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: Leblanc Rework is Absolutely Terrible.
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: @Meddler: It seems a large majority of testers are hating the new jungle plants system in PBE
I test on the PBE. They're not random and they don't spawn in random locations either. It's their spawn times that are random - that means you can't reliably predict when they'll appear ahead of time (even this isn't entirely true because they give a hint that they're about to spawn like 30 seconds before they actually spawn). They're not that bad, they're not that random, and they're not that important.
: Tune in to our playtester stream on Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM PDT!
In reference to this post from reddit ( quite a few months ago, is Riot still hiring candidates for their playtest team?
Guaire (NA)
: Kalista + Kench
yep intended xD
: Choose twelve champions for a League of Legends reboot.

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