: 9.15, Normalized item drops?
YambrinZ (NA)
: What dont people understand about this game being RNG based? The literal idea of the game is that its highly based on RNG. Asking for the same amount of everything makes no sense at all.
Card games are rng based too but its enough rng to not know what your next card will be. We don't also need to include players randomly getting an extra card.
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AidanWR (NA)
: Her w is coded as not being an attack. So things like DH and Aery don't work with it, even though they seem like they should
well I understand why other runes don't trigger it but dark harvest is supposed to trigger off damage dealt by the champion like abilities, not just attacks. Ricochet is certainly an ability.
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: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
Annie looks suspicious to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3hAVT2sDqQ
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U R Vic (NA)
: All of you bitching about Sion not coming out is so childish it reminds me of a crucial fact about this whole League of Legends thing I've called home since it's release. The player base is about 95% filled with selfish butt heads with little to no understanding of how a company functions. Let alone do you all understand apparently how a "Point of Sale" works. The way they have their system is to maximize profit, "Oh WOe Us Wyurr Mah Sion Skinnzzz! Rito shit no care bout playas." First off. It is a newly released skin. A lot of hard work goes into the Ultimate skins so excuse my french but, If you actually appreciate ALL Of the people who worked on the skin then honestly I have to say. Fuck off about this whole "Oh its not out yet because DD PoS is going on still." This is a free game. The content put out is the only point of profit other than traffic, advertisement, and gear store. Oh and guess what, each of those even though they return a profit. COST A FORTUNE TO KEEP RUNNING IN THE PROCESS OF TURNING OVER THE PROFIT. So they made you some skins for three champs, released two prior, and held the most graphically, vocally, and anatomically detailed skin behind. I wonder why. Because it is a sales pitch. You are choosing to pay the checks of developers and graphic designers and coders alike (Whom I'd assume make close to 75k or higher. Imagine how many skins you must buy in order to actually pay that one mans salary huh?) Who gives a flying urf whether or not they didn't release it? What did we all learn as children. "Complaining and bitching, it gets you nowhere." You all choose to play their game, and get upset over the stupidest ****ing decisions that their marketing/corporate teams choose in order to keep the game ALIVE, FUNDED, and CAPABLE of paying EMPLOYEE's. That leaves my final point. All of what I said above, and anyone it applies to. It comes down to this. Rito is not selfish. You're just full of yourselves and feel that because you willingly choose to pay that they simply "Don't care about players." or "Only think of themselves." In otherwords, you feel entitled to a game you had nothing to do with the creation of, and are a insect in the scale of player opinions that makeup the actual process of revamps/nerfs/patches/ect... Stop whining, be patient, and **** sakes, respect the god damn developers putting this amazing game out there for all you butt heads that just want to let the world know your a small child with a feeble self-centered mind that is un-matured and is still Egg Form somewhere up Anivia's frozen ***. That's been PentaKill Point for awhile. Was fun taking all of you whining players out. (FYI: I was a Lead Database Administrator for 8 years, I have a respect for what they do as both a company, and gamers. I now own my own business and have an understanding of their marketing
Now explain why they come out with seemingly random skin ideas before ones the community has rallied behind, when it would earn them more sales and popularity. Why don't they want money and happiness?
: Aurelion Sol Q&A 3/17
Whats the limit on how far and how big his q can get? Assuming you can keep up with it.
: Poppy Update Q&A
Is Diplomatic Immunity likely to pop up on another champion in the future in some form?
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
R.I.P. Diplomatic Immunity. I'm losing my dive the world champ :*(
: Play Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup!
Is there a way to download this for PC? I dont have a smartphone.
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Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
I must be teemo cuz you keep poppin my shroom
: The wonder above
Managed to locate champion spotlight for the bard. Only shows the ultimate so far though. [Bard](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ)
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