: New pantheon could use a bit of a buff
Id say hes fine hes godlike vs any one melee that does not have a attack that can get past mobs just sit back toss spears they try to go in shieldattack wile backing thin jump stun they cant do shit.aka a top lane god.And if u are say mondo and have to vs a panth its pure cancer I have to say panth is now probly my 2nd most cancer ch to vs close first to the pure cancer yas
: Lobster Skarner skin
Would be cool if he got a pentecopterus skin aka a prehistoric scorpion
Yenn (NA)
: Hitting Rengar with CC during his jump and still dying in half a second does not feel good
well rangar can also jump on teemos shrooms and kill them with out setiing them off..............
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: You know new morde is broken when even tahm kench loses to him.
tk can be stoped by a lot of champs its just that a lot of the champs good vs him people im guessing dont play.Teemo for one is epic vs him.tk is not a champ u run all in on u burn him down wile not getting hit by his slow and thin hes nothing. This is why people should be smart and play ranged champs vs tk top
: Morde sitting at 70% ban rate, 13% pick rate, and 56% WR even with 0 expereince on him
Wile mord is good i dont think hes as op as a lot are making him out to be. he has only 2 skill damaging skills and pass that he needs to hit a champ 3 times to start. Both of his skills are easy to get around in less u just stand there.Hes a champ like many others that inless u are willing to go all in or poke down its not smart to fight at all. Hes easly countered by ranged champs that dont just stand there and move around a lot. And in terms of win rate it will go down as other learn to fight him imo.Just like any new reworked or new champ thay all have a high win rate starting out.
Lari (EUNE)
: Nerf Yummis Q
Its less of her about here skill and has more to do with how much she gets from the rune cut down.she has one of if not the lowest hp in the game so she gets the most out of this rune.
: "What does Yuumi even do?!" -my Ezreal bot who is mad that I also chose a champion with almost no lane pressure
with the right rune set up epic pokes
: Who else is excited to play Leagues Auto Chess?
Id have to see a vid on how it works do u have team mates or is it one on one kind of thing .And if its on on one just how much is it going to effect servers with that many more games going on at any time ?
zugalz (NA)
: The original dota is often considered the start of the moba genre. There were a couple of custom maps before it that were moba"ish" but dota was the first one that is a moba as we consider them today. You really should research before posting stuff.
it truly started in warcraft 3 battle chest and only took off because players made there own maps and what not and over time got huge.Thin a lot of co.s seen this and started diff moba games to try to get a foothold in to rake in on this new rush for how big it was getting.
: MOBAs were made from Warcraft and other RTSs, dota didnt create the idea lol.
Yep moba started getting limelight from warcraft battle chest where it picked up and players made there own maps and skins and skills.From there it truely took off to make way for moba to be something more.Enter dota and lol The greatest moba games ever soem where very well done on the warcraftbattle chest. loved finalfantasy moba other thin the dancer from that vr that could earthquake the map every few secs was the only broke ch lol. and the tower def and dbz or just all out anime fights .
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