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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Hello Meddler, Riot has been doing a lot smaller gameplay updates and changes on individual champions recently, how has the general feedback been in receiving these smaller gameplay updates and changes? Is there a chance that Riot will continue to do these, and if so, what champions are currently in mind as likely subjects to this?
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Yuumi - Biography!
I'm not going to lie, this kind of reads more like the premise to a Platformer compared to a champion biography.
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: Victorius Jarvan Skin
Hey there, Unfortunately, the Victorious skinline is reserved for players that reach Gold or Higher in the ranked season, with each season having their own individual skin given (last season being Victorous Orianna). As far as I'm aware, there are no exceptions or plans to change this, so I would not get your hopes up for obtaining the skin, at least in the foreseeable future.
: This's generally how I feel when I danger ping my support away from the three divers and then hear "triple kill."
Yeah, I do that all the time, totally. Most definitely not lying, I just completely destroy those 3 Divers. You might begin to question as to who the divers are in the question, but that question is not a question that need not be answered. Because I won. Victory went to the support, end scene, roll credits, game is won. Sell all of my support stuff and go full AD Soraka, I'm the real carry now.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
Positive - One thing that I have been enjoying lately is how well the skins and art team has been doing. While not everything may be suited for my tastes, they have been doing consistent work to make amazing stuff. Both the visual effects of the skins and the splash arts (I appreciate how they listened to community feedback to give Exile Morgana unique particles) have been pretty darn good. An example of some amazing stuff going on is the recent Papercraft skins, which are lovely. Negative - The challenge of proplay versus regular play is something that has been going on for awhile now. While I usually leave my own comments out about this, it can feel painful to have a champion nerfed heavily just because of proplay (which is more organized compared to solo-que). Naturally, looking at my name, an example of this is Rakan, where he may have needed nerfs, the proplay balancing aspect caused the nerfs to be heavy handed due to the success he had been having. I think there may need to be more communication in ways to properly balance champions with the aspect of proplay. The gameplay posts by Meddler is lovely, but I think perhaps there should be a little bit more communication with the proplay versus normal play, with "This champion is strong in proplay, so we're nerfing them, but how do we make it so that they aren't getting too ruined in regular play". Or something along those lines!
: New Exiled Morgana really needs her particles recolored. Purple doesn't work with her colors.
Well, we are in luck then.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Hello Meddler, With Rakan, I remember you mentioning that you were wanting to see how he did in proplay before making an assessment of what would be buffed (if any). Do you have a potential prediction as to what Rakan buffs could be coming, now that he has seen play in pro a few times?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
Hello Meddler, Just wanted to give a quick thanks for talking about Rakan, I really appreciate it! As for a question, how do you feel about Thresh at the moment? Just looking at shows that he has a significant playrate and winrate, so I was wondering if you guys had anything in store (whether it would be power shifting or nerfs)? I know from personal experience that he can feel not too fun to play against due to the sheer amount of utility, but I was curious to hear if you guys had any plans. Thanks in advanced!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
Hello Meddler, I'm curious as to your thoughts of how the Rakan nerfs landed? While nerfs may have been necessary, I was wondering if you planning to relocate power into him, outside of his engage, or if perhaps that you were planning to put some back into his W? Just curious as to what the plan is! Thank you in advanced!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hello Meddler, I’m curious about the recent Rakan nerfs. They feel really heavy-handed, and I know a large amount of Rakan mains (including myself) feel as if the nerf is unjustified. I understand the power of Rakan in proplay, but I’m curious as to the goal with the W nerf in particular? It feels like it messes with the tempo of playing Rakan a lot.
: 2018 Lore Tournament! (Vote for your favorite stories of the year)
This is a hard one, both of the stories are pretty darn good, having character displayed in each of them and being written in an overall great way! I'm going to have to give my vote to An Explorer's Journey, from a matter of me just liking explorers. Both of them are most definitely amazing though!
: My Neeko FanArt
Looks absolutely amazing, great job!
: Winter Wonder Soraka
Typically, skins don't come out immediately with the patch. Generally, you have to wait a few days before they are actually able to be purchased. The hype for the skins is most definitely real though, I want to get the Soraka one a lot. In the mean time, they have this [adorable login music already up!](
: The Grand Archives of Piltover [CONTEST]
Ah, I remember you hinting this for awhile on the C&C discord (subtle plug-in that people should definitely join). Suppose I should shake my brain and, for the first time, write a fan fiction (not including champion concepts here). Should be exciting to finally do something a bit more on the narrative side of things. Albeit, I am SUPER nervous, I'll be sure to try and do my best here! Thanks for hosting this, thanks for judging, and have fun everyone!
Manxxom (NA)
: Lucius - The Scar of Oblivion (Incubus champion concept)
Normally I go with doing both lore and kit, but I'm just going to tackle the lore/characterization on this one -- sorry about that! I might come back later to leave some thoughts on the kit, but for now, let's get into it. Characterization - I'll go into that of character theme here... which, as you stated, would be incubus. To be a little bit frank here, it seems like you are borrowing the name rather than doing anything with it. There isn't really much to suggest incubus here, just... well, some demonic stuff here and there and transforming the body. While Evelynn exists within the game, it doesn't mean there can't be another kind of demonic seducer kind of deal. Okay, well, maybe, but you just have to play around with it more. There should be some focus here on the actual concept of an incubus here... right now, it is just a name borrowed with nothing more really behind it. Try to take the idea behind the concept and twist it to make it its own thing. You have a starting point of incubus, now build off of it. Try to give Lucius something of his own so that he has a character that helps individualize him. Lore - There is none, unfortunately. I understand wanting to put kits out there, however, lore is an important part of character and concept creation. A Dungeons and Dragons character isn't complete without a backstory, and neither is a Champion Concept. While writing may not be for everyone, it can help establish a character for your concept that enables some pretty neat things in regards to the kit. You get a feel for the character, along with their personality, tools, ways of going about things... it just helps in establishing the kit because you get to feel how the character might fight, what abilities they might have, etc. Overall - You should probably think more about the character. Right now, incubus seems more like one of those click-bait titles compared to anything else -- you aren't really drawing upon anything with the incubus aspect, which is such a shame considering the concept behind it. I'd recommend taking some time to evaluate what you want Lucius to be, really, and go from there -- try to figure out what would make them unique within League of Legends and as a character. EDIT: I have returned to make a section for the kit relatively quickly, fear my ability to suddenly do this. Jokes aside, I'll just continue from down here. KIT - Going to be taking things ability at a time and then an overview, so here we go. Passive - Revival passives are tricky and kind of remind me of fruit cake (you either like them or you don't). With this case, I would have to say that I don't like this ability, really, at all. It basically rewards the player to die and do nothing in a fight, for enemies to not target him because if they kill him with more than 50% health... well, they're not going to be having a fun time, with even a damage boost upon coming back. I'd recommend trying to find a new passive that flows with the kit more, not a passive that doesn't seem like it would be very fun to play with or against. Q - A relatively simple ability at first glance, but I can't help but liking the aspect of abilities that drag enemies with them. It just feels so... I don't really know how to describe it lol. Anywho, besides this, the ability is relatively straight forward in what it does, but I can't help but feel like there could be more done with ability. Perhaps making it so that, while it doesn't normally apply a micro-stun, it applies some sort of CC upon smashing enemies into a wall. Give a well-placed gank some good meaning, hitting both the enemy and their jungler into the wall for some nice feeling of success when landing it. Additionally, as a side note, I would recommend adding cooldowns, as it helps judge what the ability is supposed to do (is it supposed to be spammed, medium-ish, or a heavy-hitter?). W - Kind of reminds me of Camille W here, not going to lie, but with some additional effects. Can lead to some of the similar frustrations, too, with this ability just healing them for all of the damage done -- not just a portion of it. This can be incredibly frustrating, as the healing would be pretty strong, on top of the other effects it would apply. Try dialing back on this ability and what it does -- it would help with clears in the jungle, yes, but at what cost? It does a bit too much and consumes too much a power budget. E - So, where to begin on this one. Junglers should usually have a ganking tool, that much is certain. They should have a way to initiate their gank, but this... I can't help but feel like this ability is a bit too much. The Q can already do that of a ganking tool, and while nothing wrong with having a strong-ganker, this ability is too much. I can't guess in terms of range for the ability, but besides that, the bonus damage dealt is too much for what feels like a ganking tool or a basic ability. Dial back on some of that damage and figure out if this is really an ability that needs a damage focus -- additionally, the jab at tanks there doesn't make much sense in the grand scheme of things. R - This ability is not really a fun ability, in my opinion. I get the feeling of going for a boss transformation seen, and while that can be fine, the execution with this ability doesn't really fit well with me. The health bar mechanic doesn't really do anything that a shield could not, the massive damage is... well, can't really put a description into it without seeing actual numbers, but it is understandable. I don't quite understand the removing of buffs and debuffs though... is it really necessary? Overall, the ability feels cluttered with different mechanics that don't quite add up. Try stepping back from the different things you want to do with the ultimate and try to figure out what would make sense most for the kit to have as an "ultimate ability", along with the character and theme. Overall - The kit feels like it has a rough flow to it, with having small combos here and there -- but without cooldowns, hard to say how things are supposed to flow for certain. Try to address the abilities and make sure they make sense to be on the same kit as each other. Do they fit the character you're going for? Are they fun to play as/against? Right now, the Q is a good ability that could serve as a starting point. I would recommend trying to build the kit from there, giving a sort of idea that could put them in a reason to be picked instead of other junglers!
: Ling enters with a bang, followed by roughly 37 boops.
Just as a heads up, to qualify you need to have a review for another concept (one that isn't in the CCOS). To quote the post... "You must include a meaningful review of another community member's work that, at the time of writing, is NOT in the CCOS, and provide a link to it in your linked concept,. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. If you have to ask what "meaningful" is, give them the kind of review you would want to see on your concept."
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] October/November CCOS Entry Time! (And September CCOS Results!)
Sliding in just a little bit before it closes off (classic me, I know). Thanks for hosting this, and here's my concept [Spero, the Traveller's Beacon](!
: Graff Lucious,the vampire warlock.
Hey there, just making a comment in regards to Graff Lucious, the Vampire Warlock. Ah, warlocks in DnD always seem cool... don't play nearly enough of them (but that's neither here or there). Just going to be going at it one at a time, to keep things organized. **_Biography_** The good ol' classic tale of revenge from the grave... or, well, out of the grave in this case. Either way, nothing wrong with going with the good ol' classic in this case because it works! However, I find things here a bit too generalized. While going into too much detail can hurt you, there's not much here that really lets us learn about Graff Lucious. Secretive characters can also be nice, but even then... as the player, I'd kind of want to know some more things about them. For example; why did he turn to dark magic? Was it on purpose that he choose this dark magic? Where did his followers come from? Just some questions to ask to build something more for the character -- help us get a little bit more of a taste for them. **_Kit_** Passive - Fairly straight forward ability here, nothing too complicated about it. However, I'm thinking that perhaps it is a little bit too simple? Just feels like, oh it is there... oh wait, now it is gone. While it gives a window in which he'll attack, I can't help but wanting something a little bit... more to it. Maybe give it some flesh to it, making it seem more active (for a passive, this is ironic, I know.) Q - (Normal) Relatively large range for an ability that goes through minions, low cost for it too. Besides the numbers, the ability itself doesn't have much to it. There's nothing wrong with simplicity, not everything needs to be complex, but abilities should have something a little bit more to them so that way they feel like more. Rather than just making it an ability that does damage, make it an ability that does damage and "x". Try to give some good reward to the player to make it feel good that they landed it. Q - (Bat) From what I'm getting, this is a dash into an enemy to deal physical damage and stunning them for... 1.5 seconds. That is an extremely large stun for a basic ability. Especially for, what you mentioned going for, an assassin. There's hyrbid damage going on if this does physical damage, which nothing wrong with that usually, just be careful with it. Can be easy to overdo it and then have nothing in the way for your character to build pen. for. If they're a mage and they deal physical damage, which abilities scaling off of AP... building armor pen doesn't really make sense itemization wise. Just something to look out for. W - (Normal) So, a first time activation blink into a second activation skill shot that slows... for three seconds. The blink works out fine, not uncommon for assassins to have mobility, but the second part... seems a little bit of something else. I'm getting some familiarity here with Ezreal E, but requires more button pushing and skill. Which is good, since Ezreal E autoaims for you, but a slow for 3 seconds is a bit too much of a reward. Assassins don't need to be focused around CC, they are damage focused -- getting in and getting out, not applying CC along the way, primarily. Perhaps dial back the CC so far and try to apply it elsewhere? W - (Bat) A nice ability by self, with having rewards for using the secondary way to deal additional damage, giving a reward for trying to go with something a little riskier. However, combining it with the kit, it doesn't really feel like an assassin ability -- once again, CC is a factor that should not be primary in assassins. Additionally, the kit is having a bit too much CC at this point -- plus, with the bat form in the other abilities, it seems more rewarding to be up-close and personal... a skill shot doesn't quite fit with that. Try to focus on the forms having different points, for example; the primary form being poking them down and the bat form being going for the kill. E - (Normal) Not really sure what this ability exactly entails, but I'm going to imagine suppression or some sort of locking-CC. In which case, once again, this CC is too strong to be on a basic ability. Basic abilities have a different power-level from that of ultimate abilities, and upsetting that balance can lead to some really overloaded things on a kit. As for this ability, it also doesn't fit with what the rest of the normal version seem to apply -- going for that of using skill shots, whereas this one is just point-and-click boom. Too much reward for a point-and-click, even Ryze W which doesn't have that much too it gets a lot of complaints because it is a point-and-click. Not saying point-and-click abilities aren't a good idea, but keep in mind that they don't have to be aimed, so generally they should have less power/more conditions compared to that of skill shots. E - (Bat) Not much to really say about this ability, pretty simple and it works out. Gives him a reason to be up-close and personal, going along with assassination fine from what I can understand. R -The passive on this reminds me like Warwick W, but a bit more overloaded in what it does. Try cutting down on what it can do, as it does a bit too much at the moment. It can go along with a kind of going in for the kill theme, but for what it does now? Kinda gets lost in all that. Additionally, there's no cooldown to the passive itself, meaning it is possible to just keep going at it. The active is just a transformation ability with a few extra buffs on it. The CC on this bit is what I would consider fine, if it lasts for a set duration and the CC of this is cutdown. Gives him a nice "Okay, time to go for the kill" ability, which shows he is getting serious by going into the fight... as for getting out, well, that's a little bit more tricky. _**Overall**_ - Overall, the biography needs some more flesh to it. Give us some more knowledge about Graff and who we are playing, something to go off of a little bit more than what you give us at the moment. We want to know more about this revenge-beyond(and outside of)-the-grave guy. As for the kit, I think it needs some readjusting overall to find a common point and go for it. Giving abilities a theme is a good idea, goes along with the champion, but make sure those abilities also tie into a goal for the champion, otherwise... you'll just have abilities that do different things, without a proper goal. At the moment, this doesn't really feel like an assassin to me. Try to compare it to other assassins and figure out what kind of assassin this guy should be and what assassin abilities would work with what you want. Sorry I didn't comment on your interactions, I don't usually comment on those (but I did notice them, I promise)! It was a pleasure to read, and sorry if at any point I sound mean or anything along those lines, I really don't mean to. I just want to help people out by sharing what I think in regards to their concepts. Best of luck on creating and developing your Champion Concept!
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: if you only could use 6 champions
{{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:25}} To be honest, this was a hard one for after the first pick. As a Rakan main, it was relatively obvious that I would go with him. However, after that... it became kind of hard to imagine who I would be fine playing with only 6 champions. Soraka was my former main, so I suppose that one wasn't as hard -- Zyra is just... well, kinda there for when I need a poke-poke support. Varus... well, he's what I would play in ADC role, I guess. I've always loved him, but I just don't play him because... well, not an ADC and Varus support doesn't work out that well (I've tried). Orianna is one of the first champions that drew me to League, despite never learning how to play her -- still think she's really cool though. Morgana is what I play midlane (because I need the W CS) and I enjoy her support as well. This was really hard and would probably change after Rakan, but this is what I got so far. lol
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] September CCOS Entry Time! (And April CCOS Results!)
What, third? Clearly this must be a mistake and I need to consult my lawyers about this. There is no way such great concepts could be better than Cyril... Jokes aside, congratulations to everyone involved and thanks for judging per usual! I will do my best to win one of these days! :D
: Not familiar with Zelda (shocking to some i bet) but Dormun are a bit different, they're colossal beasts that wander Shurima. They're meant to be so big that nomad tribes have built, and I quote "towns upon their backs". OP can check out an illustration for one of these creatures from the latest Ryze comic
Hey, thank you very much! I didn't have a chance to check out the new Ryze comic yet and I didn't suspect to see any info there.
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peorg (EUW)
: Hi, some feedback from me, a noob :) I like how the abilities of Ryfade combine with each other. A W-E-Q combo seems like a powerful way of wiping out weakened enemies or initiating a fight - if timed well Also the passive fits right there. Tho I worry about the ult, it might be a bit too powerful. Perhaps reduce the radius or turn the impassable wall into one that can be passed, but causes a slowdown? Im also missing some information: How long does the wall persist? Can it be destroyed? Another thing I am not sure of is the AD bonus, it seems a bit high to me. But then again, I rarely play fighters or AD heavy champs in general, so please correct me if Im wrong. But lets get back to the positive things: Thanks for taking the time to write a comprehensive Lore. Its a really well executed and moving story of brothers that I enjoyed reading.
Hey, sorry for a somewhat late reply! First of all, thank you very much for the feedback! :D I'm glad that you like the basic abilities + the passive. I struggled with the passive and E the most, with the Q being the ability that really did not change through the development of the kit. I tried to give the abilities a kind of flow with each other, while still having their uses separately so that the combo is not the only thing you can do. Ah, sorry about the missing information from the ultimate, something I must have missed in my once-over before posting. I'll be sure to get that information up soon, but for the meantime -- the wall would not last a large amount of time, but it wouldn't be an immediate dismissal either. Probably somewhere to around 2-3 seconds, just off the top of my head. I hadn't thought of the possibility of having the wall being able to be destroyed, so thanks for the idea! I'll definitely have to play around with that idea in my head. For the ultimate damage -- I wanted to give a bit of a trade-off where you aren't getting the wall to help defend your allies in exchange for more damage inflicted onto the enemies. Mostly numbers are for a rough-idea since I do not have a way of testing in-game, but it would definitely be something to keep an eye on. Funnily enough, I don't really play AD champions either. I'm a Rakan main myself, so it is kind of strange for me to be making a champion concept like this, huh? lol I'm glad you liked the lore! To be honest, writing lore is my favorite thing about making champion concepts and I always appreciate it when people take the time to read it (writing lore is what started me on the idea to making champion concepts, and is my major motivation lol.) I felt pretty good about this lore and did my best to capture the two brother's having a character. Kind of a way of redeeming myself where I was unable to properly balance two major characters in a lore, and left one of them to be less-of-a-character. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the lore though! Once again, thank you very much for the feedback! :D
: Hey, I remember talking over this guy with you :) I still think he's a pretty solid "If you try to get through me, I will beat your face in" kinda living wall. A bit of a more interesting take on a Warden type of champion. Nicely done!
I remember talking about this guy with you too. :P Glad that you enjoyed his kit!
: This is a really cool gameplay concept.
Thank you very much! I'm glad that you liked him. :D
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: Danganronpa V3: What The Hell
It may be love, it may be friendship -- but we all know, it is most certainly despair.
: Twisted Fate [Rework Concept]
Hi Djinn! I just wanted to check out the TF rework you did and wanted to do a bit of a feedback drop too... albeit I don't exactly play TF outside of ARAM, so I'm not the most experienced when it comes to him. _**Passive -- **_ This passive is a bit neat and it stems a little bit from Pyke's Bonus HP -> AD, right? It allows for some more interesting build options on TF and especially with the new AD item changes. I enjoy the passive and how much more interactive it feels with the player -- the current active just kinda being there to help with gold income. Getting bonus AP from Critical Strike chance feels a little bit weird though...? From the way I'm reading it, you seem to get AP ontop of the Bonus AD and Crit chance. With this, I'm kind of worried about you turning into the Strongest Autoattacker in the West, where your autos will just outshine other champions from the sheer amount of damage they can do. Granted, there are no numbers, but this is just a bit of a worry I get from it. _**Q -- **_ Tightening the cone feels like a nice change. Overall, I would say that I enjoy this ability -- no complaints here. **_W --_** I'm glad to see this ability be here. I feel like it such an iconic ability for TF, it would be a shame to see it go away. However, I can't say that I'm really a fan with the new way it works. I understand the goal of the new card switching mechanic, but at the same time, the new one feels like it takes control out of the players hand. You can't pre-set a card as easily when goin' in for, maybe not an ult, but a flank. Additionally, this ability is dependent on attack speed -- which, alright, that's fine... but if you have too high of attack speed, you're goin' to be flippin' through the cards faster than you can spin the barrel (I apologize for another Wild West reference). Overall, I would say that I enjoy the previous W selection more -- since it gives the player more freedom and isn't reliant on attack speed. As for the new gold card change -- I can see the reasoning behind it. With the new charge system going on (something that I'm neither for nor against), it makes sense for it to be there. Additionally, a point and click stun isn't exactly the best thing to play against, especially with the new shifting of focus into his auto attacks dealing a lot more damage. **_ E-- _** I'm not entirely how I feel about this ability. On one hand, I can see the need for having a dash with the new focus of this kit, but on the other... it just feels kind of strange. The TF now is a bit more immobile, so it feels kind of weird to see a dash on him (not to say that there shouldn't). As for the crit mechanic... I can't necessarily say I'm a fan of it. The ability for a crit to reduce this ability's cooldown feels a bit too far on the random side with me -- granted, a bit of randomness goes kind of along with TF (his current passive as an example). Still, I would've liked a different way of reducing the cooldown compared to critting (another thing I don't like is that you don't get crit to begin with, limiting this part of the ability till you get it), perhaps using his passive's third-hit mechanic? **_ R--_** _You just had to change so much of this ability. My gosh Djinn, you ruined the entire thing._ Jokes aside, I'm glad this ability is still here for the same reason I am the W -- it feels iconic for TF and it would be a shame to see it go. Only thing here is a name change, so not much else to say. That's all I have to say! I hope you don't mind me takin' a glance, but it was an enjoyable read. I usually don't read reworks, but I'm glad I took a glance at this one. Good work, Djinn!
Spookÿ (NA)
: Hi I'm coming back to game from long time absense but seems server transfer isn't a thing anymore?
If you check the blue exclamation mark, it says account transfers are currently unavailable.
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: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.10
Are there any upcoming changes to Rakan that have been tested out? I know that he has been pretty high in winrate and pickrate recently, so I was wondering if any nerfs were coming along.
Stacona (NA)
: Soraka and the Healing Stars Ability Kit Concept
Hello, I thought I should take a look at this rework of Soraka! While I'm a Rakan main now, Soraka was a champion I learned a lot about League on and I mained her for a decent while. As opposed to where I normally address abilities one at a time, I think I'll take a different approach and address each one of your goals and tie those into the kit. Well then, here we go! **** _**1) Offer better counter play and reduce frustrations against Soraka.**_ Unfortunately, I believe that you missed the mark when going in on this one. Your passive is effectively free poke after you use one of your abilities, so rather than a healer you are turning Soraka into a poking support. Right now, I'll admit that Soraka can poke a decent amount with her Q. However, this doesn't really get rid of the frustration that people can have about that -- instead, it removes her passive that ties into with her healer aspect and focuses on increasing her poke. Additionally, the W is kind of strange. You have a base of 300, but you can get up to 3000? Why would I ever use the base option? The return is so limited there is no point in using it in the first place. With a charge, you should feel an empowerment with using the ability later, but there should still be a benefit of using the ability at the moment. With this, there isn't that trade off. Also, it can get up to 3000 in range. Keep in mind the current range is 550 -- in a way, you're effectively removing the counterplay of Soraka by making her get close. If the heal is THAT weak at the beginning, then there is no point in even trying to use it. _**2) Get rid of stupid mechanics that makes her awkward to play as, i.e. health costs on her heal, cooldown and mana is good enough.**_ First off -- the health cost on her heal wasn't stupid. It makes quite a bit of sense in actuality. Mana regen is easily granted from support items that you build normally (Ardent, Redemption, etc.). Soraka with her heals instead uses a different resources which isn't granted out quite as easily with support items, health. While there is the upgraded Eye/Sightstone items and Redemption gives it -- it isn't as free access as mana regen and cooldown is. However, they counterbalance this by making Soraka have to land her Q in order to regain the health she lost overtime. In other words, the Q helps counteract the W cost -- making it so that Soraka has the nice little bit of skill there where better Sorakas hit the Qs that enables their healing more. Now then, onto what you currently have. With the W you have currently, the real limitation on it is the charge system that reduces charge the more you hit. This is a tie in with the former Soraka play (Landing your abilities assist with your healing) but the system it goes through is quite strange. You give the charges a 60 second cooldown. A 60 second cooldown is a minute, which is an extremely large time. Sure, the heals are more powerful later in the charge/scaling, but you're locking Soraka out of one of the things she is most known for -- being a healer. You're removing the focus on the healing and instead turning the focus onto the poke. There is no reason for this -- one of her core things is being a healer, not a poker. While the old system had poke, it isn't trying to force it in the same way you are trying to force it here. The charges feel more clunky then anything she has on her current kit. The E makes no sense to have as Soraka. "Saps all light from the area around her" applies she is having the ability spawn from herself. Why would you want to go up and apply this in the first place? You're leaving yourself vulnerable for attack. Her current E serves as a disengage/disruption with the possibility of follow-up CC. This is just an aura that comes from her that deals damage, applies grievous wounds (more on that later), and... stops healing? Stopping healing just makes no sense with it, and doesn't add anything to the kit at all. There is no grand benefit from this ability that would make it useful. It does not even add to the W charges. As for the grievous wounds, there is no reason for it to be there -- it does not apply to anything thematically or ability-wise. It removes her only hard CC in favor of this. The ultimate, I figured I should address now, is just a movement speed buff and the mistake of an ally champion hitting you. The ultimate offers no skill-expression, and the ability for ally champions being able to basic attack you doesn't offer any reason to do so. The only thing in exchange for it is magic damage poke that does not begin to compare to performing a basic attack on an enemy champion. In the end, this ability is not even an ability, it is a movement speed buff on an ultimate. **_3) Make Soraka "easier" to play as, as in reduce mechanical skill, but make her harder to play as with better skill expression and decision making with trade-offs for her abilities rather than always good to use abilities. Basically move Soraka for those that have good decision making and game knowledge, but have her simple to use for the us veterans and old timers, this helps with new players as well._** Soraka's current kit is already easy to play as, with the most complicated skills being keeping up your health, mana, proper E usage, and ultimate reaction timing. This kit does not add anything to make it easier to play as -- instead, it makes it more complicated and unnecessarily so. As for it having better skill expression and decision making... the current kit already does that. The proper usage of your abilities and maintaining resources helps you grow as you play -- the more you play her, the better you get at maintaining your resources and timing your ability usage. A great example of this is the E. It allows for a great example of practicing proper ability usage/placement. Right now, the E in your kit removes that and makes it an ability to trick players into getting into range of enemies... for no really good reason. Soraka is supposed to be an easy champion, but she does a good job of teaching support to players and having them grow more -- but your kit removes that function which what you were aiming for to allow for better skill expression. While I will admit it isn't as evident with the current Soraka, it is still there enough to where I feel it does better than this reworking of the kit. **_4)Soraka changes should not be afraid with a lot more "bold" changes to try to get her in a good spot for the game._** Bold changes can be great! However, bold does not necessarily always mean good. With this, you are removing her as a healer and instead changing her into a poke-focused support with healing on the side. There isn't really enough reminiscence of the old Soraka into this to really call them the same champion --- just stars and bare-ability basics for some of the abilities. **** **_So, what can be improved?_** First off, understand what Soraka does and means as a champion is vital for reworking her. Right now, I feel as if you are missing the mark with that. Try playing Soraka a decent bit to understand more about her and what makes her her. Additionally, try gathering opinions of support players and Soraka mains -- what makes Soraka to them? Keep in mind that Soraka is one of those champions that are great for people to learn on. While she may not have the most complicated/skill-based abilities because of it, it does not drag her down. For now, I'll try to include a list about things that I think can be improved with your rework of her; 1) Passive is free poke and deviates too much from her original healer aspect, try revisiting it to see if there is anything better to put as a passive that can feel more player-interactive but still ties into her healing aspect. 2) The Q removes her soft CC and the flow it had with the W. Right now, it is just an ability that does poke that also reduces the W charge time. It feels so bare-bones to have, with the original Q flowing with the kit much better. Try to give the abilities a nice flow with them in the kit -- not every flow needs to be forced in, but a flow like the current Soraka is a good example of one that is really good and seems natural. 3) Charges don't add anything good to the gameplay. They are either too weak or too strong, with a really small range or a range too large. This is trying too hard to force her into a poke playstyle rather than that of a healer with her poke tying into her healing. Try to put the focus on her healing again instead of her poke. 4) The current E removes some of the skill expression on her kit and makes a healer go into the fray more for a compensation that is too heavy. Try bringing back the skill-expression with her E and think about what fits the theme of Soraka more. Also, being unable to heal completely goes against Soraka as a champion. 5) The ultimate isn't really an ultimate. It doesn't offer the umph that an ultimate. An ultimate generally needs to scream "This is an ultimate!". Try reworking it into something that not only fits her theme, but has the umph it needs to be called an ultimate. **** Well, that's all I have to post! I apologize if I come across as harsh, but I really do wish for the better improvement of your rework. Good luck!
: > [{quoted}](name=K1B0,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vvANubx7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-01T01:31:15.586+0000)How close are you to world domination, exactly? I have to know so it doesn't interfere with my schedule. Roughly three, give or take. The unit of time measurement will remain ambiguous to avoid revealing my plans prematurely.
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vvANubx7,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-05-01T01:32:17.971+0000) > > Roughly three, give or take. The unit of time measurement will remain ambiguous to avoid revealing my plans prematurely. Got it, thanks. I should be available, but I'll let you know if my schedule changes.
: Community Outreach: Talk with a Djinn
How close are you to world domination, exactly? I have to know so it doesn't interfere with my schedule.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 27
How do you feel about Rakan at the moment? According to he is high in play-rate and win-rate, with some people even taking him mid now.
Arakadia (NA)
: Hey K1B0. A deal is a deal :P I'm going to be constructive but don't feel obligated to bend to my will regarding changes. Take it all with a grain of salt. Before I dive in though, I want to say Cyril's theme is hella heckin cool. He has this really cool story and it gives him more potential than just ice demon. It also humanizes him and I just love his character... okay? Okay, then lets get going. > Passive - Gathered Warmth Cyril’s abilities grant him warmth when he damages enemy champions or monsters (maximum: 100 Warmth). Once Cyril reaches maximum Warmth, the warmth is consumed to grant him +200/250/300% health regen (Levels 1/11/16) for 5 seconds as the warmth rapidly depletes back to zero. He can continue to gather Warmth to extend the duration, although it will continue to rapidly deplete till it reaches zero Warmth. A simple but solid passive. It seems in the end like a more interactive Volibear passive. It is certainly thematically fulfilling and its design is safe and fair. One comment would be to change how he heals. %health regen is kind of heard to estimate/feel. For example, Volibear's passive is based off his maximum health, which you can calculate and appreciate better. This also depends on how much health regen Cyril's items would offer him. There aren't many items that offer health regen, so this passive kind of forces his build to get those items. > Q - Draukalt's Grasp Cyril forms a demonic-right arm and performs a sweep with it in the targeted direction, dealing 90/110/130/150/170 (+70% AP) magic damage to enemies hit. This grants him 15 Warmth for each enemy champion hit, and 10 Warmth for each monster hit. If Cyril hits emies with the hand of the ability, it instead deals 135/180/225/270/315 (+70% AP) magic damage and grants him 25 Warmth for each enemy champion and 15 Warmth for each monster hit this way. This ability can be cast while moving. I love this ability. Moving while casting is super smooth and nice. A couple thoughts. Can you choose which side it comes from, or is it like Diana Q? Is this supposed to be his main source of damage? Anyways I like the ability and it works well in conveying him as literally _taking the heat from you_. > W - Kindling Parasite Cyril infects an enemy champion or medium/large/epic monster in range with a parasite of his own energy (shown visible to allies and enemies). This parasite deals 15/30/45/60/75 (+30% AP) magic damage per second while they are within range of Cyril or till the duration ends (4 seconds). After 1 second, the parasite begins emitting an AoE that deals the DoT to all enemies around it, and slowing them for 25%. If Cyril hits the enemy with Crippling Grasp while they are infected with the parasite, he rips the parasite out of them to deal 65/90/115/140/165 (+50% AP) to them, granting Cyril 10 Warmth for each second it was within the enemy and Kindling Parasite is instead stored within him for 2 seconds, allowing it to be recast onto an enemy (the AoE remains if it was taken from an enemy while the AoE was active). Kindling Parasite cannot be put on a unit that it was just taken from. This is a really cool ability that rewards good timing and skill. I like it alot and gosh its another super thematically successful ability! I am a little worried it would be frustrating that the ability encourages you to rip out the parasite at the last second. It would easily create a lot of frustrating moments unless every Cyril player always ripped it out at 3 seconds. Maybe have the bonus Warmth gathered be capped at 3 seconds so the player wouldn't feel bad about risking it for the last second? At the same time it might be smart that this ability is so risk driven. Idk really kinda depends on your vision for Cyril. I see an issue with the ability. I think you should be able to reapply the parasite to the same target. Most of the time there won't be multiple enemies for Cyril to apply the W to, so he'll be stuck in a 1v1 without anything to use it on. Additionally Cyril isn't a big AoE mage, he seems like he would want to focus on killing one enemy first rather than tagging each enemy with his W. > E - Hunting Warmth Cyril gains 50/55/60/65/70% decaying movement speed for 1.5 seconds upon activating this ability, and may reactive this ability after a short delay to perform a quick dash in a target direction (does not go over walls) dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (65% AP) to them and gaining Cyril 15 warmth per enemy unit/monster hit. If this dash hits an enemy champion, medium, large, or epic monster, the movement speed buff is granted again and the ability’s cooldown is reduced by 50%. The synergy between this ability and W is super good. I think this would be a super cool ability to combo with. The name Hunting Warmth is a little awkward but I really like the ability. The movement speed is a good implementation imo to help tie him over till he gets his next reset. > R - Field of War Cyril stands still and charges for 1.5 seconds, afterwards removing all terrain (cannot be used on outer walls/turrets) within a 1250/1500/1750 for 10/15/20 seconds. Okay first I wanna say I love how this ties into his story and the name works very well. Originally it didn't seem to work with his ice spirit nature but I like it. However the ability seems extremely weak. From my understanding Cyril is an AP dueler, maybe an assassin. I'm not really certain so I do suggest you solidify his role (he's reliant on AP spells, but he's melee and has his damage spread out over multiple casts). Also please clarify if its a 1250/1500/1750 radius or diameter. I think radius would be too big but eh. For Cyril, this ability doesn't seem to fit that much. It doesn't help him take out squishies or fight off enemies. It won't help him gather or utilize warmth either. Its a neat ability but it feels really out of place. You honestly need to buff it. The first thing I would do is let him use it as a chase ability. Destroying terrain is useful for getting to an enemy who is hiding on the other side of a wall or is fleeing through the jungle. So remove the channel and let him instantly destroy terrain around him. The second thing that destroying terrain like this is good for is to access an area like Dragon pit or get a new flank position. I would have the spell maybe freeze the ground, giving Cyril speed on it while slowing enemies on the Icy Field of War. You could also implement the warmth mechanic that you put so much work into by giving him warmth per second while he's in his little territorial section of the map. -------------------------------- Anyways I hope I helped. If you have questions or ideas I'm cool with discussing the further. Cyril is super cool and I want to see him be even better :) _And thank you so much for your review!_
Hey, to start off with -- thank you very much for the feedback! (Glad I could've helped you as well, even in the smallest amounts!) I'm glad you've enjoyed Cyril, and I've had a lot of fun working on him since he is kind of a challenge in itself. I'll go ahead and address your points directly now. :D Theme - Thank you very much, I'm glad his character is to your liking! I really loved writing this lore, getting feedback, and then expanding on it to make it what it is now. To be honest, it has been one of the most helpful writing experiences (going beyond spirit and trying to make him a character that could be understood on an emotional level). Plus, I've always loved ice-themed things, so I really liked the idea behind taking it one step further and making them, rather than a pure ice demon, something that sucked warmth out of things. Passive - I can understand the thought that he needs to scale his HP regen off of a stat he can build, so he won't be forced to build health regen. While I agree it is a good idea, I'm afraid of kind of overdoing it with health regen if I give it an AP scaling. I think, for now though, it may be a good idea to have more health regen (say, +25% health regen per 100 AP) in something like that. Q - This ability is supposed to be kind of his main ability, with it leading the way primarily into his W. The damage is supposed to be split up between the two, with the Q taking the primary damage and the W rip-out being the lead behind it. I'm glad you liked the ability, and as for your question; I didn't really have plans to make it able to choose which side it comes from. W - I remember getting a lot of flack for this ability when I was making it (primarily for its name). I'm glad that it really worked out in the end and that you like it! As for the concerns -- I can understand the capping, but I kind of want there to be the risk and reward system going on there. For some reason, I just really like it. As for not stacking it on the same unit, I think that's something that I can do. That part was added early on in development, so I should've visited it earlier to catch it and see if it worked out. E - This is the basic ability I was most worried on, but I'm glad it worked out for you! I'll agree with you on the naming sense -- I typically don't have the best. I'll see if I can come up with something better, but if not... well, I'll curse my naming sense again. R - This is the ability I have the most concerns about, since it is such a risky ability. I'm REALLY glad you liked it though! I've been thinking about ways to change it, and I've gotten a good idea from yours! As for what it is supposed to be doing; I'm trying to have it mainly set up to be a flanking/ganking tool, as well as a way of allowing for Cyril to have more room to kite/run around in as well as huge teamplay. Thank you very much for your thoughts, and you should see a new (hopefully better) version coming up shortly! Thank you very much for the great feedback you've given me, and I'm happy that you enjoyed Cyril!
Ifneth (NA)
: Came here expecting champion that wanted... warmth. Found demon. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Well... ermmm... he does want warmth, he just doesn't ask politely.
: Awesome work, I was wondering if I could add this concept to the [Den of Concepts](
Hello, No problem! I actually mentioned your Den of Concepts to some friends who thought it was cool. A nice thing to follow if you're interested in furthering it would be the CCOS, a monthly champion concept contest.
: But... But... But... Cyril is the name of the Ice Guardian in The Legend of Spyro Trilogy D:
I had forgotten all about that! Wow, that's a nice wave of nostalgia, thank you. lol
: Great champ idea : ^) Of course I can see in how many ways that ult could get your teammates screwed over
Hey, thank you very much! As for the ultimate, it was kind of a risk with design, but I think I missed the mark with it. So, I'm going to be reevaluating it and seeing if I can come up with something that would better reflect both gameplay and lore (with a little less teammate trolling potential).
: I'm not good at lore; we both know this. I'm just gonna focus on the kit. I'm not actually sure how good that passive is, since the health regeneration stat is an enigma to me, but it definitely seems like it scales late, and it's definitely interesting. If this is strong, though, then it looks like you might be generating it a tad too quickly. I'm also not sure if Grievous Wounds applies to the HP regen stat or not. On the Q; this is numbers, so it's mainly semantic, but if you plan on having it deal more damage, the difference between hand and arm should probably be more than just 30 base. W+ Q interaction is cool, but this is potentially a crap ton of damage with the numbers you have rn. E is also interesting, and probably works well with putting your Q into its effective range. My gripe, though, is that as far as I can tell, this makes you incredibly mobile and sticky, which is the opposite of a juggernaut; this is assuming that they're an AP juggernaut, since that's the vibes I'm getting from Q, W, and passive. Speaking of, if they ARE a juggernaut, they should have more defensive tools than their passive regeneration. The R is... Okay, I'm gonna be frank; I'm not sure why this is here. Terrain is key to a lot of things (you're basically making Vayne Condemn useless for potentially 20 seconds), and you're decimating the terrain in 1/4 of the map. This also doesn't really make sense to me on this concept, since it doesn't look like they want to be doing anything with map control. I'm just overall confused, since in terms of both gameplay and lore thematic, this appears to have no place.
Hello, and thanks for the comment! I'll leave my reply and the like now; Lore - We do both know this. Passive - Grevious Wounds does apply to HP regen. Unfortunately, I don't really have an estimate of how strong it would be, but it definitely is something that could potentially be pretty darn strong. Luckily, it would just be a number fix for the most part. Q - Yes, numbers confuse me as well, so I generally just try to give an estimate. I suppose you're right that there should be a more of a difference for the benefit of hitting with the hand portion. I'll go ahead and give a small bump to that, thank you for letting me know! :D W - My bad, now that I look at it the damage would be a bit strong, even for what I'm going for. In return for bumping damage when hitting with hand, this will get a bump down. E - They are supposed to be kind of like a faster battle mage, where their defense is their ability to be hard to hit. However, the speed boost numbers were before the dash was involved, so I should've nerfed those in response to that, so I think that's how I'll deal with it. R - I was aware that the ultimate would be a bit strange, but I suppose the ultimate probably missed the point entirely. The idea behind the ultimate was to give him more range to move around in with the ultimate, as well as being a kind of setting up for gank. While it doesn't really have any overlap with the lore, it was supposed to be more of a gameplay thing. I should probably revisit this, so thank you for letting me know your thoughts!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] April CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Hello, I have returned (this time not as a judge) to the CCOS! I look forward to hearing feedback for [Cyril the Warmth Seeker]( :D
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: LiNet - the Storm of Ionia
Hello, I thought I would take a look at LiNet, the Storm of Ionia! **_Lore_ ** Not much to say in regards to the lore, as you mention you are going to be making a full story later (possibly, at least). However, something about the short lore given is that it does not particularly stand-out. By this, I mean, what does LiNet have over other people in Ionia in terms of personality? Is he narcissistic? Chivalrous? Just some things to look at to help the reader get a better understanding of them. Additionally, what about the knights? How do they act, what are their ideals, etc.? This would help flesh out LiNet's character more, and it can help establish a major factor -- what does LiNet do to make himself a champion in League of Legends? Right now, I feel as if the study of ancient runes doesn't really put enough in terms of what really happened to give LiNet a spot to be defined as a champion. **_Kit_** **Passive** I can't say that I'm particularly a fan of this passive. By this, I mean the fact how the passive will constantly flux how much armor/mr he has. Rather than using a unique resource, I feel as if it would be better to have some other standard. At least, not use the amount of the resource he consumes with other effects that would constantly flux the amount. Additionally, having autoattacks cost something is not really recommended. While there are cases of autoattacks using ammo, those autoattacks have some defining features about them to make them cost ammo. Right now, it doesn't feel like there is a clearly defined reason for the autoattacks costing. **Q** Having this based off of an autoattack feels kind of boring. It doesn't really seem to give the player must real interaction with the ability, which is kind of simple in what it does but still nice (I don't really focus on numbers or play AD, so I can't give you an accurate measurement for the damage). Something that might seem refreshing is perhaps change it into a double slash that does the effect in a small AoE? That's an idea off the top of my head, but the point is that just buffing the next autoattack doesn't really feel like it involves the player much in it. **W** This ability is just a passive buff in itself. I can't particularly say that I am a fan of passive buffs for abilities, since they don't really involve much of the player in their usage and the like. Right now, what this ability provides is bonus movement speed based on charge used? If so, in a fight would there be ever a time where this buff wouldn't be active? It doesn't involve the player much in decision making or anything like that. I would recommend developing out an ability further for this, and try to give some more player-involvement in this ability. **E** Not much to say about this ability, 'tis a blink that does damage and grounds the last enemy to be damaged by it (I presume here that it means the champion closest to the ending point of the blink?). The major thing about this ability is to consider what it says about the playstyle for the champion with the other abilities, and does it fit the playstyle aimed for? (More on this later). **R** Okay Pikachu down B.... jokes aside, this ability is a powerful ability that costs LiNet nothing more than a cooldown in the end. It has large playmaking potential, but it doesn't really feel like the cost is equivalent to the payout of this ability. Stun is a heavy kind of CC, but perhaps grounding instead (maybe with a slow attached onto that)? That way, the ability having no cost could better match the factor of the ability having no cost (and even giving LiNet power). Additionally, it would also keep the playmaking potential of the ult. It having a 100% AP feels a bit more on the random side, but it doesn't really give or take anything away from the kit. **Overall** I kind of like the thematic of a lightning knight, but I feel as if the kit needs more focus outside of the passive. What would it be like playing LiNet? What would it be like playing against? For myself, I thought a cool direction to go in would be the furthering of the grounding CC in the kit. Perhaps make it one of his key aspects, where he is the kind of fighter that focuses on locking his target down if he is able to outplay them with his abilities, or something along those lines. That's just my idea off the top of my head though. That's all in terms of what I thought of LiNet the Storm of Ionia. I wish you the best of luck in furthering LiNet and other Champion Concept creations! **P.S.** This review is sponsored by being an outreach for the [April CCOS!]( It is an extremely helpful competition where you get detailed feedback (in both terms of lore and kit) for Champion Concepts! I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in making concepts and the like!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] February Results Are Here!
Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that participated!
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