings are much more efficient higher elo players are usually due queuing and have discord. just watch some of the streams. they're usually talking over discord to their buddy or having others join their discord server. no need to even use the chat
: ThornMail does not accomplish it's anti-aa function.
since they have things that are reducing healing to 60% now (Kat and kled) why not make the updated version 60% healing reduction as well? kled can almost keep his 60% on a target already, and it would give an incentive to upgrade the bramble vest.
: The whole nightblue situation got completely stupid
The whole nb3 situation is showing how terrible the league community has become. Riot actually approves of toxicity by their response to this whole situation. Another streamer/youtuber said it best. Riot claims it's hard on toxic players, yet does nothing to punish them or incentivize positivity. NB3 has still been streaming on his lp beta client, which I reported to twitch btw as he is bypassing a punishment set forth by riot and profiting from it.. hes still toxic af . I've seen players compare him to t1, but if you have seen t1 now, hes changed. Hes been on the LCs program and is a fine example now on how to change because riot punished him, he accepted his punishment and has changed causing riot to use him as an example of how to reform. Nb3 on the other hand, continues to curse at players on his stream, continues to abuse his riot contact on other accounts, and continues to make money off of riot even tho one of his accounts is suspended for 14 days. I have a pbe account myself. I got it when I was honor 5. I can still log into it at honor 1 (because calling someone a trash panda was apparently hate speech) . I'm not a current streamer, but I'll be starting soon, but if I was on a lpp account I shouldn't have access to it at that low honor level. This guy is admitted honor level 0 on both his "normal accounts", yet this guy has a lpp account for bother league and beta and gets rewarded with codes even tho hes toxic af all because hes a streamer? This needs to change. . The teemo player admitted to using this strat in other games and it works. What we didnt know is that he told his party before the game what he was going to do. His team knew. He wasnt leeching but actively helping his irelia get fed. His adc played safe and they got first blood and I believe first tower off of this funnel strat, that is perfectly legal btw. I want riot to take a stand one way or another. We have the number 1 player in na admitting to win trading and riot does nothing, but a whiney baby "I'm telling my dad on you" streamer gets mad at someone doing an off meta strat and it working and riot immediately bans him and nb3 for abuse of power and yet, only nb3 is still being rewarded for his toxic behavior by being allowed to use his lpp account on his streams, get the ad revenue because of it and still get codes sent to him by riot. I get it that I'm only a silver/gold player, but this whole situation leaves a bad taste on the game.
: Fan Pass Watch Rewards not working
Same here. I spent all day Sunday watching all the games and it never updated for me:(
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
This is so true. Pure tanks have almost nothing to contribute to fights these days unless that tank has cc {{champion:113}} .. Look at all the tanks that are now building their respective damage source {{champion:54}} {{champion:32}} etc or even going hybrid. When's the last time you saw a malphite actually go full tank vs an all ad team? Assassins and other classes should not be able to 100-0 a tank in a rotation and a half. Hell, when is the last time you saw an adc actually go after a last whisper item third or 4th, hell even second? I mean, look at the most common adc build. Ie, crit, crit, zerker, life steal and angel. They have to get the angel just to survive the initial engage of most fights til their cc bots kick in. As someone stated, they arent getting the armor just for protection. They are getting it for the revive.
: Just like every other game in ranked. We need a hard mmr and elo reset.
I agree. I had to dodge last night because someone picked a morgana top and was very toxic in chat. This is typical of my silver 2 games as of late because I'm getting paired with a lot of b1 players because of my crappy mmr thanks to the positional queue that I've been working on fixing.
YBaKunt (NA)
: True damage is destroying the game.
It used to be certain champions had true damage. Now, everyone top lane and jungle are doing conq..hell even new morde will be taking conq. The main issue riot has is that tanking either goes one of two ways. Either that one tank gets blown the f up instantly even with 300+ armor etc, or the tank will not die even when the enemy has armor pen items. Healing is also an issue. Sure grevious exists on 3 items, but those items are disproportionately cost. 800 for the calling, 1k for the vest and the entire morelos for ap champions. I've witnessed an aatrox with conq, deaths dance, his innate steal and runes just laugh at the 40% healing reduction because he just goes full damage and out damages the reduction. Hell, I was on a Lee sin and was out healing a fed Irellia with healing reduction thanks to conq, his w and a dip into the resolve tree. I've noticed some people say support tanks are in a good spot. They are only in a good spot because they have damage in the form of their carry with them almost all the time in addition to shields. They arent tanks at that point but cc peel bots. Is damage too high? Yes, is true damage a reason? Yes. It's gotten to the point where league is a just build like 1 health/tank item and just build more damage or have shields that are on short cds.. Am I confident riot will listen and try and fix things? No. They cant even punish toxic/ intentionally feeding players in games properly because they rely on a bot too much
Gofs (NA)
: Learn to mute, it saves you a lot of problems.
What annoys me is that you cant mute post or pre game. It annoys me when I'm filling out my report I'm continued to be flamed by people I muted. In addition, I've gotten reported for negative attitude for muting my team several times. It annoys me that me not wanting to see your toxic behavior or pings means I have a negative attitude.. keeping me from my honor gain. The whole system needs fixed so that false negative attitudes dont count against you
AlfieOwO (EUNE)
: Please start perma banning people who afk in games
I agree that they should be punished, but I think a permanent ban is too harsh. What riot should do is give the victims stuff like points back, ranks bank etc, if you were a victim of an afk or intentional feeder. Its pathetic that riot refuses to punish anything outside of bad words which can easily be muted because they do not want to actually spend time to teach their bots to recognize and punish afks.
Kei143 (NA)
: Why was the faction quiz so hidden in the client?
I couldn't find the quiz so I went with my favorite color of blue..
Hardstück (EUNE)
: You just have to buy executioners/morelos if you don't like healing XD!
Try telling that to a nasus. I've seen nasus 1v9 even with grevious thanks to conqu and taking either the healing with abilities or the extra healing in resolve. The issue is just that. Theres so many ways to amp healing ,but not enough to offset it. If there was a way that runes can give you some form of minor healing reduction or rework them so that grevious actually matters, then we wont have all these healing conq tanks.
: How come riot only punishes the one type of toxicity that can be remedied with one click of a button
Because they dont have to actually do their job. They let a bot take over and do their work for them. They are lazy and just want to collect a paycheck without doing any work
: Riot doesn't care
Riot does care.. only cares about diamond + players and not their fanbase. I mean, I was just autofilled while protected in a game where I have mid silver 4 mmr, but matched with bronze 4s and iron 1s.. of course I lost because their tristana was able to 2 shot bombs and their lb was able to chain through minions somehow, but it's obvious. Meddler is probably one of the more active rioters,yet even he has shown disinterest in this game. What riot should do for the mid season split is to first off, fix matchmaking.. remove demotions if they arent going to do a darn thing to intentional feeders and trolls when reported, and just try and make the game fun again. I mean, every other game now has 0 demotions and they are more fun.. even apex legends doesnt demote you.
: People should be one shotting target when the target build no or little defense and the attacker built a lot of damages.
> [{quoted}](name=Starcraft243ver,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3h6uAiz0,comment-id=000000000002,timestamp=2019-04-30T14:00:45.499+0000) > > People should be one shotting target when the target build no or little defense and the attacker built a lot of damages. Actually, people building defense are getting one shot.. it;s gotten so easy to just damage through defensive items that not many people are building Last whisper, void staff etc..
Big Tick (EUW)
: Reducing damage across the board is not a viable solution because of breakpoints.
I will agree the damage is too high when as a rammus with W, I'm taking 400 damage a pop with 375 armor from a Twitch with 0 armor pen. This is also in addition to having 12% reduced damage. it's stupid how they put tanks and armor in the game, but when you play said tank, you get completely destroyed with 1 full armor item, vs a physical damage dealer with not even a full item.
: Kayle's win rate for 35 min games is 60%
What makes it worse is shes almost immune to anything that hits her attack speed. I played as tahm against a kayle, got the attack speed reduction item and she was still attacking fast because of her passive. Her range is also just outside of the aura for the item as well . . It's funny how riot implements these types of champions and yet, doesnt give us the tools to counter the champion because those tools have been nerfed into the ground
: When LP gains are fucked in diamond no one wants to play there. Plus it’s not about bashing low elo players, it’s about just having a “safety net” so you don’t feel tilted if you lose. I.e. you have 1 account in Plat 1, and another in Plat 2. You don’t get as tilted by rank fluctuation on the second account. Nor are you really “smurfing”. Same reason I usually have a higher rank on my “smurf” than my main. Being more relaxed when I play makes me play better. Also most people smurf at most 1-1.5 divisions lower. Being a diamond player against silvers is actually like playing against bots. There is no joy in beating them. It’s not like you’re going for big plays or some shit to get big outplays or pentakills. They just walk into you and die half the time.
> [{quoted}](name=Disembark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NyJG0XBw,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-15T17:59:30.728+0000) > > When LP gains are fucked in diamond no one wants to play there. > > Plus it’s not about bashing low elo players, it’s about just having a “safety net” so you don’t feel tilted if you lose. I.e. you have 1 account in Plat 1, and another in Plat 2. You don’t get as tilted by rank fluctuation on the second account. Nor are you really “smurfing”. > > Same reason I usually have a higher rank on my “smurf” than my main. Being more relaxed when I play makes me play better. > > Also most people smurf at most 1-1.5 divisions lower. Being a diamond player against silvers is actually like playing against bots. There is no joy in beating them. It’s not like you’re going for big plays or some shit to get big outplays or pentakills. They just walk into you and die half the time. It's not just diamonds its everything above silver. I've watched youtubers and lcs casters who have admitted that ranked is the worst this season as it's ever been.
Kalikain (NA)
: I'm sorry guys, but hey. We all know WHEN she gets nerfs, its going to be like.. -10 damage to her knockback. #True
> [{quoted}](name=Kalikain,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MvFrwIiQ,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-04-15T21:30:03.813+0000) > > I'm sorry guys, but hey. We all know WHEN she gets nerfs, its going to be like.. -10 damage to her knockback. #True They need to just nerf or remove rage blade. That would affect her power tremendously as she gets it for her 2 hit passive proc. It's sad when you design a champion around a 3 hit passive then have an item that almost removes the ramp up time for that passive
: Game is now more than ever about picking broken champs.
This is true. I went 1-1 in ranked before they disabled because a draven /mf bot lane chunked my trist/Morgana lane in two hits before I could even get a hit in. Do you know what, we died level 2 because of it. Were under tower and full hp thanks to potions and we get dove and died.. tower dove at level 2.. the tower didnt even protect us because they were able to switch aggro to keep it doing the minimal damage possible. Either damage needs scaled back. Or defenses need to improve
: As long as he doesnt say any "mean words :(((" he will keep getting away with this.
Not that. I've had several hate speech saying clans in my games and riot doesnt bother doing anything about it. Its pathetic really
Oxóssi (NA)
: I just got an unraked Jungler in my Silver Promo, He averages 10+ deaths per match
At silver 3 I was constantly put with bronze 3 and 4 players in my promotion matches. I can honestly count the handful of times I didnt have a bronze on my team. Matchmaking is crap. They needed to reset mmr when they dropped positional queues, but they obviously want people to fail. It's difficult when on your team is bronze 3,yet on the enemy team is gold 4s.. thanks riot.. thanks for crappy matchmaking
: The toxicity of this community astounds me.
This is 100% true. Riot actually caters to these toxic players and the snowflakes who are easily offended. In 3 ranked games I played tonight, I had a feeder in both on my team. One of then was so toxic that I couldn't shy gank her lane because she intentionally fed an olaf that I muted her, but left the pings open (something that I try to do incase they actually give a damn). This got so bad it ticked out midlaner off so much I had to mute them because of the back and forth. The reason I say they cater to these toxic players is this, these toxic players have already done their damage. They fed, remained toxic and what does riot do? 70% of the time they dont do a thing. They have ruined your gaming experience, caused your loss of the game, and they go about their merry way, if they get a restriction or ban, they just hop on their 3rd or 4th account and continue to do the same thing. This even happened in a draft game after the ranked queues went down. I was testing a new adc idea I had and not only did my support flame me, but used very sexual speech. Now, I'm normally easy going hell i love old south park and the boondocks, but when you script spam it 5 times in a row it's not funny after that. It made my game so terrible that I lost my temper and could not properly test what I was going to test (hail of blades tristana). It also didnt help that their jungler literally greifed bottom to the point it wasnt 2v2 but a constant 2v3 where they just tower dove, took almost no damage because aftershock leona is busted as hell, and spammed emotes the whole time they did it calling us names. Riot seriously needs to sit down and have an actual discussion with the community on how to handle this type of behavior. They need to actually sit down and look at games where people are reported for feeding, and give something to us the victims whether its lp back, or something more than just, oh in x number of games people honored you, heres a key fragment that you might get a champion shard that's useless when you own all the champions! We dont care that much about chroma and ward skins. We care that we sit down in a ranked and win or lose because we played bad. Not because we had that one toxic person on our team who decided that dying to a yasuo,yi, vayne etc is a good idea. It's too bad riot will not even acknowledge or respond to this post.
: Why gold is way worse to play in than bronze
People feed more in gold than bronze as well. I've dealt with more feeders in my gold games than I have in bronze/silver on my brand new level 30 account.
y0r1ck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=3ternalkarma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WEE6vIr2,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-04-06T01:16:55.251+0000) > > orly? then why is {{champion:34}} allowed to exist? the moment she hits 6 she just afk pushes and goes back to tower no interaction at all I refuse to believe you can't see the difference
> [{quoted}](name=y0r1ck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WEE6vIr2,comment-id=000a00000000,timestamp=2019-04-06T01:41:52.117+0000) > > I refuse to believe you can't see the difference They both do the same thing tho. Anivia 6 just toggles her ult on the wave and q e you out of the way. Morgana has to w with high mana cost, and can only hit you with her q if your not behind minions or she flashes on you. What they shoud have done was lower the root duration on morgana q instead of the ap ratio.
: Or you could just... play safe and ward until level 3?
> [{quoted}](name=Cind3rkick,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEsrPVhr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-05T23:01:57.243+0000) > > Or you could just... play safe and ward until level 3? That doesnt help when these level 2 champions decide that your jungle is theirs now even with wards. Unless you're playing a champion that can deal with their level 2s, you are pretty much screwed because they just ignore the wards, kill you, kill your camps and then come back at will while you're trying to even level up
: WHY it is not "Unique" is beyond anyone with a Brain. Only Riot makes shit like this.
> [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pluYYbjk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-05T21:29:37.201+0000) > > WHY it is not "Unique" is beyond anyone with a Brain. Only Riot makes shit like this. I mean hell, they're limiting tear to just one.. why not do it to seal?
hoonging (NA)
: Why can'y I play the rank game?
I can't play ranked, but that's because riot keeps disconnecting people from my ranked games. I just had 2 games where I lost where it was a constant 4v5 because one or two people on my team either left, or got disconnected. this is a serious problem and I demand the LP back from riot deciding to break their own game
Nadiri (NA)
: Riot must increase AFK'S punishment in ranked queue.
I actually agree. I get it that there's sometimes emergencies, but when you have a pattern like most of these afkers in ranked, they should get an IP ban.. not only does it limit their alt account that they are using to intentionally ruin other peoples ranked climbs, but it also hits their main account that they have like gold+ on. that's the main problem today. A lot of these toxic players are using a smurf account, or an account they don't give a crap about, and intentionally ruining the game for players like myself who play on their main account and do not want to make another account. riot needs to step up their game.. cause it's getting ridiculous how the community sees how little they do against afkers and people intentionally ruining games.
Subdue (NA)
: We could do away with Permanent Bans...
This is kinda what HOTS does already. it works in that game, so it should work in league.
: Tyler 1 was right- Inadvertently confirms soft inting > constructive criticism
What I find hilarious is at least riot is consistent with "our system is bad, but since it punished you, then there's nothing we can do to fix it". I mean, I've had people in my normal's call people the N word.. Hell, I had a guy on my team whose name was the Fa**** word (spelled out with 0 for the end part). I've seen and reported more toxicity than a Tromafilm from the 80s (Toxic Avenger) and I've only seen 1 "thanks for the assist" in the past 6 months.. and I know who it was cause the guy wrote more things in chat than a Charles dickens novel. They really need to crack down on their system.. I mean, what annoys the fudge out of me is that it's tied into getting your honor rewards, yet a simple chat restriction like the OP who didn't even say anything bad other than he was a human venting his frustration keeps you from getting an entire years worth of pain?? at least make it a 14 day means no rewards. considering you don't give people warnings on their chat behavior. Also, isn't it rather interesting that this close to the end of the season they decide to finally punish people again?? makes you wonder...
: Preseason goals of "Comebacks more achievable" & "Decided games resolve faster" seem contradictory
After watching almost all of worlds, I have to say that with the average of games being decided basically after the first baron (with one or two RARE exceptions) I have to say that I'm agreeing with them. some of the best games at worlds have been when teams make a comeback (c9 for example), BUT a lot of these teams only were able to make a comeback because they either had baron, or stole it (the ornn god). I shouldn't have to rely on a monster such as baron or hell, even rift herald, to help make a comeback. Changing the way towers and minions work, will make the game less "I HAVE to get X minion to stand a chance" and especially less , "oh they have baron, we're fudged". Hell, for those who've watched worlds.. how many games have gone to 2 barons? Not a whole lot. Now, if they really want to make games more achievable for comebacks they'd nerf the power of rift herald, elder dragon, and baron as well, or hell, make it so when you get a bounty not only do you get more gold, but more experience on the kill as well..
: I got banned fairly.
I just wish riot would actually do it more in normals. I just had a game where the enemy amumu told me post game (where you can't mute) that I suck and should commit suicide. This while i was reporting one of their team mates for being super toxic and having a very offensive summoner name. I did the same thing as you over 3 years ago, and other than one 14 day that riot told me was done wrongly, I've been model for the most part. sure there's times where I feel like I am about to explode, but I'm able to compose myself.
: I did it. I fucking did it.
Congrats. I could have gotten to plat, but once I hit gold 5, the first game i played made me want to commit suicide so I stopped playing ranked til just yesterday (the mission required it >< ) Glad you were one of the rare few that actually had a decent ranked experience :) great job.
: 1st game of the day, mid laner dies and afks lvl 2.
I actually lost a game today like that. our jungler inted (a normal occurrence) and then afked at level 6. What made the loss worse, was that the enemy team actually cursed at us saying "gg ez, get good scrubs etc" and calling us losers. This is what riot promotes it seems. I have yet to see any of my normal games where these players have been punished. it's almost like if it's a normal, the punishment system just ignores reports, even when it's obvious..
: Gold III Promo with a unranked player?
welcome to lazy riot design, but then again, they are a LOT better than heroes of the storm ranked.. lets just say, blizzard should stop doing ranked in their games
: 'remove it entirely' when that's literally the basis of the champion, 75% of his power budget, and his most iconic and important spell... while we're at it, lets remove katarina's daggers urgot's knees braum's shield xayah's feathers gangplank's barrels or any other powerful, unique ability that other champions have
more like, remove urgots 3 million health shield on his W.. all the urgots are building bruiser because the knees do % health true damage and he has that shield. so he has 3k health, a 2.5k shield and can outdamage a fed xayah without dying mostly because the W (the thing with the shield) is on such a low cooldown. Honestly, riot needs more than just aatrox to deal with shields these days. it's pathetic how you can get a team with shields (sion, urgot, shen, etc) and literally nothing can get to their intended targets, not to mention true damage not even damaging the person because its being negated by the shields. Aatrox's passive is the right step, but it needs to be on more champions.. I wanna see real "countering" than the bullsh going on right now at worlds.
: Gesundheit! What people wanted is to just have us jack up turret damage and turret hp and leave it at that. Doing so would make low mmr games drag on forever, as well as completely dissuade turret dives at all. Turrets at the end of the day are intended to be objectives that a team captures to progress the game, not an impenetrable building that prevents action in a game. In preseason we're changing turret mechanics quite a bit to allow us to make them stronger, which we couldn't have done on a normal patch in a season.
except, right now, I literally can dive on an olaf at level 3, kill the target under the tower, and 9/10 not die in the process because the tower does maybe 50-75 damage to me.. this is just with a jungle item and with a bit into the resolve runes.. something standard in most "tank" junglers pick up now. Towers up til level 6-7 should be safe havens.. right now, they're just speed bumps. Taking away first tower gold should also be a priority. you want to curve snowballing, but leave first tower gold in the game proves you're lying about wanting to curve snowballing. Towers are so weak now, that I'm seeing towers in silver/gold dropping at the 4 minute mark in game thanks to 4 man bot ganks, something that because towers being so weak, is common bronze through diamond..
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Leto GT,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gGf535cl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-11T14:59:18.041+0000) > > Blaming kaisa when xayah rakan urgot and aatrox are priority picks lol. Kai'Sa is more priority pick than Xayah Rakan are.
no, the only reason kai'sa is more of a priority because of champs like Rakan who can dive into a fight, take little to no damage thanks to knock ups, charms, shields, or the ability to dip out at will. What I've noticed at worlds, Rakan or Xayah have been almost 1-2nd picked in every game. Rakan is the reason that kai'sa can do all the shit she does. Look at either Flash wolves. Literally no one could touch kai';sa thanks to champions like urgot, Sion, and Shen keeping her safe. there was literally NO WAY AFS could get to her. They tried, but failed even with pumping out lots of true damage.. Of course kai'sa is going to dominate when no one can get to her. I mean, look at all the worlds games that kai'sa has lost in so far that doesn't have a peel/tank support or top laner-jungler. That in lies the issue at worlds. Look at the ADCs that have been played so far.. almost little to no variety, hell, the team comp for all the teams have been virtually identical.. Why? because these are the champions riots pushed down our throats and refuses to actually balance..
: Why is kaisa allowed to be so busted
> [{quoted}](name=PICKLE RICK REEE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5KXWJ43v,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-07T08:33:21.745+0000) > > Like what the fuck is her kit > > she has like 2x the power budget of vayne and kog and literally any adc player above d5 only plays kaisa > > Have a front line and right click any champs hp away in 3 auto attacks from stealth and 800 damage shield. G-Rex vs. SuperMassive goes from 0-0 to 12-0 in 5 minutes because there&#x27;s literally nothing they can do when another disgusting champion like Rakan is standing in front of her you hit the nail on the head.. kai'sa wasn't the problem. the problem was Rakan. I watched that game and the only reason that kai'sa was able to get ahead, was because of the plays on the rakan. the fact that rakan was able to dash in, charm the whole team, then knock up people AFTER the charm let kai'sa just be able to sit back and do what ADCs do best..
: its a common known fact that Yas does not hit power spike til about 0-10 in most games
it's 0-11. get it right ;)
: SO that happened.... Harrassment
I agree that this is an issue that riot refuses to deal with. it's like unless it's Ranked or a special game mode, they turn the report bot off. I've been called the N word and F word, and my wife has been called a C word and "why are you playing you stupid Bi***" to the point that she does not even play anymore, she was actually enjoying the game when we were leveling her up.. hell, I have a game on my twitch channel - FallenTurtle that has a person actively saying the N word in the game and then following up with "I don't care if this accounts banned, this is a scrub account anyway". I have pointed it out to riot, but it's like they look at it, and then ignore it because it happened in a normal.. Then again, if our president can say the things he says and not be impeached, guess riot thinks that type of speech against players is ok.
: How often does off-meta get reported? - Results from my last 90 days
it's amazing how bad riots reporting system is tho.. I've literally had people say the N word and F word in a few of my gold normals only for riot, who claims that hate speech like the ones said to me including to commit suicide (that one is on my twitch channel... ) and of course the GGEZ constantly would actually be dealt with, only for these people who said these words to continue playing. Also, the fact that people report you for even talking now a days is quite amazing.. I just hope riot's system improves as the OP poster stated above, he's not toxic, but keeps getting reports after reports for his off meta and actually trying to communicate with the team.. although nothing leads to punishment, it's still quite annoying to have that on the record as it keeps the OP from gaining honor faster than normal because he has those reports on his record.
: Now that DZK and Riot aren't together anymore, can we agree that...
um, who the hell is he/she in the first place? from what I can tell they were just a person who actually encouraged the toxicity that's in league currently anyway.. hopefully now that they're gone, riot will actually step up and start making league a game where I don't want to actually commit suicide after a normals game because I get told to K Y ... and be verbally abused every game learning new champions.. I swear, riot needs to be more clear on their reporting system..
Chermorg (NA)
: Riot is a business. Their business is **entertainment**. Players are not getting entertained if they are being flamed constantly. Riot likes when players are entertained because that is their business. Thus, if you're ruining Riot's business, it is in their best interest to get you to stop or remove you from the game.
players are not being entertained with spawning and dying constantly either, but riot keeps forcing that meta upon us..
: Riot isn't responding at all to player feedback.
Although riot has gotten better.. they have gotten a HELL of a lot lazier. I mean, look at new aatrox.. it's a riven clone with swain ult that doesn't doe AOE damage.. they could have at least done something better with his kit to fit his theme. Then there's "oh we're going to do riot posts about the state of the game".. well, they do post, but it's mostly about new emotes and skins and only SLIGHTLY about how they are actually fixing the damn game. oh and of course.. that whole article about a pigeon in armor.....
: Banned Accounts
The reason that there is an exodus in league, is the quality of league has gone to hell in the past 2 seasons. riot is not learning from it's mistakes, taking champions that DO NOT NEED BUFFED, and either over buffing them because "metrics" or not buff champions that need it the right way (see Jinx and buffing W AD ratio when clearly that's NOT why she's fallen out of the meta or the real problem with why crits have fallen out of the meta) on the banning of accounts. riot has a history of pulling ano tolerance on the wrong things. Today, a person literally cursed me out in language that would even make a klansman blush.. but because he did it post game, riot has a STRONG chance of never seeing it, even tho I reported, and said "post game comments" All because riot has to manually look at the report.. That is one thing that I personally find the flaw in riots system to be. if they want this game to be less toxic, they have to prove to us that they care. be it reports, better rewards for being "honorable" etc. right now, they only show they care about the LCS..
: Permabanned while Suspended
riot supports ICE and you're a child.. ;)
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Amorith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aQrfEaF8,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-23T06:02:36.871+0000) > > I'm at plat 3 MMR You don't know that.
> [{quoted}](name=DearPear,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aQrfEaF8,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2018-06-23T22:52:59.397+0000) > > You don&#x27;t know that. op.gg is very accurate when it comes to MMR
Amorith (NA)
: Riot, I get I'm in my promos, but what the fuck is this?
This is one thing riot refuses to even address.. They keep doing "state of the games" but never really mention what they are actively doing to fix this system. at least we have new cursors!!! cause that's more important than fixing their matchmaking system!
: For clarity, this is the full changelist: Alpha Strike (Q) cost lowered from 70/75/80/85/90 to 50/55/60/65/70 [Removed] No longer deals bonus damage to minions The mana cost reduction is a compensation since him no longer dealing bonus damage to minions will hurt. That said, we're still currently testing these changes and may explore other options.
you mean like youre testing the aatrox changes and not listening to your streamers and player base? hell, even one of your european casters thinks that the aatrox rework is meh.. but then again, this is the same balance team that thinks improving jinx's W AD ratio will help her.. while buffing Twitch, Tristana and Vayne's main source of damage........... honestly, you guys need to take a lessen from Tencent your parent company about balancing.. they at least can balance arena of valor well
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