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: Of course you can get demoted... Do people really expect Riot to hold their hands by keeping their ranked complacent when they clearly don't belong in that ranked tier?
Well I can see what you mean but what if you're plat in top but you lose games in support because auto fill and you drop rank in top in the plat division. Idk it just seems weird to me.
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: The Year is 2023
Darius autos one time and gets 5 stacks.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Riot's philosophy finally turned the game into dogshit after so much years
I completely agree with everything said here. I fully believe that tank meta was the healthiest point of league of legends and they just ruined by making everything damage. I stopped playing this game for a while when Zoe came out. It was too much for me. When she was released if you didn't dodge her E you died and most likely everyone else on the team. Now with this new champion Neeko its another burst AP mage. Im probably gonna have to take another break because of Neeko and Dark Harvest that is ruling every keystone terrible and its a shame because I really do enjoy this game but when riot keeps doing this it just makes it harder for me to keep playing. Also what riot does is revolve everything around pro play and they really dont care about the lower elos. Thank you for posting this and I hope Riot sees this and hears from the MAJORITY of the community they need to fix this game. MAKE LEAGUE GREAT AGAIN!
: Umm what your describing is basically a general description of the game.... Also what changed from the previous runes and masteries to now....nothing really . What rune did you take in the previous runes
I was saying that whatever bot lane gets ahead first and gets the first blood turret the game is over. They just rotate mid then top, go to herald and push the game to end. I used to take fervor before the rune changes. I understand that their is press the attack and I used to take that until they nerfed it.
: Again there is no meta .... Stop saying that. Umm grasp plus second wind or overgrowth....or learn to play as urgot .
What do you mean their is no meta? I dont understand that. Their always has been a meta in this game. Grasp is more of a tank mastery then bruiser but its the closest thing that we have.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raid Bøss Darius,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LnUi4NE0,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-10T07:35:37.962+0000) > > Dont even have a response to that. If you dont even have the time to read that dont want to debate this topic with you glad you didnt. maybe if you weren't putting random Zoe QQ in your thread that has nothing to do at all with what you are discussing maybe you wouldn't have to deal with people like him. Maybe you shouldn't be putting things in your thread that you don't want to be discussed in the first place
That is true, but I couldnt help but leave something like that because of how riot handles nerfing champs. They even said recently that they dont take into account player frustration when playing against a certain champ. Zoe just angers me to a point where I want her gutted and never come back. I understand what you mean though, but I still wish that person would read it. I made this so I could debate this topic with people, because all I am to everyone in the league community is a "Dirty Darius Main" when he can get counter picked so easily.
Sohleks (NA)
: Don't worry they will fix Lissandra next {{item:3151}}
Im ok with that to be honest. Lets get some new champs in the top lane instead of the same ol' rotation of gangplank, gnar, and jayce.
: You play Darius one of the most broken champs in the game who auto-win lane no matter what just by right clicking. I legit had a Darius walk into my minion wave on level 1 and kill me inside my own minion wave due to his broken numbers and passive. Get out dude, learn a real champ
Are you crazy? Darius is in his weakest state right now. Just because you dont know how to play against Darius dosent mean hes broken lol. Their are many counters to Darius that I could name. Darius is a low elo abuser because people dont know that you could just play a ranged top and kite him easily. Just to show you that I play different champs here you go:
: > [{quoted}](name=Raid Bøss Darius,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LnUi4NE0,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-02-10T07:28:52.888+0000) > > Really out of everything in that post thats all you have to say. Its about zoe? Did you even read it or just skip to the last part where it says PS: lol. I saw PS Nerf Zoe and decided not to read the post.
Dont even have a response to that. If you dont even have the time to read that dont want to debate this topic with you glad you didnt.
: God why does everyone have to throw zoe qq into every post? She's already getting gutted and she has NOTHING to do with top lane.
Really out of everything in that post thats all you have to say. Its about zoe? Did you even read it or just skip to the last part where it says PS: lol.
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: Riot I know that you may not see Tyler1 in the same way that us fans see him pls read
This is like the Gross Gore Affect. Instead of Twitch its Riot. I do have to admit he can be toxic yes, but that's because he keeps getting put back into lower ranks where he doesn't deserve to be. How would you feel if you where Challenger and then you just get banned. If you watch his streams then you know he was laid back, then you got people coming in here and ghosting, camping, and trolling him. Of course hes going to be toxic to the people like that. I've seen people say "Drink bleach, ill force it down your throat if i have too" or "Why im I in this elo I deserve better, im way better than all of you, you all suck dick i hope you get aids and die, then ill slowly kill your family". This is way worse then what Tyler1 has said. You guys hate on him but what about Trick2g who calls people stupid dumb fucks that don't deserve to be in the elo. Tyler is not like what he used to be he has reformed a little, he just makes jokes about it then everyone joins the hate train.

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