: If your trying to be witty, it’s not working lol.
you're* lol.
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: The Tahm Kench nerfs are completely unnecessary. Riot really just likes to beat a dead horse don't they? In general the other changes look ok. Karma changes seem a bit heavy-handed. Maybe return some of her support utility that was taken away.
This is the worlds patch. They don't want some insanely safe champ with 2 health bars that can get a teammate out of any harms way without punishment being abused.
: Just wanted to bring attention to the Twisted Treeline removal
If I'm not playing against funnel, I prefer treeline over summoners rift. I'm in lower elo so it is rare to see but it is so annoying to play against. If riot shut down the funnel and had quests that give rewards for doing treeline I'm sure it would get a great resurgence. But they don't care about treeline. They care about TFT and somewhat about SR and ARAM
: Yeah if you could post I'd make a guide for other linux users as well! What hardware do you have? Does the game run any better?
It has issues of crashing in game now. It starts out all fine but within 2 minutes it crashes and I have to restart my pc
: Mostly because Riot is run by fat lazy fucks who don't give a shit what probably a 3rd of their user base really wants.
Have you gotten LOL to work through playonlinux yet? I finally got it to work. Can find what I used to figure it out if you'd like. It was honestly a lot of retrying and a bit of luck and restarting my computer
: It takes some configuring to get it to work through PlayonLinux, but it's not impossible. But as we've gotten closer and closer to the new client, it's become more problematic. What distro are you presumably using? Each distro has varying problems with PlayonLinux. Just so you know, I use Mint. I soldiered through some of the launcher-breaking problems in the past, but it's gotten to the point where it happens so often that I broke down and just did a dual-boot with Linux and Windows so then I'd have a LoL client that didn't break ever new patch. Still, an official Linux client would be very nice. Even TF2 got an official Linux client when Valve released the official Steam client for Linux, so I personally don't think one for LoL is impossible.
I'm using ubuntu 16.04 lts. I got League to install and patch finally. But after getting it to install I ran into a problem and when I fixed it I had to attempt to patch it about 4 times before it would finish. Now the game works (though if I change the graphics settings or alt tab then it will make it glitch like crazy so it's going to take some getting used to, will be playing vs bots for a few games before I get it all figured out) I was going to have windows 7 be my PC's OS but my windows key was rejected so I decided to give linux a shot. Riot games brought in nearly 2 billion in revenue from League in 2016. They have plenty of money to support Linux.
: @Riot; A humble request from a duo Linux/Windows User
Bump Trying to get League Of Legends to work through PlayOnLinux and I just can't figure it out. I've tried several things. Probably uninstalled and reinstalled POL 10 times in the past 2 hours. And I hear that whenever league comes out with an update it breaks again. They don't even need to support all of the distros. If they just support ubuntu then several other distros should work with many other distros because they are derivative of ubuntu. I would honestly download any distro if it meant getting a working League client Please, Riot
: PoL doesn't allow you to its a specific installer for it.
Thanks. Ended up giving it a shot but it didn't work. I am using ubuntu 16.04 lts btw I've tried this but it didnt work for me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/819291/league-of-legends-playonlinux-stuck/822703#822703 You should give that a shot. I have heard something about using a VPN working but I don't understand what that would change Also tried this but it also didn't work http://pastebin.com/gSLPfUW9 I honestly don't understand why League doesn't make a Linux client. I get that Linux is a small % of the pc market but there are still many users on Linux that want to play League. If you figure it out then let me know please. I'll let you know if I find a solution
: [Linux] PlayOnLinux file removed to install league?
Bump I am wondering if downloading either the windows or mac version and having POL install from that download would work


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