: You're right. Kayne would be a polished champ if they took the time to polish his transformation process. Currently its completely out of wack for a multitude of reasons. #1 Its based on range/melee towards blue/red. But really that's just lazy coding. Things like Gnar, Kled, and Urgot should under no circumstance generate Shadowassassin Transformation. Things like Jayce, Kayle, and melee assassins should under no circumstance generate Rhaast. #2 You can generate Rhaast or Shadowassassin to like 80%+ and then for somereason when you do Transform, it gives you the Transformation that you weren't even building towards. Now you have a choice, completely miss your mid game powerspike(The only time Kayn is good) so that you can properly fit the matchup. or Just take the transformation it gave you, have 1-3 minutes of glory, before the transformation you were forced into becomes totally irrelevant because it isn't what the matchup called for. #3 The 4minute wait is ridiculous, when its alrdy stacked onto a minimum of an 11minute wait just to turn into anything. The average is like 14:30 for high end Kayn players, add 4minutes onto, and you missed most of midgame, you're done. #4 that fact that you have to choosingly pick your targets towards the end of your transformation bar, actually promotes you to avoid making good plays. Example, you don't want Shadowassassin, but bot lane is overextended.....if you go down there and take advantage of that, youre going to get the wrong transformation. My suggestion would be to give him two separate transformation bars, so you can properly track what youre getting. Since the two forms wont combine into one transformation progress, increase the speed at which they are generated. After you complete a form, you are still able to complete the other transformation, but once both your transformation bars are filled, you are forced into whichever one you choose. So, say you get Shadowassassin in 11minutes, but that's not what you want. You could go Shadowassassin until you fill your Rhaast bar a few mins later, but once you fill Rhaast, it will give you the option to stay Shadowassassin, or to become Rhaast. Whichever one you choose, is permanent at that point.
I remember watching a video (I don’t have the time to look it up) that specified the amount of orbs you get for one color doesn’t actually effect your transformation. Rather the final orbs you get determines Rhaast or shadow. So if you spend a lot of time ganking a Melee champion but get your final orbs on a ranged champion, you get shadow assassin.
: So, about adaptive damage
Adaptive should be giving you what you have more off. I think for AP it compares to bought bonus AD. So if you have zero AP, then it’ll consider your base AD as higher (which it is). But if you had like 1 AP and no bonus AD, you’d be considered AP for adaptive. I think.
: Were celestials forgoteen or do they fit into a category already listed like the Targonians?
With Targonians as they seem to be dealing with the void.
: don't confuse columbus's ignorance with what they really are
I don’t. I’m just saying that’s what they are referred to after years of thanksgiving specials.
: http://maps.maphill.com/india/location-maps/gray-map/highlighted-continent/gray-location-map-of-india-highlighted-continent.jpg Indians are from India, which is a part of South Asia. This discussion is about Native Americans - the original inhabitants of the North American Continent.
: Well one thing I hope you notice is that the war between the Void is not Targon only. It's all of Runeterra. Although Targon are the main players in trying to combat it right now. It's affecting everyone. Nami's tribe, the Shuriman deserts, even Ryze can see their danger. So the Void conflict is big. and I mean **_BIG_**. Even the conquest that Swain is pushing for Noxus is because he realizes the Void is the real threat to Runeterra and they need all the power they can get. No matter how. Either way, I can see you are eagerly waiting too and I love reading your posts. Thanks again Ral! P.S. I'm a Malz main, so Void lore is my crack. Even the tiniest sliver.
> [{quoted}](name=Blaiz Fenix,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gsKsFGZA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-13T23:01:55.534+0000) > > > > Either way, I can see you are eagerly waiting too and I love reading your posts. Thanks again Ral! > It's posts like this that make me question my own popularity.
: you missed icathia. It will probably be tied to shurima and serve as ground work for many champs like kassadin, malzahar, jax and zilean
In my mind, I leave Icatha as "the background void stuff of Shurima"
: He doesn't need a rework, he just needs his Q to be redesigned.
No, he needs a rework. His E is a terrible ability.
: Good point, too bad that the relative lack of early MR gave her a significant boost to her damage along with Aftershock slapping more damage and ridiculous Armor/MR even early on when coupled with her W to go along with her chain CC nature...
: Riot August is designing champions again
A 5 hit passive you say? Bring it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gsKsFGZA,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-13T20:58:08.605+0000) > > Maybe in the old lore. The new lore doesn’t really talk about the Demacia and Noxus conflicts much. > > They describe Demacia as very isolated with anti magic walls. No you dont understand, they literally were at war since Demacias inception. Noxus was created right after the destruction of Mordekaisers fall, and was part of the Rune Wars, which made the many citizens flee to the land that would become Demacia, and even from there they were at constant attacks from Noxus. Sion even killed Jarvan I. Gailo was constructed to be a super weapon against them. They are at constant vigilance against Noxus and any future attacks. They were never really in peace with each other.
We don’t actually know how long it took for Noxus to form after Mordekaiser’s defeat. Though you made one point that is evidence of Demacia and Noxus being at war with each other. Sion did kill J1 during a Demacian attack on Noxus Prime. Edit: but that also isn’t a metaplot. That’s just history.
McFatal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SectionedOne,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9kO7EdEb,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-13T20:55:10.269+0000) > > You either play blind only which doesn't matter or you don't understand basic principles of counter picking. u really think banning leona is going to stop fighters from being cc'd easily? u really think so? im chain cc'd almost every game. its not a rare occurrence anymore to not be able to move for 7+ seconds.
Leona is honestly one of the better tanks to be CCed by. She’s all slows and stuns, so tenacity actually works against her.
: Demacia is in war with Noxus since its inception.
Maybe in the old lore. The new lore doesn’t really talk about the Demacia and Noxus conflicts much. They describe Demacia as very isolated with anti magic walls.
: Varus new Splash Art
So are they going to update his other skins or no?
: I would date him. Even with the two guys(Val and Kai) present at every date.
It’s a foursome!
GreenLore (EUW)
: How is the world tree a metaplot? It is a plot that is so far only tied to Ivern and no other champion(you are referencing the tree that Ivern cut down are you?) And honestly I'd rather see riot lay the groundwork first before trying to move on. Sure it sucks that so many plots essentially stagnate,but the current state of a lot of champions lores is simply terrible and should be the lore teams biggest priority.
It’s probably more of a solo plot that might connect to the metaplot of the world Runes. Or it is its own thing. I don’t mind either way. And I understand needing to lay down ground work, but some of it is just a massive pain to wait for. We still don’t really have a good idea what Yordles are or why they exist.
: Off the top of my head: Darkin war and maybe Nami's hunt for the moonstone.
Good call on the Darkin war. I think with Nami she’s going to Ionia.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
Why push for a new keystone in the resolve tree over others to help bruisers? Is this to primarily encourage bruisers to go resolve primary rather than domination or sorcery?
Rebonack (NA)
: So why is Noxus expanding?
Economics. Noxus Prime is basically in a desert/wasteland, which isn’t great for food. So instead of being raiders (because cultures based only on raiding don’t last) they became conquerors for trade routes and new territories. At least that’s my interpretation.
: Illaoi is actually pretty flirtacious
Yes she is. It falls in line with her religion of how to live.
Bultz (NA)
: I love building tank with full mr against a team of all ap
This sounds like something that needs more context.
: If he throws both what's he going to auto attack with {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: That's not an execute. An execute scales with enemies % health. For example, Volibears W damage not only scales with his health, but it also does more damage the lower the enemies HP is. Cho's ult, on the other hand, does the exact same amount of damage if you ult someone at 100% HP or 1% HP. That is why it's not an execute.
That’s a fair point. In design it doesn’t follow the normal criteria for executes. In practice in might as well though.
: Xayah is an emo edgylord (and I don't just use it casually, she has race issues and anti-social tendencies. Now that's real edgy), and well... her feathers are pretty sharp too, so there's that... I think the worst thematically designed champs are Kindred and Thresh. Kindred gets up here because their 2 core themes of being a Death God and being a ""duo"" are both completely unused in gameplay. You play as Lamb, and Wolf kinda just hangs around, and there is little going into their kit that solidify their identity as literal manifestation of the very concept of Death - Bad. Thresh is up here because his entire kit makes ZERO sense. First of all, his kit is almost entirely a ripoff of Blitz, that already is a big problem. Secondly, why is a sadistic self-serving evil spirit monster who likes to torture others, kill them, and lock them away from the great cycle for eternity for their perverse pleasure, a team player who saves people in gameplay? What? They are the worst.
Thresh is going to torture the enemy and is nurturing you to get a better target later.
: I don't think he's OP. I think hes a livelord, but he isn't exactly frightening in terms of damage.
: tank ekko tank galio tank teemo OP for different reasons but all stem from the same thing... broken tank items {{item:3025}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3022}} Items like {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} are broken too imo... too much mid game power
Tank Ekko was OP because he had basically everything he wanted with no trade off. Tank Galio was too reliable. Frozen mallet isn’t a tank item.
: Cho's Ult isnt an execute though
“If an enemy's health is low enough that they will die from Feast a ring of glowing red teeth appears underneath them.”
: cho can kill most mages in most scenarios without using his ult mid/late game as long as he can land his spells and get some AAs off which his knockup/slow righteous glory let him do with ease. even maokai can 1v1 a mage mid/late game, naut is a perfect example of what a tank should be imo but even he can build a mix of dmg/tank and run over mages {{item:3748}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3800}} . things like tank ekko and tank galio were nerfed for good reason this is no different
You wouldn’t say that if Nautilus was strong. Nautilus’s lack of HP damage is actually a problem because when he’s strong his flat damage destroys squishies. When he isn’t, he doesn’t get to see much play because he can’t contend with bruisers well, cannot jungle, and there are better supports. Cho imo has too much CC in his kit, he’s not a healthy champion.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: That's a problem with tanks getting too much damage, not at AP not being able to shred tanks
That’s a problem with everyone being squishy enough to die to abilities meant to help farming.
: i agree tanks against mages do too much damage. Take cho gath for instant late game he can one shot a mage and they cannot do anything to him. the items for tanks does alot of damage plus the cc they have just makes them mage killers
Cho is not a great example to list tank strength because Cho is a mixture of tank and juggernaut. Not all tanks have a health scaling true damage execution.
: who is supposed to kill the tank? the adc who gets 1 shot? who generally builds crit. the entire point of brand was to shred tanks and blow up squishies and he cant even do that anymore unless fed af
The ADC that kites and gets peeled for yes.
: Mages have absolutely no answer for tanks
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but for a tank to have above 200 MR that means they’re running short on room for armor right? They’d only do that against an extremely AP heavy team. Mages themselves aren’t supposed to be good at killing tanks. The ones designed to do so have it built into their kits instead of their items. Probably to prevent burst mages from having decent tank killing potential. IMO mages are a lot like assassins in the damage department, which makes them more effective against squishy targets.
Weedbro (NA)
: I never facecheck, I check with my SPELLS, I SHOOT THE BUSH
: Sion - Decimating Smash
I'd rather Sion just not be turned into a ghost when charging his Q.
Sharjo (EUW)
: You can't shoot in to it/ fire spells in to it/ jump in to it yourself?
That’s because they aren’t manly enough.
: lol. Relatable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yLsd2vQf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-12T00:49:45.863+0000) > > “Small” > > He needs a full VGU imo. full VGU would take months they can do what they did with xin zhao and seeing that xin actually got a bit better not in terms of power but in gameplay and not just E-Q and pray It may work for Voli too
IMO best start ASAP than delay it with a “small” rework.
: And I am tired of the " peel your ADC " meta .
That’s the meta? I thought that was the game!
: Volibear dosent need buffs he need a small rework..
“Small” He needs a full VGU imo.
: Friend: "Hey, you have 4000g. Why didnt you buy at base?" Me: "I'm saving up to buy a new champ".
Phazanor (NA)
: Are you telling me that after Darius kills me 3 times as a toplaner and finished an armor item, I should stop building lethality and get armor too? Next you're gonna tell me that supports should rush sighstone?
I’d argue health actually because armor does nothing to his ult.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: About Grasp Tentative Changes
: If the grasp of the undying change goes through, add in health per level for Resolve
: I can't think of a bigger lore/gameplay disconnect than Blitzcrank
So we either need Blitzcrank to be a groper in lore or make his gameplay more protective (he could use a rework anyway)? I vote option one.
Weedbro (NA)
: the weird thing about Ornn being OP is that his passive thing where can buy items anywhere is actually really strong, he's uh, logically, he shouldn't even be kind of strong because of that. Ornn's in a really weird place right now.
I think Riot wanted Ornn to have a strong laning phase even with that passive because outside of lane his CC is harder to apply in a teamfights than Maokai or Nautilus.
Elohaven (NA)
: I hope CertainlyT creates an ADC
IMO CT’s problem is that he makes champions too unique or mechanically intense that they seem like they don’t belong in league.
: As a top lane main I guess I’m part of the small clan who has no qualms about him. But can we not agree that outside of a minion wave yasuo is linear af?
Oh yeah, he’s really easy to fight without a wave though he can get away if he E’s and flashes which makes catching him out frustrating (slightly more than it is to catch people who use flash anyway). And honestly his early crit spike is a pain for me. But I play Sion, the low base HP and very telegraphed tank.
: You have “high Elo” people chiming in too. Though I’m starting to think it’s just mid lane and tank mains who complain the most. The roles he’s suppose to counter.
: Idea: Turn Lethal Tempo into Tank Buster
It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think we should give out true damage so easily. Why not adaptive?
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