mack9112 (NA)
: You could buy qss
Or kill him. Hes not impossible to kill.
Kaioko (NA)
: Here's the actual fact with Pyke that people are going to extremely dislike -- His win rate varies all the way from 54% in iron level down to 48% in Masters. The reason is because the kill gold is absolutely ridiculous with how it was tweaked but high ELOs die a lot less. Meaning Pyke is actually balance if you are Plat or above. It's not the champion's problem... it's how poorly people play.
Bingo. Its exactly how Yasuo is as well. Good low elo, terrible in high elo.
: A bunch of people were tweeting at him saying Zed is below A tier and is weak, so he took a 2nd look and came to the conclusion that Zed was not A tier but was in fact S tier (with around 60% winrate masters and up and lots of mains), but vocal mains were still complaining.
Its like when Riven mains were complaining her nerfs were "too strong" when if fact it was a massive DPS buff without increasing her damage.
: Here the problem : {{item:3071}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}}
Think you forgot something {{item:3165}}
FkValeRly (EUW)
: tell me literally one champion that cleaver is meta on
Aatrox. AKA the one item he is damn well forced to get first item.
: Oversaturation of True damage, effective penetration items that are more effective the more resistances you have.
and the change to % pen that adds base stats. That alone is enough.
Yets4240 (NA)
: Notice that the sustain is from runes, and based upon damage dealt. We are in such a hyper damage META that healing for a low percentage of the damage you deal is more than enough sustain for those less aware of the game state to think its a sustain META.
Investa (NA)
: I am glad we live in a world where the same kind of people that complain when tanks dominate the meta, are also the ones that complain when tanks are too weak. Consistency of some sort, I guess.
Because tanks wont dominate the meta with how shit is right now. Especially now that % pen equates base stats. Long as that remains, there is no way, and I mean NO WAY, tanks will dominate the meta ever again unless shit got uber forced buff to make damage non-existent.
: pls buff aatrox?
Idk man, I dicked a Kled, who could pretty much dick me with his Q. You probably aren't adjusting to the changes correctly.
: Get ready everyone (Patch 9.15)
Those buffs are hardly much. Vayne's condem damage is fine cuz i'd rather have that get buffed than her W being buffed. Lucian's ult is gaining base damage at ranks 2 and 3, so thats a love tap. It isn't bugging me. The only thing that would bug me is buffing Riven or not nerfing her CORRECTLY.
: My only problem with this is it **wasn't long after riot said they would not touch his revive** Just like they said **ad malz jungle will be fine after they change malz** (they removed his ad ratios)
They probably thought they could tune him right around the revive. Turns out having a free GA isn't a...very balanceable thing.
: They did try to rework his revive. Twice. It turned out to be difficult to balance, and unfun to play around. While this decision is saddening from a thematic standpoint, it’s better for his balance in the long term.
Exactly. And honestly, when I remember old Aatrox I remember his healing more than his revive.
: Yeah but she's not freelo anymore
I was more worried about the mains than people picking her up.
: Taking away Revive of aatrox i dont know what am to say i'll say it anyway
Better to remove it and be buffed or it instead of having it stay and likely warrant damage or sustain nerfs (aka going back to square one). I main him, and I could honestly do away with the revive if it means I can get better shit in return.
: The nerfs did its job by reducing her winrate and pick rate. The WR going up by 0.2 percent 3 patches later is irrelevant to the changes. Because the mains that actually plays the champion adapted. Remove the "significant" Q buffs and it would be the same The freelo players actually jumped off the train
funny how it was the mains that cried it was too much, yet it did very little to hurt them.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: If you dont like that kind of items, you just dont like to play tanks lol Thats the point of play tanks, assist your team,that makes items like Abysal mask so powerful if you know when to build it If you dont enjoy that playstile, dont play it, go for bruisers or build tanks more offensive, but that items are pretty ok
Im having to play damage dealers cuz tanks actually suck. Why go a tank when you can go a damage dealer and build tank.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zG6yLIkE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-22T01:13:03.938+0000) > > Riven gets 6? Pray to god they fuck up somehow. W flash R , E in opposite direction R Q, and probably still kills you.
: the state of riven
Remember when people said her nerfs were too much? Remember when people called us crazy for saying the nerfs were not enough? Yeah, I remember that.
: Imagine complaining about riven when theres so much worse things in the game, zzz
Shes been an issue since the beginning of the year. Dont even go there.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jTqGGiiv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-22T17:10:10.949+0000) > > A majority of her "true" mains are. But i am in silver and people cant play her here at all and for some reason she always ends up on my side of the team
Probably because they think they can do all the flashy shit. Its pretty common for that to be the reason why they play the champ. Or they like the champ but have 0 clue on how to play it.
: Bugged?
Yes. A ton of bugs, including one that makes him lose soul frags during the game (guessing ult coding)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jTqGGiiv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-22T14:57:58.695+0000) > > Meanwhile, her actual mains are farming high elo LP out the ass until this patch happened. yeah cuz the majority of league players are in high elo
A majority of her "true" mains are.
: Question about Swain and Galio.
: She has a trash design They reworked her cuz it kit was impossible to balance so they made sure for her new kit to be impossible to balance Rework team grade A work as usual
She needs a Aatrox level mini rework (again, since she received one in the past). Her identity is all over the place that it harms her more than helps her.
Manxxom (NA)
: That or because they are playing as an op or broken champ so they think they can win everything so losing is kind of a bust for them. This also applies to champs like tryndamere, yasuo, and every ranged-top pick ever.
Ralanr (NA)
: All I want is for him to be tanky with decent waveclear. I don’t want to do like 90% of someone’s HP with one Q. I like getting a decent chunk in a trade with a full combo, and I like to harass with it, but I don’t want it doing 90% of your health like when they made Galio full AP.
TakaDama (NA)
: The nerf to Flash W was a low blow; Aatrox after his rework relied on his dash to land all three hits of his Q, and Galio, while W is active, is slowed considerably. At the very least, allow E to be cast with or buffered while W is active.
you know, that doesnt sound bad. How about he gains his reductions and stuff while E is active (duration keeps ticking) and when E's animation ends, you can recast W. You would have to cast W beforehand though. They did nerf the self slow.
Ralanr (NA)
: He was very much an anti burst character when his rework was released. Personally, I think Riot made a mistake in trying to push him towards more AP builds, as that made him a nightmare to balance with his kit (I mean, yeah they needed to reduce his base damage so he didn’t farm so easily, but we ended up getting full AP assassin Galio out of this). I’d much prefer they push him back to being a tank first and Mage second.
the mains wanted him more AP centered (which caused that dreaded patch where everyone saw Galio Q one shotting people). Now they want him to also be tanky. How about hes tanky with decent waveclear and call it a day.
: I wanna our into perspective how stupid Pyke is atm.
I have yet to see a pyke in this patch. Especially in the d2 area.
: Is Riven the most favourite troll pick?
Meanwhile, her actual mains are farming high elo LP out the ass until this patch happened.
Theorex (NA)
: At this point, I think riot should seriously just consider full blown swinging in the direction they
Lovelle (NA)
: Are AP bruisers even struggling right now? Nearly all of them have been consistent balance problems and have gotten nerfed. It's already pretty easy to simultaneously build damage and defense as an AP champion, does AP itemization really need more right now? I've lterally never played a champ like Gragas and thought, "wow my itemization really leaves much to be desired." IMO APs already have best itemization in the game currently. AP champions don't really have to make any sacrifices to get the stats they want. especially since their items are much easier (and cost efficient) to build.
It does so we dont have to overload AP bruiser kits. Its the huge reason why Sylas has a ton of shit infused into his kit. Riot even said thats the reason why he has that much.
: {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3165}} are all technically ap bruiser items, hp and damage o,o
try comparing them to the bruiser items for AD, and you can see theres quite a MASSIVE rift between the both of them. None of those give mana, so we would be forced to pretty much buy RoA.
Moody P (NA)
: Galio is the weakest antimage concept ever
What is worse is that lore makes him out to be such a damn good anti mage due to being made out of the magic absorbing material called Petricite. Fucking yikes.
: {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} {{item:3089}} ? Isn’t that like the bread and butter for damage-based mages?
For right now? Yes. Now add a AP bruiser item with mana health and AP that functions like Steraks, then replace Luden's with Archangel. You will lose a bit of AP (probably 20) for a very good shield.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: don't you realize that there are champions who can proc these effects easily? i've had over 60 procs in games thats -300hp thats a -800 gold you just deleted from your enemy
You mean the same champs that only get a small % of its effects due to being ranged? GP is the only melee I can think of that can proc it so easily.
: I basically just want him nerfed to free up a ban slot. There's so many other broken things I could be banning if he wasn't especially broken. That's League in 2019. Pretty good job Riot {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
So apparently {{champion:82}} is more OP than the Queen of toplane since god knows how long, {{champion:92}}? Man, at least I can counter one of those ultimates with a 1300 Gold component since both are heavy on their ultimate usage to end lives.
: "Mages will abuse AP bruiser items!"
Why build BC when Lord Doms gives you 30% pen instantly instead of 0 + a ramp up to gain up to 24%. BC has less pen than Dom by a good margin. Yeah....Please don't go spouting shit unless you know what you are talking about. EDIT: Oh my bad, 35% instead of 30%, even worse for a case of Dom being not worth to buy when compared to BC. Wonder why Zed buys Dom when in the past he never did when the item was first introduced, even when it was being slowly untailored from ADCs. Mages will abuse AP Bruiser items, even if they are heavy mana based because of this combo: {{item:3003}} + {{item:3089}}. People will get why I bring this up.
: Don't really think Maw is a bruiser item Haven't seen any of them but Red Kayn use Visage And yea cleaver needs to be fixed cuz it's ironically being used less and less by the people its designed for
Because armor is already low to begin with? Give armor more value and durability, and that item's necessity will skyrocket immediately.
: Dcap alone gives like 140 ap, this item would give 60 max if even that. Not to mention that it'd scale with mana which forces the user into mana-based paths. The nature of the passive being for sustained combat already eliminates glass cannon users that build full AP because they'd die before they could get much use out of it.
Cool, so then buy Deathcap and abuse its passive with something like that. Thats the issue with Ap bruiser itemization when considered. Something like DC is bound to break it in some point in the history of it. AP Bruisers need to be tuned to the bruiser archetype while having items available that they can use that are tailored to them. Keep shit as is just makes them a tanky burst mage (Sylas when people figured out how good he was) due to them having things jam packed into the kits, which was due to the lack of itemization.
Kanzler (NA)
: Congrats, you've made klepto worthless which was probably your intent.
Heres the thing though: Klepto users have other runes to fall back on. GP? Grasp Tank top Karma? Aery or Grasp (mainly Aery) Kennen? Phase Rush or Electrocute (Aery for poke even) Ez? Comet, Electrocute, or Fleet (maybe even Sum Spellbook). These Ez ones seem questionable because Klepto is like the only rune he uses period. Have no real way to gauge the strength of the other runes if they get overshadowed that hard by Klepto.
: That explains why ranged mains kept on pussy-ing towards top lane.
Its almost like its not the range disparity combined with early game's influence gives them so much power on the get go. Nah, it couldnt be that.
Theorex (NA)
: As a ranged mage player, we did. I think you meant to say Auto Attack Based Champions, had it rough then. Kthx
Mages i'll give you. And I merely mentioned ranged cuz the person I replied to has said ADCs have it the worst in multiple posts multiple times. Should I have said just ranged? No.
: nah just use vayne and counter ult her. lel
But then she flashes on you and does such a hard animation cancel that guarantees half of the kit's damage in a brief stunlock.
Eyesack (NA)
: Once everyone gets 1-2 items people just start getting exploded
Riven gets 6? Pray to god they fuck up somehow.
: Because ranged is also so restricted in everything that melee is almost a fucking benefit at this point?
"Ranged has it rough compared to melees qq" Care to remember Ardent meta? Cuz man did ranged users have such a...rough time then.
Infernape (EUW)
: Klepto should only trigger if the ability that procs it hits a champion.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: he means that he takes health from his target permanently ie if you are at 1000max hp and he procs grasp he would go to 995 max hp for example and to his question would we enter a grasp meta yes that would be beyond broken
. How would we enter a grasp meta? The thing takes almost 4 seconds to prime, not to mention it being weak on ranged.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jVwpnE0m,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-22T00:32:36.171+0000) > > Down with Deathcap tbh. A good chunk of champs that use it kinda abuse the passive to a good extent (aka the one time Vlad was uber top tier to the point after first item he would rush deathcap) I never got why they have this in the first place. It just makes so many champs broken and gives them stupid amounts of AP and DMG.
Its kinda the reason why some champs like Cassio and Ryze were able to abuse Abyssal for a time.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LRAMKrxm,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T18:29:48.706+0000) > > Although, Vayne's Silver Bolts have a minimum base damage, thats why she does so much to squishes as well. If they removed that minimum, she probably wouldn't do so much. Rank 5 W is i think 55 minimum 14% max. In order to be under 55 damage youd need to have under 400 hp. The minimum is for small monsters and non-siege/super minions and doesnt matter to champions. Max Silver bolts might be a lower number 14%, which does bring the number up but regardless its never doing close to the minimum. Not even Yuumi or Kled have values close to that
Max rank min is 110. Considering its easy to apply (Autos and E) and usually Vayne's have 2.0 attack speed at god powerspike, you can kinda start to understand.
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