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: Ask a Nasus Main - Completed
What do you love about Nasus? Is it the one shots, the playstyle or dancing PS: Love your stream!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The Blood Moon calls
Rito headquarters: "Hey team what should we bring for the new blood moon skins?" "Hmmmm we want something to go with blood red and involves in the moon." "Do we remember a champ that has something to do with the moon?" (Hint) (Hint) {{champion:131}} ITS FUKING DIANA! Rito Logic :D
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: Any similar champion 2 my main??
Ah thank you I should go for hecarim since im close to getting him :)
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: Patch Rundown: Preseason 2015
I love NA ragers,feeders and YES Maintenance gotta love it All those Eu and Latin America can celebrate while we wait in a raging fire of anger,sadness,and yes praying to our gods for help!{{champion:45}} Midget bastard lets his stun waste our running ultimates to NA!
: there prob really busy so I guess it's wurf XD
I hope they can stop it man I am praying, something is updating? On my loading screen :D.
: Patch Rundown: Preseason 2015
12 hours to 21 hours thanks for promising another hour of maintenance Riot Games happy to know how we human individuals are praying in NA to actually to play a new adventure for SR. {{champion:11}} (Ur Maintenance is Inferior.)
: The Final Boss approaches
I guess when LoL realize that the Power Glove was so horrible as a present when they were kids they had to make this the final boss.
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
Diamond 1 players,or Koreans will kinda fall to the first level
: {{champion:72}} **"Umm…hi?"** {{champion:51}} "Skarner? My God it is you. It has been so long." {{champion:254}} "Oh yeah…I have seen him around in games lately. Isn’t he the new champ?" {{champion:72}} **"HEY. I have been around longer then you."** {{champion:254}} "Really? I have been fighting in the Rift for almost 2 years now and I have only seen you in the last month or so. Where have you been?" {{champion:72}} ….sniff. {{champion:51}} "Skarner?" {{champion:72}} **"I HAVE BEEN SO LONELY. No one would pick me, no one would love me, and I am the last of my kind. I HAVE BEEN SO LONELY. Then Viktor came to me and offer me a new family. The Battlecast family. The offer was too good to pass. *sniff*"** {{champion:254}} "So what do we do now?" {{champion:51}} "Let’s bring him back home. Maybe Jayce and Professor Heimerdinger can finish making him a new body." *meanwhile* {{champion:6}} **"So what are you going to do now?" ** {{champion:112}}**"Gather the rest of the Battlecast. We are getting Skarner back."** {{champion:6}} **"But even with all of us together, the odds of getting Skarner back is low."** {{champion:112}}** "This is why I am going to “enlist” some help."** To be continue
Skarner isnt life Skarner aint love. Give love to Skarner somebody and join the nation of Skarner :(
: New free champion rotation: Caitlyn, Vel'Koz, Braum and more!
Where are they? I've been waiting an hour its Tuesday
: New free champion rotation: Sivir, Leona, Yasuo and more!
Why isnt it released yet? its 12:36 am our champs should be here.
: So I wanna try {{champion:157}} but I'm {{champion:63}} new. Any tips? :D
Follow a build just search a Yasuo build but hes really easy to play so you can get the hang of him!
: New free champion rotation: Sivir, Leona, Yasuo and more!
{{champion:157}} ,{{champion:56}} . Wow players coming in to try op champions...:(!
: New free champion rotation: Jinx, Udyr, Janna and more!
{{champion:91}} Will be used by most newbs!
: July champion and skin sales
I guess its fine especially with 5.00 its easy to buy some 6300 champs


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