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: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
Hang in there everyone! You will get in! After a little over 2 hours I am finally in. Have a good night!
ImLugo (NA)
: Love how my que is moving backwards instead of forward{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
It does that.. The timer is confused
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
Riot I just gotta say, You should be flattered. Thousands of people are waiting hours...Just to play your game. You should be proud hahaha.
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
Nooooo My queue time! My client timed out and now it reset...I was sooo close! {{item:3070}}
xFAPzz (NA)
: Which is why i said what i said, cuz all of us have been waiting for hours.. and him getting into the game proves his skills lol
I didn't really see anything bad in what you said, but I am not 12 years old either.
: I dont understand how it is that you dont feel it your responsibility to make it up to your players when you guys poop your sheets like this. you mike INSANE money yearly on a great game, but you continue to allocate that into just about anything but client/server stability, 'yeah lets make stuffed animals, i bet we could make money that way too!' and i get it, get paid. but when you take away the opportunity to play from so many players why would you not offer like a free skin cupon or even a ward skin. something, it just feels disrespectful. if we have connection issues in a game 'god forbid' we can get leaverbusterd, what happens to you guys when you dc?
Démo (NA)
: logged in to comment. That's lame and ignorant. I love how this game is evolving into what many now consider a sport. sport- (noun): an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
I think your enthusiasm is awesome I really do. In no way am I trying to be toxic, but I just don't consider videogames a sport. Any video game, not just this one. I love videogames and they are a hobby of mine, but in no way do I have to train for hours to play them. I do not physically exert myself when I play league. I do not pour blood, sweat and tears. People literally beat there bodies to get good at sports. Now if this was a virtual reality game where you had to move your body to move your character...then yes. I would consider it a sport. Not as it stands though.
: Lol, prime example of why League is toxic enough to lose 30% of its player base this past yearQQ
Apparently sandwich making is serious business.
: If you're going to make me wait over 3 hours to log in....
I will just call it even if they buy me a pizza. pizza is worth an hour + wait
Hostile (NA)
: i mean im a grill too but i have a 3 hour que wait.. unlucky. been waiting around 40 minutes now since i just got home and its said 3 hours for this entire time. not like 2 hours and 20 minutes or anything. although hour que wait times is pretty absurd in my opinion. rito pls. ;-;
I am too, but I have been waiting a little over an hour now.
RazinLe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spoopy Senpai,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=MqQlkEm0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-02-26T21:25:17.668+0000) > > My girlfriend logged onto the league client after me, she had to wait 2 minutes and logged on, I've been waiting an hour, and it's only going up, this is quite absurd. its cuz she's a grill... rito knows.
I didn't know grills played league.. You should make money off of that.
xFAPzz (NA)
: Offended already? How cute.
: honestly we all are pretty annoyed but quit with the toxic shit it will just make riot make the wait longer. enjoy your day
Your probably wasting your time. It's bad enough when the toxic people can't win their games. When they cant even play their game.. They lose their minds,
: I'm at 88% on pbe. When I made this post I was at 60% 14 minutes ago.
Well at least you get to get out of wait queue hell soon.
: seriously for fucks sakes how do i go down a list fucking 50% its at 3 hours and a half
yup, and when I started I was still in the 2 hour range...After it reached three hours I came here in hopes that there would be a post by riot or something.
: It may not be riots fault though. It could be them getting ddos.
Yea, still frustrating though.
: This is bullshit. The one day I get to play this weekend and these asshats fuck up the servers. Ughhh >.> My queue time just keeps climbing with every position check. WTF!?
I started at two hours and forty seven minutes, Now I am at three hours and twenty five minutes...
: They want to make us watch the stream so they can make more $$$$$$$$
Too bad.. I refuse to watch their e sports. Video games are not a sport.
Lcifer (NA)
: well i was on this morning had a 15s que to login went to get back on started at approx wait ofr 1h 45m been 3hrs now at 4hr approx que to login like wtf how does it go up instea of down
Seriously?! It has done this since this morning? Ugh! All I wanted was a nice relaxing night after my classes. dumb riot.. >:(
: my wait time to get in went from 2 hour to 3 hour
Aancreed (NA)
: leaver buster. why am i the only person with problems with riots systems?
No, I agree it does happen. I left one game cause of winter power outages and when I get back they want to coach me about it. I came back as soon as power was back on and on top of that our team didn't even lose. That really annoyed me. That is why I think players should be allowed to join a game that someone has left. Give that player the average amount of experience and gold the team has won up to that point. This way if life happens your not banned, and your team is not suffering.
: Can we talk about Toxicity in ranked?
Things are toxic in both ranked and normal games, but I understand your points :3
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: Has anyone else been glitching bad?
Thats what mine started as, was a delayed click, but now it has gotten worse. Hope it goes back to normal soon. :/
: Has anyone else been glitching bad?
The characters and monsters will just stop for a few seconds, which usually ends in my death. You can not do anything in this short period of time. I don't disconnect or anything. Just stop. At first I thought it may be the internet or computer but no other online game does this. So i am at a loss
: Annie skin idea: Annie all grown up
Oh well.. I just think it would be neat to see what she would look like. (shrugs)
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