: I thought it was very funny, Riot.
Mine says "how to sona: QQQ"
KarKzz (EUW)
: Do you also have trouble getting S or A as a jungle, despite very good match ?
I went 15-1-7 on Kha on my other account and only got an A lol.
: How to solve the wait time and lane preference problem
: Everyone complaining about DQ
The one in my town closes in the winter.. It bothers me o so much..
: Can someone rationalize blitzcrank's design to me?
Asudurga (NA)
: When you finally catch up to an almost dead Kha'Zix...
Then he Q's you for the other half of your hp.
nami tf (NA)
: League of Legends Urf Tag
Karthus because everyone knows his ult is a skill shot kappa.
borger (NA)
: A lot more trolls
They have always been there. I don't know how you lasted this long without seeing them.
Agam (NA)
: The problem I would see with this is when they remove or change the stats on the runes. People will demand refunds or some form of compensation because they'd say, "this isn't what I paid for." I don't Riot would want to deal with that.
> [{quoted}](name=Agam,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RZEioteE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-26T14:39:20.928+0000) > > The problem I would see with this is when they remove or change the stats on the runes. People will demand refunds or some form of compensation because they'd say, "this isn't what I paid for." I don't Riot would want to deal with that. Same thing could apply to skins. They change splash arts and people could then complain they don't like the new splash art and want their money back. Same with champ reworks.
Rioter Comments
eLoQuEnCe (OCE)
: lee sin is BLIND he shouldnt be able to be blinded by teemo or quinn
When you play Lee you also shouldn't see the map. Or anything. But you do. It's a game.
: Anivia/RNG Dragon
I wish people would use paragraphs so it isn't so hard to read.. It makes me completely miss the message you are trying to get out.
DrDiaga (NA)
: Let's be honest here.
But there are those people who you look up and are 0-15-1 every game..
: anyone else has the feeling there are more and more scripters out there?
: Bleach Skins
Riot can't just use copy righted themes because they want to. It cost a lot of time and money to be able to use them and the pay out might not be that great.
Aiqua (NA)
: Help a bronzie out, please
I don't know why people think they have to fight during laning phase. If you can't win trades, Afk farm under tower and windwall. Roam if need be it. Don't force fights.
gNarNar (NA)
: Almost impossible to get ranks. RNG Matchmaking.
Your cs average is low you seem to die a lot when you do have kills which leads me to believe you are one of those people who try to carry instead of work as a team. Running into 1v2s and what not. You also play a lot of hec and when you play champs that are not very good in low elo it will not end well. You have to play what works in the meta your in and the elo you are in. If you want to get out of bronze you will suck it up and do it like the rest of us.
: 10 reason why your jungler don't wanna gank for you
11. You yelled and blamed your jungler for you dying at 3min and him not ganking before he even cleared his 1st 3 camps.
Glîtchy (NA)
: What's the deal with people in queue?
A lot of people tab out and some times the client doesn't pop up when it is your turn to pick.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: No smite warning
If you forget smite go double top and Roam when you have the chances.
: fizz
Nami. They are both fish,
: How does anyone think ANNIE is balanced?
Don't stand in a little group vs Annie and she won't penta you. As for the tank thing Annie has always build off tank. Good Annie players at least..
Lywoe (NA)
: It's like I always say.....
I use to think that. Until i got good enough to carry and earned my way out of bronze.
Aerothal (NA)
: @riot, did you remove Veigars Q-stack count?
You can check on your passive i believe.
: #NoToxicity, The End to the Madness
Let's all start using #giveme100k. If we all start doing it, then people will start giving me 100k! Together we can end my poorness so i can league full time!
consalmoz99 (EUNE)
: Gaming laptop
I use to play League on one of those old throw away laptops so im sure this will run fine.
kinkan (NA)
: Please upvote if enemies should see your banner masteries in log in
They said they don't do it to prevent BM or something but honestly if i worked to get my gold boarder i want everyone to be able to see it.
CLG ear (NA)
: Is Driving from San Diego to San Francisco with one gallon of gas Doable?
: Do ranked placements go on win/loss or how you performed in the game?
: All my accounts were hacked
I guess that RP wasn't so free after all was it?
Rioter Comments
Rozair (NA)
: you still play games with people you block
They still can be Que'd with you otherwise you can just ban bad people and get perfect teams.
: How much would you pay for a weapon of your favorite champion?
But i don't want a broken lamp..{{champion:24}}
: No hextech chest drop
Do you own the champ?
: When there isn't a Tank on the Team
You don't have to have a tank to win. The problem is people don't know how to play with the comps they pick.
: Is it a good time to play league again?
Don't play with those dirty EU players. You won't learn anything!
: Encourage Active Game Play
Last hitting is a big part of mobas. They changed the shutdown gold to be given to the whole team not just one person though a while ago.
: Who's the best designed champion in the game.
: Remember when League was a skills matchup instead of an objective farming simulator?
To offer different ways to win/ comeback in games. Won a game earlier where we were down 30kills but ended up winning because we kept getting the dragons and barons. People complained there was no comeback potential so they changed it.
: Riot loves toxic players and has there system set up to gain money off of them.
: Losing lp in ranked with afkers.
"hey we are about to lose someone afk so I don't lose points".
: supports
People still play ponies?
: Been weeks since my chat restriction was over and i still cant receive Hextech Rewards
How is it unfair? If you are a negative part of the community you wont be rewarded like the good players.
binnarrj (NA)
: Lol air clinet
Run a Repair then. Not sure why 4 folders would be missing unless you some how deleted them.
jQuery (EUNE)
: [RIOT] If I have a friend that has at least 20ish matches played with me...
Runes just need to be free already. No reason for them having to cost so much for a full page.
binnarrj (NA)
: Lol air clinet
RADS-Projects the files are in there.
: Id like a Riot employee to journal a new account and tell us about his experience
Smurfs get put with other smurfs. If your getting 300cs a game and a 10-2-16kda you wont be matched with people who don't even understand buying items yet.
: The modes we came to love... and to forget.
Online pvp games are competitive though.. Maybe find a different game like Brawlhalla.
darkdill (NA)
: Since mages now have mana problems/burnouts, what about a mana regen aura?
: Leveling new account. New players add if you are interested in learning more about the game
you can add me. Bug main is my new accounts name. Just an account i made to have casual fun on.
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