: To be fair it's shown that the dragons treat him very much the same. When he dies Pythagoras steals the chicken wing and flies off. Also considering the nature of dragons as a whole, I can't imagine throwing an egg would be a BAD thing. Think of like Gum Trees during a forest fire. It's probably a good thing!
> [{quoted}](name=Sexy Jack Rabbit,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=En77pEcG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-06T23:29:27.293+0000) When he dies Pythagoras steals the chicken wing and flies off. Yet more evidence there's something rotten in the State of Bandle City! > Also considering the nature of dragons as a whole, I can't imagine throwing an egg would be a BAD thing. > Think of like Gum Trees during a forest fire. It's probably a good thing! We can only hope that's the case. But I do not think that it is :/
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: Patch 8.12 notes
Couple comments on this patch if I may: On the Topic of Banner: I'm both gladdened and saddened by the removal of this item. On the whole I agree that it's gameplay state was pretty awful. However, I really liked the fantasy of it; being able to delegate to a minion was a cool idea, and theoretically let a teamcomp/champion compensate for a weakness. While it's languishing in the dumpster and Riot is thinking about bringing it back I'd like to propose a partial fix that occurred to me. The problems of Banner were many, but one was that there was no trade-off for using it. Perhaps if using banner required gifting some stats to the minion so that there was an actual trade-off to it's uptime that would help balance it. If, say, you lost the stats of the item while it's buffing a minion so that you are effectively giving up 2.2K gold of your teamfight effectiveness to splitpush with the minion. It's still probably a net benefit in map presence, but there's a distinct trade-off for the champion. On the Topic of Heal/Shield Reduction: Jolly good! Heals and shields drive me nuts! :P On the (not addressed) Topic of ADC Crit Itemization: I was frankly surprised to not see even a mention of this in the patch notes. I've seen discussion (from Rioters as well unless I'm miss-remembering) of both Ashe and Xayah being hit by the itemization changes' interaction with their kits (to the tune of ~2% and 3% winrate drops on patch 8.11 according to Champion.gg), but nothing about Caitlyn who was also hit (~2% winrate drop) by the change to IE specifically, since her passive scales on both crit chance and damage. I am curious if there is any intent to address these and other ADCs who were hit by the changes. While (sort of) on the Topic of Caitlyn: Just wanted to ask if the interaction between Caitlyn and Rageblade is intended functionality. Unlike every(?) (I've tried quite a few) other on-hit stacking passive, Caitlyn's headshot passive does not double stack with Rageblade. Thought this was curious, particularly as her E still has a .8 AP ratio, and there's basically no other way to even conceivably utilize that other than Rageblade, which as it stands is not a good buy on her. Anyways, thought I would throw my thoughts out into the Aether. ~RaiKirah
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: That's strange. I would've guessed it only took the biggest bonus, like for Nasus currently between Q and R (and Renekton too?). Taking only the smaller one is absolutely ridiculous, I'm 99% sure it's a bug, and I suggest you make a bug report there: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report Both bonus stacking would be great, but maybe *too* great and kinda OP. ^^'
Just did make a post in the bug report section!
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: I'd have thought the range increase on autos would stack. I thought that was the main point of the increased auto range on her ult.
Same, but currently not the case it would seem :(
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Chortle (NA)
: Zyra Ultimate Skin Idea
This conversation on how to cycle through the seasons has me intrigued. I think it might be interesting to tie it to Zyra's life cycle, so she swaps season on death or ultimate. Death would make sense as an evolution within a plant context, and use of the ultimate could be reminiscent of the effort going into blooming/growing and could trigger a morphological change in a plant. In any case, this is an interesting mental exercise! :D
: Pool Party Skins 2016 suggestion.
Pool Part Pantheon: Pool noodle for a spear, kickboard for a shield, and towel for the cape. Also alliteration!
: Sadly, no. IIRC, that functionality is currently broken. It's the reason that Rioters will delete a thread that's in the wrong section instead of moving it. I wouldn't bother reposting it though; on-hit effects not critically striking is not a bug. None of the abilities you mentioned are capable of critically striking (the underlying autoattack can, but not the ability).
Ok, thanks for the information!
: Technically, this should be in the Report a Bug section. You are attempting to bring attention to what you believe is erroneous behaviour, However, this is the intended behaviour; on-hit damage does not critically strike (unless it explicitly says that it can do so). Diana's Passive, Thresh's Flay Passive, Varus' Blighted Quiver on-hit, and Kog'maw's Bioarcane Barrage will not critically strike. The underlying autoattack can, but not the on-hit damage.
Alrighty, in future i will post such things there. Is there any way to move the thread now to get it out of this erroneous location?
: > [{quoted}](name=RaiKirah,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wmvevYYQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-13T21:11:39.314+0000) > > Thresh's E passive bonus damage can critically strike - as can Diana's Moonsilver Blade damage No they can't.
I have seen them do so in game and have in fact deliberately checked both of these in custom games (hence citing them here).
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