: "We" aren't anywhere. Not my monkeys, not my circus. "You" are permabanned.
Yeah im permad because riots system is broken.
: ok once you get the 14 day ban the next legit report will result in perma banned unless you go like 6 months or so with no legit reports so is this 1 game by it self worthy of a permban? NO , worthy of a report and guilty ? YES and YES if this was a stand alone offense on your account it might of got a chat restriction but based on your history and having a recent 14 day ban you deserve a perma ban and that is why you received one
But its not toxic enough to be a perma, and anything else you tell me isnt gonna make me believe it.
: Funny how you complain about getting banned and your still flaming them even in your post sounds just to me
Funny how inters and trolls roam free while I have to suffer a ban because I got mad that I was trolled.
: so have you been punished before? 14 day ban ?
Yeah but that one was deserved, But after literally 3 games I was just as frustrated as I was before I was banned, And I say one thing and im the bad guy, riot really needs to fix their system.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ram Ranch Lucian,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dQz2M69i,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-28T22:15:34.364+0000) > > Because I never get a message saying it worked. Most of the time you won't receive an ifr if someone gets punished from your report So, you don't know if they got punished or nah. And they most likely got punished because telling someone to kms is a 0 tolerance, which leads to an instant 14 day ban or a permanent one
Well either way, Why should I have to treat league like a job to keep my account because I just said mean things to someone, Its so dumb that you are allowed to get banned for flaming, Imagine being in a cod lobby and you say someone sucks for placing a claymore and instant 14 day suspension from the game.
: you didnt have to break the rules. that is your fault for once i wish people would take responsibility for their actions/behavior instead of always trying to be the victim
Its not banworthy, didnt curse didnt use any swears nothing other then the word trash, I guess it offends riot cause it relates to their game too much.
: > my ban was completely unjust, OK, let's see... > Ram Ranch Lucian: this ezreal Ram Ranch Lucian: just trash Dude, get the hell out of here. You don't deserve to have such a cool summoner name. There's no flaming at Ram Ranch.
I didnt deserve to get permad looks like we are at a crossroads.
: This is a dumb fucking ban. Someone explain why this is banworthy but saying "ggez" at the end of a game isn't.
Because riots too lazy too actually dig through what happens so if they get anything its instant perma because their bot is flawed.
Bábe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ram Ranch Lucian,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dQz2M69i,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-28T22:08:48.491+0000) > > Im aware but it shouldnt be a ban that just little banter, I was being insulted by ezreal and diana and ekko and apparently im supposed to take it? Should I have told them to end their life too? so what do you want out of this? if you are mentally able to say they fucked up and you admitted to doing the same thing as them, why is it so hard for you to admit ur mistakes? why you got banned is rather simple actually, riot realized that you were getting treated like ass but in these brief moments it showed them what type of person you are, instead of putting that flamming ego behind you, you sat their keyboard warrior flamming them just like they flammed you. you have the control in the situation, you have the choice to /mute, you have these options to avoid them completely, instead, you flammed just like them.... try being accountable for your own actions instead of playing the victim, maybe youll get somewhere in life. you the type of person to beat their wife then blame them for yelling.... and then blame the legal sytem when you got put in jail and then blame whoever you can but urself...
Because its unjust its flame but it isnt banworthy.
: Banter is friendly. If you didn't like what they were saying to you, it is by definition no longer banter. Mute them. Report them.
But then how do I communicate? Then im gonna get reported for not helping the team.
: well looks like you dont know how to or refuse to follow rules and behave so you get a time out forever now bye
Yeah my fault that riot pairs me up with morons that flame cause they cant play basic champs.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: On your 14 day ban reform card it CLEARLY said that the next offense would lead to a permanent ban Just because someone else is breaking the rules, doesn't mean you are allowed to break the rules And how do you know that the people that tell you to kms don't get punished?
Because I never get a message saying it worked.
: yes you get punished/banned for flaming
Im aware but it shouldnt be a ban that just little banter, I was being insulted by ezreal and diana and ekko and apparently im supposed to take it? Should I have told them to end their life too?
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: Lmao right? I checked his profile and he legit never plays with friends XD thought it was funny that he was shitting on us for actually having friends to play with
I feel this is true riots system is horrible at banning, my jungler wasnt doing anything and except die all game and i was told to kill myself because i was asking her why she fought in the jungle so much and sooner or later of course i called her trash like once and i get punished. My friend literally was told women belong in the kitchen and not playing games and he received no punishment yet she gets chat restricted for saying this game is over after they were about to end the game. Load of bogus if you ask me.
: Saying "easy" or "ez" should be bannable
They should ban people who play mastery 4 or below champs in my ranked games, but they arent gonna do that because then then the fanbase would be angry
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: I Know Good Shirts When I See Them...
it would be even better if they released the pool party caitlyn skin without the bra{{sticker:garen-swing}}
Naenia (NA)
: Depression
Playing this game makes me depressed cause brand and lux do so much damage for no reason.
: /mute all You're Welcome! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
> [{quoted}](name=MysticLlamaZ,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7kqLZUFE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-28T03:23:12.956+0000) > > /mute all > > You're Welcome! > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} once its seen it cant be unseen
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: This is ridiculous, the client keeps reseting to previous patch and then updating
the same thing happened to me this morning, havent been able to play all day. You figure anything out from riot yet?
: stop playing the game. Im in d2 and the same shit is happening. bot loses = lost game. bot wins = free win. you can try hard all you want but if your adc is trash, you're gonna lose the game.
Im silver 1 and i have the same problem, but i feel playing support isnt that good, but if i play mid i get trashed easy, what should i do?
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Violett (NA)
: But Lobsters don't have stingers. I suppose it could work, but how is he going to use his E or ultimate.
Lobsters have tails too kinda it could still work
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: i never said you were garbage, i said your runes are... and i said your inexperienced plz dont make an issue when there isnt one and if you want help with things like runes , masteries, champs etc then ask
I wasnt saying you were saying im bad im saying im bad and ofc my runes are really bad cause im still trying to buy more champions
: Do you watch streams/VODs? Knowing what and how to play at different levels of the game is important, especially while learning new champs. Don't focus on your enemy rank in normals, it sounds like you're intimidated and that will cause tilt. Experiment in different roles and find what you're good at or do what a lot of people do and play support while you learn the mechanics of the game. Play something like Sona, Soraka or Janna and focus on teamwork, then when you're feeling more comfortable you could try stepping into different roles. You also need to focus on counter picks too, if you're picking into a hard counter or fall behind you need to focus on going less ham and play more defensively until an opening pops up. Most important just keep practicing :)
Im a support main and play mostly tanks as you can see from the last guy im judt garbage
: ok you have about 52 rank games played and only won 14 of them. you have a total of less then 500 games won combining normals and rank meaning you are new... and your runes are garbage you are very inexperienced and need help cuz you dont know the game
: ok if you are learning new champs and roles dont do it in rank .... play what your good at in rank use normals to learn new champs and roles
Thats the thing its all in normals im aware to not try new things in ranked, everytime i do anything im faced with people with lvl 7 on their champ and can do everything in like a minute and i cant even do a simple play as master yi
: if you die that early and you get set that far behind that you cant get 3rd item til 30 mins in there there is alot more to your problem... just saying
Its probably because when i try something new like a champion top lane om put against a riven main or darius,mid lane i go against zed and leblanc and jg i end up getting invaded at lvl 3 and die and the only real role i can play is support
: just remember the actual point of the game is to have fun and enjoy it. here is a though about rank... rank isnt something to be ashamed of. i feel rank is just a way for riot to put players of similar skill levels vs each other so they can have fair games and enjoy and have fun playing the game... hear me out... you are bronze.. what if every game you matched vs plats and diamonds? and you get stomped up and down the map and the game is no fun to you.. are you likely to keep playing if that is what happens every time? on the other hand if your plat/diamond whatever "high" elo if you playing vs people lower skill level then you is that fun not every being challenged? it would be like if you were to go play a game co op vs bots or a custom game vs bots and the difficult is set on easy? how fun is that? so in theory rank is there to put us vs people we have a chance to win against while being challenged so the game is fun and rewarding at the same time and keeps you playing..
You see the thing is i dont have a chance against them i literally got dived at 1 minute and im left just so far behind that im buying my 3rd item at 30 minutes
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