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: yeah but AD champs have items that can reduce your armor by 45% so you buy 1000 armor but you really have only 550. this means that your armor is not gold efficient while their items are.
: >Right now he can barely 100-0 somebody when fed Should an assassin be able to 100-0 people when not fed though? I thought they were supposed to 80-0 or something. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm not an assassin main :/
The point is not 100-0 someone when not fed, it's that it should happen if Shaco IS fed
Escheton (EUW)
: No. People would invade hoping for seal stacks. Then swap for free if it didn't pan out. Do you really want to encourage lvl 1 teamfights on top of the 2minute lvl 3 jungle gank?
True, since first blood would give you enough gold to buy jg or support item, never thought of it this way, thanks for the comment!
khorney (NA)
: ummm you can just hit undo ....
I mean after I walk out of base, forgetting I'm support, now I'm at a disadvantage having less gold.
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Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I'm thankful for the Riot teams making sure I get to play this beautiful game with great music and sounds without many issues! Number: 365 days in a year of league :)
nep2une (NA)
: It is inherently unhealthy. The trade off of range is that you get the ability to perma-kite (outside of ridiculously fast/CC-immune champions like Yi/Olaf/etc) with enough skill. The downside is you're squishy, aka, you die near instantly if you get caught. Which is perfectly fine and balanced. If you want durability, then play someone who's a durable champion. AKA, melee.
Gnar is a good example of this.
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
Me after I win a skin from Laughing Fish
: That zone needs to go friend, legit the only minigame I like is bard's. Fuck gp's minigame, skarners minigame etc. I'm here to play league, not to play some other game withing a game within a game. Edit: Oops guess people like their champs with minigames. In that case fuck me keep making more....
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: Orianna's W is bugged
Try posting this in the report a bug category, Rioters tend to pay more attention there.
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Rhojin (NA)
: New Player Guide Updates
Would love to see items added as well! Explain maybe scalings and what items go with scalings (ad/ap).
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raj Te Lag Comp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ksAFwJyl,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-08-08T14:57:29.987+0000) > > One shot meaning one combo haha. I still wanna see this since you define as one of the problems ingame. Guess your project Ashe got rekt by some ap nautilus.
Actually, I'm the one who plays Nautilus.
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: ap nautilus 1 shoting adc with roa and abyssal, i wanna see this
One shot meaning one combo haha.
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raj Te Lag Comp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ksAFwJyl,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-07T19:18:41.624+0000) > > Lower all base damages by 15-25% (Numbers can vary, just an example), transfer that to scaling, and improve tank items. This will stop all of the tank assassins as well as things such as Nautilus one shotting a carry with RoA and abyssal. Since there will be more damage late game from the carries but not from tanks, it's fine to buff tank items because the tanks will do almost no damage. The primary focus of the tank buff should be for early game so that they don't get bullied by a Vayne or Kayle top lane. The lane bullies can get hit less hard so that they still bully lane as well as have slightly, not too much, more of an impact late game. This will reward things such as warding and positioning late game because the damage dealers on the opposite team will do more damage later on but in turn your carries will do more damage later. Soon as i saw lower base damage and improve tank items i couldnt finish reading this almost. Amongst one of the critical reasons that make Tanks so dominant is the exploitation of Itemization, literally alot of AD tank'ish champions like Illaoi and Darius can combine their own utility for powerful presence such as darius's passive will give him a huge AD spike and bleed out dmg bonus to targets, while Illaoi can E grab you to poke you a good sum while your running away and then forced into a slow debuff of dodging spawning tentacles. How this translates hard is items such as dead man's plate will negate the standard 'mobility' issue they would have, especially early game and with it giving up to 60 bonus move speed, unless they are slowed or locked down in any way, with such a utility on top of the hp and armor it brings out will let them gap close run much faster, even more so if they have fully upgraded boots too. While black cleaver can have extra move speed by just hitting the enemy, can penetrate part of the armor they have, and also hp but also AD to make them even more brawlie. Mobility also shows its head especially good, when champions can even add stuff like ghost blade, luden's echo, dusk blade, phantom dancer, rapid fire cannon and so on to gain almost 20% more move speed then others so it lets them easily run in as a tank, run out if things get dicie after killing a few. Ultimately what needs to be done is to balance itemization, such as measures to make it not as workable for just tank stacking and blasting things to death using what they have. But also take steps to cut back on special effects that allow such potential power to sky'rocket into madness, such as toning down that extra move speed bonus on deadman's plate when its fully stacked (since some champions can ignore auto hits which adds that big extra dmg hit on a target or even a turret and just constantly use abilities to high damage and chase or run away). Plus what i recall on some ideas they were talking about, splitting up how the tank building would work, such as some tank champions might have high magic resist while some might have high armor, but would not be as good in the other stat, while some might have horrible armor/magic resist but would have high hp pools instead. Though it may not entirely resolve the tank abuse currently by itself, combined with proper tweaks, it could hopefully make tanks ruined much more easily if they stack armor, but the enemies ap champions could utterly wreck them with the tank's low magic resist, but in that same note: "HP would need to be toned down too so there would be less occurences of champions stacking items with hp like with swain and vlad: "Rod of Ages, Rylai's scepter, liandri's torment.", then making good use of the powerful amounts of ap and hp you get, combined with slow effects and % burn effects and a flat magic penetration to just tank mow down everything. It makes me almost go to the point where items that grant HP, should never grant Ability power or Attack damage to force a balance created with some item sets that exist atm will not have armor/magic resist on top of either Ability power or Attack damage which makes it more impossible for people to just go some high damage, high armor combination, which is going on right now instead with HP and the AD or AP they work with. It would certainly make 'non tanks', alot more squishie, but in the same token, tanks can't just mix hp+damage hybrid items with ease especially in early game and be forced into relying on base damage more then plain skyrocketing with sub'par base damage mixed in with sub'par scaling, that makes it powerful with a tank able to work strongly with both of them. This also would apply to Fighters/Juggernauts/etc.'nauts too, they are made to skirmish, not to do the same thing as tanks and rip apart everything with ease, with barely any of their health being chunked off in a 1vs1 or even a 1vs2 fight.
I get what you are saying about build 2 damage items and go tank, but the thing is if the scaling is set high enough they would need to build at least 3-4 items to do significant damage and therefore not be as tanky as currently. As for 1v1 juggernauts are supposed to excel at that so it would keep them the same as they are right now with a mix of damage and tank. This is just my two cents though. Love the long and detailed reply!
: Well, actually the problem goes further than that (and I am speaking as a player who has played a variety of the other games out there). I was playing around with some item calculators and found that the balance between damage and defence (for all items in the game) seems to be more than a bit off. Moreover, I don't think it is a coincidence that at all levels (including diamond through challenger) you see an absolute lack of defensive items actually being used -- and yes, I am looking at tanks (and supports generally) as well. (Quite a few "tank" items more frequently selected have an offensive aspect.) Simply, it is more to the advantage of the players to move towards less utility and defense and more towards damage. (And, this also leads me to think that this is also the reason why supports are less popular to play. Those warding items rarely contribute to this side of the play.) The blunt truth is that if some player (or even a turret) in the game is too hard to take down, then players (particularly those who love their kills) complain. Players don't want armor that stops them from getting their penta or healers that undo their damage. (Consider how often you hear that <insert name of current popular support character> needs to be nerfed -- unless that same support (using "support" loosely at this point) can also be used as a damage maker. Yes, I am looking at you Blitzcrank.) {{champion:53}} As long as players want the quick kills, the quick objectives and the reason to brag/gloat without doing the work, and the devs support their demands, then your wishes will fall on deaf ears. Supports are doomed to be the 5th wheel in the game.
I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I think that players will agree that base damages are too high in the game causing the "Tank meta".
: Need a champion to main
Well, Jax is a good one to solo carry along with Kayle but they come online later into the game. Gnar is also pretty good. Poppy if built bruiser with flat armor pen is stupidly strong.
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Ñaofumi (NA)
: ADC is stressful
Don't forget turret first blood mixed with bot lane turret having no armor.
: What's the difference between Worst morde na and meticulous metal? The latter actually mains morde
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Azeranth (NA)
: {{champion:131}} HERETIC!!!!!
: I guess you got "tic-ed" off.
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: grevious wounds is plenty abundant. Personally i would want a tank item made from QSS {{item:3140}} or change Banshee Veil to include it
That's a great idea as well. Hopefully one day.
: There's also ignite, Varus, and Morello's.
Well, this post was mostly made for AD top laners, so that kind of negates most of those things. Not saying you're wrong, just saying it's for those jax/irelia/gankplanks who are up against healers with no armor.
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: Hmm i've been reading through the comments to determine if the azir soldiers should be able to body block skill shots or not Keep in mind that heimer's turrets can block skill shots. Now thematicaly it makes sense that azir sacrifice his soldiers to block incomming damage. But does that make sense from a strategic/balance point of view? Thanks for the reply friend
I believe it would because if the duration is say 1-2 seconds he can only block one skill shot with it. if he uses it improperly the skill shot will go through, or others with dashes can take advantage of the soldier to gap close. This will give him counterplay by ganking him but giving him some safety by making the enemies wait to land their cc. Another possibility would be to make it so there is a delay between casting w and e. That would make him easier to gank if instant w e cast seems to OP.
: [opinion] why are sand soldiers invincible? They should tank for their king and be attackable
Well, one Riot employee explained that the problem with Azir was that he was too safe with both his ult and his e. What if they changed his e to make the soldiers take damage and tank skill shots for a few seconds? This would remove his escape while still giving some semblance of safety as an immobile mage.
: Explain How did you choose your Summoner's name
I have terrible internet, so I joked about playing with the lag and that created Raj te lag comp. Oh and Raj is my middle name.
: I hear every time someone makes a Malzahar pun they have to write him a void cheque as royalty.
It's only sneaking in 100 voidlings to Runeterra per pun.
: Y'know, Piccolo would agree. But he'd summarize it in one word.
Ulriah (EUW)
: I actually giggled.
Shadòw (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Thanks, I'm not here all week only 23/7.
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Kürama (NA)
: This is because there aren't many players around your skill level on at that point in time who are looking for the positions you have not selected.
I know that, but why has it happened all of a sudden? Within the past few days, the queue times became upwards of 5 minutes.
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: When I see a downvoted thread in M&G that involves 0 hate or mocking people
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