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: Then take it from someone whose experienced it hundreds of games worth, the tether range is too far.
: There is no champion called "tether length". You are just cherry picking. Her tether length could be over 9000 and it's still ok if her winrate is balanced. It simply doesn't matter that you don't like it, it's irrelevant, balance isn't about what you like. So no we are not just talking about 1 ability, there are no champions that only have 1 abillity. "balance philosophy" was the topic. And there is the balance philosophy: Her tether does what it does and Le Blanc is balanced around it. **Deal with it!** If you want to nerf it you need to suggest compensations too.
So basically if Karthus' ultimate insta killed every champion on the enemy team every 5 minutes it would be ok because his win rate is complete garbage? Do you realize how stupid that sounds? No where did I say I do or dont like it. I am explaining a simple point. If it was about what I liked Talon's W would be reverted to his old insta returning W and his Q would become his old E that teleports you behind enemy champs and slows them by 99%. But no where did I say this. I brought up champions with the exact same mechanic and explained the rationale behind their long range tethers. Then I said that her tether having such a length in comparison to the immobile champions is not fair especially when you consider her kit. Next. I dont know if you read, but the title does say {{champion:7}} 's chain. So the discussion is on the rationale of her chain length and why it is should be changed especially since flashing out of it is useless. Finally. Leblanc being balanced around her chain? I would have thought champions were balanced around the role they are meant to fit. {{champion:7}} being a squishy mobile Ap assassin who is pretty much if {{champion:238}} could cast magic and had a long ranged CC. (Sorry to all the Zed players if I offended you)
S1mthi (NA)
: As a {{champion:7}} abuser one of the one main things I don't think is fair about her kit is how long of a range her E is... It's waayyyyyy too long
One of the only people that has sense in the post is a leblanc player. That should really say something.
: You can flash away, however only near the edge, since you aren't supposed to get hit by it in the first place. Also she isn't really something i'd call hypermobile, especially because she sacrifices alot of her burst if she uses her ult for mobility, and only the W in it self is what i'd call mild mobility. Hypermobility is something like Camille.
Camille has a single dash. Leblanc can dash twice and blink back to it. Explain yourself.
: Every champion has strong and weak situations, what is your point? You really wanna continue this one-sided argument? We can do this exchange all day long, but the reality is, both sides are there and in context of Le Blancs overall performance, her winrate, it's completely fine. Here is how this conversation should work: You look only at one side, I give you an example of the other side, now you realize that there are 2 sides and there is a certain BALANCE. So you look at it objectively to actually come to a conclusion. Why can't you do that? The balance team has to do it too, you want your feedback to count, then at least try to judge objectively.
We are talking about a tether length here. Lets provide some example for you. Kled is a champ with a short dash that cant jump walls (except on the 2nd dash) but his tether's minimum is 650. Morgana's ULT is a 1050 tether radius but she is an immobile champion. Did I mention this is her ultimate? Karma's tether is 1000 but would you look at that, an immobile champion. Leblanc is a COMPLETELY MOBILE champion with a double dash and a 1000 tether radius. Is 1000 really necessary? A good Karma can position her self with this and land it without needing to be mobile. Morgana's ult combos off of her year long root. Kled's tether combos off of his double dash which keeps him sticky. Leblanc? You would think that a champion with a double dash would need something smaller than that. Where could this possibly be fair for immobile champions who are FORCED to flash and still dont have anything to make up the difference. Even if they tried she can just dash once and that covers the distance of your flash plus extra. >_> its not like her dash is 600 or anything.
: Assassins is the most unhealthy class in League
Lets break a few things down here so we can all understand this. Tanks: By definition are to soak up dmg, while having high base damage or some form of percentage health dmg to compensate their lack of dmg items. {{champion:154}} {{champion:57}} Assassins: Burst champions, (both mages, melee and adcs count), who have high single target damage and good mobility. {{champion:238}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:103}} Mages: Ap champions that are divided into burst, supports/enchanters. They provide ap dmg for the team or some form of utility. {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} Adcs: Ranged champions with high carry potential, usually waiting until mid or late game. {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:29}} Fighters/Juggernauts: Champions that, depending on the build, can work as tanks with good damage or high dps champs. {{champion:5}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:59}} Now to explain my point. You cannot put the entire blame on AD assassins. Here is where the problem starts to arise, when the lines start to crossover. Lets take {{champion:99}} as an example. By riot's definition she is a mage, burst mage to be specific. Building her with nothing but ap allows you to act pretty much as an assassin. A full/half rotation of skills and the squishy target dies. Then you have champs like {{champion:86}} who can freely play both the tank/fighter/assassin role all by building dmg items. Afterwards he starts bursting anything he sees with a full rotation of skills and a point and click excecute. There are plenty of champions who arent apart of the assassin class and still perform their jobs, in some cases better than the assassin could have. {{champion:202}} walks up and offloads a few auto attacks from a safe distance and good movement speed to boot as he kites you into the next dimension. If assassins didnt have good mobility and gap closers they would just be melee champs with squishy stats that wouldnt be able to do anything. Remember that {{champion:202}}. Lets say he got left alone bot and {{champion:107}} needs to get him out of the game so the teamfight becomes easier. There are 2 ways this can go. {{champion:107}} kills {{champion:202}} and does his job correctly, or he doesnt completely kill him and the jhin escapes and/or kills him in the process. Assassins have to be able to 100-0 otherwise they risk getting caught out or failing as a champion altogether. Why would {{champion:238}} onto the high value target with certainty that he would be able to kill them? Think about it.
: You know you're in Bronze when...
When your team blames you for not dividing yourself into 4 different people to assist every lane and still being able to farm jungle. When people blame you for not grabbing drake when the the whole enemy team guarding drake. When top gives first blood and you get blamed for being bot side. When you're getting blamed for not ganking when the enemy jungler has been openly taking your camps while you stand and watch and no one from your team decides to drop {{item:3340}} or {{item:2055}} to help you out. When its 20 mins and the jungler has a higher vision score than the support. #ThirdWorldJunglerProblems
Hayaishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RaiNinja,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nuxT1HgX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-23T15:56:44.143+0000) > > They didnt nerf lethality cuz adc's were abusing it. Last time lethality items had their dmg tuned was patch 7.24 (last year) or 8.6 for duskblade's passive dmg reduced. > Adcs arent a problem, tanks that can do more dmg and assassins (yes me included) are considerable problems. > I dont even know how you can say adcs who dont build it are trash. Have you ever seen {{champion:110}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}}. They really dont need the item to be good. {{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} are garbage tho
Where? {{champion:96}} I will agree. But lucian, varus and vayne all are really good adcs right now. Maybe its just the players you have seen.
: Stormrazor is a complete joke of an item in League.
They didnt nerf lethality cuz adc's were abusing it. Last time lethality items had their dmg tuned was patch 7.24 (last year) or 8.6 for duskblade's passive dmg reduced. Adcs arent a problem, tanks that can do more dmg and assassins (yes me included) are considerable problems. I dont even know how you can say adcs who dont build it are trash. Have you ever seen {{champion:110}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}}. They really dont need the item to be good.
: >How does 15% of the target champion's max hp is the same as flat 30-200 on hit damage. How does 2.5 seconds of stasis equate to a revive?
So we are disregarding my point now? Duskblade does no where near the amount of damage you guys make it out to be. One shot? Yeah right. 100 damage on a single proc, definitely a one shot to me. (Not taking into account armor btw)
: No, he's gonna get reworked. But when reworks are done plenty of times and the problem still has not been fixed (Ryze and Duskblade), it might be best to simply remove parts or the whole of something. Duskblade needs to go. I don´t know how Riot thought an AD DFG that also disables and allows one shotting of wards would be a good addition to the game.
That is the funniest thing I have heard all day. AD DFG? You must be kidding cuz I wouldnt have laughed so hard. I wont even explain the difference cuz I will let riot do it for me. DFG: Deals 15% of the target champion's maximum health in magic damage and increases all subsequent magic damage taken by the target by 20% for 4 seconds (750 range) (90 second cooldown). Duskblade: UNIQUE – NIGHTSTALKER: After being unseen for at least 1 second, your next basic attack against an enemy champion deals 30 - 200 (based on level) bonus on-hit physical damage and Slow icon slows by 99% for 0.25 seconds. The enhanced attack lasts 5 seconds after being seen by an enemy champion. How does 15% of the target champion's max hp is the same as flat 30-200 on hit damage.
: It got reworked like what, 3 times, and it's still a problematic item. I think deletion is the best option at this point.
Azir's been fixed a bunch of times, should he be deleted?
: Delete duskblade
This is the second time I've seen this and the second time I will say it. Duskblade puts out 30-200 damage when proc'd. Its pretty much thunderlords decree but without damage scalings and the 1 second invisibility requirement. (It does 20 more than thunderlords at base damage but thunderlords scales). Riot nerfed the item's damage during patch 8.6 (and raised and then lowered the lethality it gave in 7.24) because at the time it was too powerful, and so they patched up any ad assassins that would have been hurt by this change. As it stands, duskblade helps most of the ad assassins do their job, ad assassinate. It cleans up the enemy's vision rather quickly and gives a slight tap on the assassin's shoulder when they auto attack. The item as it stands is perfectly fine and deleting the item would ruin just about any ad assassin who requires the item for the purposes I mention above. If you are gonna continue complaining about something, complain about sheen items which does the EXACT same thing but with higher damage and the requirement that you use an ability first. If you dont agree with me go and look at the percentage of damage. As for the anti vision. It helps clears wards and traps for 2 seconds with a 90 second cooldown. I dont know if you play assassins but think about this. You just left your lane to assist bot lane. You are walking down into a jhin bot lane (doesnt matter about the support for this case). Duskblade activates and you clear a single jhin trap that led into the lane. That single trap clear is the difference between picking up a solid double kill and wasting your time roaming down when he has it trapped and warded. That double kill is the difference between you getting put behind and you getting ahead. As an assassin you want to ensure that you have the advantage leading into a fight. If your enemy is a ranged champion, he/she along with their support is going to stop your advances and prepare a countermeasure for you (calling down the jg, calling their mid, top preparing for a tp in)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZjFVVMHp,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-18T03:48:09.982+0000) > > Honestly a 20-30 second CD seems more reasonable; it should be up for every fight, however it shouldn't be so much easier to abuse on certain champions. > > Either that or make it require you to be out of combat for a couple seconds, which would allow multiple procs in one fight, but only if you are ducking out of the fight for a period of time. It has same cooldown as trinity force. Only difference is one rely on invisibility and the other one rely on proc after ability use.
Finally someone with sense. Also dont forget the amount of dmg trinity force does compared to duskblade >_>
: All forms of proccing it multiple times in quick succession, no matter the circumstances, should suffer. A 3s CD may be all that's needed but even then would make a dramatic impact on the item that mainly just nerfs the main abuser(s). And then whoever falls short after this reasonable nerf gets some love tap buffs, problem solved and Duskblade is no longer a wonky item.
Cuz its just that easy huh? Riot just finished nerfing assassins, runes and all, and now you expect them to give (us assassins) buffs to compensate. They might as well revert the old nerfs and buffs if it were that easy. Additionally, the damage it deals has been nerfed time and time again, its like people dont even read the patch notes. Also I dont know why this is even here. Do people ever go over to see what percentage of damage duskblade by itself deals out of an assassin's entire combo or do they just come here randomly to complain about a perfectly fine item? Legitimately the item does 30-200 damage scaling with level (just 20 more than thunderlords and we all know thunderlords wasnt one shotting people) and people complain it one-shots? I will agree that thunderlords is on a CD (25-15 seconds), thats because its free and easy to proc for ANY champion. This is a 2900 ad item with lethality, cdr and ward destruction. This cuts the amount of champions that can use this item by well over half. As for the passive, that cuts another nice chunk of champs out of the pool. See where I'm going with this?
Netorare (EUNE)
: Both Duskblade and Stormrazor are badly designed and should be removed. Assassins didn't need lethality to do dmg.
We are just gonna pretend like assassins didnt build armor penetration before lethality was added. Makes sense to me.
OJPhoenix (OCE)
: I get that assassin's wanna avoid being seen, its important for their assassination but, I think it should change **instead of disabling wards, what if it just detected them?** give it a big detection radius (bigger than ward vision) but use a pointer to tell the champion which direction the ward is kinda like how soraka's passive, knights's vow and zeke's convergence all have pointers not sure if it should mark the ward's location but it should be **completely passive** this way assassin's get to avoid being seen but not in a way that removes vision entirely {{champion:28}} evelynn for eg knows only pink control wards reveal her, so maybe she'll investigate in case its one of those {{champion:91}} {{champion:141}} talon and kayn however can use the information to find an alternative route for a gank
Actually no. Disabling wards/traps for 2 seconds with a 90 second cooldown is just fine. Only 2 champions in this game can perfectly avoid a warded area (without huge costs like using your ult with Galio or Shen but they dont even build the item) when ganking and now you want to make everyone else suffer? Where does that make sense? Dont forget that these detect traps. So think of how hard it would be to play teemo or jhin or some other champ that somewhat rely on the element of suprise that traps give but now they are able to know where your traps are and drop a oracle or pink in the general area and remove them.
: Honestly a 20-30 second CD seems more reasonable; it should be up for every fight, however it shouldn't be so much easier to abuse on certain champions. Either that or make it require you to be out of combat for a couple seconds, which would allow multiple procs in one fight, but only if you are ducking out of the fight for a period of time.
A CD doesnt make sense. The only melee champions capable of abusing it are Kha'zix (twice from his ult) and Akali if you're going that way, but you have to be invisible for 1 second. Even then, giving it a CD is stupid because now ever other champ that uses it has to suffer. Not to mention the amount of times riot has nerfed the damage on it.
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Yljin (NA)
: Champion Idea: Waluigi
Sad to say, the same day riot adds him to the game is the same day he gets added to the next smash game
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CLG ear (NA)
: taliyah got mad she doesnt have a skin so she killed LCS and LCK servers
Ive been preaching to riot for skins, but the common idea is that the more popular champs get skins because riot needs money. While agree that the popular champs should get skins ({{champion:17}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} 10+ skins a piece). Unless someone on Youtube or Twitch announces that they found this OP build, or rune setup that makes a certain champ(s) good or broken, alot of the lesser popular champs arent going to see much play. Even then, its not like riot takes into account what champions are popular atm and decide to make skins. It just seems like they decide to look at a champ and start tossing ideas around the room, even if it just so happens 90% of those ideas are for champs that are "easy" to make skins for. Even then, there are tons of fan art that they can use as inspiration for a skin, or just scroll through their list of skin lines and see what fits best for certain champs. (Blood Moon Kayn for example)
: > [{quoted}](name=TwitchInMyPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NBn4AIdJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-20T16:11:38.288+0000) > > Taliyah is so mad at Riot that she's jungling until she gets a skin To be honest, Taliyah jungle is pretty scary, especially once she hits 6.
Unless you are a skilled duelist {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}}
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ninjaroxas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K1rPxfZK,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2018-05-26T21:09:57.251+0000) > > Sweet now I can play against{{champion:238}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:62}} instead, big improvement Sona and Ryze are disabled. Pretty sure Teemo is disabled as well.
For some reason karthus isnt disabled
: Because people would abuse duo and just going afk in almost every game if they see game is lost
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: LoL lore tournament: Ionia vs Shadow Isles - Game 7
When ur that one guy who believes in the power of Ionia{{champion:11}}
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kargish (EUW)
: [Rework concept] Pantheon The (poke bot) Aspect of War
I love your ideas for pantheon but personally I prefer his auto targetting q, otherwise its just another {{champion:76}} spear. I feel like the w and ult should still scale with ap so we can still play Ap Pantheon. Other than that its pretty cool.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Yasuo and his ult safety
Yeah I have seen that alot as well. At first I thought it was just random positioning but it happens time and time again, putting him in places beyond the turret's reach. Riot fix this plz, its not cool, nor is it fair. If we have to pray and dive he should have to as well.
RaiNinja (NA)
: Riot games you've done it now. Lets talk about this.
You guys have to realize, I just wanted to test the item capabilities. If stormrazor is as bad as people say it is, then go ahead and substitute your various pairs of boots into the equation. All I'm doing with these tests is seeing the item combinations and seeing how the new infinity edge behaves with the various in game passives and skills. As you all know, there are champs like {{champion:202}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:86}} etc. who have crit either built into a passive or into a skill. What I wanted to bring to light is the fact that the new IE enhances these skills beyond what they are supposed to be. Being squishy while this is happening is already scary, letting them do an additional **20% TRUE DAMAGE** is worse when most of these are guaranteed crits.
: A full 6 damage item build oriented around AAs is gonna be strong regardless of these IE changes. Also storm razor is not really good with IE / other crit items in general
I was just testing its capabilities. From what I've done, its mostly a kiting item.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: I noticed that in both builds, you don't have boots. Most people don't do that.
This was assuming a late game build. Full 18 build. Plus you will have so much movement speed its like you're wearing boots
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: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Where does any of this leave room for the jg's that aren't so dueling heavy and just want to play safe and look for early ganks with their cc's and stuns?
: Advice for new players to ranked games
How about you just dont play at all. Pretty advice tbh
: So tired of getting bursted by ADCs
I mean, you kinda have to assume a few things: ADC fed? Are you behind? Do you have armor? Are you wearing {{item:3047}}? Are you squishy? Final and Most Important Question How far into the game are you? You have to realize. ADC's just dont wake up one morning, play a game of league and decide they are going to buy those 3 crit items at 10mins. They have to wait til this thing called the "Late game" to get going. Assuming they are sufficiently ahead in farm. Even then they have to go through 2 other phases, the early game, ({{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:76}} ) and not die to these fellows. Then again they have to not die in lane and avoid the mid game ({{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:268}}) to get to where they are supposed to be, strong dps champions built for your mid to late popping off. This is not the case for all adcs, just most. ({{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:498}} ) Just to name a few.
: I don't usually do these kinds of threads but I need to vent
I agree with everything except for the oversexualization. You're just running out there. Also her passive deals this thing called "Missing health", which is pretty much riot's version of saying it executes your targets should they get low enough. The same applies for abilities/passives like {{champion:86}} Ult, {{champion:202}} 4th shot on his passive, {{champion:96}} Ult, {{champion:76}} Cougar Q and {{champion:45}} Ult just to name a few. At full health the damage they do isnt all that, but when an enemy gets low enough, it pretty much guarantees you the kill. Additionally, I want you to imagine playing Kai'sa. You begin fighting bot lane and pop your passive on the half health adc. The damage wasnt enough to kill her and now your passive goes on cd. You now have auto and use your Q and E, (assuming you used your W somewhere during the skirmish) and have no way of completely killing her and getting anymore marks to finish the job. Just imagine how annoying it would be popping your execute at the beginning of a skirmish and not having it when you needed it the most, near the end when you needed it the most. Let me quickly cover whats left. W is on a year long cooldown (22 seconds rank 1 btw). Invisibility doesnt come til late. (assuming you bought {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} and/or {{item:3006}} with Alacrity in your runes). Just like every almost every adc, mid-late game is her domain. If she gets fed consider your item builds or ffing. Everything riot did with this champ makes sense it terms of her kit and how it is supposed to be used. I agree that the damage is a bit over tuned but if its under tuned she won't see play like a few adcs we know and love. {{champion:22}} {{champion:429}}. Just as a side note, it never hurts to buy a {{item:3123}} or {{item:3033}} or {{item:3165}} or {{item:3075}} to counter her lifesteal.
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Voidbringer Ivern
10/10 from me. "It doesnt fit the champion." I call bs. There are a ton of skins that dont fit champions. This Ivern skin needs to be made. #IvernsFirstOfficialSkin #2016ChampsNeedLoveToo
Rioter Comments
: Hippie Ivern
Trust me, I've been trying to preach that. The same answer always appears, "They need to make skins for the 'popular champs'".
: It’s unhealthy when Mid is dominated by one class of champions
Look, point is, Riot dont want the push and roam tactics anymore. They want you to stay in lane and "outplay" your opponent, by outplay, I mean get outplayed and feed. Why do you think they nerfed {{summoner:7}} and buffed {{summoner:14}}? They dont want people like {{champion:91}} and {{champion:3}} and {{champion:238}} to push in their waves and roam, despite that being their JOB. I mean, tbh, they are forcing the mid laners that cant 1v1 to fight the assassins that can 1v1. So who knows, maybe I'm wrong and someone from Riot will grant us some{{summoner:13}} and set down a {{item:2055}} to light the fogs of war.
: It's Been One Year Since Xayah & Rakan Were Released
They were released a year ago and have skins but the 2016 gang still dont. Hearts out to my boys in 2016: {{champion:164}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:136}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Mirage Night,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=u1PA1JiO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T07:06:18.277+0000) > > Speaking of which, you guys have something in the works for our infamous invisible naked blue chick? > > > People want to know > > Funny you should ask, yes! Does [Blood Moon Eve]( work for you? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
How far are we from a Debonair Kayn, Project/Headhunter Talon skin tho?
Rioter Comments
masiek04 (EUNE)
: new "head hunters"
Dont forget my man {{champion:91}}
  Rioter Comments
RaiNinja (NA)
: Skins, Just Skins Please. Give the older ones some love too.
Alright, I get that Riot has to make money, same with every other company, but these popular champs are gonna continue to see play because of the 8,9,10,11 and 12 skins some of these champs have. COUGH COUGH {{champion:1}} COUGH COUGH {{champion:103}} COUGH COUGH {{champion:17}} . But if your champ only has 1 skin like the lesser popular ones, of course ur not gonna see as much play, especially if its your ON RELEASE skin. Even then, camille and kled are seeing alot more play (not competitively but still).
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot is a small indie company so they need all the money they can get. That's why they only make skins for popular af champs for example: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:134}}
But come on, 2 years have passed on some of them. They still have yet to receive another skin after all this time.
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