Håppy (NA)
: Yikes. That RFC nerf and glacial **BUFF** is enough to make me stop playing, good thing I never bought into the little legends cash grab.
Calling the glacial change a buff is a little off the mark. It's a very minor increase in proc chance at 4/6 units for a 25% reduction in duration. It's certainly not going to kill the synergy, but that's never the goal.
DianaB (NA)
: Still no fix for redemption? Half the time it doesn't heal all allies, especially if they are on low health and makes for an unreliable item.
I don't think this is actually a bug, at least I've never seen it. I'm guessing you just didn't notice when those allies had grievous wounds applied. They should still heal but only for 20% of the amount.
vmost (NA)
: Titanic Hydra: 10% Max Health in a splash ⇒ 3% Max Health to target and adjacent enemies behind them. In PBE the tooltip is still 6%, and it still does 6% damage. Will it be 3% on live? There are ridiculous edge cases with hydra on 3star jayce.
They know, that's why they were not shipping it to live as it is on PBE. I expect the PBE would change tomorrow as well (or whenever they do PBE patches, I'm not on it so I don't know). But Mort was reassuring everyone in his stream the other day that TH would not be moving to live as it was. I'm wondering if 3% will feel under-powered or not, time will tell. But I'm happy for the fact that it hits the original target, that was a necessary change, otherwise the item was useless in a 1v1 fight, besides the HP+AS that the components gave. (Which I suppose is still an existing problem with luden's)
: > [{quoted}](name=RalinAura,realm=NA,application-id=PKbQ4unq,discussion-id=tMfUujE1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-15T04:29:59.930+0000) > > True damage goes through Garen ult. So I'm guessing that Rek'Sai was accompanied by 2 more voids. > The same is true for the return damage on Ahri's ult, it doesn't say it in the tooltip, but the return damage is true damage. Even if she doesn't have the Void set buff for the true damage, I think the CC still applies without the damage. He's only immune to magic damage during his spin.
True, I assumed that the OP here had taken damage, and that's what they were complaining about. But yeah, Garen would get knocked up regardless.
: Bug with TF and Archangels staff.
Interesting, might not be a bug, might just mean that ~~AA staff~~ (Correction: Seraph's Embrace, AA staff is not in TFT lol) on TF is a bad idea. But it does seem like something that they wouldn't have intended, I'm guessing it was just overlooked.
Shlik (NA)
: Rek'Sai ult goes through Garen's ult
True damage goes through Garen ult. So I'm guessing that Rek'Sai was accompanied by 2 more voids. The same is true for the return damage on Ahri's ult, it doesn't say it in the tooltip, but the return damage is true damage.
: Shop Price Bug
Interesting, I keep hearing about this happening, but I had no idea it was actually showing the bugged cost there. Definitely needs to be hotfixed since they aren't patching again for another week and a half.
: Previously fixed bug where you vs the same person twice in a row is back
That's because when they fixed it, they completely broke matchmaking. It went from, you have about a 20% chance to face someone twice in a row during a game to you have about a 75% chance that you will face the same person every other round for half the game. It became known as the ABABAB bug. So I think until they have a better system worked out they just removed that update. Though I wish they would be more open about it in the patch notes.
Xhandel (NA)
: Units cost Bug
I'm hearing about the units costing more than they should only recently, I have yet to witness it, but enough people have mentioned it that I believe it. However, I do believe that the 2+ star units of 2+ cost are intentional. They have always been that way. 2s2c=6g to build/4g to sell (-2g) 2s3c=9g to build/5g to sell (-4g) 2s4c=12g to build/6g to sell (-6g) <-- Not 100% sure, it's rare that I sell 2s4c and I'm having trouble finding confirmation on google.
: So, I've seen people continue to complain about this, even when the unit in question has been disarmed or stunned. If either of those things happen, the unit won't move until they are able to attack normally. I've yet to see a melee unit just stop pathing when they aren't disabled in some way. I know sometimes the disable particles can be hard to see, but I'm willing to bet that's what people are mistaking for a "bug." Of course, I could be wrong. I'd love to see video proof of it otherwise.
This. It did used to happen, but 1 unit from each side would decide to sit around. But for the last month or so I think people are not noticing when their units are cc'd. Case and point was on a recent Trick2G clip that he put on his second YT channel. He's yelling at his Voli for not doing anything, but he didn't notice it got hit by a lvl 2 Leona stun. Yeah that Voli ain't moving for 7 seconds bro, sorry bout ur luck.
: Wait what happened to the crit/dodge items that were supposed to come out this patch?
Pushed to next patch in 2 weeks
Fuuton (NA)
: so still no Glacial nerf? where is the counter play to not being able to move or do anything in battle?
The counter play to glacial has always been to have a tanky frontline and a backline that can do damage quickly. You need your carries to kill their frontline before they kill yours.
: Melee units will, on rare occasions, completely immobilize themselves even when there is clear pathing to enemy units on the map. Pay attention yourself.
I haven't seen this happen at all for nearly a month, and I have played well over 100 games during said month. Back when it did happen, it was always 1 unit on each side would freeze up at the same time. Any time that I see a unit sit around now, It's always blocked from getting to a target.
: So, when will TFT-only players be able to get onto the PBE, to actually try stuff, which you know, requires non-TFT Honor system progress.
: kha zix get void synergy even only void on field is kha zix
Mort tweeted that they were looking into it, probably expect to see a hotfix before ranked goes back online.
Frazwah (OCE)
: Unit has spatula item without having the item
How sure are you? If true, that's for sure a bug. I've never seen any evidence of this though... If you see it again, maybe try and get a screenshot showing that you have more synergies than you should?... Edit: Nevermind, it's literally happening right now on Scarra's stream... He has 3 sorc on field but it says 4. Crazy, this definitely needs a fix.
: Force of Nature on bench.
FoN working on bench is working as intended. Ionic spark is also supposed to work from the bench (although I've never seen it because I prefer to have the stats on a unit in the match) There are trade offs to keeping it on the bench or putting it in the game. With FoN, it can serve as a possible hextech decoy if you put it on the field, so it's better to put it out there. And with Spark, you can keep it on the bench to make sure that it works for the entire fight and doesn't get hexteched, however that means you don't get the AP and MR on a fighting unit.
Win Zhao (NA)
: wilds and rangers dont have good frontline...if you build those synergies first you lose alot of hp before you find guardians for 4 rangers and brawlers for 4 wild.
Don't need guardians for rangers, just need Sej with GA/Morellos and a demon (aatrox/swain) that frontline will usually keep the enemy team busy long enough for rangers to do some good stuff, looking forward to Ashe with Shiv/Rageblade/Hurricane throwing lightning and ice at everyone. Although yes, often you can lose a lot of hp early if you commit to rangers, it's better to just hold them while playing something stronger in the early game.
Kruton (NA)
: YES. I don't understand why in a previous patch, Riot said they fixed this and said something like "Fixed round opponents; it's nearly impossible to face the same person twice in a row now." Though I feel the problem got a LITTLE better, it still happens way too often to be considered a fix.
So, in 9.16 they made the change that prevented you from ever facing the same opponent back to back. But when they did that, it created a bug that came to be known as the ABABAB bug because of how frequently you would face the same 1-3 people in the early game. When they "fixed" THAT, which was last week, for 9.16b, it seems to have made it even worse than it was before 9.16 and we now face the same person back to back very frequently. Personally, I really would like to have a chart that shows who we will be facing next, and would prefer it to prioritize the player(s) that you haven't faced for the longest time. But I am sure that's a lot more complicated to program than I'm making it sound, and I just hope that's the direction they eventually go.
: Seems like you clearly didnt understand my post. I am not talking about other players. I am talking about the damn champs in the game. THE LEAGUE OF LEGEND CHAMPS who while during the fight just stand there. They do not fight. It happens so often you have to had seen this before. Its just dumb to have a fight where you clearly have the better comp, but lose the fight because 2 or 3 of your champs just stood there til over half your team was dead. My post was a joke about reporting the damn afk champs on your team that do not fight, they are afk.
I gotcha, you're correct that I misunderstood what you were going for. Personally I don't run into the issue of champs standing around all that often. The only times it ever happens to me, it is either because too many melee units can't get to a single target, or a bug occurs and 1 champ from each side goes "afk" (Which CAN be a big deal, but usually seems balanced out - Not to say that it shouldn't be fixed)
: Matchmaking Issues
Yep, there's no way this has not been noticed by now. It was happening to people in the PBE too. But yeah in my last game I even called it once, I got matched up with the same guy 2 rounds after the first time, and I said in the chat "ok, see you in 2 rounds" and sure enough, 2 rounds later, same dude.
Baó (NA)
: Double Rerolls
As I just commented on a different thread. > [{quoted}](name=RalinAura,realm=NA,application-id=PKbQ4unq,discussion-id=L193FxXE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-15T23:14:09.185+0000) > > I typically only re-roll/level by using keyboard hotkeys (default D/F) and I've never had this problem. If you are experiencing this frequently then I suggest trying that, or rebinding the key to an extra mouse button (if you have a gaming mouse).
maikokk (NA)
: re-roll double click
I typically only re-roll/level by using keyboard hotkeys (default D/F) and I've never had this problem. If you are experiencing this frequently then I suggest trying that, or rebinding the key to an extra mouse button (if you have a gaming mouse).
Ztoka (NA)
: As you said in the screen shot name, knights vow. Your mf doesn't have a force of nature... She has a knight's vow which makes her a knight... I couldn't see the comp bonus on the side but guessing it did list her as a knight so all is working as intended..
: Verdant arena
Seems to be fixed, the Verdant arena is unlocked and very green.
So? Congrats on your easy game. This is not a needed feature for FFA games.
: First carousel hack
I don't think anyone knows how to do it reliably. It's just a bug that sometimes occurs when you click around. It's been around since the game launched and should definitely be fixed. I wouldn't call it a "hack" though, if people have figured out how to consistently do it then maybe.
Rioter Comments
: I'm happy that Ionic Spark finally stacks, but I'm sad at how extreme the reduction in damage is. I wonder if it'll be worth building around when flat HP / shields (locket) are the goto counter to flat true damage. Simply upgrading units to tier-2 / tier-3 is going to hurt this item a lot. If you want to build Cursed Blade to reduce their max HP and improve IS effectiveness, you have to use Cloak to make Cursed Blade, which you now can't use to make Ionic Spark. 200 damage used to feel great, but was arguably too strong in the early game when players rushed it first item. Perhaps you can allow certain effects to scale with your little legend level? If Ionic did 125 true damage at lv.1 and 250 true damage at lv.9, I would be a lot happier building a strategy around it.
But it stacks... Build 2 and you're doing 250 damage, if it did 250 at lv.9 like you suggest, then building 2 would do 500 damage, that would be crazy. I'm totally fine with this change, a single spark will still do the damage that it needs to if you put it on your longest living champ, and now it won't feel horrible to have dragon drop a spark when you already have one.
: If Warwick wasn't literally broken, I'd be excited for the Wild synergy buffs. Right now it's a huge liability to put Warwick on your team: Warwick switching teams, Warwick being treated as dead at the start of a round, etc. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} On the flip side, 5 stacks of 12% is 60%. That means with a party of nine champions the 4/4 synergy is giving your team up to 27 recurve bows of stats! It's by no means terrible, and it might be worth having a garbage unit on your team. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Never seen these Warwick bugs that you're referring to... But he certainly doesn't feel like a worthwhile unit at the moment.
vmost (NA)
: I think in cases when one minion would drop two or more items, the system will auto combine as many as possible before boxing.
I have never before seen one minion drop two or more items... Was this actually possible? I've played well over 150 games and not once has this happened to me.
Undustas (NA)
: ***
To be fair, he's Silver2. Which is better than your Silver4. However, he's played like 50 more games than you. (Assuming that for both of you, these accounts are your mains - Data from tracker.gg) But yeah, the people who think RNG is the only factor of this game are the same people who blame their team in regular league and it's never their own fault that they can't climb. (Side-note, I haven't played regular league in years, I'm just assuming it's still that way)
Kuponya (NA)
: One thing Riot needs to focus on with TFT is clarity
You're certainly correct that these things need to be cleared up, and I'm confident that most of them will in time. Personally, even more-so than any of that, I would really appreciate more post-game details. We can see the active champs and what star level they were, but being able to see what items each champ had would make post-game analyzing much more effective. I suppose I could start recording my games and going back to look.. Idk, I just hope that's also something that gets addressed sooner than later.
: "has a high chance to silence" "Has a chance to disarm" like ??? wtf is this? Put the fucking % in the tooltip.
I agree it should definitely be in the tooltip, but FYI just in case you weren't aware, this was in today's patch notes. Cursed Blade Trigger Effect Chance: 25% ⇒ 20% For the curious, Swordbreaker has a 25% chance and Hush has a 50% chance.
AuronRoo (NA)
: Thanks for the 8 Gold from the 3 minion rounds!
First of all. 9 gold. It's a set amount, 1+2+6. Second of all, I got that about 2 games ago, and I was 100hp until krugs. That extra gold can allow you to 2 star more units than anyone and early game that's way more important than items.
: Why in the fuck does Riot make RANKED for TFT?
It. Is. Still. In. Beta! The season will likely end when the beta is finished. If you want to wait until it's more balanced, that's up to you. You don't have to play the ranked mode, it's not like you are getting anything out of it. It's just bragging rights. Let those of us who actually enjoy the game in it's current state have a ranked mode and get over yourselves.
: I don't think it's normal to have more units in game than the max units size.
Pretty sure it's been commented on by Riot, I don't have the source tho. But when you are over the cap, you are unable to make any changes to your field or your bench, can't buy/sell or move units around. So if someone is actually able to plan ahead and use that to their advantage, all the power to them.
: TFT extra unit after shared draft
Rioter Comments
zepdrix (NA)
: I think you mean 65% at level 3. That's at least according to the chart released July 1st. I hope that's the most current one at least lol. It's still 100% for levels 1 and 2, they simply removed level 1 from the chart since you can't make purchases at that level. So the updated chart looks a bit different than the old one.
You are correct, I will edit my statement. But yeah, in the old one at lvl 3, it was 70% and 0% for a 3-cost unit.
Rioter Comments
: while i agree its op , it is not bugged atm, in fact it was bugged last patch as it return the champion to his older star sometimes [ aka if it proc on a 3 star vayne twice it turn her into 2 star vayne and then into 3 star vayne again sometimes in an endless loop and vayne never die]
Yeah I remember seeing that, and what I thought was... That instead of a second proc reverting them to the higher level, I thought that it was just a temporary effect. Which I think would possibly be a decent way to balance it, I still think it procs too often, but if each proc only lasted for 5-10 seconds, then it might not seem quite so OP.
: I didn't mind when I thought it was a single star reduction on high proc. But something's wrong since the last patch where it now is seeing a champ it's already reduced as not having been reduced and reduces them further.... or something like that. I watched Darius go form 3 to 0 in about half a second in early match (before Guinsoo's stacked) because each gunslinger attack hits twice.
> [{quoted}](name=Illabethe,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=PKsNhsjG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-23T04:16:14.558+0000) > But something's wrong since the last patch where it now is seeing a champ it's already reduced as not having been reduced and reduces them further.... or something like that. This statement makes it sound like you think it's bugged. I don't think it is, I believe it was intended. But the proc chance is way higher than it should be, the tooltip says "low chance" but it goes off very frequently each battle unless the wearer is deleted immediately. On-hits in general are pretty broken with no way to build against the effects, hopefully they add in some immunity items or something down the line.
borbes (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RalinAura,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=oJdOQzJ5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-23T01:34:36.601+0000) > > 26 of each in the pool. This is great information. Thank you. Is it 26 for every champion at every cost level?
> [{quoted}](name=borbes,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=oJdOQzJ5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-23T01:55:13.195+0000) > > This is great information. Thank you. Is it 26 for every champion at every cost level? No 1-cost : 39 of each 2-cost : 26 of each 3-cost : 21 of each 4-cost : 13 of each 5-cost : 10 of each You can find cheat sheets for this stuff if you google around. Just be aware that the old ones are still out there too. If you find one that says you have 70% chance at lvl 3 to find 1-cost units and 30% for 2-cost, that one is outdated. It's now 65% for 1-cost, 30% for 2-cost and 5% for 3-cost.
borbes (NA)
: Advanced Mechanics Question - Champion Availability Pool
Yes, you are correct. But what you're asking about at the end there, while technically beneficial, is such a minor amount. Especially in your specific example of 2-cost units. You need to realize that there are 11 different 2-cost units, and 26 of each in the pool. So there are a total of 286 2-cost units in the game. If you are quick enough to make the decisions on the fly, then absolutely, get every advantage you can and grab those other units and then sell them back when you find something you actually want. But just don't think that it's going to guarantee anything for you. Also, just know that any Lucians that are on anyone's bench, or even in their current card pool, are not available to you when rerolling.
: can we nerf voli so his passive doesn't freeze units please?
Not sure what you're asking for here, you want him to no longer be glacial? Because every glacial unit has chance to freeze on-hit. If he was removed from the glacial origin, he could still be made glacial with a frozen mallet. Or you want his ability to not apply on-hits? That would be a MAJOR nerf to him, but I do think it's insanely strong when he is given on-hit items like cursed blade and can both freeze and shrink multiple units if he gets lucky dice rolls.
: PISSED about TFT
I do think that we should know who we are battling next so that we can strategize and reposition units. Also, that every player should cycle through battling every other player. But I completely disagree that first place and last place should not be able to be matched up. If you're getting low, you need to spend your gold and take advantage of early picks on the carousel, or else risk elimination.
: Idk man, sounds unbearable.
: This game has similar RNG to card games (like poker) and dice games. But it takes a lot longer than any of them.
What poker games are you playing that are shorter than a game of tft? If, when you win a round in tft, you regained some of your lost health, then it MIGHT take longer than a poker game. But...
: Get your priorities in order Riot
You act like this happens very frequently. In my experience, it's a rare occurrence, and 9/10 times, a unit from both sides is idle. If you're seeing it very frequently, then I assume you're running all melee teams, they tend to get caught up on each other when there's too many... Throw in some range. Sure it needs to be addressed, but you're assuming that they aren't looking into it, of course they are. And even though the ranked mode exists, it doesn't change the fact that the game is in beta. Hence why we have a progression system called the "Beta Pass". If you want to wait until all the kinks are worked out, wait until beta is over.
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