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: YeosinYoda -19 - strengths following up , knows the inside out of a champion , does my research on teams and enemy players well - weakness people yelling
> [{quoted}](name=YeosinYoda,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=cAeo8ill,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-14T02:08:30.583+0000) > > YeosinYoda -19 - strengths following up , knows the inside out of a champion , does my research on teams and enemy players well - weakness people yelling uhm if that is one of your weaknesses I regret to tell you that we are not the right team for you.
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: ADC Main Looking for Players to Dynamic Queue With High Silver/Gold
Ign-KiD Micah Rank-S4 atm, G4 last season. Top/jungle- Top: Shen, Poppy, Kench, Olaf Jungle: Poppy, Naut, Nid, Gragas Time- All the time xD
: Let's help each other climb. (Gold Players)
Hiya there I'm a top/jungle/support (if I'm with an adc I like ill play support over jungle but if not I go jungle.) player currently s3 was G4 last season. Ign is KiD Micah
: Ranked Team Looking for a JUNGLER
IGN: Castillian Best 4 Champions: Elise, Poppy, Nidalee, Sion Skype/CV?: Mostly skype but I don't care. Age: 20 Biggest Strength: i'm a very active early ganking jungler but in my shotcalling I very much take the game slowly. I'm not going to be that looking for the outplay shotcaller I want to win the game safely. Biggest Weakness: I undervalue dragon. People seem like if a jungler isn't getting dragon he's bad but I'd always rather trade a tower for dragon.
Jurb (NA)
: Looking for dedicated players for Team Digital White
*IGN: Castillian *Rank: Gold 5 *Role: Support *Strengths: Warding and peeling *Weaknesses: Tend to be to aggressive. *Timezone:EST *Main Champions (list 3-5): Thresh, Morg, Bard, Janna, Nami *Playstyle: Passive agressive. *Vocal: Kinda *Preferred communication program: Any *Roles you best synergize with: Jungle, I tend to enjoy 3 manning mid and invading together.
Kikirino (NA)
: Team looking for new member for season 6
My name is Castillian i'm currently gold 5. I can play either mid or jungle. For mid, I play Gangplank, Zed, Lulu, Orianna, Twisted Fate, Anivia or Ahri. My playstyle changes match to match so I can adjust to help the team comp. For jungle I play Rek, Nid, Elise, Lee. My jungle playstyle is more static in the sense that I almost always like being an early game gank heavy jungler.
: if you won lane 90% of the time you wouldn't be in gold/silver
> [{quoted}](name=Unibonger420,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3QEw6zpd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-24T19:12:39.267+0000) > > if you won lane 90% of the time you wouldn't be in gold/silver Not true. I almost always win lane in my games (Currently g4) but I tend to throw because of poor decision making.
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: LF Top, Mid, Supp, and some subs for ranked 5's
Position Wanted: Support Champs you main: Thresh,Nami,Janna,Blitz Rank: Gold 5 Season you started league: Begging of s4 A Joke (dont you dare delete this): Women's rights. Jk im not sexist, just was a great opportunity.
Elekt (NA)
: Silver Team looking for Top and JG for Ranked 5's
IGN: Castillian Role: Top Solo Que Rank: Gold 5 Champs you're good with: Gnar, Maokai, Shen are my best but can play others Strengths: Solo player. Usually not reliant on ganks or on help Weaknesses: Over Agression TS/Skype/Curse? Skype and Curse
: Looking for ADC for new team
IGN:Castillian Position:ADC Champ pool for Position:Jinx, Cait,Sivir,Ashe,Corki,Trist Solo Rank:Gold 5 Availability:Any time
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Aganger (NA)
: Friendly Silver player looking for likeminded players.
Youngtek (NA)
: Looking For A Team To Play Pro Series
Ign- Castillian Age-19 Division- gold 5 Main role- support Secondary role- jungle and top are tied. Main champs: Support- I honestly play everyone minus sona. Top- Maokai, Irelia, Shen, Sion Jungle- Rek, Zac, Ekko I'm available everyday after 10 however I do get changing three straight days off since I work 4 and am off three. I am willing to give it my all. I love playing league and want a team to grow with. Yes I swear. I've been playing since 1/4 of the way through season 4
: LFM Supp bronze/silver for our team
Add me very hype aggressive main blitz thresh Leo and morg
Tearaet (NA)
: ADC main LF Tanky supp
I'm off for the night but am a support main. I do not play tahm but I play every other support in the game my favs are blitz thresh Leo and morg
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: LF Sup,ADC,Jg,Top For Serious Ranked team (Bronze-Silver ONLY)
RedTvco (NA)
: support silver main add me
Gold 5 Mid/Top main in need of a team
: Creating Ranked team g5+
I added people. Please accept asap. Name is castillian.
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namu sun (NA)
: LF Support Main (silver/gold)
Jukestarmicah, I main Nami, Thresh, Blitz, and Lulu
: Kor3an M3chanics (SIlver II) Recruiting | Gold + | Aiming for Plat | NEED SUPPORT
IGN: JukestarMicah Rank (SoloQ, S4 & S5): G5 in season 4 and S1 at the moment but i'm in promos. Age(This won't affect you, just interested): 19 Skype?: Yeah I got it TS?: Yep Main Role: Support (= Second best role: Adc Top 5 champions in those 2 roles: Support- Thresh, Janna, Nami, Naut, Bard ADC- Ashe, Graves, Sivir, Lucian, Corki Experience level (1-10): 7 (My personal strong point is in shot calling and game knowledge, IE.... Rotations, Build Paths, ect. My weakness is the fact I need to learn to be less greedy and aggressive)
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Kevìn (NA)
: Need Jungler For 5v5s
: LF People who like to 5v5 a lot
Ignot (NA)
: 5's team looking for adc and mid silver +
I added you I'm silver 4 I can play either role. Mid: Brand, Zed, Talon, Ori ADC: Jinx, Cait, Sivir, Graves, Lucian
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: looking for ranked team members in high bronze or low silver
: creating bronze and silver team!
Added both I am Jukestarmicah
Ht Rot (NA)
: LF Silver/Gold Midlaner
Rank: Silver 5 Champion Pool: Brand, Zed, Talon, Orianna Timezone: EST Skype? Yes Hugthetrees653 Name- Jukestarmicah
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: Looking for duo. B1 seems impossible to get out of. 5 surrenders already. Where has the fun gone..
I play adc also just kinda looking for a duo q partner shoot me an add IGN Jukestarmicah
: New ranked 5 team, Lost Radiants, LFM players in Silver/Gold
IGN-Jukestarmicah Main role- Adc/jng Main champions- For ADC I play Jinx, Lucian, Graves, Ashe and Cait for Jungle I play Nunu, Kha, Noc, and Shy Currently I'm S5 was G5 last season
: < Emerald Visionaries > is looking for a Coach!
: < Emerald Visionaries > is looking for a Coach!
Hello my name is Brandon Long , I'm going to be honest I'm s5 at the moment however I devote most of my free time to learning more about the game then I do playing ranked. Coaching is my number one passion. I have coached people from bronze to diamond and do have references available.
Zarkra (NA)
: Looking for a silver adc main
Ign- Jukestarmicah Mains- Jinx, Varus, Trist, Lucian Ts-yep I honestly want to find a team because I'm really tired of Solo q. I simply can't carry and can't find a duo partner who is reliable and doesn't tilt often. S4- G5 Current- S5
: LFM Silver+ For a ranked 5's team
Ign- Jukestarmicah Main role- adc or support equal at both. Rank this season- s5 Biggest strength-game knowledge and shot calling (I coach) Biggest weakness- Honestly mechanics. I really want a solid team, I struggle in solo q because I simply can't carry. People who are open to advise is also something I want. Time zone -est Availability- all the time Age-19

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