Vahn65 (NA)
: For Everyone Crying About Irelia's Ass
So what did the mods remove? that's what i'm interested in.
Luralin (NA)
: Final Fantasy is pretentious garbage
> [{quoted}](name=Luralin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WqQIOlEK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-21T01:19:26.685+0000) > > Final Fantasy is pretentious garbage you have a right to your opinion sir. But War of the Lions was pretty fucking good.
LankPants (OCE)
: There are slight differences in this case, people have already paid for this skin. That's why it's so disgusting that you're probably right.
I feel for you guys, i was extremely happy with the work they did with crabbot urgot. But urgot had less skins so this one isn't a surprised. But keep complaining maybe they will change it. I remember people complained about tango eve and they did edit her.
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:34}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}}{{champion:36}}
glad someome mention pantheon. He needs some serious VU
LankPants (OCE)
: I hate how huge of a downgrade this skin is compared to the old one. Without sugar coating it, it looks bad. If Riot actually wants to be a 'players first' company this skin needs to go back to the drawing board because the changes to it are frankly a huge mistake.
they're not going to do that. People been complaining about some skins year round and no changes are made. Example the rakkan and xayha valentine skins.
: i fully disagree with you its impossible to rework all top laners at once progress takes many single steps at a time to get it right also i love more complex champions i despise all these old champions like {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} who just right click to delete anyone while being hard to run from and having no way to respond to them without hard CC or being {{champion:17}} also simple champions that are new tend to be unfun to play against see {{champion:420}} for more details
is there actually a high skill ceiling top laner? they're usually kept very simple as far as i know. I can't think of any atm though. So Irelia would kind of be the first, unless you wanna count yasuo as he's been going top often too.
: You have to admit, he has a point. OP is being intensely vague and trying to play off the fact that the philosophies he speaks of even exist, and not mentioning that we had stuff that were worse back then than now.
never forget. {{champion:38}} {{champion:91}} and {{champion:7}} used to silence with their bread and butter move. And {{champion:24}} dodged
: Support Chat
: Can Irelia mid with her new kit now?
depends on the match up. Example you can play {{champion:56}} mid fairly well but there's some match ups that just don't favor him.
: Riot, why did you continue to promote power creep toplane ?
Irelia hasn't released yet chill. Besides i have a strong feeling she's going to be the next yasuo. Yes i mean people are just gonna feed with her.
: Who do you hope's gonna be featured in this April's Roadmap?
well i'm losing more and more motivation to play the game anyways. So yea just rework fiddle sticks, game should appeal for the newer mobility creep/dmg audience anyways. Not people that'd stayed for a while sticking to a cliche of champs they enjoy. So just go ahead, sacrifice one more for the sake of something new and shiny for it's 3 week popularity boost while people that clung to them for years get the middle finger.
AmazoX (EUW)
: Unhealthy memes are UNHEALTHY
can we end this trend ? people farming forum points like it's gonna put food on the table is just spamming these boards. I thought mods were supposed to prevent spam but i see piggie back riding every other day. Like 4 or 5 post of the same content about the same topic. There's like 6 post in the front page about the irelia trailer all posting it and there's like 6 of these "unhealthy" posts too.
: the fact i find someone who knows and likes the fate series makes me want to add them
fate is pretty well known and popular though. If it wasn't it wouldn't have had that many anime series. Most shows don't get that.
Ghi (NA)
: Urgot is unhealthy
: Disclaimer: I know that many of you will disagree with me and I will be downvoted, but I can say my opinion, right? I honestly believe that Yorick doesn't really have a passive. It's just a description of his Q an his ultimate. Fiddlesticks passive also doesn't do much, it's just for fun before minions spawn :P
fiddle's passive can have psychological advantage. IT's a bit hard to measure how much his movement speed is or how fast he will run to you but in lane i just stand still let it build up a bit when they think i'm open for a hit i either un fear them to R>E them or flash fear to R>E them
: {{champion:72}} Passive that lets the enemy know what part of the map you're on without them having to ward. Also forces everyone to play 'mini dominion.' It's not that the stats it gives are bad. Just the whole thing just feels shitty. {{champion:429}} probably has the best passive. Which is why she sucks now, because they had to nerf her to unviable levels so people would stop complaining about her passive.
I play {{champion:72}} quite a bit and his passive isn't that bad. It doesn't let them know where you are only when you take it also team mates can take it not just you so you might play yourself thinking that. Also enemies taking it back also give away their position so it works both ways. The little dominion game does seem too gimmicky this is true and a passive that can be turned off also sucks however there's a lot of times this passive is extremely useful so thinking it's the worse is just inexperience on your part i would say. The best part about his passive is the high way feel between the lanes, skarner can travil incredibly well due to it also makes a lot of get away's successful due to that speed. So {{champion:72}} you can make it work and have use for it most of the time. However I think champions like {{champion:39}} passive is a lot worse consider how conditional it is plus it's useless vs reposition and knock ups.
: never getting creep blocked is op
it is the best passive for a melee OMFG mr nyakasgoods hasn't played long enough.
: 3d games have different hitboxes from 2d games.
> [{quoted}](name=Sp33d Zer0,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fMKHxNoc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-18T23:15:09.090+0000) > > 3d games have different hitboxes from 2d games. i wasn't taking a whack at league, was just saying you can make good hit boxes and the work looks great when it's done right. But even dark souls has it's dark shade from time to time.
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: Because too many people QQ'ed about him upon re-release claiming that the champ is bad even though it's mostly just them, and Riot just buffed him without thinking which leads to overbuffing. What possibly awaits is a gut. This is called the Ivern Effect.
sadly this is about to happen with kai sa. Even though there's been a lot of people saying she's strong but she's just not that good vs ADC's in lane now they're buffing her so she'll just be too strong at everything just to compete with other ADC's in lane.
: Ritos ,what are you doing with your game?! Playerbase is decreasing!!!
it's probably bugged but just in case the loading are still really long it depends on the day, time and honestly league is kinda old anyways.
ĵcker (NA)
: "oh boy i got kass in aram"
i'm actually having a decent amount of varied opponents in aram lately. Though i still wish it was All random.
Eedat (NA)
: Is Wukong the oldest champ that has no kit changes?
Are you asking for wukong to be changed or you asking out of curiosity? I like his simple kit with the little trick mechanic.
: When you're winning your last promos to Challenjour, but felt something's off about it
: It isn't even armor. It is a DJ Skin. Irelia is a warrior not a DJ.
i like the style i wouldn't hate. I know riot doesn't really do it but i was worried she might have been a little bit sexualized but this looks like some traditional clothing from a tribe of modern warriors. At least to me, looks pretty cool. And idk what kind of DJ's have you gone to, DJ's dressed like a random person at a club Some jeans a shirt or T
: Working as intended. He was always a tanky battle mage. He pays for his strengths by being less bursty and less reliable at long range than a lot of mages. His strengths are spread out, something like: 7/10 tank/sustain 6/10 damage 5/10 reliability/range 5/10 utility/CC 2/10 mobility/invulnerability Other mages, like let's say {{champion:134}} or {{champion:34}}, would usually be more like: 3/10 tank/sustain 7/10 damage 7/10 reliability/range 6/10 utility/CC 2/10 mobility/invulnerability Both come out to 25 points in this arbitrary distribution. In reality, Swain might be slightly overpowered, with like an extra 0.5 points spent somewhere in his power budget. Riot will probably nerf him if he gets about 3% play rate in any one lane with his current win rate. Still, it isn't a problem that he's tankier than other mages because it's good to have unique power distributions as long as their total power budget still balances out.
I agree that seems to be swains role but he just does too much damage now before even scaling, so his raw damage needs to be toned down a bit or at least the CD needs to be slightly higher and thank goodness riot is doing that.
: We've been testing some nerfs for 8.7, for now it's just reverting the Q buff from 8.5, so increasing the cd by two seconds scaling to the same point at rank 5. Might need to do more yet but that's where we're starting
that sounds perfect <3 those 2 seconds should give enough opening to hit and run or at least have the swain be worried enough to hold the Q instead of being really aggressive with it.
SSmotzer (NA)
: So you mean like pre rework Swain?
pre rework swain was heavy mana gated and his raw dmg wasn't as high neither did have have a spamable Q.
  Rioter Comments
Rodnii (NA)
: Irelia Login Music & Splash
her armor / clothes look dope ! i like this.
: But when did riot ever do that?
{{champion:516}} {{champion:50}} and now {{champion:145}}
: {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}}{{champion:6}} 6 **YEARS**
Urgot should get a nice 1820 halloween skin.
: With how strong bot lane and jungle are, we should look at solo kill gold again.
With how expensive mage items are i agree it would be a nice boon to mages, though it would also be a huge boon to assassins. Also i want to type boobs because i typed boon too much.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Riot dont forget how oppressive junglers still are early game
Might come in a major patch later on. It is jungle changes after all they might not even know how to do it yet either. Jg aren't meant to win you the lane that's for sure so having them camp a lane isn't healthy however it should still be a viable aggressive ganking role if the jungler is just going to spend too much resources on PbE then they're not really participating in the whole team aspect not to mention that champions that clear faster or counter jg better will be at the utmost advantage if the monster hurt more or have more exp. Your {{champion:60}} jg will get rekt while {{champion:77}} and {{champion:102}} {{champion:19}} will just walk to your jg kill you or take your stuff then you'll have scenario where they'll have to nerf these 3 champs for being how they were designed in the first place. Rebalancing the jg is a lot more tricky than what it sounds. It affects: 1. the team as a whole ( How the team reacts or interacts with the jg and their clear & counter jg ) 2. ganks ( how to balance the amount of ganks and at what point is fair to gank or should this be the option of the jg as a whole sacrificing monster farm ) encourage or discourage ganks (?) 3. Objectives ( How rewarding can they be, should the jg be able to solo some of them when there's too much heat in a lane? should they always require help? ) 4. and the most important the champs that roam in it, who's cut out to be in there and what will happen to those that don't make the cut to survive the changes? The jg imo is probably the hardest role to balance as it has too many things to consider and going on at the same time. This is the babysitter role, you have to help your team, you have to help yourself, you have to not die, you have to get objectives, you have to not waste time, you have to maximize build. "OH LOOK! MID AND JG ARE GANKING MY BOT LANE and now they're sieging!" should I be punished for camping top or pushing mid tower when no one else is around to stop me? should i be punished for taking herald then ? What should be happening? and should riot control that or should the players?
: Please Adjust Trap Mechanics So They Can't Be Placed Under Champion Hit-Boxes.
because if they did that traps would be 100% on the side of the victim to step on them and not on the placement of the one using them. It sucks for you if you're in stasis or revive or stunned and you fall on a trap but that's just how it should be. Other wise it will feel really dumb to use on the side of the user. "Hey! pls step on this trap, i need to make my kit work"
: At least his kit sernergizes and makes sense with what he is. better than haveing two abilities that work well when built one way and two abilities that work well when built another and being forced to sacrifice half your kit so the other half is doable.
when you build him AD he used everything, the shield might not have scaled with AD but a shield is a shield. Like i play {{champion:72}} and i don't complain about having a shield even if it scales with AP. Especially if the champion life steals that shield is mercy.
: We once danced in harmony with the land...
please, riot is only reworking her so they have freshly nerf her again.
: At the very least you can kind of keep your old Main. As a Yorick Main, I still suffer coming over random Old Yorick Footage because my Heartmain changed 180%. Its like we swapped Yorick for his Bodybuilder Brother.
at least he stayed the same type of champion a splitpusher using ghouls. Look at sion? nearly 100% different champion. Only thing they have in common are the axe and the shield. But the shield doesn't even work the same way. Went from a fighter/mage to a CC tank/bruiser.
: I kind of agree, runic is probably the most underwhelming of all the Jg enchants. Also on {{champion:32}} and {{champion:79}} you should definitely be building cinderhulk
I buy it on {{champion:60}} before finishing echoes as it's too expensive in the first place
: We need a Noxian themed support champion for bot lane, that faction severly lacks any supports.
: Because in a game with about 140 characters, there's plenty of shit you don't like playing against.
Yup, because i often end up in the jg in rank my favorite ban has to be {{champion:77}}
: BBQ Leona’s Recall
My fav leona skin. SAUSAGE! i'd be down for that recall
: I had for most killed was Riven. 399 kills, one shy of the glory of 400. It's just metas and concepts that people tend to overlook that ends up giving Yas the short end of the stick in terms of not feeding. I tend to die less on him now compared to last year, and that's in part with dealing with the current meta and new rune system. Conqueror might be the one keystone I might look at for him over PTA, since even though Q can apply it, it takes a while to stack, but then it wears off after 6 seconds and you'll have to restack it all over again.
well in my case it was simple, had nothing to do with the meta. Had nothing to do with balance changes, yasuo is simply too popular. Is that a bad thing? not really but it begs for him to become a meme especially when a lot of the players are just simply bad with him. Even those that aren't bad with him do badly because they pick him anyways into an unfavorable match up. So imo it's not just because of skill level, it's because "win/lose or whatever happens play yasuo" <- i believe that's the yasuo's players mentality.
Et Cry (NA)
: Urf One For All
No thank you, i'm tired of URF related game modes can we do something different. I'm hyped for one for all though thank god for it! normal gameplay with a twitch. Not that spam fest that urf is.
: It's a champ with a skillcap, people will feed. Not just on this champ, but any champ that has a skillcap. You can't be experienced without experiencing failures and mistakes.
bru did you play last year? did you see the statistics? I think nearly everyone if not everyone had the "Champion most killed, yasuo " Yasuo is a special case. {{champion:64}} is also skill based and never got to this point and he's been around longer.
penguin (NA)
: There's a reason playing the ranked ladder is called a climb. Congrats bud.
: What if Ohmwrecker temporarily gave allied turrets the old Inhib/Nexus laser and prioritize champion
this will cause more problems than the problems it will solve. Towers are weak yea but we shouldn't want them buff as them being a viable stand alone defense or protection by just being under it. Trust me when i say this as someone that has played strategy games, turtle strategies are cancer. Dear fucking god the Warcraft 3 matches vs some human turtle bullshit.
Hópe (NA)
: Think Kai'sa needs to be chilled out and not touched for a while. People are still figuring her out. Also Trist is too good because of her jump i wish they removed her reset on 4th explosive shot.
this ^ she does a lot of damage she's probably weak to adc/assassins due to range but she's mean to have a weakness considering how mobile she is vs everything else.
: I dont really know the counter to xayah / rakan bot lane
If you expect the cheese tactic then prepare for it so you can avoid it. After a good amount of support can fight them off.
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