: If Sylas ults a champ with a transformation ult, or a cooperative ult, he just won't be able to use it entirely, or at all. He will have to choose a different ult (hence why his ult has the option to switch which ult he hijacks as long as it is off cooldown) If he steals Nidalee's ult, he will not get her accompanying skills. He will just turn into the Cougar. If he steals Illaoi's ult, he will get the immediate damage from dropping it, but he won't be able to use the tentacles. I don't know about LeBlanc's. They may have programmed it to where he can mimic his own skills, but unlikely. Jayce won't activate. Shyvana won't activate (He has no Fury, so he can't charge it, and a large part of her ult involves post dash behaviors) I think all this is part of the point: Sylas won't be a swiss army knife. Some ults are not meant to be stolen, which is part of the "Balance" of the champion.
> Jayce won't activate. Shyvana won't activate (He has no Fury, so he can't charge it, and a large part of her ult involves post dash behaviors) Incorrect on the Shyvana part. He gains her full kit, they use his mana bar as 'Fury' for the duration of the ult. (his mana from the moment before he transformed is restored when he reverts)
Diar (NA)
: Sylas
Shyvana was changed a LONG time ago that her enhanced abilities were removed from her passive and added to the abilities themselves. So when Sylas steals Shyvana's ult he has all of her enhanced abilities as well as a passive that is not useless. To state clearly. Shyvana-Sylas still has the cleave on Q, enhanced range on W, and the explosion/pool of fire from E.
: I mean, when Shyvana's no longer a stat check, I'd be fine with buffing her ability to fight. As it stands though, there's not a lot you can do against her in a normal skirmish. Buffing her objective control, when they specifically said they only aim for a slight increase in power, seems fair enough.
I can certainly agree there. Shyvana is certainly a number's game. She either can kill you, and you die. Or she can't kill you, and she dies. I was still hoping for something more substantial than a passive buff on a passive that I forget even exists half the time.
: Shyvana Buff is Lazy and Doesn't Sovle Any of Her Problems
I was so excited when I saw they were looking to buff Shyvana... I'm still waiting to see the actual buff. Seriously though, Shyvana already takes dragons fast enough, her ability to take objectives have never been in question. The issue is her ability to effect fights. She has no CC, so she needs to do damage, but outside of her ult & her minor W MS, she has no ability to get to critical targets. She needs a buff that helps her in fights.
ChunLii (NA)
: @Riot is Shyavan a lesbian?
I don't really think Shyvana cares about having a romantic relationship with either gender. If she ever does get with someone, it would be because she is close with them rather than a physical attraction. I do think a canonical ship with Jarvan would _work_ but that is because she has fought alongside the Prince and has a measure of respect for him.
: Your main is now your room mate.
{{champion:102}} Do not piss her off. Do not piss her off. Do not piss her off. Do not piss her off.
Mr1102 (NA)
: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/0a/20/d1/0a20d1e2e6a1b75bc150e9c4ca34b923.gif "**Raiku Kawisa**" Got it, the answer was {{champion:120}}
: ***
Mr1102 (NA)
: https://media.giphy.com/media/140G3a850qMDkI/giphy.gif "**Raiku Kawisa**" Got it, the answer was {{champion:102}}
: shyvana?
Fàtèd (NA)
: Guess that Ultimate!
This one is going to be SO hard. https://media.giphy.com/media/Vy5wrZk0GnwcM/giphy.gif
: Your Main's Q can now crit and apply on-hit effects, how broken are they now?
{{champion:102}} <.< Nothing changes. EDIT: Hell, she already applies on-hits TWICE with her Q.
Elikain (EUNE)
: But it's really confusing to me how you've reasoned between trying to win unfair ranked games and not bothering to win unfair normal games. Because you've said that the games are winnable if you try and you want to try but then you also say that you'd just cut your losses than trying to win an unwinnable game. I'm not arguing here that you should not surrender a game that's clearly over. But you've given me the impression that you just don't play to win your normal games. And the condition for you trying to win such a game is that it's ranked because your LP and ELO are at stake? Winning a game, regardless of queue type brings more benefits than a loss does. Winning games is more fun than losing them. And you can't avoid losses so the only thing you can do is to learn from the mistakes you've made and trying to understand why a loss happened. If you're equating "trying to win games" as playing seriously, then that's the wrong mindset to have. This only gives you an excuse to not try as you'd normally would have and then trying to justify a loss in a normal game to your teammates with "it's only a Normal game" argument. _**You should play to win every game.**_ Because, how you've explained it, is that in ranked you really don't have fun playing and treat it as a requirement to climb the ladder while you're not trying as hard to win your normals.
Last Post because I don't think you are bothering to try to understand what should have been a simple one-off post. I play to win all my games. Until the point the game ends, whatever means that will be, I'm trying to win. I refuse to spawn camp the enemy team if their nexus is exposed. I refuse to run it down mid. I don't 'cut my losses' the second the game turns sour. And seriously, where the hell did I give the impression that I don't try to win? The only difference between my Normal games and my Ranked games is my willingness to suffer through a game. And yes, winning games are more fun than losing. But losing after being kicked in the teeth for the last 15-20 minutes is a whole hell of a lot worse than losing because you surrendered at 20 minutes. And the point at which I ask for a surrender is the point where there is no fathomable way to win the game without playing flawlessly for the next 20 minutes. There is no learning if you are getting spawn camped at the Fountain because the enemy team is made of a bunch of jerks who wont end the game. And again you are putting words in my mouth. In ranked I will try to fill the team comp better. For instance I'll play Warwick instead of Shyvana if we are low on tank champions and a way to engage fights. Meanwhile in normals, I would still play Shyvana. In either queue, I play JUST AS SERIOUSLY as the other. In both queues I press counter jungling, in both queues I'm after objectives as soon as I'm able to do so, in both queues I try my damnest to win. So stop putting words in my mouth. The only difference in Normal and Ranked is my willingness to suffer through 20 minutes of getting my shit kicked in for only a slight glimmer of a chance to win. I WANT to win every game I play. I PLAY to win every game I play. What I won't do is suffer in a game that only has a .1% chance of winning if its not going to effect my ranking. I can still get a key frag on a loss, I can still get a box on a loss. There is no tangible benefit other than IP reward for winning a Normal game compared losing one. In ranked, that one game might be the difference into getting into promos and not. It might be the deciding factor on if I win promos or not. So I will chase that .1% chance of victory as long as humanly possible in ranked. There is zero reason to do so in Normals.
: Isn't her usual build Bloodrazor+Titanic Hydra into tank? Not sure about Shyvanna top (if it's even a thing thesedays)
it is, Titanic is still a damage item, even if it has tank stats.
: I happen to know you were really... afk for a while with business ;>
Still can't actually play the game. My computers are fried.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >I am willing to fight it out in a Ranked game, because yes, the game is always winnable, its just not worth the agony of trying in a Normal. But why is a normal game win is treated as less important than a ranked game win? That's my issue with your statement. What gives a ranked game win more importance over a normal game win? Is it just LP/ELO that's "important" and worth trying for? I don't see the difference. If comebacks are always possible, why are normal games a bother when you're not given an easy win? I get it. Playing in a 3v5 and winning it, chances are pretty slim but unless you're really missing key members (DPS champions) and your team can't do anything, surrendering it early is an option. But i hate it when people just have this mindset to surrender because the game is suddenly unfair only because of the number of team members. Games can be even unfair as 5v5 games as your teammates (1 or more) may not know how to play at all. There are a lot of other ways in how the game can be unfair to play in but people just look at the superficial math behind it (is it a 5v5) to decide on whether the game is worth trying or not. I hate when people surrender too easily. And i hate it when people never want to surrender, regardless of the circumstances. These are two extremes that shouldn't be prevalent as much.
>But why is a normal game win is treated as less important than a ranked game win? Because a Ranked win is more important than a Normal? It simply is. Losing a normal means nothing, it has no lasting impact on your account. Losing a ranked is a loss of LP that needs to be regrinded to restore. Plus in a Normal game I'm just trying to enjoy some games. Getting shitstomped is not enjoyable, so ending the game is preferred. In ranked, my prime and only objective is to win. Surrendering is the direct opposite of that goal. And again. I'm not saying surrender in a normal as soon as the enemy gets First Blood. I'm saying surrender when the enemy Draven is 9/0, your team only has 1 outer turret and 8 of your turrets are down with Supers coming down the lanes. Unless an act of god happens, you are not going to win that game. Now if your team is filled with late game hyper carries and your carries are starting to turn on, there is still a chance to win and surrendering shouldn't happen.
: The arrow causes your thing to be a quote
: > [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Wqc7ZPlA,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-06-04T17:47:20.835+0000) > > Of course, when they say tank, they mean buy zero damage items and pretend the enemy views you as threatening. Yep. Shyvana has that paradox of being a juggernaut that deals no damage unless she builds full damage.
She doesn't need full damage, but she needs at least 2 to have an impact
: I think you misunderstood them, they are asking what they can do to use it more easily. That is not the same as asking what Riot can do to make it easier to use.
>.> you would be right. (I should stop posting when my brain hasn't awoken yet.)
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Is There A Way I Can Make Warwicks Q Less Of A Pain In The Ass To Use?
If you are going to complain about Warwick's Q, have a discussion about why you think its an issue. There is no reason for any Rioter to give you the time of day because you are not asking for a discussion.
: like when you're playing shyvana and they say "shyvana go tank" and you're all like "I'm going to!"
Of course, when they say tank, they mean buy zero damage items and pretend the enemy views you as threatening.
Elikain (EUNE)
: I'm against this defeatist attitude that pertains to the different queue types. So what if it's a Normal game and not Ranked? Am i not allowed to try and practice my champion and play like i would in Ranked and not be called a "tryhard"? _**In both Normal and Ranked games, the objectives are the same - the game is not over until one Nexus explodes.**_ If my ELO and LP aren't on the line, my hextech chest and a possible key fragment are. They depend on how good i'm playing with a specific champion and if i win or not respectively. So if i'm just surrendering for nothing, i do lose something for that. And i care about chests and keys personally so i'm not just giving up because it's more convenient for someone in my team to take a loss and move on. It's highly likely that after that bad game, everyone's going to play another one so what's the actual problem in trying to see if the bad game is winnable or not, before the team gives up hope and just throws it because it's unfair?
I never said surrender for nothing. If its a 3v5 and they are pushing down the Inhibitor, I want to move on. If I'm forced to stick around in a normal game that is pretty much hopeless, I lose all desire to play another one. I hate being held hostage in a lost game. I am willing to fight it out in a Ranked game, because yes, the game is always winnable, its just not worth the agony of trying in a Normal.
: wtf? If the game is a 3 V 5 i'm opening mid immediately. The people that sit around for afk's to come back, instead of taking the L and moving on to the next game is what tilts people into oblivion.
Depends on if it is Ranked or not. In Ranked, that game is not over until a Nexus is exploding. In a Normal, sure, ff when it hits a 3v5 and move on.
: Hello blood moon my old friend, Your champion pool is shit again.
I despise assassins above every class of champion that exists. An entire gamemode of assassins with not a single champ i care to play makes me nauseous.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
http://i.imgur.com/tcJ3s58.gif Here is your upvote Laughing Fish. Fresh from draconic sources
: Thus why they should add the % current health. Her damage seems to be back from what she had on release, I think she'll still be able to assassinate anyone within a knockup like she used to. As long as she doesn't become as reliant on her R as Malph, she should be fine, even if it feels clunky.
I dont think Darkened's issue with the ult is the damage, its the fact that unless you kill/finish off the target with the ult alone, its really hard to combo from the ult dash into a fight
Thuban (NA)
: She isn't a dragon, you ignorantly insult us for suggesting so. She is a drake, related yes, but still not quite a dragon. Drakes are often victim to uncontrollable rage, hateful creatures they are. We often need to regrettably euthanize them because of this.
: 564k, close enough =P
very close indeed! wish i had time to increase my score more.
: AYYY xD finally someone with close champ points and lvl 7 :D{{champion:102}}
Cool. What are your points at?
: Well, its harder than what i originally thought for clue 1 which was; **ARGHOOOOOOO**
Tru... (Side note, i love posting "Aroo!" in all chat after I catch out an enemy being dumb)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0AMtPboi,comment-id=0091000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-21T04:34:20.278+0000) > > XD if i looked up quotes that would kill the fun indeed :) how about this: i actually gave you a hint in my original post on both of those. i'll make them more obvious :) first one; i talk about a possible lore update in the third clue, there's a certain champion that uses thorns, or "spikes," that is confirmed on getting an update soon :) second one; "bear voodoo" there is a champion that carries around a sort of "voodoo doll" in the shape of a bear. their last known place of residence according to their current lore also happens to be called "the Voodoo Lands" bonus hint: the champion for your third guess wasn't too far off :) (i may have made them too obvious, but i'm a nice guy lol)
Urgot? I should have realized Annie. {{champion:59}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0AMtPboi,comment-id=00910000,timestamp=2017-05-21T03:04:00.436+0000) > > {{champion:143}} > {{champion:106}} > {{champion:86}} nope on all 3 :) hint on the first and second; Zyra and Voli don't have the quotes provided
XD if i looked up quotes that would kill the fun
: 1. They're gonna live until they die 2. dodge this ability....4 times 3. I'm kinda fucked up in the head
I wonder... If only you had a name that helped me figure it out.... {{champion:202}}
: 1 - "Ignorance is fatal." 2 - 1...2...3...POP. 3 - Fuck bird people imma steal their magic.
: This works so much better when your summoner name doesn't reference your favorite champion and you pick a quote that can apply to a few different champions. 1. They will pay 2. Farts to spray water in multiple directions 3. Went on a long walk on the beach
: 1: If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you. 2: Pop, pop, CRACK! There goes 20% of your armor. 3: Bad cop gets stuff done.
: I have multiple mains but I'll list them all for ya'll. 1. "Live for the moment" 2. A sudden urge to dance. 3. I'm adopted and accidentally killed my mother. 1. "The Key to immortality? Not dying." 2. Overused anime blink and cut attack. 3. I lost my home, got angry, and taught a Monkey my fighting style. 1. "BITE BACK!!" 2. Nothing hurts me and it makes you afraid of me. 3. I was turning into a blood hungry beast, and blood flips my switch. 1. "Find me an immovable object, and I'll put this question to rest!" 2. You. Me. 1v1. Now. 3. Was a Noxian prisonder, got saved, now I'm Demacian. last one 1. "I swear each performance is the last, but I lie every time." 2. 4th Auto hurts. 3. I am a serial killer, got caught, and I'm not paid by Ionia to keep killing.
{{champion:37}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} forgot the last one {{champion:202}}
: Im gonna try and make this decently hard 1. "_Zaun will watch you bleed, and it will do nothing_" 2. The roar is what scares away the prey 3. Not even a fatal experimentation can hold me down
I thought you said hard. {{champion:19}}
: don't really have a "main" but i'll do a few first: 1. "All too easy." 2. i make you thorny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 3. lore practically doesn't exist. hopefully a lore update soon that explains some things second: 1. "Bear hug!" 2. Bear hug! 3. Bear voodoo (i'm sorry, i didn't wanna make it too obvious, but i couldn't resist.) third: 1. "Demacia!" 2. has an AoE ability that can be deactivated early 3. taught to fight from an early age in order to protect i have more champions i'd like to do, but these are some of my favorites (and i think any more than 3 champs might be a bit much XD) i kept them brief so as to not give it away too easily, though the second is a bit obvious.
{{champion:143}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:86}}
Seekêr (NA)
: 1. "Your sickness... sustains me." 2. Rito's attempt to clamp me bot 3. Even in my death, my followers serve me
: "Keep it together" "Now kiss" Somehow is friends with Twitch? IDK why but that's how it is ._.
: Yes :)
XD I at least guessed a Targonian the first time :3
: "Dont be jealous" 27/15/0 fuck this team I get all the ladies
: 1. "Come try your luck, if you think you're in my league" 2. an ability that is a skill shot and also does true damage 3. absorbs a dying person's soul Should be easy xD
nGio (NA)
: 1. "Why thanks! I do work out." 2. Take a piece of me, before I take it and grow stronger! 3. My mom and dad were scientists who created and raised me.
: If you run, you won't see me stab you! If(kills>0) { kills+=30 } Horny bitch
: > [{quoted}](name=Raiku Kawisa,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0AMtPboi,comment-id=00860000,timestamp=2017-05-21T00:42:16.040+0000) > > Twitch? Nah, though I can see where you'd get that idea from.
Ya, if I was solid on the champ i would have replied with the icon.
: Naturally Ever expanding stun that can be bigger than a nexus In my lore I have the power to destroy universes, in game, I get hard countered by a fish with a pole.
: 1. "KILL!" 2. Literally, if you're not careful I can auto attack your whole team at once. Not even joking. 3. So, I was kind of being a jerk, and then my friend decided he would screw me over, but then I decided to stop being a jerk and give my friend the one thing he was asking for, but then he screwed me over anyway and killed me. But now I'm back, and with an upgrade!
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