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Doozku (NA)
: I think it is about time that Rengar got some buffs, even small ones
Honest question. If Rengar really is a "bottom barrel jungler" as you state, why does the #1 Rengar player in the _world_ have over a 90% winrate with him? (He's reached Challenger this season, and has reached Master in season 6, 5, and 4.) And no, he's not a one trick. He's also the #6 Zac in the world. Links:
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: This is my favorite part about the community, always begging for champions to get gutted than complain when it happens.
Who in their right mind was asking for Viktor to be nerfed? Viktor has the **_LOWEST_** win rate in his lane right now, and it's been that way since his Death Ray was nerfed (also for no reason) not too long ago. Mages are already in a bad state because of how absurdly powerful non-mana champs are in the midlane *cough* {{champion:238}} *cough*, so I will ask again. Tell me who the hell asked for a Viktor nerf.
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333lom (EUNE)
: Aristocrat Viktor skin concepts
Oh my god{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} SO MUCH YES HERE. RITO PLS
Voluug13 (NA)
: Its funny how Final Spark's cd decreases every time I see a QQ post here. You want to nerf? OK, nerf it for minions, and then give it a cd refund for hitting or killing champions with it. Something something differenciate something something good something something great something something
There doesn't have to be a compensation buff. Why do you think some people have been getting pissed over the latest {{champion:112}} nerfs?
: When people get salty and tell me Morde takes no skill
"bronzie with the cheese champion" cries the {{champion:91}}
: Viktor nerfed for being "uninteractive"
You think {{champion:112}} isn't interactive? Try playing him and upgrade your Gravity Field. Drop it in a teamfight, and if you time it right, your team will look at you as if you're the next coming of Bjergsen.
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: You have to spend 1 week in a cabin in the woods with your top 3 mastery champions
{{champion:112}} : Will try to kill me and possibly everyone else by forcibly joining his Glorious Evolution {{champion:90}} : Will try to kill me for the Void {{champion:38}} : Will kill Malzahar and mutilate Viktor to 'preserve balance'.
: Viktor's E Nerf
Nerfs because it's the Season of Assassins this time of year. Mages aren't allowed to be strong anymore.
arcinex (NA)
: Screw that. If I can't one shot the caster minion wave with the upgraded E on my first back then I'm not playing Viktor anymore. It's really one of Viktor's defining traits.
Try {{champion:90}} then. Get at least 3 levels into your E and you will NEVER run out of mana if you're good at CS'ing.
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: Are we ready to admit League isn't going in the right direction yet Riot? Or are you too busy jerking off to your handiwork to bother caring?
I will happily admit that the game's direction is not very pleasant, but despite all the shit changes lately, I'm holding out in hopes that Rito will smarten up, admit their mistakes, and fix everything. But considering how they just made Duskblade of Draktharr, which will be SUPER meta soon, that's nothing more than a pipe dream.
: More Viktor nerfs? Why?
As a (semi) Viktor main, I don't see the justification for Viktor's nerfs here. Even though I was originally against Riot making his Hex Cores be scaling instead of flat AP and mana, I learned to get used to it by not rushing Perfect Hex Core. But nerfing his E? Why? It's bad enough that Viktor's counters (Zed, Talon, etc.) are super meta now because of Riot's genius decision to create Duskblade of Draktharr, but now Viktor's waveclear is being nerfed? Whatever the balance team is smoking right now, I'd like some of it.
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This video would only be accurate if League were populated entirely by casual-as-fuck white people. Anyways, gotta love Sky.
: @Every Vlad,Cassio,Malz,Vel,Zyra and brand main.
As happy as I am to see that Malzahar and Cassiopeia are getting attention, I only have one question on my mind: _**Why the fuck is Vel'Koz here?**_ When it comes to "Mages that need a touch-up", Vel'Koz does not come to mind. Cassiopeia? Definitely. Swain? Yes, but it's a shame he's not on the list atm. But Vel'Koz? Why? > [{quoted}](name=Statikk,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=jQmE1EjE,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-01-22T04:05:16.717+0000) > > Vel'Koz is a great champion, but he honestly lacks Distinctness. He has some hints here and there of uniqueness (Q targeting, true damage from Deconstruct, etc.) but none of them are pushed to a point where it truly differentiates him. > > Don't worry, even within the 6, the amount of change each champion will see is pretty drastically different. ..what? How is Vel'Koz not distinct? He's a giant floatey eyeball from another world that kills for knowledge! I honestly just see this as a bullshit excuse for Riot to either completely shoehorn Vel'Koz into another lane (see: {{champion:82}} ) or give him bullshit mechanics that we don't care about (see: {{champion:72}} ) I don't even main Vel'Koz, and I'm still wondering **WHY THE FUCK IS VEL'KOZ ON THIS LIST?** Edit: If you think I'm just 'whining about Vel'Koz', then please take a look at this quote from Meddler himself. > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cn8t24G7,comment-id=0004000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2016-01-22T08:11:39.561+0000) > > Some discussion from last month that covers Vel'Koz's state: > > > > TLDR: Healthy, fun to play, distinct to play as, fair to play against, needs to have a more distinct reason to be brought to a team than he currently has . If he's healthy, fun, and fair, **_WHY FOR FUCK'S SAKE IS HE ON THIS UPDATE?_**
UrPalAl (NA)
: I hope you're not trying to defend Viktor, because he damn well deserved that nerf. Hey, I played him too, but people really didn't realize how OP he was for the longest time.
No, as much as I hated the nerf I got used to it after a while. What bothers me more is the loss of mana and flask, plus green wards. What I find funny is how Riot says they find "blue trinket is too strong and yellow trinket is too weak in mid/late game". It makes me chuckle because it makes me say, "well no shit, Sherlock." They take away green wards and they find that a trinket that can be spammed with a somewhat low cooldown and large placement range is "OP"? No shit, Sherlock.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Are you fully aware that with the current state of midlane, if you fuck up the Mage Champion Update you're going to get toxic riots and drops in playercount? P.S. If you fuck it up, you're **_going_** to have to feel sorry for once, or revert changes. We can take the removal of Mana pots and green wards. We can take AP items being nerfed and/or increased in price. Hell, we can take that one time you made Yasuo stay in the top 5 most played champs for a solid 2 weeks because you made Warlord's Bloodlust stupidly overpowered. But if you continue to skewer what's left of AP midlane, then you may kindly go drink a gallon of Singed's poison.
DeusVult (NA)
: Hi, I'm Galio
If {{champion:3}} gets nerfed just because he's effective against AD and AP assassins, I'm just going to fucking quit, because Riot is clearly catering to the assassin crowd. Edit: So many upvotes :O I don't play Galio, btw. I used to play midlane {{champion:112}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:38}} religiously before the start of this Pre-Season 6. Kassadin's the only one I continue playing, because Rito had the 'genius' decision to make AD mids like {{champion:238}} and {{champion:157}} the only way mid should be played. (Anyone else remember how almost EVERYONE was playing Yasuo mid + Warlord's Bloodlust? I still don't forgive Rito for that BS.) Honestly considering buying Galio so I can finally have some revenge against people like "Xxx_ZedMain69_xxX".
shabingi (NA)
: lee sin is not getting nerfed
I know that it's low ELO, but how the fuck do you complain about {{champion:38}} ? The only buffs he's received in the last few updates are: -Shorter cooldown on his Nether Blade (his mana sustain) -Higher AP ratio on his Nether Blade (from 60% to 70%) -Base mana was increased by 50 -Riftwalk now scales with AP, and each stack of Riftwalk scales with +10% AP Outside of that, this is the first time since UPDATE 5.5 ({{champion:432}} 's release, when {{champion:38}} got his visual update) that Kassadin's been buffed. It doesn't matter if you use League of Graphs or some other website, because every single one says that Kassadin's in the bottom 75 champs in terms of popularity. When even {{champion:121}} of all champs gets played more than {{champion:38}} , that says something. And let's not forget that Kassadin only works against MAGES, which have become a dying breed thanks to Pre-Season 6. Playing him against an AD assassin's not going to be as a cakewalk as playing against a {{champion:238}} or {{champion:91}} Hell, I've once played against a {{champion:8}} mid and despite his annoying Q that heals him without any cost, my Q outdamaged his the ENTIRE GAME. Why? BECAUSE KASSADIN IS AN ANTI-MAGE. It doesn't matter if you play Vlad mid, adc, or even fucking jungle; he's still a Mage. If you're a Mage and you're against {{champion:38}} , you're fucked. TL;DR If you're in low ELO and really think that Kassadin is OP, just join the meta and play an AD assassin. It'll get you to Silver 3, guaranteed.
: Welp, it's official guys.
: Are pinkwards worth it?
They can never replace green wards, but they're usually worth it if the enemy jungler has the IQ of a potato.
Beldair (NA)
: The reason rank can't be a viable source of skill is because there are a lot of ppl that don't do ranked games but are still quite skilled. And just because i have issues with the particular champs doesn't make me bad since i've noticed that even plats have issues with them occassionally.
Also because there are people who main champs who A: Require little to no skill to play well B: Are considered "cancer-giving" to play against C: Are severe lane bullies at early to midgame, when it matters the most. Essentially, judging someone by their Ranked is like judging someone by their age. "Welp, that man over there is 74 years old, therefore, he must be wise after everything he's seen in his lifetime."
: Who Are Your Top 5 Most Satisfying Champs to Play?
1. {{champion:112}} Lategame powerhouse, fucking awesome dance. 2. {{champion:90}} ALL THE SPACE AIDS 3. {{champion:38}} Discount Emperor Zurg, but fun af to play, especially against mages ;) 4. {{champion:29}} Metal Gear Liquid: Smell 'o' shit 5. {{champion:91}} Yes, I will agree with you that AD assassins are an absolute nightmare to play against, but I enjoy comboing with Talon.
: Pre-season
When nobody plays midlane mages anymore.
Lupxel (EUW)
: What are your predictions for LoL 2016?
3-5 new champs, 2 of which will be Ekko levels of OP upon release. AP mid will get "reworked", a.k.a. changed to the point it's either too stressful to play or weak compared to their 'AD brethren'. Taric rework will be average. Yasuo and Lee Sin will receive buffs.
: Same with Malzahar and Vi please
Malzahar can die only if Yasuo does first. Bonus points if it allows the return of mana potions.
yogozin (NA)
: If you became fused with a champion, but can only access his/her abilities by going alter-ego...
I'd be {{champion:90}} . Why? 1. I can float-move everywhere. Walking is for plebeians. 2. I get Void superpowers. I essentially become a villain. (Hell yeah!) 3. I can summon a Pokemon to fight with me. Granted, it won't last long, but that's why I can summon another. 4. A badass voice. I can sneak up behind anyone and whisper the most random thing to freak them the fuck out. 5. Who needs guns or swords when you can blast from your bare hands?
: full metal viktor skin art idea
Love the skin, but I don't think it should be named "Full Metal", as the Resistance group (enemies of Viktor's Battlecast/Glorious Evolution group) already have "Full Metal" skins, namely {{champion:126}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:80}}
: You are playing secret santa, and must get a gift for your favorite champion
{{champion:90}} A can of spray-on tan. (Have you SEEN that six-pack?) {{champion:112}} A flash drive with Rito's latest firmware updates. {{champion:29}} A pint of spoiled milk. {{champion:74}} Hair gel. {{champion:11}} A container of lens cleaner. {{champion:38}} An Emperor Zurg costume. {{champion:119}} A pocket mirror. {{champion:51}} A scope for her scope. {{champion:201}} A moustache maintenance kit.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: This seems to be a trend for some time now. Basically Riot thinks that underplayed champions are too strong, because they are underplayed. You may think, "_What the f-_". Now, now. Let me explain. The thing is some champions aren't liked by most people. Why? There's a number of reasons. Two of them are the most prevalent. 1. A champion itself is of lower quality. Think visuals, sounds, voice. 2. A champion lacks something crucial in their kit and/or doesn't have a way to compensate that fact. Now, here comes the fun. Notice nearly all popular champions until the preseason patch had one thing in common - Mobility. I mean, look at the top 15 right now. There are 2-4 champions without on demand mobility and all of them are supposedly overpowered in a way to compensate. Now, to the actual topic. Thing is unpopular champions are generally immobile. Period. No flashy plays, no plays at all. Despite that fact, they may be still strong(notice "**not overpowered**"), but an average Joe will glance over them and think, "_Yeaaah, whateva, I'll play Yasuo._" But what happens when somebody finds out they actually like that immobile, underplayed champion? They master said champion to be on par with even those 20% pickrate 55% winrate Top 10 champions in the game. How come? Not only said champions have clear strengths and weaknesses, they also have the element of surprise. When your average player ends up laning aganist, say, Galio or Zyra, they are like "What do I do?!" and lose. But since that's an average Joe, they won't actually bother what to do, shrug it off and move on. Hence why underplayed champions with microscopic playerbase usually have high winrates, and overally good statistics across the board. So what happens? They get nerfed, because a bunch of Plats and low-mid Diamonds can't adapt their playstyle with Zed. --- Don't worry, I've been there once. When they nerfed Syndra of all champions. I was like, "_Wut?_". Then I read patch notes and what I saw: "_This champion is a lane bully. We can't allow that champion to bully our flashy champions, so we gut her laning. Thankyouverymuch._" --- **Short story**: Welcome to the League of Legends where the Balance Team can't stand straight.
First they nerf my Viktor's earlygame by making his Hex Cores give scaling AP mana instead of flat AP and mana. That was tough to get used to, but okay. Then they remove my wondrous Mana Potions and Crystalline Flask which save me time from recalling back to base for mana, time which I could use to, oh, I don't know, LEVEL, GAIN GOLD, AND MAYBE DEFEND LANE. That made me cry enough to make even Amumu jealous, but I eventually got used to it. Then they make Yasuo broken af with the Warlord's Bloodlust keystone mastery, to the point where he was in the top 4 most popular champions played for a solid 1-2 weeks. Oh, and let me not forget this was also in the patch where AD champs where essentially given blowjobs by Riot while AP midlaners were left to die with Yorick and Taric, adding to my frustration. This patch absolutely made me feel like I was developing tumors in my brain and ALS simultaneously, but I sucked it up and got used to it. Now they're nerfing my Malzahar? Seriously?
Solideus (EUNE)
: Expectated outcome for immobile Mage reworks
If they bring back Mana potions, I will gladly down at least $100 just on skins.
Busnello (NA)
: LoL Replay System
Been suggested many times. It's going to be released the same day that mana potions come back.
: I hope the next champion looks like _____ and has ______ sexuality.
Because crazy feminists. Anita Sarkeesian has been leading the charge for assorted shit such as "female videogame characters that aren't in any way, shape or form sexualized", but when Nintendo comes out with Linkle, her first response is "Not good enough".
: The PBE changes gave me cancer.
...what? What the fuck? Why are they buffing {{champion:92}} and {{champion:76}} ? I can understand the buff to Zed, but NIDALEE and RIVEN? Fucking hell. Why the fuck are they nerfing Rammus? It's fantastic that he's a counter-ADC pick, so if anything, Riot should ENCOURAGE his playstyle, not neuter it. Why the fuck are they nerfing Skarner? He's already rarer than a god damn shiny Pokemon. Why the fuck are they not nerfing Mundo? He's so fucking bad to play against toplane, not even my Vlad can spare me. I literally feel myself slowly growing tumors in my head by playing against fucking Mundo. Why the fuck are they nerfing Soraka? She was doing her job just fine as a support. Fuck it. I'm done. I'm just gonna go play Smite until Riot fixes this shitty ass Season 6. At least Smite gives you free permanent skins and premium currency just by PLAYING.
: wow, counterpicks exist, color me tickled. {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:50}} will laugh in his face and then eat him
> [{quoted}](name=Hextech Gunbard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IUqeBK9x,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-21T13:09:58.331+0000) > > wow, counterpicks exist, color me tickled. > > {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:50}} will laugh in his face and then eat him Every {{champion:157}} main and their mother has called me a "scrublord" for playing Malz against their "beautiful {{champion:157}} ". A little part of my soul dies every time.
Totalis (NA)
: Just get rid of ally minion block.
Riot would have to rework the passives of {{champion:38}} and {{champion:120}} if they decided to remove minion block. They'd also have to tweak the abilities of {{champion:77}}{{champion:133}}{{champion:201}}{{champion:12}}{{champion:28}}{{champion:105}}{{champion:40}{{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:86}} so they no longer become immune to unit collision from their respective kits. Considering how "long" that'll take, Riot would probably just remove minions altogether. They're on a roll after all, judging by the removal of mana pots and the gutting of AP midlane.
Omiwom (NA)
: Please extend Twitch's ult duration
Agreed. Playing Twitch is so god damn fun, it's a shame he's in his current state. Nothing feels as satisfying as going invisible, suddenly appearing in a crowd of 3+ enemy champs, and going to town with your ult.
Senpanda (NA)
: For the love of god, stop flaming your jungler.
Nobody's going to downvote you. You're correct in saying that it isn't the jungler's responsibility to "win your lane". Sky Williams would agree with you here.
: To Any Concerned Summoner.....Please Help.
Fuck yeah that player should be banned. If Riot won't change their colossal fuckup with Patch 5.22, the VERY least they can do is ban that guy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rahetalius,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MQM312QB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-17T12:19:31.708+0000) > > In other words, the Void is one BIG, dark place. Its a dark place as you said, but it doesnt mean that its totally dark... after all, if it were a place with total darkness... If it were, people were unable to see it (aside from black), and as the lore of Kassadin says _"If you** look** upon the Void, you can't put it behind you."_ and _Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place_ I guess that the Void looks like a dark place with purple lights, with purple land, purple sea, purple air, purple rocks... and tons of purple things.
Of course the Void isn't an empty place, it has creatures and who knows what else inhabiting it. You are right with Kassadin's lore, but there's more to it. "Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place, but rather the home of unspeakable things, horrors not meant for minds of men." The Void is most likely -if not-, a very dark and horrible place. Like, 1900s economic depression horrible.
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