: "Healing and Shielding supports are balance" Riot Games
: Got another point - if this buff than maybe people would go assasin Fiora mabye with the 3 hit attack speed rune maybe not. Like 3 hit nuke build or something the 90% + AS items would make her QE almost instant right?
Assasin build is trolling on fiora. If you build too squishy, you wont be able to finish off your ult, you will die before that.
MeowGath (NA)
: If they let Fiora parry turret shots, then Yasuo's windwall will get to do the same. And no, I don't want any of that to happen.
yasuo windwall cant block everything, fiora parry supposed to block everything, everything, everything......
: Considering she blocks CC, Summoner Spells AND has the ability to apply CC with Riposte after blocking; I don't think she needs the ability to block tower shots.
It a parry, it not going to feel satisfying enough unless it can parry every damage in the game. We can add 5 more cooldown to make it balance. I want to block turrent shot!
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AD Ezreal (EUW)
: Just won a game as #1 and got -5lp for that
Did you use cancer comp glacial..., if you did you deserve that -5lp.
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: Actually the outfit Illaoi's wears in game was never meant to represent her ceremonial outfits or her everyday wear back home. This is an outfit she chose for Bilgewater, a city which her people think of as something between a filthy ghetto and a refugee camp. I doubt she has a “dress” per say— more likely a sarongs, loincloths, and other unisex garments for everyday wear depending on the weather. Ceremonial clothes are often made for the various events and holidays (and often destroyed after).
get more bug fixing employees in your riot team,
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: I play fiora and shes better with new ultimate so shhh {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
you can carry with old fiora ult, new fiora ult rely on teammates
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: Could this be a good change for conqueror?
Hashinshin won't like this balancing idea!
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: Yi is super weak please stop
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: Zed getting the nerfs he needed.
LL Stylish said that zed doesn't need nerfs, he is balance.
KatOne (EUNE)
: Lol matchmaking system sucks
reset rank, reset rank, reset rank
: I mean, yeah -- when a single assassin with only one complete item jumps a 3-item, Seraph-ready Sona with ult up backed up by a Taric with ult up and an additional ally, and when they land all the ultimates nearly instantly on the correct targets and have Sona ult into Taric + TF stun, you can't assassinate her. That's fairly normal. To answer his "what are you supposed to do" question, the answer is "don't attempt to 1v3 into two powerful support ultimates and expect to get a kill." It's also worth noting that the enemy team is up a dragon, 5 towers, and 15 kills, so this is likely a lost game at this point, to the extent that the inability of his team to kill anyone isn't surprising at all.
riot is thinking about nerfing sona and taric combo!
: "Healing and Shielding supports are balance" Riot Games
Team Liquid just won a game against Cloud9 with Sona and Taric! And you still say Sona and Taric is not op.
: You people seriously don't know how to surrender do you.....
I trap, people in my games all the time, because they need to learn how to deal with it.
: I wish to go pro
Hours: not needed, new players can join Rank: Iron 4 +, unranked players not allowed Champ pool: every champion in the game Behaviour: a little tantrum from time to time is okay
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: Fiora will always be anti fun cancer regardless of she’s powerful or not. This is yasuo and zed tier anti fun design for melee champions. She must get a rework.
yasuo more anti-fun than fiora, master yi more anti-fun than fiora, pantheon more anti-fun than fiora, zoe more anti-fun than fiora....... I don't think fiora should get the ryze treatment and wait until for another rework.
Juice (EUNE)
: Why are you comparing Fiora and Kayle late game when Fiora is about 10x more oppressive than Kayle in lane? Not only that, but you also don't show builds or anything Fiora is fine, she has bad match ups and good match ups. Stop crying because your champion isn't top 3 insta-win anymore
Then why forgottenproject, the only master elo fiora player that spams fiora, keep saying fiora is bad and ranting how fiora has around a 45% winrate!
Bards (NA)
: Fiora's win rate per games played also goes up drastically, so there's that to keep in mind. 200+ games on her the win rate currently sits at 56%, now of course again just looking at pure winrates can scew someone's perception. I don't think she needs a rework, but its a champ hard to buff due to her kit in general. That being said, she does seem to be super matchup dependant.
Then why did a lot of people that played 200 + games on fiora stop playing fiora. Like if you looked at high elo fiora players, you can see that they quit playing fiora or rarely play fiora.
: I'm curious how ER got deleted as an item for Fiora. Do you think the same is true for Jax then? His split push requires just as much on the mana I think.
jax uses 1 w for tower, fiora uses 5 e for tower 5 e = 250 mana
: But why should Fiora need teamfight power in the first place? She's already the most powerful duelist and an extremely strong splitpusher.
Her split push power is just good (not extremely strong split pusher)! Jax only need to tap w once to get towers. Tryndamere melt towers. Fiora is good because she uses 5 e's with autos (250 mana) with good enough speed to be called a split pushing champion. She is not the most powerful duelist! She needs help from team in late game when dueling against master yi and adc that has a lot of attack speed. Sylas is currently the most powerful duelist! So having team fight power is balanced when looking at these weaknesses.
: It would be cool if they could remove the totally out of place AOE heal on her ult or the fact that she's rewarded for mistiming her Riposte.
AOE heal, helpful for team fights, if they removed it they would do the same mistake like they did when they made tryndamere. Tryndamere, useless team fight and super good split push. Some champions don't have cc so, they need to add the attack speed slow.
: I expect more of base stat buff like hp reg or a mr buff too (cuz vlad and kennen top). She got bully to easy by ranged matchup so a hp reg buff could work.
That is a problem because not a lot of fiora is not building {{item:3155}} right away.
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: Every time I play Aatrox, I think to myself...
Yeah i don't know what riot is doing with aatrox. Its unbelievable!
hiyares (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rajinikanth Fan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bhoomLVb,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-03-28T22:29:45.171+0000) > > i know like what is this guy talking about saying that (other champion are out performing fiora), fiora is fine > > people shouldnt rant about riot games if they are givin free skins actually fiora is in a pretty bad spot atm with how damage is atm and high cc mages that are tanky being a thing she just kinda dies. she has okay laning but honestly shes one of the duelists that cant really duel anyone at the moment.
i started playing riven and jax and im enjoying it. i faced fiora and she is balance, she can still punish if i waste my abilities, so no need for buffs
Salron (NA)
: people aren't chosen based on their balance knowledge
i know like what is this guy talking about saying that (other champion are out performing fiora), fiora is fine people shouldnt rant about riot games if they are givin free skins
: because even when he's in there he still has free speech?
no not allowed, to be gifted free skins you have to do a vow to always respect league and say good stuff about league
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IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: As far as balance goes, one thing that strikes my mind is this: Can you yourself even do a good job at balancing the game? Or will you just go rampant and nerf the champions you hate and buff the champions you main? I'm curious really. Such power on your own fingertips and your balancing will make the entire player base quit and the game will be worse than the trash crisis (i'd go with train wreck but this one is worse).
balancing easiest job ever, riot games overthinking in their job
Dynikus (NA)
: For Christmas, I want players that have no idea what they're talking about to stop complaining about things. I don't think either of us will get what we want though. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
oh, here comes the riot employee using their second account
Mortdog (NA)
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
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: riot intentionally trashes games to sell more?
You are part of the EU region, we all know you were not born mechanically skilled compare to the average NA player.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Why would you waste company money on training for how to play the game? You cant demand your employees get good on their own time and skill in the game is completely unrelated members of Riot in multiple departments. What exactly does Mechanical skill in league have to do with some one who works on say Server stability or an artiste who makes 3d models?
They dont need to be good, but they need to follow rules. No feeding! They just need to give warning at least to these rioters that ruins a game.
S V (NA)
: nvm this guy is just b8 Zzz
video released march 24 this username has a note saying: the black swain
S V (NA)
: can't tell if b8 or actual toxicity
its a riot member, they need to train their staffs the basics like how to not feed in rank games
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: Comprehensive guide on how to play Fiora support: 1. Start Spellthief's and take two pots 2. Max out W 3. Remember to poke a lot 4. Keep bushes warded 5. Peel for your ADC, start building for a Redemption 6. Lose game and realize that Fiora has no reliable CC, gets poked down way too hard, at least one teammate got tilted because of your pick and that there is a huge champ pool that would serve better as off-meta supports. 7. Probably get a 14 day suspension. 8. On the off-chance you made it to late game, you are depriving your team of much-needed cc and if they have any decent assassins, your ADC is fucked.
14 day suspension..., if teemo can be picked in support why cant fiora be support. I think with good practice with fiora support, fiora can be tied with teemo support!
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