Leetri (EUW)
: Interesting, the popular opinion seems to be the opposite. They want ARAM to be "true random" so everyone can roll any champion.
Either option would improve the game over "some people can roll every champion and others can only roll their smurf champs."
: ARAM isn't meant to be balanced, is my response to everything you said. EDIT: I will not dignify the children responding to me, present a counter argument to what I have stated rather than spamming "WAAAAH" .
It doesn't have to be balanced-- but a change should not make it an order of magnitude less balanced than it was before.
Sokar468 (NA)
: Did ARAM players actually ask for a "faster" experience?
Aram is a game of yahtzee now, except it takes thirty minutes after you roll the dice.
Takito (NA)
: Sigh ok, here it goes: Yes, snowballing is great and all, but you are the support. You aren't there to do the job that an adc/apc can do 10X better than you. Your job is keep your carries alive, maintain a good vision on the map (and extend it with deep wards if you are ahead) and THEN do damage. It doesn't matter if YOU don't snowball as hard as you could because you went for a slighty more utility build, because the only way you can really lose a game when you are ahead is by making mistake and getting caught, which shouldn't happen with a proper vision. Trust me, vision is one of the most important thing in the game. You say 'trinkets should be enough', which is kind of dumb (no offense) as support + jungler should have red trinkets and adc a blue one. Which give you AT MOST 4 possible wards from a yellow trinket if both your top laner and mid laner kept it. Which might not happen because the OTHER team won't slack on vision and you might need a 3rd upgraded red trinket. Say whatever you want, a support needs his vision item, be it sightstone or one of the AP/Tank/MS upgraded sightstone.
As jungler I always get the "green smite" wards. I might skip sightstone one in a thousand support games, which is more than I skip green smite.
Moooose3 (NA)
: I mean can you really call people idiots when you're in bronze?
When you are in bronze, you will frequently be correct if you call people idiots when they are matchmade with you. It's diamonds calling their teammates idiots that are questionable-- those motherfuckers are in diamond too, they must be doing something right.
: I actually tweaked my Taric build to contain {{item:3069}} instead of {{item:3401}} just because my ADCs wouldn't shut up about me "stealing their cs".
Eh, on taric that's not terrible. Now, if it was braum yer fukt.
: it's a definite pattern. like some sort of weird fucking test. if you win or get to promos, the system gives you the worst fuckwad teams/players they can dredge up. the old elo rating system was far better than this trainwreck bullshit...it's made me want to just sue Riot for pain and suffering inflicted by their ranking system. but they have a clause preventing that. but not a class action though. if enough people pool together under a legal action, I'm sure riot would go 110% to either counter the lawsuit best they could or fix the system.
I'm assuming you're joking, but just in case, that is not how the law works.
: Everyone has bad luck games. I'd be surprised if you looked over the overarching track record of your games those ones are a rarity.
Spoken like someone who never had 36 afk teammates in 60 games.
Unward49 (NA)
: ZZrot port is disabled... Apparently.
Disabling zzrot is such a radical alteration to my playstyle with my main champion and several other champions i play that i wont bother adjusting to play ranked while its temporarily disabled.
: Ok. So there is nothing wrong with selecting support in the new queue and then going mid with Viktor and taking all the CS? Serious question by the way. Also, what that is describing is more so the class of champions support, no the role. It's like saying mage. What I'm asking is what is the role of support, which would be like asking what is the role of mid lane.
There is something wrong unless you get permission from your teammates, you will be reported, you will be banned for repeat attempts, and rightly so. (especially duo mid. Duo jg or duo top, although not optimal, aren't so horrible that you can't use the shock value to help you make it work. Duo mid is actively trying to lose.)
: If that's true, then where's the option to do things like duo mid or duo jg in the new champion select?
See the "invite" button? you invite 4 other people who want a team comp like that.
: seriously. having to play blind pick again brings back all the reasons why i hated playing league a while back. i played a game last night against a team that had {{champion:104}} and {{champion:37}} top and {{champion:61}} {{champion:33}} and {{champion:236}} bot. on top of that we had an insta lock {{champion:36}} mid on our team. its infuriating not being able to kick troll picks and idiots. RIP team builder
Mundo mid is not a trollpick. It's not meta, but it's completely viable, and was even before Mundo was pick or ban like he is now. It allows you to completely deny the enemy midlaner kills in lane, farm safely, provide tankiness if other lanes are going squishy, contribute to poke efforts, provide substantial sustained damage...
: How are your plans on banning MMR boosting with Dynamic Queue? I can totally see people getting into a 5 man premade with 3-4 boosters.
teehe (NA)
: I think they might be glitched, because I won 7 out of 10 and got placed into bronze 5, (I was silver 2 last season) so it makes no sence.
It's not a glitch, placement games at start of season do not matter. Basically, you drop a tier minimum no matter what because Riot hates everyone.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
I don't think malzahar really needs a change at all. He's already got a super distinct identity, well defined strengths (AOE dots and the only ranged suppress in the game), well defined weaknesses (No mobility, and the suppress punishes poor use decisions heavily by suppressing the user as well); and a viable AD offbuild that, although clunky, is fun as hell. If voidlings were made less clunky (by giving them normal minion AI instead of their current AI perhaps?)-- they'd probably need to be nerfed, but that's really the only room for improvement without losing identity.
: I just recently joined the legion of Teemo mains... Does that make me a terrible person?
No, terrible people are still people. Teemo mains OTOH...
: Look, if you really need to vent... Do it verbally. Like, scream at your computer. It comes with two perks: 1. You aren't wasting time typing, so your reaction speed should be faster during gameplay. 2. You can't be reported for things you didn't type in chat, after all. 3. Bonus, since I said two. Yelling is very satisfying in a physical manner, much more than rage typing.
If you live in barracks, you learn that the consequences for yelling are worse than chat restriction.
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: Your ign is "Maximum Lee Sin". Sorry I can't sympathies with you. If you don't like getting afks then perhaps online gaming really isn't for you, true they should check stuff before logging to play but there is no way to guarantee that people won't leave a game for whatever reason, legit or otherwise. Try to live with having afks in games. Or stick with norms and chillax a bit, there is less afks there too, but more rage tho.
Try to live with having 37 afks in 50 games?
: The Bronze grind is over with!
If you hit silver iii, be prepared: 40 games, 26 afks, back down to silver v
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
Damn, just a few months after getting stationed back on the west coast having started play in charleston, they announce this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnar Rahl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p2sATTbz,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-01-23T23:50:44.060+0000) > > " you were s5 and went 7-3 in promos wtf do you expect to get diamond > "your gonna get lower then what you were no matter what " > So you see the problem. > You do understand what a -reset- is yes?
: You're thinking about it wrong. You're stuck on how bad it looks to be in bronze because you feel you aren't a bronze player. A few things to note. A. No one doing promos can get a higher rank than plat 1, not even challenger players. B. Your **RANKED** MMR from last season highly predetermines what league you will be placed in. It doesnt matter if you go 10/10 or 0/10 what matters is your previous MMR. If you were consistent the 10 provisional games will have little impact , either placing you slightly below or keeping you at your previous League. This isn't about being labeled a bronze player unjustly necessarily, moreso Season 5 from what it looks like is going to be more competitive from the start. With the hard cap being plat 1 and only players with extremely high MMR reaching that league, where you place now is going to heavily depend on your Ranked MMR. If the players around your ranked MMR, lets say for instance OP's which is 1,195 with the bronze I league average of 1, 239 MMR; then you will be placed in that league of bronze I because thats the average of those players. Because of the rest the leagues are going to be more competitive, your current MMR may represent a lower league than last season. For some their higher MMR's placed them at a higher league than last, if you find yourself dropping leagues you need to win games it's as simple as that. No one is placing into diamond or challenger from provisionals, so when you tell me that you went from Silver V to Bronze IV what it tells me is that your MMR is representative of season 5 bronze IV players. You don't think you are bronze IV? Win games.
Which is not remotely representative of what you posted before. Also, you don't understand bronze if you think winning in it has more to do with skill than how many afks there are.
: Most of you guys crying over this were just in silver to begin with and low silver on top of that for example if you were s5 and went 7-3 in promos wtf do you expect to get diamond 1 off that your gonna get lower then what you were no matter what and on top of that if you cant climb out of bronze now what would of kept you in silver if you didnt get reset chances are you woulda dropped and only stayed in silver cause of the huge amount of losses in a row to drop im gonna have to go with riot on this one for deleting SPAM from the boards not bugs/glitches they caused
" you were s5 and went 7-3 in promos wtf do you expect to get diamond 1 off that" No, I expect to be about where i was, if promos have a reduced impact. It should not be possible to go down by winning more than you lose "your gonna get lower then what you were no matter what " So you see the problem. "that if you cant climb out of bronze now what would of kept you in silver if you didnt get reset" If you win half your games, you will never climb, and yet you would have maintained. And if anytime you start winning more than half the system gives you a streak of afks on your team to slap you back down, you will never exceed half.
k10omega (NA)
: i feel your pain with any luck you'll be in silver 5 in no time.
Considering the months it took to climb the first time... I doubt it. It's probably okay if you play videogames all day, but it's ridiculous if you have a job. that, and 3 out of 4 promos will result in getting a 5 game streak with at least one player on my team afk the whole game.
: People are being put into ranks that their peers are being put into. So look at it like this, your MMR is going to be place you to the closest league average. So like the examples I gave below these players were placed into leagues that represented best their MMR's. If you end up in bronze like Conzy that just means your MMR is closest to those group of bronze players. Yea it's a tough pill to swallow for many but if you want a certain border, or do not want the general stigma that comes with being in a certain league then just legitimately get to your target league. From what it seems like, the people who maintained their competitive edge in ranked or had really good starts from LAST season, kept or placed even better than their original leagues. If anything you should be reflecting on the results and putting a benchmark for where you want to go next.
"From what it seems like, the people who maintained their competitive edge in ranked or had really good starts from LAST season, kept or placed even better than their original leagues" From what it seems like, you aren't paying any attention whatsoever. OP had 10/10 and got demoted. I went 6/4 and got demoted from silver v to bronze iv. Do you know a single person who placed even with their original league who wasnt already in bronze 5?
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