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: Mid Lane looking for clash team
: LF MID LANER CLASH (gold 1 or lower pref)
S5 mid main. Invite: Ranger Phelps
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: Patch 9.3 Notes: Lore Edition
How to properly update lore: Add to it not change it.
Rambuki (NA)
: Oof, thought I'd finally see some Talon lore.
What are you talking about. Talon has such a rick lore. You just have to know where to look. (Hint: investigate the League Judgement of {{champion:69}})
: We need a {{champion:91}} Lore update between him and {{champion:50}} idk if it was intentional but swain doesn't even recognize him unlike literally every other Noxian. Also {{champion:69}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:91}} are supposedly all in the same family but i dont believe any of them have any Voice lines to one another. Its not really anything major but it a little disappointing.
Swain doesn't know Talon because Talon works for General Du Couteau alone, not as part of Noxus. Talon also has lots of lore currently to work with. After all, if you look into the lore of Cassiopia and Katarina, you will find out that Swain and LeBlanc know where General Du Couteau has disappeared too. It's implied that they killed him since in Talon's reveal, it shows two twin roses(LeBlanc) choking a fallen blade(General Du Couteau) while a three-eyed bird is perched on top(Swain). As for your second point, while Cassiopia and Katarina are sisters, Talon is not related to them and just works for their dad (General Du Couteau). While Talon and Katarina may work together from time to time, Cassiopia prefers to stay secluded after the cursed serpent sword turned her from a beautiful woman into the snake woman she is now(LORE CHANGES BE DAMMED!!!). As a result, she doesn't even let her own father near here, so why would she let her sister(Katarina) or some guy she hears about from the chatter of her personal guards(Talon) near her to strike up a conversation and create the bond that would lead to that voice line interaction. Overall, Talon doesn't need a lore rework or a voice rework. Riot just needs to put back the original lore into the game for all to see since learning how to navigate the lore pages on the site here is a major pain. You truly are The Devil for saying something so evil like lore being changed, especially for Talon who has such a rich lore if you willing to look for it.
: i thought Sivir was Cassiopeia's sister but the reason why cass is a snake, is because Cass wasnt a pure decendant of a shurimian ruler and when she tryed to take the boomerang (the one sivir owns) she was turned into part snake
Wrong. {{champion:69}} was tempting a man to be a spy and get info. He made her kiss his sword so she would be cursed if she betrayed him. When she betrayed him, the cursed serpent sword turned her from a beautiful woman into the snake woman she is now(LORE CHANGES BE DAMMED!!!). Also {{champion:69}} and {{champion:55}} are sisters. {{champion:15}} and Shurima have nothing to do with Cassiopia Du Couteau.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
1. Even though I am a silver 5 mid laner, I do ward using my season 3 victorious ward (whick looks WAY better). {{summoner:35}} 2. No point in bothering to reach silver+ in another que because that ward skin is trash compaired to season 3 ward skin. {{summoner:34}} 3. No point in reaching gold+ because graves has no cigar. {{summoner:35}} 4. I'm sick and tired of having to work my way back up to silver+ from BRONZE 3!!! I was placed in bronze 3 in season 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 and had to work my way up to silver (of which I did) each season. Stopped at silver every time because I'm {{summoner:3}} ed from having to climb out of bronze again. {{summoner:36}} 5. Who needs honor ward skins when you can have a SANTA BARON ICON! SING IT AHRI!!!! {{summoner:30}} "Santa Baron, slip a Deathcap under the tree for me Been an awful good girl Santa Baron, and hurry down the river tonight Santa Baron, a golem buff too, light blue I'll wait up for you, dear Santa Baron, and hurry down the river tonight Think of all the charms I've missed Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed Next year I could be also good If you'll check off my Christmas list Santa Baron, I want a portal of Zz'Rot and really that's not a lot Been an angel all year Santa Baron, and hurry down the river tonight Santa Bary, there's one thing I really do need, the deed To a platinum rank Santa Bary, and hurry down the riven tonight Santa Baron, and fill my stocking with codex and checks Sign your 'x' on the line Santa Baron, and hurry down the river tonight Come and trim my Christmas tree With some decorations bought at Annie I really do believe in you Let's see if you believe in me Santa Baron, forgot to mention one little thing, a Doran's ring I don't mean on the phone Santa Baron, and hurry down the river tonight Hurry down the river tonight Hurry, tonight" - {{champion:103}}
: Patch 7.9 notes
Yes, I totally want to build Ravenous Hydra on a marksman.
: Assassin Roster Update -- Talon Direction
How I feel right now (
: State of Champion Update
How much money must I pay for a Traditional Yorick Skin?
Rhun4it (NA)
: first that's not the right game, I don't even think it was on this account. In the game i was referencing i had 3 teammates right next to me trying to push down a tower with flash and heal both up but i didn't have time to use either of them before i was killed by Talon's aoe, and the talon wasn't even fed. this is what Riot is trying to change, the main point is to stop Talon from getting kills from the collateral damage of his abilities, and to give his target a chance to outplay him by slowing down his full damage combo. P.S. I'm an assassin main and i know the value of wards but often times it doesn't make a difference whether or not your target knows if you're coming because assassins have enough burst and mobility to guarantee the kill.
Post a link to the game so I may see it. Since it wasn't even on your "RHUN4T" Account, I am unable to provide you with a proper reply.
Rhun4it (NA)
: Burst Window is the time it takes a champion to pull off their full combo not the time between. a lot of the champions u listed can't get their abilities off before Talon finishes his combo. I don't play ADC often but last time i played against a talon i got killed from 70%-ish HP with just ult, rake and thunderlords. There is more issues but i'm too lazy to list them all.
With proper warding, you can predict what a Talon is about to do and prep yourself before Talon even _E: Cut Throats_ to you. Also, I looked at that game you were talking about ( he killed you somewhere around 18:00-18:30 and you were alone besides the tower you were under. He also had far more large items than you, as he already had a ghostblade{{item:3142}} and a bf sword{{item:1038}} while you still had not even finished your first item (ghostblade). Also, around this time he had earned about 6.2K gold while you only had 4.3K gold. That's almost a 2k gold difference. He was probably two or three levels higher that you at the time since he was so far ahead of you. At the time he killed you, he had 4 Kills with no deaths while you had 1 kill and 3 deaths. Talon was fed and you were underfed. ANY spell damage based champion would kill you like that, not just Talon. Lets not forget the fact you were playing Twitch{{champion:29}} , who is an Marksman/Assassin, making him squishier than most other ADCs. To make things worse, he dove under tower, killed you, and lived. All of this is just showing that **Talon** isn't the problem here, **towers are**. Tower diving **should not** be a thing, as it removes the point of towers, aka to keep you safe when you are underfed so you can CS and have a chance to make a comeback. **Talon doesn't need a rework, Towers need a buff. **
: Patch 6.17 notes
"giant frothing hellbears"? You mean a Shadow Bear from the Voodoo Lands.
: > [{quoted}](name=ryoh,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=EjFNREfn,comment-id=007c,timestamp=2016-08-05T20:04:41.556+0000) > > I posted two comments before in the thread, and I had some time to think about the proposed direction, specifically as Talon's roaming identity. > How would this affect Talon's already weak lane? My playstyle is to farm up as much as I can and 1v1 the enemy laner nearing mid game. Would this update weaken this and force me to be more mobile around the map? We're adding some counterplay to Talon's kit throughout, which means since it'll be a little harder to land everything perfectly, the payoff is going to have to be proportionately higher. So when he plays things right, post-update Talon should definitely be able to land kills in lane. He won't be as reliably able to kill his lane opponent as the more 1-on-1 focused assassins like Zed, but he'll be able to do it.
Please read point 2
Statikk (NA)
: He'll have a new passive. =)
i cry all the time in this institution. and I said: "REST IN PEACE! REST IN PEACE! REST IN PEACE! NO MORE MERCY KILLING!"
: Assassin Roster Update -- Talon Direction
I've mained Talon since Season 2 so I know a lot about him. This is my counter argument against your three points of why you believe Talon should be reworked. 1. Instant blink from stealth? While that sound like a good idea it actually isn't. As the stealth comes from Talon's _Shadow Assault_ which causes the blades to only deal damage once on the way out and once on the way back with a masive cooldown afterwards; Using _Shadow Assault's_ stealth to engage causes you to lose half of the _Shadow Assault's_ damage as it does not hit your target on the way out, only the way back. Also, while Talon is stealthed, his blades are NOT, which means if players ward like they should, with basic map awareness, you can easily see his blades and back off so you don't fall into this situation. 2. Talon's burst window has already been extended with the increase of _Shadow Assault's_ cooldown. A Talon playing him as an assassin would be foolish to engage without having _Shadow Assault_ off cooldown first. With the removal of the silence on _Cut Throat_, many Marksmen and Mages now have easy reactions to prevent most of Talons damage and live when Talon uses _Cut Throat_ on them. Here are some examples of what to do when Talon uses Cut Throat on you: {{champion:51}} Escape with _90 Caliber Net_ and use _Yordle Snap Trap_ {{champion:42}} _Valkyrie_ {{champion:119}} _Stand Aside_ then _Blood Rush_ {{champion:81}} _Arcane Shift_ {{champion:104}} _Smoke Screen_ then _Quickdraw_ or _Collateral Damage_ {{champion:222}} _Flame Chompers_ then _Zap_ {{champion:429}} _Martial Poise_ anyone? {{champion:96}} _Void Ooze_ {{champion:236}} _Relentless Pursuit_ {{champion:18}} _Rocket Jump_ (and many more for Marksmen) {{champion:103}} _Charm_ {{champion:1}} _Incinerate_ or _Summon: Tibbers_ with _Pyromania_ boost {{champion:268}} _Shifting Sands_ and/or _Emperor's Divide_ {{champion:63}} _Pillar of Flame_ then _Sear_ {{champion:69}} _Petrifying Gaze_ or _Miasma_ {{champion:9}} _Terrify_ {{champion:74}} _CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade_ {{champion:38}} _Force Pulse_ and/or_ Riftwalk_ {{champion:55}} _Shunpo_ {{champion:7}} _Distortion_ {{champion:99}} _Light Binding_ and/or _Lucent Singularity_ {{champion:90}} _Nether Grasp_ {{champion:61}} _Command: Dissonance_,_ Command: Protect_ and/or _Command: Shockwave_ {{champion:13}} _Rune Prison_ {{champion:134}} _Scatter the Weak_ {{champion:45}} _Event Horizon_ {{champion:161}} _Tectonic Disruption_ {{champion:112}} _Gravity Field_ then _Siphon Power_ {{champion:115}} _Satchel Charge_ and/or _Hexplosive Minefield_ (and many more for Mages. Don't foget about zhonya's hourglass!) Wow, that's a lot of champs that can easily escape Talon's burst before it even really starts. Seems like a lot of people just have **A.** Bad reaction timing, **B.** Not warding like they should, or **C.** Need to play better instead of there being a lack of counterplay. 3. Talon **does** focus on his target, all of his abilities focus on one thing: Empowering his basic attacks on his target. Passive: _Mercy_ (which is short for Mercy Killing) provides his Basic Attacks bonus damage if the target is slowed, rooted, stunned ECT. Q: _Noxian Diplomacy_ amplifies his next basic attack damage to deal more damage and gives a Physical damage bleed for Black Cleaver stacks and support his Fighter sub-role. W: _Rake_ Provides the slow needed for _Mercy_ to proc. E: _Cut Throat_ (Which is short for Cut Throat Tactics) gets Talon in Basic Attack range of the target and increases his damage against** that target alone**. R: _Shadow Assault_ provides a decent escape and deal some additional damage if needed. On the **rare** occasions that Talon goes in and gets a quadra, this is because **A:** Teamwork op with the blades from Shadow Assault last hitting the other teammates.** B:** The enemy team **DID NOT** ward to see him coming and/or **C: **Talon is far ahead, well above the other teams levels, and the enemy team wasn't playing smart **like they should have**. Also, all of his damage comes from Talon's **BONUS AD**. Meaning he needs lots of AD items to deal a large amount of damage with any of his abilities. He also has no sustain in lane. Poke him down in lane, get him underfed, ward, and overall play smart, and Talon will be **unable** to 100% hp to 0% hp his target, **let alone** get a quadra-kill. Overall, Just leave him alone. He is fine how he is. It's not his fault people can't get a grasp on playing smart and the importance of wards. After all, his abilities were nerfed to not be as strong on wardless maps. Why? This is because wards make it harder for Talon to E: _Cut Throat_ and burst you down because you can see him coming.
: I talk about Talon a little in this Discussion. Be sure to vote if you think Talon deserves a major rework! Just so you know I talk about what should change. {{champion:91}} -Mastery 7 Talon Main
He doesn't. He's balanced just how he is
: perhaps just making his gap closer target friendly targest like katarinas Shunpo. always found it weird that it can only be used to get in but not used to get out. Something most asn's have the versatility to do examples being as stated katarinas shunpo, Zeds shadows, Leblancs reblink, Fizz and troll pole. kennen and lightening ball. never understood why talon was denied this feature.
: Talon rework incoming ??? What do talon mains want ??
Talon does not need a rework. He meets his goals as a high risk, high reward champion. Many people claim talons passive mercy (which is a reference to mercy killing), bleed damage on Noxian Diplomacy, and his Cut Throat are useless but they are far from it. Mercy makes Noxian Diplomacy hit like a truck, Each tick of the bleed on Noxian Diplomacy applies a stack of black cleaver, increasing your damage further, and cut throat is an amazing gap closer and amplifies his damage making Noxian Diplomacy hit even harder. The only change Talon really needs is some increase to his mana regen. I've mained Talon since Season 2, and if you can't play well with his current kit, I'm sorry but you need to "Hone your skills" - {{champion:62}} .
Sargonas (NA)
: If this was Reddit I'd be giving you gold right now. ;)
Before General Marcus Du Couteau was killed/captured by Leblanc and Swain (1), How did Talon interact with the rest if the Du Couteau family if at all?
: Champion Insights: Kled, the Noxian Meme
One problem, if memory serves, Noxus is against any non humans (All hail the human master race). I guess he is an exception? "Where other human settlements tend to welcome non-humans into their midst, Noxians are decidedly xenophobic. Non-humans are, at best, made to feel unwelcome within the borders of this nation. There are exceptions to this, but only after the non-humans in question have proven themselves to be either useful or feared (or both)." -
: Retiring Dominion
I've usually respected your business decisions, however, this is the most foolish move your planning team could have made. Just look at the comments. Disapproval as far as the eye can see. Not to mention, Dominion is what makes League unique. Every MOBA has 5v5, 3v3, and ARAM but what MOBA has CTF?!
: Retiring Dominion
Rather than remove it, why not incorporate it with that new hextech boxes and keys. For example, you have different objectives on each mode so more ways to earn hextech boxes and key. Also by the logic of it's removal, you can kiss 3v3 bye as well, and I pray, Oh my God do I pray, Every single day, for the removal of ARAM.
: Should you take Baron?
To be honest, I feel like going for Baron late game after scoring an ace is a bad idea. Taking out crucial enemy towers such as base and nexus towers during this time should be top priority as they are far more difficult to do with at least 2 enemies alive.
: Hard Main: Annie Bot, Challenger Annie Main
Just wanted to say gratz on having the will and drive to succeed in ranked. That's something I lack so i'm probably staying in silver. Keep up the good work!
Sno1ock (NA)
: lol dude. You think you, the Silver 5, could beat the Challenger 1 Annie main?? This is why you're still in Silver...
No, i'm still in Silver because i'm too lazy to play ranked as much as I should.
: Hard Main: Annie Bot, Challenger Annie Main
I Honestly think I could beat Annie bot 1v1 with us both playing Annie. And of not, well at least he can never have more Annie skins then me (I own all 10) {{champion:1}} c: Don't get the wrong idea. I respect Annie Bot and he is a good player. His Annie is great and I give all do respect for that. I just believe that IF we went toe to toe, my Annie has a CHANCE of winning. Not because he is a bad player (he's not) but because I believe my skill level with Annie is slightly less than his. If you gonna say there is no possible way for me to win such a battle only because he has the will and drive to succeed in ranked and I don't, go ahead. I don't really care. In the end, all that really matters is that Annie Bot is a great Annie main and it would be a honor to 1v1 him.
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
One way or another my blades will find their way into your heart - {{champion:91}}
: Anyone up for Pool Party Ekko?
there is one! Look under riven
: still waiting on bass cannon blitzcrank
Still waiting oh Ao Shin!
Myuzuru (NA)
: Lee sin x Nidalee cannon please, I mean lee sin might not respect her violent ways of protecting the forest he he does enjoy the good cause {{champion:76}} {{item:1028}} {{champion:64}}
that {{champion:92}} {{item:1028}} {{champion:245}} though
: We need a Pool party {{champion:92}} , Dolphin included.
{{champion:92}} X {{champion:245}} Confirmed
Ada Wong (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ranger Phelps,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=BvErb2td,comment-id=0180,timestamp=2015-05-22T06:14:52.773+0000) > > If you play like this video tells you too. You will have a better League of Legends experience: which is also true, but good luck when a game starts going bad and you tell players the best chance to win is grouping a lot of times players become toxic to the thought of actually doing a group fight early than usual, or changing any type of plays which could help you win the game so its a Agree to Disagree situation, and you either get toxic because no one will listen, or you just have to let players do what they want which by the time they do you hear An ally has been slain about 10-15 more times, and then eventually everyone is feeding and by the time the players are ready to group fight your team just gets wiped over and over again, so that chance you had to carry some players who made mistakes, and help a team of players who are doing bad even if you could goes down the drain, and then toxicity usually flares up more in chat.
Teamwork OP. Since there is no I in team, entire team needs to follow it for it to work. MJ did some wrong things in his life but this quote is too true: "If you wanna make the world a better place, just look at yourself and make the change".
: New player reform system heads into testing
If you play like this video tells you too. You will have a better League of Legends experience:
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
Not going to lie, I would love to play this. I can see it now: {{champion:114}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:53}} vs {{champion:24}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:40}}
: PAX East cosplay!
Me and my buddy awhile back. I was gonna redo My dragon blade Talon cosplay with enhanced Dragonblade for the lunar veil cosplay contest but then I remembered I cut my hair. also a better look at the cosplay itself Go Talon! {{summoner:11}} {{champion:91}}
Siachi (NA)
: I still say you guys should make a poro-based mini game, kind of like the Chao gardens in Sonic Adventure 2 (Friend had that game, and the Chao garden was pretty much the only reason I played). EDIT: And not like Legend of the Poro King (Which was awesome, by the way) where it had a Poro Theme; I mean a separate game entirely, where you can raise and train poros or something like that.
Good idea. Now they won't need a name change (Riot Games only has one game? Then why isn't it called Riot Game: League of Legends)
: I have filed a report with Google, but I can't promise anything. I would recommend not searching for any poro-ized champions on Google image search without safe search if you're uncomfortable with NSFW material. It's a pretty unpleasant surprise if it's not what you're looking for :(
too late for me {{champion:64}}
: The wonder above
Legend holds that when Ionia faces its greatest crisis, Ao Shin will descend from the sky. Ao Shin Confirmed
: ***
What If I told you, Armor of the Fifth age Taric, is a reference to the World of Warcraft Tier 5 Paladin Armor. The player Fanatik photo-shopped the pink-tinged suit, including such things as the leg warmers, a furry purse, and pink sun-glasses. Also, Taric X Sona forever
Jynx (NA)
: I know right?! That 5 o'clock shadow too, haha. XD
Does this make Jynx X Jayce cannon now? {{champion:222}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:126}}
: Whoa whoa I play Sejuani and Annie too! That's, like, five champs! Five!
Can't wait for Sweetheart Annie to come out. also My laptop is upside down because her splash art was upside down. My List: {{champion:91}} , {{champion:1}} , {{champion:81}} , {{champion:119}} , {{champion:14}} , {{champion:421}} and {{champion:43}} . Thank You for geting rid of the recommended champion add at main screen. I was tired of seeing {{champion:90}} wanting me to play him (NO! You keep your OP Suppress to yourself!).
: Patch 5.2 notes
{{champion:91}} I feel like Talon's Rake and Shadow Assault should no longer disjoint when he dies as this makes him under balanced against other champions with similar abilities that still do damage after death (Example: Ahri's Orb of Deception). However if this will cause other changes to his kit then never mind.
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy {{champion:1}} : Amumu?
Lyte (NA)
: > Im happy to share my chat logs. > I am a very pleasant person to play with even when getting yelled at. Been playing for 2-3 years and never had any restrictions or bans :) It's pretty hard to receive a chat restriction or ban when you're a positive member of the community! Do you play Rammus a lot though? [4:02] InsaneNcrazY: k [21:45] InsaneNcrazY: k [9:02] InsaneNcrazY: k [16:50] InsaneNcrazY: gj [18:41] InsaneNcrazY: gj [27:48] InsaneNcrazY: gj [12:55] InsaneNcrazY: gj team Should work on that roleplay for Rammus, I believe he only says "Ok." and not "gj" and "gj team."
These log reveils have me feared ({{champion:9}}) for what Riot will find. Out of the league I am as cool as {{champion:34}} but when I get into the fray ({{champion:10}}) I can lose it and become a toxic venom ({{champion:60}}). I'm not sure if I want to know the regrettable things I may have said while i was hot headed ({{champion:58}}). Also Kudos to you if you can reply the hidden name.
: {{champion:24}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} F*ck off clown.
{{champion:35}} Dunky Won the Cyther! Dunky is the best!
: No not really name wise yes jutsu wise not all there are so many more threatening jutsu
Dat double negative doe lol {{champion:91}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:50}}

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