: And how is this meaningful thread? How is your salt meaningful? Come on, you're better than this.
And how is this meaningful response? How is your reply meaningful? Come on, you're better than this.
: When you're nice but also a onetrick
Never understood this, my friend is the same way, meanwhile I have 8 chests and 0 keys. I barely open up one every week or two from free key fragments.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arammus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pvQOAvET,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-24T15:30:56.462+0000) > Bro i used to play ARAM all the time and S ranks aren't uncommon the key to getting them in ARAM is to just not die.
so un-true, you need to have a good score AND cs well. I've consistently gone stupid scores of like 20-2 + assists and get an A Only time you get an S is if you also last hit
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: I'd guess that doing bigger changes to AP champions during an AP Itemization change is a bit too risky balance wise.
Maybe, I'm hoping once its obvious the current round of buffs missed the mark they'll actually give him a bit more once the new AP items hit live. They seem reluctant to buff him, though.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
My thoughts as a mage main for 5+ years: * DeathCap is still way too weak. 5% bonus still makes it fairly unattractive, I'd be ok with a higher cost if it had some sort of mid-tier item to build from, but as of now I almost never build it unless I'm way ahead and can afford to basically waste item slots. * Why does Luden's lose 5 AP after you complete it? Seems like an oversight? * Spellbound Orb looks interesting, nice to see new items in the game * Overall it seems like mages lose a lot of AP, which might be OK with the state of damage right now, but is a bit worrisome with how strong ADC are at the moment damage wise Thanks~
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: Thanks for giving everyone Assassin damage Riot
I wish Viktor did assassin damage : ^)
: If boards are a minor % of the whole LoL community, why not use the client itself?
I got a survey back when new Xerath was launched because, I assume, I played a lot of the old Xerath. Was pretty cool.
: Am done with this game for a while
I've died to a Kha in .5 seconds before, so.... Twitch honestly isn't even that strong ATM, just annoying.
Yasuicide (EUW)
: ***
and zoe has a sub 50% winrate too, doesn't change the fact that they're unfun to play against, especially as a mage v yasuo. it was a stupid buff. plus, you think Riot balances around diamond winrate? Ok.
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Quepha (NA)
: Most kills against: Yasuo. Most deaths to: Yasuo
That MR buff was so stupid and unneeded.
Rebonack (NA)
: Most of the aggravation in League is due to lack of agency
: Depends on how many champs you both have times how many skins they have available. Which skin?
> [{quoted}](name=DariusDemiurge,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yfEl0cm3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-15T05:08:50.182+0000) > > Depends on how many champs you both have times how many skins they have available. > > Which skin? Galactic Renekton. I have all champs but 2, they have all champs.
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Barkley (NA)
: Zoe is not OP. She's horrible to play against. There's a difference.
Things I've been saying since everyone jumping on the OP Zoe bandwagon - 1) Remove the CD reduction for landing a Bubble, not needed at all. She's already rewarded enough by hitting one. 2) Lower her base MS to 335. 340 is a bit higher than she needs, her weakness should be lack of escapes.
Weedbro (NA)
: at least he's not zoe
good luck dodging a Hecarim running 1000000 mph at you to slap you on the butt for 700+ damage. at least you can list lazily to the left to avoid Zoe
: I don't understand how to play this game anymore.
sounds like you need to play {{champion:33}} Ok.
: I'm on a 9 game losing streak
10 in a row now...just had a Kha who evolved R first... :\ trying to focus on playing better but just not having any luck whatsoever also...why downvotes?
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: This has happened to me on Alistar, Ivern, and Mundo this season alone. It sucks, but just gotta earn it again if it doesn't show or register.
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: Make sure you had a chest available to earn, and that you haven't already earned a chest with that champ. Your collection page can sometimes take a little bit to update with season highest grades, so I wouldn't worry about that unless it persists.
I've yet to collect a box on Rakan, who I got the S for. I just played another game w/ Veigar and got an S, and it showed immediately. Rakan still doesn't show as S.
: What I've Learned After Supporting For A Few Weeks
you don't play support to get applause, you play to win and help the team
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: New Mao and Sej Splashes and Graves Cigar Returns
So after all this time of wanting Graves nerfed we got a buff?? RITO PLS!
: Sorry you're having this problem! It's a known issue and they are working on a fix, but in the meantime if you submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) they should be able to help you out manually.
Oh good to know that it is known, thank you, I will do that!
: If by "free hextech" you mean one that you have gotten from a game, you need a key to open those. Do a search for the hextech FAQ.
No, you get a get to begin with but they won't open. Plus if you don't have a key it tells you. It's some kind of issue opening the free premium chest.
: hextech failed
I have this issue too. It won't open for me regardless what I try. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/neTo2zyr-unable-to-open-premium-chest
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: Karma Passive/Ult Discussion. Red Response Requested
how about this: the lower health karma has, the more damage she does, maybe even more AP would fit pretty well with her theme, yeah???
: "We reworked Morde for bot lane because we wanted off-meta picks"
came in expecting urgot, disappointing urgot was beaten to death with the nerf hammer for beating ADC's despite having a much worse late game
Eedat (NA)
: > Will it be reverted? Stop asking. **No** it will not be reverted. Plus, since you are obviously unaware Riot said they aren't going to be making any significant changes until after Worlds is over. What we really don't need if yet another "OMG WHY U CHANGE MORDE!!!! RIOT SUCKS!!!" thread.
you're right balancing for the 0.01%, the pros is a great strategy. plus I don't even care if they revert or not, but rito's silence is pretty sad, kind of like the tone of your reply. must be lonely down there in silver 3
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SnowFall (NA)
: The most obnoxious thing about recent Eve nerf.
I always like Warrior better anyway. Pretty awful nerf, honestly.
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: After All That Has Evolved In This Game.. What Do You Miss The Most?
old xerath, release graves was a lot of fun, that short window when yorick was OP and I took him mid all day
: After recent buffs, Miss Fortune has some of the most impressive statistics
good things about MF: early lane bully, can ignore boots without too much penalty early-mid, solid mix of phys + magic damage, good matchups early-mid against basically every adc, despite all the hate it gets a well placed ult completely shreds enemies (moreso now after the buff), very high base stats (tankiest ADC next to Graves w/ passive) bad things: if she gets behind other adc's scale better, lack of dash/teleport escape, her E is crap Honestly she's my favorite ADC to use if I end up in that role.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I am Maokai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tzTBxPM0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T17:15:23.827+0000) > > I don't see much of a difference. What's a .25 second reduction when they're already stunned for 2.5 seconds? Stun is more of a zoning tool. It's far from guaranteed. So the buff has nothing to do with linking a W when you stunned a target, obviously. It makes it much more reliable to link a W on a slowed target (slowed by someone else than Veigar ofc), and that is pretty huge. That's the difference between 'kinda reliable' spells and unlandable ones. Like, just as the rework came, when : 1) his Q had slower projectile speed and lower range 2) his E had a longer delay 3) his W had a longer delay He WAS trash (below 40% winrate also, even if winrates are not the most trustable stats). It's as simple as that. Make a skillshot easier to land makes it more powerful, more versatile and the winrate skyrockets. Another example would be Leblanc's W speed. The nerf had a big impact in winrate.
yeah I feel the main reason Veigar seems so good is that his W is easier to use... You can actually use it to zone an area/hit a slowed champion rather than NEEDING the stun for it to be worthwhile
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Meddler (NA)
: We believe Eve should be somewhat more mana gated than she is at present, now that Runeglaive's in the game. We don't want to create a situation where she's OOM all the time, but adding some cost (as opposed to the current free) to the W, thereby limiting either its use or her use of other spells a bit, is we think appropriate. Power wise we also believe Eve's too strong at present in regular (non professional) play. We don't make changes driven purely by statistics (we aim for data informed, not data driven's). Eve's certainly right up there in terms of raw win rate though, with from memory the 4th or 5th highest winrate in the game at present when comparing champions as played by people with substantial experience on them. Eve's got a pretty steep mastery curve, so if her overall performance looks average it often means that her performance when played well is excessive even for someone on a champion they've played a lot (a phenomena also strongly demonstrated by other champs like Azir and Le Blanc who, if they're showing a 50% win rate in solo queue, are almost certainly very overpowered).
I'm sorry but this is a load of bullshit when champions like Vayne have been running around at 50+ % winrate and even higher pick rate and haven't gotten barely any changes, let alone game-breaking ones like this. Every champion is different but there are WAY more powerful champions that have been untouched much longer, and the ones that do get extremely light changes that barely do anything. Maybe 10-20 mana at most for her W. Anything more completely screws her.
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