: These are wonderful, and such a great concept! I do have a bit to say about them if you don't mind. First off, I am unsure of how these skins fall into the category of arctic ops. Nothing about them says "cold" or "arctic" at all. Rakan is even shirtless, which suits him well but does not seem fitting for an arctic setting. That doesn't mean that these skins aren't great, though. Perhaps if you gave them a different title that was more fitting for the theme they would make more sense. Xayah looks amazing. I would love to see her with a skin like this! She looks very mechanic, her body has sections that make her look convincingly like a cyborg/android. Maybe this could be the start of her project skin! Rakan, however, looks like he doesn't have this quality and seems to fit another theme alltogether. The stripes down his legs and arms look more like body paint or the hem of clothing rather than sections of body parts. Perhaps that was your intention? It also looks like he has belts, straps, and pouches that communicates a very adventurey, exploration theme. I am not convinced that he is an android. Also Rakan has pupils while Xayah does not. Both of these skins look great separately but maybe not as a pair. I am so curious to see what Xayah would look like as an adventurer, now! Sorry if I am being too critical, I know a lot of artist don't welcome criticism but I hope you take my thoughts in a good light. These are really wonderful drawings and I would love to see an update if you decide to change them or color them! I am curious, do you have an idea of what their capes would look like? I also drew/posted a similar skin concept for Xayah, but instead of arctic ops I went for Woad Scout (based off of Quin's winter woad scout skin). I really want to have a Xayah skin with a big, furry coat!
Hi there, and thank you for your input. Well first of, Rakan isn't shirtless in neither of the designs, but I can see why you would think he is because the scarf is covering his collar. In fact, the first thought for Rakan's design was going to be shirtless like he usually is, but we noticed that for an Arctic Ops skin it wouldn't be fitting and changed it. The first design for both Rakan and Xayah are meant to be tight suits, more tactical. I admit Xayah does look more like project and they don't really match. And also, for the second design they look more like ninjas. That's why we are trying to look for more input so we can move forward with the concept. These are far from finished and we are still working on the back and the wings. Moreover, this is just a sketch and they do look kinda flat, but with the textures I feel like they would fall more into the Arctic theme. Rakan doesn't have a hat or a hood to protect him from the cold, but one of our thoughts was to look into birds that can actually live in this environment. We thank you for the criticism and support, hopefully you can comment again when we update, maybe check our posts on Polycount too! http://polycount.com/discussion/196430/riot-creative-contest-2017-arctic-ops-rakan-xayah-wip#latest {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}}
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: Xayah & Rakan Skins needs a lot of TLC
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