: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
For once I don't feel like I missed out not doing ranked. Looks very similar to Justicar (which looks better btw), and that weird purple chest thing reminds me of marching band uniforms.
enshine (NA)
: how fuckin low is the average vision score?
On supports 40s is my low end, and I average 20s-30s on non-supp. Only does a limited amount of good, though, because most teammates refuse to ward even if you ask nicely and give a few friendly reminders because the screen is completely dark other than the 4 I have down. People that don't ward irritate me, but I get especially pissed off when we lose a game that we were way ahead on because people don't bother with their trinkets or buying control wards. I have never been ranked above Silver 1 on the gold promos so you can imagine what the majority of vision scores look like at my elo/mmr. It is so frustrating, especially when teammates go running off into the jungle to chase enemies or to go face checking bushes. There needs to be more emphasis on the importance of vision, especially on lower level accounts, while people are still learning the game. People need to realize that they have a free trinket that gives free vision and while they are at it, they also need to get over the fact that pinks are 75 gold because pinks are so worth it. The other annoying thing is when people buy one, drop it and then never put down any others because the first is still alive, even if it's in a completely useless place. I will at least give them some amount of credit for buying one and using it in the first place, even if just the once.
: I'm a new player and I don't understand how this game is so popular
1. Not everyone is toxic. There is definitely more toxicity in lower ELO ranked than elsewhere because most people in that bracket won't acknowledge or take responsibility for their own mistakes and they'd rather get bent out of shape and blame everyone else. It's much better if you find a few people to play with. Side note; you should definitely work on getting better at the game and learning the mechanics before jumping into ranked. 2. Different classes do different things based on their kit.. tanks typically offer some form of engage/cc and can take a beating. Assassins are usually either really good or really bad.. not much middle ground. They are reliant on items, and if they fall behind, they usually lose hard.. they can put out a lot of damage (1 shot most people), but if they fall behind, they go squish really easy. Dying is tricky.. you have to learn how to play safe.. not overextending.. being aware of champion power spikes. Vision helps a lot too.. if you ward, you can see incoming ganks easier. Map awareness helps a lot. 3. The game is strategic.. Champions counter each other, so even in champ select, there is strategy in picking who you're going to play.. you don't want to pick a champion that is hard countered by something the enemy has already picked, so it's good to know which ones are they are good against, and which ones they struggle against. Then as far as actual gameplay, you want to work with your team to take objectives and make good plays which.. requires strategy. 4. Can't answer this one.. If you're consistently running into bugs, you might want to reinstall. League works best in the default location.. if you installed it somewhere other than it's default place in the C drive, that could be a reason why. If you want to give the game an honest try to see if you enjoy it.. play regular matches. Find a role and champion you enjoy. Finding a champion whose playstyle and kit you enjoy can make the game a lot more enjoyable. Once you find something you like, practice with it.
: I reinstalled NA League client in the default location. Should I delete files in the former location
Should be able to remove it from it's previous location without issue. When I moved mine from my external harddrive to my c drive, I cut/paste it (if I remember right). Might need to change the path location of your desktop icon, otherwise, should be fine.
: You would expect the female league players to tilt less
I'm a female it's been a long time since I've tilted.. it's a waste of time and energy to get so angry over a game, especially since it just makes everyone else play worse. I am curious how you know these players are female, or if you're just assuming that. I've seen people of all roles be super toxic.. I am surprised you're having issues with supports though. Most of the time, in my experience, jungle and support are the 2 roles that get flamed the most.
: Humans are toxic assholes
If you'd like, feel free to add me. I'd happily play normals with ya.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raevana,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=5dMI8YBI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-10T01:47:02.522+0000) > > Oh, how about the bitchy ADCs that throw a shit-fit if you get the kill on an enemy champion. "zomfg u stole my kill now im going to be a whiny douche for the next 5-10 mins" I don't set out to take kills when I play supp, I'd rather get my ADC fed, but sometimes it happens. If you help secure the kill, they aren't happy because they didn't get the kill. If you back off so they get the kill, then they bitch about their target getting away. > > Oh oooh! And then there are the people that dive under the turret 1v2 and then get super bent out of shape that you didn't rush in with them and keep them alive when their target was 50% or more on HP and you were almost out of mana. I just don't get why these brain-dead twats think it's a good trade to give the enemy team 2 kills and free cs, time to hit the turret or get a good recall just to get 1 kill if you're lucky. Oh man I can relate. Ok, I Have picked up playing lux as a support, and had an ADC actually BAN HER in champ select because he didnt want me to "ks" - like legit, KSing matters in Iron and in masters. MOST of us are not either of those!
> [{quoted}](name=Red Mage FTS,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=5dMI8YBI,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-05-10T16:50:49.743+0000) > > Oh man I can relate. Ok, I Have picked up playing lux as a support, and had an ADC actually BAN HER in champ select because he didnt want me to "ks" - like legit, KSing matters in Iron and in masters. MOST of us are not either of those! Yeah.. my philosophy when I'm not playing support is.. I don't give a flying fuck who gets the kill.. everyone involved gets gold for it, and you get time to get free CS, push an objective, or get an ideal recall. I'd rather win the game than farm kills.
: My account of many years was permanently banned for 3rd party programs..?
While you are responsible for all activity on your account per https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201898070-My-Account-is-Suspended#h1q5 you can try submitting a ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It says they will not reverse suspensions or bans, but you can try to talk to them about it. Worst they can do is say no.
ziffolo (EUW)
: Honestly scuttle is not worth a player leave the lane. What I do is I check minimap, and if the opponent jungler showed up yet I go kill scuttle in the opposite side if I cannot fight him. Otherwise I just go for it and pay attention to who is coming, and maybe save a smite to secure it. The lanes should help you on objectives, like Herald or Dragons, but you need to get them when the situation is ok. And avoid getting jumped by the opponent team.
> [{quoted}](name=ziffolo,realm=EUW,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=sgsIk3xX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T05:49:58.067+0000) > > Honestly scuttle is not worth a player leave the lane. I disagree. They provide a source of vision and movement speed which can be crucial. Vision wins matches, and a matter of seconds can mean the difference between securing/losing an objective and winning/losing a team fight.
: Humans are toxic assholes
People do suck, and I'm sorry you seem to be getting more than your fair share of assholes. I know it's even worse at lower MMRs. You really should report people for being asshats, if you don't already do that. I don't know why people treat normals like they are tournament matches, the people that act like douches in normal games really need to fuck off. I think that's half the reason I usually stick with ARAMs these days. I mean, I get wanting to win regardless of the fact that it's a normal game. It's more fun to win. That said, I don't know how these childish fucks expect people to learn and get better if the second they make a mistake in a normal match everyone starts treating them like shit. I mean, yeah.. you can start on bots, but bots aren't a substitute for playing against humans which is where the best practice is going to be prior to playing ranked. As far as smurf accounts go, I doubt they are part of the main source of hostility. Most smurfs don't stay in lower ELOs long. I think most of the asshats are people that get stuck in ELO Hell with lower MMRs. Those are usually the most toxic people, because they are always quick to blame everyone else for losing and rather than give constructive criticism they go off the rails flaming people. Best thing to do is find other people to play with. At least that way you limit the amount of potential assholes you get stuck with.
: Dont talk to supp mains like you know the role, please.
Oh, how about the bitchy ADCs that throw a shit-fit if you get the kill on an enemy champion. "zomfg u stole my kill now im going to be a whiny douche for the next 5-10 mins" I don't set out to take kills when I play supp, I'd rather get my ADC fed, but sometimes it happens. If you help secure the kill, they aren't happy because they didn't get the kill. If you back off so they get the kill, then they bitch about their target getting away. Oh oooh! And then there are the people that dive under the turret 1v2 and then get super bent out of shape that you didn't rush in with them and keep them alive when their target was 50% or more on HP and you were almost out of mana. I just don't get why these brain-dead twats think it's a good trade to give the enemy team 2 kills and free cs, time to hit the turret or get a good recall just to get 1 kill if you're lucky.
: Can someone explain my FPS drop and a possible reason why it happens? Please give me a solution!
If your computer is running hot or overheating, you could definitely be seeing an impact in performance. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, and clean out the dust if you can. The laptop my fiance plays games on (hp omen) always runs markedly better after we've taken it apart and cleaned it. It ran hot out of the box since the day it was first purchased, but we can always tell when it's time to clean it cause it gets warmer than usual and runs like absolute crap.
emPyriaN (NA)
: I suck at league
I know how you feel man. I've been playing on and off since Season 2 and I've never gotten higher than Silver 1. Almost got to gold once, but the person I was queuing with disappeared and I didn't trust going into queue solo. Pretty much have to agree with what other people have said. Try and stick to a smaller champion pool to practice and climb with. Pick whichever role you have the most fun with and try to stick with a couple champions from that role. In low ELO you can get really good at a single champion and one-trick yourself up in rank. I do agree that it's fun to pick up other champions and learn other roles and stuff, but if you are focusing on that, you're going to have a hard time getting better. It really helps if you find a champion that you 'click' with.. a champion that you enjoy playing, and that fits with your playstyle. As far as getting honors, you don't necessarily have to play well or carry to get them. If you're friendly and have a good attitude, you can get honors that way. Encourage your teammates, and let them know when they did well. I've honored those types of people over someone that carried the game before. I've also been on the receiving end of honors where I had a really bad game but kept a positive attitude and was friendly towards my teammates. I do wish you luck, and I hope you find ways to have fun.
ihop72 (NA)
: Key Fragments
I'm always hovering at 6-7 chests and frequently get all of my weekly chests also. I agree it'd be nice to get more key frags without paying for them.
Row1205 (EUW)
: I've suddenly got worse at the game
Kinda sounds like you answered your own question. It seems to me like you're putting too much pressure/stress on yourself and it's causing you to mess up. I'd take a step back from trying to be hyper-competitive and focus more on mechanics and having fun. It sounds like you play better and win more when you're not completely focused on climbing the ladder. I find that I personally have better games when I can get in a rhythm while having fun. You go into your next game in a positive state of mind, good mood, and hyped to do well/win. Sometimes when you lose a few games back to back it's best to just take a break or switch it up and maybe try a different game mode. Once you get frustrated with losing or thrown off your game, it can be hard to get over the mental aspect of that, especially if you're over criticizing your own performance and errors. It just kinda snowballs. Best advice I can give you is to try and have fun with it. If you're not having fun, there's no sense in making yourself miserable/unhappy/bored/frustrated.
: FPS Drop (Troubleshooting not working)
The other thing, besides what was mentioned above.. I had the same problem, my fps would go from over 100 and drop to 01, usually at the worst possible time.. I *knock on wood* seem to have fixed my issue. My problem was that I put the game on my external harddrive. Since moving it to the C drive and putting it in what would've been it's default location, I haven't experienced frame drops. I don't know how or why this would matter because no other game I play has this issue, but since moving it, it's been ok.
NoRefund (EUW)
: A few minutes into the game and i get massive fps drops to like beneath 10
Mine does the same thing, usually at the worst possible times. Seems to happen more on champs I haven't played much recently, however, I might just be imagining that. My drivers are up to date and I've never futzed with any of the settings, so they should all be default.
Raevana (NA)
: Loot Question
Thank you!
Raevana (NA)
: Loot Question
Thank you! I've got a few for champions I own but don't really play, so I guess I'll turn them into dust for use with other stuff. Lol. Just didn't wanna go dusting them if they were good for something =D Essence Emporium sounds neat. How often does that show up, or is it random? And, if you remember, when was the last one?
Rioter Comments
: I got permanently banned, look at my chat logs given to me as the reason.....
Well.. having read the logs, it was mild, but given your own admission to previous bans and the reason behind them, I can kind of understand. My advice to you if you make a new account or go into other games is.. even if people are flaming you.. remain polite, apologize for poor performance, ask for tips instead of constant criticism, or just don't get goaded into an argument. Nobody can trick you into an argument. Arguing back is a conscious decision which you can make the choice to not do. If they are being nasty to you, don't argue.. tell them you aren't interested in arguing, point out that everyone has a bad game, and report them if they continue. Being a dick in return doesn't help anyone, and can ruin the game for everyone.. plus it's just not worth getting in trouble over. There isn't anything wrong with politely pointing out low cs, or mistakes that were made.. but it's all in the wording. If you try to give advice rather than direct criticism sometimes that's better, but most people don't take having their mistakes pointed out to them very well, even if you are trying to be helpful. This is even more true if they are already aware they made a mistake and are beating themselves up about it.. pointing it out can lead to them lashing out. In the situation with Yas, for example.. point out that JG isn't your main role, but also tell him that you can't gank very well when he's pushed so far out, and that if you sit in his bushes constantly waiting for an opportunity that you will fall behind yourself. In any case, good luck in your future endeavors.
: Can someone plz help me get better as a adc and jungle player (none ranked player)
Hey there! I'm not a mega awesome player, myself, but I've been playing since.. oh man.. season 2 maybe? I can't help much with JG since that is one of my weaker roles, but I can try to help with ADC and CS.
eyal125 (EUNE)
: how to complete "let the games begin"
You can get it with the CBLOL VOD's from Brazil. It seems to work better if you fullscreen the video and don't tab out for any reason. Watch the whole thing from start to finish. I got credit that way. What I did was: -Open CBLOL VOD -Select video -Set to fullscreen, 2x speed, mute volume -Screw off for a half hour doing other stuff on phone and around house -??? -Profit
: about the "let the games begin" mission
Same issue. Watched 2 VODs from start to finish and no reward.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
It seems to have fixed itself without me doing anything. I don't know what was going on for a few days, but I didn't change anything and haven't had a problem since.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
Bumping this; I see a rioter was posting earlier, and despite this and other threads about the same topic, none of us were addressed. Please? Either give me an idea if it's on my end, or fix your game.
Saixos (EUW)
: Riot should add monthly status cards
I would absolutely love to see something like this implemented.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
After 14 hours and waiting all day, I was really hoping to get a red post in here.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
Yeah, last time I played before last night was 3 days ago. It was completely fine then, no issues whatsoever. But now.. I don't know. I don't even want to play normals because it's not fair to the rest of my team if we lose because I dc and my champ walks into the enemy or just stops where it is and I reconnect to find myself back at the nexus.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
8 Hours later and guess what.. yep, still happening. If anyone has any ideas that'd be great because lagging out or being dc'd and then watching your champ run right into the enemy is not fun at all, and I feel bad that this is occurring because it negatively impacts my teammates as well.
Raevana (NA)
: CONSTANT disconnects and lag
Yeah.. so, I relogged and its still happening. -.-
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: Ask Riot on Runes, Splash Art and Buttons
My biggest problem with runes and rune pages are the following: 1. Both runes and rune pages are way too expensive. --I have been playing for a very long time and I still cringe when I have to buy new runes. By the time I've bought the runes I need, I could've bought a new champion. This is especially true for new players. Instead of buying new champs to try, they have to buy runes, unless they don't plan on playing against other people. --Rune pages cost as much as the highest priced champions. I personally only have 3 pages because I'd rather have new champions than have more rune pages dedicated to specific champions. You can, of course, get the bundle for RP, but there are many people, myself included, who cannot afford to buy RP. Even if I did buy RP, I'd rather use it on skins for my favorite champions than specialized rune pages. This brings me to my next point. 2. There is generally a noticeable difference between those using generic rune pages vs specialized ones. --Because of the high cost of more rune pages, many people use the ones they started with by default. Some people constantly flip-flop their runes around when they know what champion they will be playing. That might be alright most of the time, but you don't always get the champion you were planning on which means you are now stuck with a rune page that doesn't necessarily work the for the champion you ultimately ended up playing. --On the other side of the coin are the many people, like myself, who run generic rune pages that work for different sets of champions (AD/AP/Tank/Etc). While you at least get one that works, someone who is running a page specifically for the champion they are playing is going to have the advantage. --As far as new players are concerned, a lot of times, I don't think they even realize the impact having the proper runes can have on the game. Its a confusing and frustrating aspect for new players, because as they learn the value of having the right runes, they get to join with the flip-floppers, or have yet another massive expense, and in the meantime, they are at a disadvantage to anyone running champion specific runes. ------------------- Now, on to my ideas about this: 1. Drastically reducing the prices of runes and rune pages would definitely be a good place to start. I don't see a good reason for them to be as expensive as they are, other than to force people to grind out the IP or spend real money on RP. 2. Instead of runes and pages being an IP sink while leveling, make them a more enjoyable, exciting part of the leveling process. In addition to the pages you start with, every 10-15 levels, you get rewarded with a new page. 3. Every 5-10 levels, players could receive a 'gift bundle' of runes. The gift bundles could contain a mixture of different runes. Depending on what increment of levels you used, the bundle could contain more or less runes. Say you get them every 5 levels.. maybe only include 2-3 runes. If you got one every 10 levels, maybe include 5 runes. A couple armor, a couple magic resist, attack speed, or whatever. The gift bundles would be a nice way to acknowledge a player's progress as well as add to the excitement of runes and lessen the burden of purchasing them.
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Arie (NA)
: What role do you main?
I main Fill. I really like having a bunch of different champs I am good at and can play to help out my team with whichever is best. Lol.. Top is probably my worst lane. I enjoy the other roles equally, but supp is probably my best. I love enabling plays.. I also love getting some good kills. {{champion:103}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:67}}
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: Surrender at 20? For what reason??
If its a normal or Aram where we are just getting slaughtered.. behind in objectives/gold or with people who blatantly have no idea what they are doing and don't care to stop being super ignorant/arrogant.. then I will surrender (Unless someone is being exceptionally toxic, then I will decline the surrender just to childishly annoy the person being like that). If it is ranked, I don't care how bad we are losing, or how far behind we are.. I will not surrender. I would rather play it out and see if something changes, or if the enemy team makes a mistake than surrender away the LP I played hard to get (many times including dealing with someone toxic/clueless/troll).
: Stop saying "Wtf X no MIA???"
Map awareness.. That's all I have to say. When you're in lane, roaming, or otherwise.. it's a good practice to watch the map. People shouldn't be relying on their teammates to babysit the enemy team. Also.. Wards are in the shop for a reason. I've gotten jumped my fair share because I wasn't paying attention to the map, but that is nobody's fault but mine.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Have at it. Lol. I think I'm either positive, helpful, or silent.


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