: Yes ADCs can totally outplay and 1v1 {{champion:84}} by dodging her skillshots :D I'd also like to see an ADC 1v1ing me with {{champion:11}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}}.
{{champion:67}} have more angles to beat you than you her. :P just saying.
: AD items were randomly buffed because of a meme and AP items have seen constant nerfs for 3 seasons because idk Syndra and Ori are played???
Hey! leave syndra out of your nerf pls talk!!!! Anyways if AP items are to be buffed pls nerf {{champion:34}} or have a look at her numbers before buffing AP. She deals sooo much fucking damage.
: I feel like I'm missing a joke here...
> [{quoted}](name=Hello I am Bird,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=II2kVEOP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-25T07:47:42.801+0000) > > I feel like I'm missing a joke here... I think someone complained about ARAM bots and got some upvotes so now it's started a bandwagon of people trying to farm votes.
: It's time to say goodbye to another forgotten champion
Uhmmm evelynn is far from forgotten. She's the most popular champion they've reworked yet, there's plenty of people that play evelynn.
Elphege (EUW)
: https://i.makeagif.com/media/11-19-2015/4MhFmH.gif Dragonslave?
I remember that episode were she would take twice the pain she inflicts and she kicked the dude in the balls. I was too young though so i don't even remember the characters names from slayers.
: I refuse to vote for either because both have extremely obnoxious communities on the boards
I'm pretty sure the rengar community is probably on reddit and the jhin community is on these boards. We constantly see terrible 4 puns on the front page. Given puns are often meant to be cringe and bad so good job on that but still though. Rengar is in the wrong side of town atm.
: Yep. As soon as someone links this to the Rengar subreddit, a few hundred of them will flood in here and skew the votes. It happens every time with Rengar.
This is strange as these boards do seem to have a fetish for jhin though. Does that mean these boards are already flooded with jhin fans? if so wouldn't it be fair? Still it doesn't seem rengar mains cared to pitch in.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: {{item:3147}} is too oppressive even on melee champions. That item as a whole needs to be nerfed. It's only adding to the already too high damage creep that has been going on for a while now.
maybe for some champs but i think it would be fair game on most. I can see it being abusive on {{champion:121}} and maybe a few others. Just gotta fix how the proc actually works.
: > [{quoted}](name=RainbowIcee,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ENVAt0zr,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-09-24T03:02:33.659+0000) > > But like.. it's a bird that claws your eyes out. I don't think a spell shield can protect you from physical harm. So it logically makes sense right until the part were you can see again then that's just BS the thing is physics doesn't apply to league. Like how you can blind lee sin, or how blitz can hook a target heavier than him over instead of getting pulled.
We all know lee sin isn't really blind. http://i.imgur.com/kQMO2uH.jpg
: > [{quoted}](name=SwiftKitten88,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IyJnEsfA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-23T17:54:27.421+0000) > > if we completely ignored the world of hackers, and cheater.. this idea would be great.. > but we don't live in that world. they do exist. and adding an "offline" mode would give them all the data they need to ruin this game. Couldn't they just do that in a custom or practice tool? I don't know how making hacks really works, sorry.
Nope because the server is online. Imagine it like this, ATM the server is the card dealer handing out the cards. If there was an offline mode it would be like playing a game of cards were everyone brings in their hands. Now most people don't know how to effectively cheat so they'll get caught and will not be able to play but there are some that do and will be much harder to catch. What's worse is that these cheaters like to show off and upload their adjustments and functions of the game for others to use and then it quickly becomes too many cheaters. And they do this for laughs and giggles they don't care about the game. Not really. It's just a challenge for them, how badly can we mess up the game ? and bam! they go at it. So what the deal is, is that you don't have the whole game installed in your computer. You have most of the data but not the core game itself. Riot has the actual game on their servers. And they don't want to hand it out to players because they would mess with it. Does that make sense? they can't hack it and stuff because they don't know what the real game looks like. We can only see the images and animations that we play but can't see under the skin of it which is what runs the body.
: When you pick shadow assassin
man.. this looks like a bad case of DNA digivolution
Arkayed (NA)
: This is a weird one since nearsighted only comes from 2(?) other sources that I can think of. Noct ult and Graves Smokescreen. For the other two Black Shield has no business blocking it because.. well it's a shield, it shouldn't magically make you see through smoke or pitch black environments. The application of Quinn's is what makes it weird, because the way hers works absolutely should be blocked by a shield but because it's tagged the same as the other two it just doesn't. Edit: Civil discussions now get downvoted I guess? Lol
But like.. it's a bird that claws your eyes out. I don't think a spell shield can protect you from physical harm. So it logically makes sense right until the part were you can see again then that's just BS
: I wish they had done this for {{champion:6}} or {{champion:516}}, there would have been so much more hype. Either way, they all have really nice gameplay trailers and even better champions!
there was a lot of hype for urgot though. Many even forgot about {{champion:141}} because of mr.sexy.
: Season 5 maybe was not perfect but it was fun..
I wish we had the previous jungle again, it was amazing. Also i wish we could delete {{item:3504}} and have {{item:3147}} be melee only. I feel those changes would help the game quite a bit.
: I'm Diamond and I think Yorick and Urgot are decent. It's more so the player than the champion, but there is a pretty big skill disparity between diamond and master and I do feel in general the Juggernaut class is probably the weakest.
: Please stop paid missions
How to improve it imo 1 - Don't bundle the missions, this is just greedy. Have the missions be sold separately. 2 - Make the missions fun or something rewarding not stressful, the biggest pain reading the missions is "winning pvp conditions" this already makes it a bit "ugh" even if the missions were to go on sale without being bundled i feel this would turn people away too. Having to come home to play a match to get the chrome only to fail because of one of the many reasons a match goes wrong then to just have your chance slip away because you don't play that many games will just sting and suck. 3 - please remove winning conditions from all of them not just the paid ones, i see a lot of people play bot matches to complete their missions i wonder why? so i think they're not being done as they could be. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: i think the idea is cool... +1 but the geologist in me wants to point out that a "tidal wave" is NOT a tsunami. and practically every person on the planet uses the term wrong.. its actually quite self explanatory. its a normal beach wave... caused by the tidal pull of the moon. aka a "tidal wave"
so you're saying it should flood the area making sea creatures move faster and others slower?
: They need to fix the face. It looks a overly cartoony in it's stretched proportions. +1 to the outfit
Here's hoping the model looks good. Some times they come out too differently.
Kloqdq (NA)
: Baron needs a couple things. This is a change he for sure needs.
A player debuff would help a lot too. Have baron take less damage depending on how many people are present 1/3 if it's only 1 2/3 if it's 2.. and full damage if it's 3. Or have a hard damage debuff on the players trying to solo him. The down side is that distractions while 1 or 2 people do baron would be a lot harder to pull off. On the bright side baron should be a lot more threatening. I also feel like dragon' shouldn't be solo'd that gives unbalanced advantage to champions that can do this quicker in the jungle and creates a bigger gap between ok junglers and the must use to win ones.
: Beekeeper Singed (much like Dragonmaster Swain) have been fan made skin ideas for years iirc. Also, Beekeeper Yorick would not make any sense at all since what would his Ghouls be? Giant bees? How about the Maiden? An even BIGGER Queen Bee? Also the ghouls are mist WALKERS which means they crawl along the ground. If Riot were to instead make them flying bees of some sort that would easily bump the skin price to 1820 or even 3150 since that is ENTIRELY a new animation.
some bad ass skin though you gotta admit. I'd be down for it. Maiden is the queen bee that summons her workers. But yorick is evil though, how about Beelzebub {{champion:83}} ? would be the same concept but a fitting theme. Note: I just realized that yorick is Yoooo Rick! ( I know it's from Shakespeare i'm just joking )
: Riot, sneaky again....(new missions)
i can with no problem afford the champion skin and the missions, I am interested but i don't feel this is the right way to do this. There fore I'm choosing not to support this event as I feel this would be supporting greed.Idk how bad or good the financial situation for riot is atm. I'd be one of the first to support their cosmetic pay models before, hell they even gave us hex tech which provides free skins for the freeloaders! that was really nice. But this greedy trend saddens me, first bundled missions which you had no choice but to buy the bundle, now Quest bundled chroma of a limited skin? Not cool. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I also noticed they chose to make bee keeper {{champion:27}} instead of bee keeper {{champion:83}} . You'd think a bee keeper skin would fit better a summoning champ especially one that hasn't gotten a skin in a long time and would best fit as the lead of the new skin line, but at last one of these champs has a high win rate and high hopes of being played at worlds.
Takazaki (NA)
: its probably to force artificial worth into those icons. - i did this - i was here type of thing
> [{quoted}](name=Takazaki,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kZKv4agQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-22T06:14:41.122+0000) > > its probably to force artificial worth into those icons. > > - i did this > - i was here > > type of thing I think they honestly have no idea how to implement these events and quests into their game.
: Garens E can crit. Building full ad its about 1800 dmg, with crit and full crit damage runes, 300% modifier. 5240 aoe damage. Oh increased by i think 25% if its only one target, might be 33%.
garen can do 1 damage for all i care. I'm always running/staying away from that wacko
: We know, we do it on purpose. And when you back with a wave pushing up to tower yes I'm going to take that entire wave. My midlane tower isn't taking unnecessary damage so you can get 34 g from the only two minions left.
Just don't push the lane after though. Most if not nearly all players have been okay with me doing this as a jg. It's just when i see other junglers playing the take the wave and then push to the enemy tower. Like cmon? wts is mid lane supposed to do after? get ganked? or just glare at the enemy mid laner as the laugh and freeze the lane.
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: Let's go with this again: http://i.imgur.com/jgpMkKC.jpg?noredirect If Teemo gets to Semi Finals I will make a new one!
This is a nice banner. But as always these contests don't really prove who is the most favorable champion. Especially with how little of the community are actually participating in these forums.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: I think he bashes LB's rework for the 1.5 seconds delay on her passive.
The few times i've played LB i'd have more success completely ignoring that passive. I went in when i knew i can kill them right away. If not i just poked.
Shadòw (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bZP3FHGv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-20T23:57:46.893+0000) > > Assassins gotta burst somehow so even ap assassins are gonna start abusing crit builds https://i.imgur.com/yNlQWRM.jpg?noredirect
Crit is ridiculously good in this game. I build {{item:3031}} on talon, it's amazing... If you can, build crit on anyone that can use crit damage.
: What 90% of the "player behavior" boards is
Does someone have a compilation of these burns ? I'd love the read the "but i didn't " and then the "ohh yes you did right here " and then the "..... "
: Yes, the artists style is a bit manga-ish, because that's her foundation. This is what the word thick ACTUALLY meant before every internet fuckboy started using it to describe literally anything with a butt. Her arm is stretched straight, which means her triceps are pushing outward and her arm is going to look a bit bigger than it should. This really isn't a far cry at all from your typical athletic woman with an endomorphic body type.
> [{quoted}](name=Mcprowlington,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yUfkayOb,comment-id=000b0004000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-21T05:13:03.894+0000) > > Yes, the artists style is a bit manga-ish, because that's her foundation. **This is what the word thick ACTUALLY meant **before every internet fuckboy started using it to describe literally anything with a butt. > I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with manga artist or drawings or anything like that. Maybe you guys called it that for your own reason but here we go! They don't call thick fat because when we imagine someone that's fat we imagine someone that's very round, or the stomach is just collapsing outside of it's intended area. So what other ways do we describe people that are overweight? Buff or build, clearly overweight because of the muscle mass but complimented for what they've done with it. Women like to work on their tights and ass so we just call it thick as in a compliment for it. It doesn't just mean a "fat ass" it means a big ass and tights that's been worked on. Now some girls just get fat down there and be like i'm thick too, not really. Your muscles aren't developed you'll just have hanging muscles and skin in that area. I would give you images of the difference in what i'm talking about but i doubt it's allowed here. Ofcourse girls intending to become "thick" usually also gain weight in other areas such as stomach and arms so they have to keep a steady work out of the parts you want bigger if not you'll miss the shape you want. In my case for example i'm just skinny, i'm trying to gain muscle mass for my arms but because i like running so much i'm just burning the calories and my legs are just getting stronger but not that muscular. When I do learn to maintain myself while being normal weight and being in proportionate muscle mass I'll be what they call "slim fit"
: ***
: pretty sure the word thicc is a propaganda from all those fat americans to feel better about themselves hah, can't change the meaning of the word fat? better change people perception of it by making them believe it's cool to be fat. just like with all those smoke ads back in the 1950, smoking kills you? better make them believe smoking is cool hah
1. The ahri in the drawing is not fat at all, unless you mean her boobs then yea boobs do have fat. 2. Thicc actually refers to having thick waist, not stomach. That's still can classify as overweight which would be the word that you're looking for i assume? But it's not necessarily fat, it just means she has thick tights. 3. You shouldn't assume to know things from a culture you didn't bother looking into because honestly i'm sure these things are obvious to anyone even those that aren't from the US. " Why would someone call someone else thicc and another fat? what's the difference? well shit! thick must mean someone is thick besides the stomach then? wow that wasn't hard " - normal thought process of an average human.
Kloqdq (NA)
: Please no. Buffing while on paper sounds good will lead to power creeping. Whenever you buff something to fix a problem of something to strong, you aren't solving the issue, just trying to beat the problem with a bigger one. Then you will only start going up in the amount of bullshit power you get. Ornn for example isn't very strong atm but I think that's due to many other things being stronger than Ornn being too weak.
They have to buff the champions they got no choice, they already tried giving them strong items but because they refuse to make melee / range items only then said items get abused by Ranged AD's You also can't put up a huge nerf wave because a certain champ will just benefit from the others being weaker no matter what.
: Good luck convincing people. People hate assassins. In any event, we can still kill ADCs, you just have to coordinate your dive with your tank's initiate. In other words, you need a strong team comp on top of good communications because a Janna/Lulu/Soraka pressed two buttons. I respect the level of skill necessary on both sides here.
it's not that you can't kill the ADC, surely you can. But when you play ADC and you die whose fault was it? was it your teams for not using the correct items or kits to protect you or because the enemy team played their cards right? Chances are your support and tank got distracted else were. But what if your support and tank still peeled but you got flanked because of lack of ward coverage and an assassin get's to you. Should that assassin be allowed to kill you is what i'm getting at? or should you easily rub it off healing through life steal, the ridiculous amounts of shields and heals from items and kits and what not? I say yea, that assassin deserves the kill and he'll be contributing to his team greatly. Bring their buffs back is what i'm saying, we're not at a point were an assassins burst is that much more punishing than an ADC's or Mage's except sins can burst 1 squishy down with a full rotation and Mages cause massive aoe damage to a whole team while ADC's attribute to constant huge amounts of damage non-stop. The damage dealers can play as a family now that the power creep is ridiculously high.
Rioter Comments
There was a time long ago a website called gamespot used to do these types of contest except using video game characters. At one point one of the contests was the "best sidekick of all time" and it had characters like luigi, toad, all these iconic video game supporting characters. But in the finals it was only a duck tales character vs Albert Einstein. You can bet your ass mostly everyone was pissed including the website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNlsQ2hSjQ4 These contests were never designed to go smoothly.
: I just lost 3 games as a ADC main with the opposite scenario where I smashed the noob ADC yet I lost all three games and the noob ADC was carried by fed junglers, mid laners and top laners... do you see me making threads screaming another role is OP? lol
Don't forget I can still murder your ADC with a simple rotation of these champs {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} I would maybe put zed in there but Assasin's are a joke or a problem in league.
: Sounds about right.
My phone cost me 150 dollars, has a big ass screen, i kick it and everything and still works no screen cracked either. 2 years still working :)
Neddoreo (NA)
: Mhm. What you're describing is actually why, despite wanting to climb the ladder (repeatedly, over the seasons), I can't ever make myself actually work on it. As the system stands, it's about win quantity, not win ratio. If I could force myself to, I could assign x hours a day to climbing in League, grind it out, and I'd probably make it to g5 by the end of the season (probably not above that, though the extra practice _could_ improve my mechanics and such enough that I'd go above that). The thing is, though... I don't enjoy that. I'd have to literally force myself to do it. It'd be work. Being ranked higher just isn't enough of an incentive for me to throw away winnable games and otherwise abandon potential enjoyment. TL;DR: The system is awful. When there's still hope in a game, I refuse to throw that away for some yucky grinding.
This is why i don't play rank myself. The goal is different, not to have fun but to climb. But at the same time i understand it, people want to climb and don't have the whole day to do it. Only a few hours a week so they do their best to be efficient with it. My brother is trying to climb the "right way " too by going through his matches. After 2 months of seeing him try he is still in silver because he goes desperately for that victory even if it lasts 40 to 50 mins. Some times he loses, some times he wins but at the end it tires him out and when that happens that's the only game he plays that day. So if you have to make a choice, grind having fun and take your time but risk not making it, or sacrifice that fun to just make it to your goal rank then have fun doing whatever. I personally just don't play rank much, i'm all about the fun.
: Can 100% say that this is bs. Last game as Jayce I went 5/7/12. My mid laner died to zed 4 times in 13 minutes, I died to Shen, Nocturne, and Zed 6 times in 17 minutes, and Poppy died to Nocturne shen and zed 3 times in 11 minutes. The only reason we won was because our bot lane won lane and was able to carry the game. You can win top and mid, but if your bot lane loses its pretty much game. Cant stop an adc that crit 600 damage with one auto and gets tons of peel from team.
This depends how the game is played, hate me or not but i like playing {{champion:134}} and once i land my stun on them you can say bye bye to at least 1. Especially if i'm the one that won mid and got fed. It's open casket party bot! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boiiiii
Neddoreo (NA)
: They will make mistakes. The question is: will you notice them? Can you predict them? Can you place yourself so that you can exploit them when they do occur? That's where you can get better at coming back. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
This works on paper but let's think of the advantage they have, if they push you to your base they have nearly all the map control, access to all the creep objectives and advantage at ambush. You also are in disadvantage on location as they know where you are but you don't know were they are, and you have to make calls. Are they doing baron? or waiting somewhere to trap you? or just waiting for you to leave base to push a lane hard. What could they be doing? anything. What could you be doing? moving slow to not get caught. There's more points at wish they can beat you, and if the game started fair and they took on an advantage there's a good chance they have better teamwork or more skilled players than your team does. Of-course they can make mistakes but they would still hold advantage, would those mistakes be enough? It's down to it's a much bigger chance of you wasting your time than hoping for mistakes. Unless there's something to win in it like a tournament or money, if it's just LP you should play another match if it went rough. Anyone i know that advances in ranks is like this, they notice things to wrong and push for surrender and move on to the next match. They do their best by playing through matches quicker and advance through the ranks better. Their ultimate goal is to be efficient in climbing the ladder, and seeing it through the season this works. Leaving things to depend on time and chance on 1 match < Being an efficient climber and getting through as many matches as possible with less time, of-course the ultimate aim is to win so play the cards right early game. In the end it seems wrong, like you're just grinding matches. That's exactly how Riot's ranking system feels like. TL;DR you can Win or lose your delayed 35 - 50 min game if it lasts that long, or try to be efficient and play 2 - 3 matches in that time which of-course would be win or lose those 2 - 3 matches. The choices is up to you. But all successful climbers i've met are game time efficient rather than try your hardest to just win one round that will just tired you out/stress you out/ burn you out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lucasman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b1hErILu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-16T19:56:08.373+0000) > > it isnt over until the nexus is destroyed thats not what the majority of my teams seem to think.
to be honest, the game has tooo much snowball atm. I know im not the only one that finds hoping for an enemy throw to be boring. It sucks too, i wish i could say if we play our cards right we can have a comeback but in reality there's not such thing as strategic comebacks in league any more. Only throws, and most of the time they don't happen. You end up waiting your ass for another extra 15 mins farming for nothing to just lose anyways and get steam-rolled hoping **they** make a mistake.
Jbels (NA)
: If those 2 people losing lane are your support and ADC, then uh....yeah, gg.
it's kinda gg too if mid and top lose and feed because ADC and support will just get rekt.
: i think he meant gameplay and to an extent how it impacts the feel of the champion
this kind of doesnt need to apply to champs like {{champion:56}} and {{champion:2}} who should stay thematic.
: I don't think Nocturne needs a rework. Changes? Yes. But he has a pretty unique kit and character, and really just needs some counterplay changes coinciding with some actual survivability outside of his spell shield.
He needs thematic updates, make him scary again. All these spell shields,heals and gap closers in the game make nocturne less of a predator. They should make it that the person he ults get's the shadow trail debuff so noc can get increased movement speed.
: Yes I still think people have some form of mastery for him but when I said that no one plays him is that do you see atleast skarner get played once in atleast 10 games. People just play what's meta now a days.
My dude, the second you see skarner being played more than normal will be the day mayhem happens on league. You don't want skarner to be popular, he isn't weak he has problems catching up to his targets though that's for sure and the new runes and masteries can actually fix that. He has pretty good damage and great utility and quite good at defending itself in the jungle if anyone decides to invade. Trust me... all he needs is a little nudge and he'd be top ban.
: But they DO sometimes. Galio rework? WW rework? Current Athene's? Rakan and Bard? They do good work...and then they disappoint me in ways like these and...it's a love/hate relationship with these guys.
I'm going to complain about the galio rework, they didn't bother fixing the old champion they just made a new one with OP abilities. This doesn't make it successful that was just make something soo good it can't be bad type of thing, but it was bad because it was soo good. WW was definitely a success, Bard needed hotfix buffs (idk what the point of the PBE is if a champion needs to be tested on official release... o.O ) Rakan I'll give them that one too but we haven't gotten to the point were we can see his full potential as champions like {{champion:40}} and {{champion:117}} won't let go of the spotlight because once again riot just doesn't want to balance items {{item:3504}} but instead nerf champions.
: List of Victorious skins in League
R.I.P is going to be Victorious {{champion:157}} just to spite the community for banning him.
: You're honestly pretty stupid if you think [AP Yi](https://youtu.be/H35fns14HXM?t=10s) was removed because Riot wanted to limit choices.
Kloqdq (NA)
: RIP the coolest ult in the game. To forever be trash now.
The ult is pretty good, you was a lot of it's potential if you just use it to finish off someone. My main gripe with it is the CD as the ult is core to karthus and he can hardly use it.
: It's not a part of her burst, rather a part of her extended dueling power should you need it in an extended duel. For instance, if you are fighting a Maokai 1v1 you shouldn't just unload your kit but rather space it all out. It gives her the *option* of extended trading. Basically, it's for purposes outside of her extended burst combo. Also helps with jungling and waveclearing.
^ exactly, also that passive it's viral to her jungle clear. It's pretty damn good tbh.
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