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Yenn (NA)
: Hitting Rengar with CC during his jump and still dying in half a second does not feel good
if you CC rengar and his W is on CD he dies without being able to do anything at all. If you wall the carry and spot rengar he dies or can't go in. Rengar punishes your teams mistakes, this is the problem. It is a coordinated fight, if your team is ready for him he's useless if they just ignore him and you go wondering around alone then he will kill you. You may think this is unfair and that you should have every possible chance of killing anyone in the entire game with whoever you choose to play, but this is how the game is balanced. If you want to split push rengar will get you, if you are in a bad position rengar will get you. You remove rengar and you may think the game is better now but! you will find someone else just as obnoxious to complain about. It is far worse imo that {{champion:18}} still lands at her trajectory when CC'd which can kill your entire team with no rotations or CD. Not saying {{champion:18}} is OP or broken but there's a whole row of champions that would need to be fiddled with before we can just say rengars passive is the worst feeling in the game.
: just buff the jungle, it's such an unfun role to play despite its impact on games.
you honestly don't spend much time interacting in the jungle at all considering how long the spawn rates are.
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: jungle plants showing on screen when they arent there
game goes crazy, i once had a match were the tower targeting line was following me the whole match.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DGAGAAsharpAGD,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Gj07TnzW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T09:51:09.916+0000) > > There is no reason to pick Zed if Talon is open. but yet everyone goes zed instead of talon.....
I pick talon over zed because idk how to play zed well. Also for some reason the clone on the ult doesn't always work for me.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Why do Kai'Sa and Rumble have the same amount of skins?
she's easy to design for. It's probably their take on champion priority. Rumble can very easy get to the top of the chain with a slight buff but they won't do that.
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: Coming from someone that plays almost exclusively AP champions, Mages do not need any more items that good. I don't think that should be an item to begin with except for maybe a support item with stats so shitty you basically buy it for the active.
that'd be bad as a support item as you'd need the support around you to make use of it when that'd be a situational battle item. Yea mages have a decent amount of active items but so do AD's and tanks. This wont make them extra milky or out of the ordinary broken at all. AD's have an item to battle anything in this game even death and tanks wouldn't really have much use of it. Maybe that's why you think AP items are broken? try playing some AD and look at the battle variety so AD would be worse.
: This shit could’ve belonged on someone like trundle but nope more Renekton worship
I feel an active item would be better for it no? preferably an AP item since almost no mage has constant dmg like {{champion:69}} and {{champion:268}} so shields really nullify them.
Noper (NA)
: Viegar, why does he not prioritize lower level champions?
everything is kind of random on this game mode. My characters try their best to kill gnar then once he turns beast they turn to another character and leave him with like 1/4 health pounding on them. Why even focus him in the first place? This is why assassins are probably the best. They know who to go for.
: Nerf Pyke
they definitely need to make it more risky to play him. He needs to be punished for a bad engage or getting caught.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: Throwback to Rito refusing ranked ARAM because of the RNG factor
If they make ARAM ranked they should just leave it and balance it community wise and not try to bring it up with pro's or Esports. I feel that's the point where they don't want to invest in it, because they don't see it as an e-sports attraction.
: > [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TEz2XRfV,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-07-03T00:31:36.951+0000) > > But not {{champion:59}} Q still because spaghetti code. Probably because his Q-E interaction is coded as a pull, not a dash. Like a Blitz Q. if blitz hooks you, its not you dashing, its you being pulled. Probably wrong, but it's my most logical take on it.
nah that makes sense, i've seen {{champion:111}} pull after a lux snare
: > [{quoted}](name=MacKenzie1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zIG6JEc6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-02T22:07:33.382+0000) > > he has low utility for a class that isn't supposed to have utility, yet because adc's are overloaded, he comparably has low utility. So he's given more damage to do his job better, ironically his job is the same as all other ADCs, and so Draven is strong because other ADCs cry about needing slows and stuns and peel and invulnerability and intargetability and knockups and blinks and dashes and traps and aoe and invisibility and spell shields and etc. Draven is single Target damage, that's it, and so he's allowed to be good at it. The problem is other ADCs are less like Draven. This post makes 0 sense. ADC are overloaded yet they have no utility compared to Draven(?) So how the fuck are they overloaded compared to Draven who is one of the few ADCs with actual hard CC (others being Vayne and Ashe).
dude besides {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}}{{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} i don't think i can think of another ADC that has a lesser CC than draven. Every single other ADC has a stronger CC than draven or more useful in most situations. And even then sivir has an AOE speed buff and ez has a blink and a global. The others have amazing utility, he is right. All draven has is single target burst and his CC is pretty short ranged it's better as an interrupt than anything else. He's a good duelist too I would say and has the tools to do so. He does hurt there's no argument there.
: Kalista sees Poppy's W now grounding units that use movement abilities
: [GAMEPLAY] Kha'Zix Isolation Bug
i wasn't sure if this was a meme/joke reading the title so i had to check the board it was posted on {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Dealth (NA)
: How to win more games in gold/plat
trading kills isn't a great idea either especially if you're the carry.
: The blitz chnages are pretty hype
if this goes through blitz is going to be god tier, i'm calling it now he's gonna be a nightmare forget the rest.
: It is the difference between Rengar getting hook out of his ult by Thresh or not.
but his hook has a delay, rengar can jump on you and kill you by the time the hook flies
: Knights in Medieval combat relied on simply knocking the opponent down and attempting to beat them while they were down after. That was mostly the case of armor simply being too good though back then (swords didn't do jack shit to it), and well, we all know armor in League is basically useless...
Bananas OP! and oil if you just hated both sides.
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Nixzilla (NA)
: Whats the general idea on her right now for most people? Wanting Buffs or Nerfs or just for people to play her? Everyone seems confused.
> [{quoted}](name=Nixzilla,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tx6M4P2P,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:55:38.945+0000) > > Whats the general idea on her right now for most people? Wanting Buffs or Nerfs or just for people to play her? Everyone seems confused. she needs time, because tft is breaking the client i don't think it's conclusive where she stands. Personally fighting her she still feels a little confusing, even though i read her skills seeing them makes me wonder what's going on? She hurts a lot, but she's still squishy has a good window of weakness when she goes in vs 2 or more players. I think so far she's the healthiest assassin to deal with. But it's not been enough time.
Febos (EUW)
: Even though Qiyana was made for Mid, I believe they gave her that kit with Jungle in mind too.
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tx6M4P2P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-29T19:09:59.008+0000) > > Even though Qiyana was made for Mid, I believe they gave her that kit with Jungle in mind too. remember when zyra was made for mid? pepergreenfarmremembers.jpg
: riots argument for that (like 2 years ago) was that they cant keep an eye on every streamer. which is totally fine. but they use it as an excuse. if the biggest of streamers literally have a youtube channel build around videos of trolling and inting and you ignore that, youre just lazy fucks riot.
they need money, they're going broke. Can't you see all the money tactics they've been doing lately? hue hue hue
: This video pretty much sums up old rengar
what's the difference? lol
: I think it was bad when it was instant haha
remember when {{champion:38}} had a silence on his Q? and {{champion:7}} and {{champion:91}} ? now those were dark times. And we complained less about the game and felt it was more balanced... weird lol
i think Riot should have just made an actual card game if they were going to go RNG heavy. Might have been more fun than seeing your champions attack randomly
: Yes, exactly. Capitalize on what you do get, and pay attention to what your enemies are taking. If 2 other people are rushing Noble and you're trying to upgrade Vayne, RIP.
at that point, playing actual cards is more fun.
: That moment your going for demon synergy and all your rolling are Warwicks and Nidalees Ques up second game* Guess Ill go for wild synergy Not a single fucking Warwick to be seen
honestly this game mode is just stressful as it is. You try to come up with a strategy but it's like your only choice is to play around the luck of the draw.
: Hi Indie company, we want back Practice Tool
they took it off? why? tft only gets busy at night
: So far as I know, yeah. Just last night, I played a few rounds of Dota Underlords with some friends. First round, I couldn't get enough of any unit to get a promotion. At 5 health, I just spammed reroll about 20 times and STILL could not get a unit I needed. Part of it was bad luck, part of it was other players taking units off the table before me. Dropped out in 8th place. Second round, did somewhat better. Was able to get my hands on some frontline units and a bevy of Hunters, which gave me a strong midgame, but I just couldn't roll the upgrades I needed and ended up stalling out vs the last enemy, finished second. Third round was textbook perfect. My very first unit was the lesser Demon Hunter unit (Anti-Mage), and in the first rounds I picked up an aura that amped up Demon Hunters on my team based on how many Demons I had. From there, I managed to get my hands on several demons and Terrorblade, the stronger Demon Hunter. So I had an item making my Demon Hunters stronger for each Demon on the board, and having two Demon Hunter makes all *Demons* stronger on the field, AND Terrorblade itself is both a Demon and a Demon Hunter. Supplemented with some early warriors and later on a Knight, and with nobody else competing for the units I was using letting me rank both my Demon Hunters to three stars, I became literally unstoppable. Nothing could kill my Terrorblade in time to stop it transforming because of my front line and an item that was giving the Terrorblade magical immunity, and once it transformed it just basically started launching two one-shot kill projectiles a second. And because all the damage buffs in this synergy are pure damage, reduction wasn't helping anyone. So yeah, there's an element of strategy and preparation. Don't ever forget that. Maintaining a win streak, or maintaining a loss streak with minimal loss of health, are important. Balancing buying units and levelups with keeping your gold high to maximize your income every turn is a matter of strategy. Knowing what comp you're going for and how to use it is a big deal. Proper unit placement on the board can overcome a numbers or typing disadvantage. But luck plays a factor, and because there are limited amounts of each unit available, other players competing for the same unit will also make your life difficult, because in that scenario SOMEONE'S getting screwed over. So don't take it too seriously. :)
maybe i should try the dota one and see if i like it more, thank you for the feedback though! i do understand there is some strategy i just myself was never a fan of gambling.
: PSA: Please remember Juggernauts =/= Tanks
also remember sub categories, {{champion:31}} is a tank, but also a mage. He will hurt, this doesn't mean {{champion:89}} hurts too just because she is also a tank, she is a support/tank. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I mean, not even NB was able to clog the PBE servers like we saw TFT did. I think the numbers speak for themselves. I personally don’t care about either mode, but the data is more than apparent.
that was just day 1 and a bug. give it a week and it'll be moot.
: Sure didn't. That's what Autochess *is.* A combination of strategy and luck. And TFT is just a clone of Autochess, because I guess Riot figured borrowing from the DotA handbook worked once, why not do it again. If you don't like that though, it's not the game mode's fault, it's just not the game for you.
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: This Is BS.
that sucks man, not to rub it in but i get queued up in like 3 seconds. I guess a lot of people quit the game mode already because it's too RNG heavy.
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ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Like, one job is 8 hours, you get another part time one, that's 12 hours. 2 hours to get to/from home/work, 2 more to eat and do other things, and you still have 8 hours left. What are you complaining about? Even 2 full time jobs still leaves you 4 hour, easy peasy.
depends entirely on the schedule and the location of the job. This is why things like uber are so popular.
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GigglesO (NA)
: So I have permission to complain about the ridiculous amounts of damage in this game as I'm playing {{champion:516}} and building straight tank and still dying in less than 3 seconds.
hahaha i don't think any item can save you from a fed {{champion:107}}, you can build {{item:3026}} but he'll just come back and kill you on the CD.
: It does say a lot when jungle is more autofilled than support lol
because it's honestly boring, at least in the lanes you get to practice your farm, harass or just straight up pvp. In the jungle you're playing part pve and part the waiting game. If you can't gank, it sucks major balls to be a jungle. Like, you need someone on the enemy team to play badly or a mistake for you to start doing your work.
: It was removed because the Koreans used it as a badge of shame for bad players.
I don't see how or why that should affect the rest of the world.
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: Is tahm gonna get nerfed soon?
from my understanding is that while tham can win the lane very easily it doesn't necessarily mean he's a good carry like the other top laners are. Once the lane phase is over he's just a blob. It sucks for the laner though as they have to deal with cancer. But if they nerf his lane he's going to suck. However if they buff his support he'll be worse than tank.
: you sorta have to give some context on why hes the best then I can maybe change your mind
Click stun, easy to land AOE, ranged execution. Set's up himself and partner
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: Tbh, while it does help against him, you really don’t need {{item:3140}} to beat Morde. If you are ahead, you can simply kill him in his ult. If you have CC, kite him. Things like {{item:3157}} can buy time. Since {{champion:82}} has no other CC in his kit you can cleanse, QSS doesn’t have a ton of value _for its price_.
Depends on the champion. Some champs don't have hard CC and mord can 2 shot ADC's. Not only that but let's assume you can duel out morde you can be the carry of the team and by the time you kill morde the team fight may become sour and you're on the losing side. It's better to just QSS to be back with the team specially if they need you. For mages sadly yes you got no choice but to buy time or see if you can avoid being ultied though the ult does have a sizable range.
: Honestly QSS just needs to build into more than {{item:3139}} , and im not saying i disagree with JUST BUY IT but it really feels hella bad to be the mage with qss and nothing preferable to build it into other than one AD item, and yeah theres {{item:3102}} for mages but ANYTHING will trigger that, i just wish riot made more items that build out of base items, more variety isnt bad if done right but yeah, just buy QSS to beat morde ult
for mages you need {{item:3157}} and time to use it when he uses his Q and make sure your CC is up to buy time. It's not the best solution, but it's the best one atm.
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