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: Champion Shard Reroll Failer
I'm having a similar issue when I try to redeem my SKT T1 Elise permanent. I've already upgraded from the shard, so the lack of orange essence isn't an issue.
: Store Is Not Showing Up Store dead af. Rito posted in the service status thing so they are aware.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Ability to change champions, spawn bots, etc on the fly while in the tool? The question is, does the game only load the assets from the champions chosen in champ select? If so, such a feature would either eat up a butt load of ram/vram or require reloading the game. I don't want my PC to blow up xD
: Everybody dumpsters Quinn?
Quinn's main focus is early game burst in lane with her passive. I'll admit her ulti is rather useless for combat outside of lane. As an ADC, melee range in teamfights will get her melted PDQ. I don't think your champion examples really make a valid point toward a Quinn buff. No ADC at equal gold should be able to 1v1 Trundle or Nasus. The survivability of tanks/bruisers versus squishies results in the tanks being able to dish out a larger percentage of their opponents' HP than what they take. Not to mention the fact that trundle and nasus specialize in 1v1 against almost any champion in the game. I'm not too familiar with Sion to make a specific counterpoint with him, but the general concept still stands. You've compared her to late-game champs as opposed to other early game champs. The better solution here rather than to ask for changes would be to implement some counter-play. I really like Quinn. I bought her the day she was released. I do agree that she is a bit on the weak side compared to other ADCs. Her kit however can quite easily be used like a bruiser which makes her difficult to balance as an ADC. If you make her into a strong ADC, you may simultaneously end up creating a top lane monster. With the current state of the game, it's not too unreasonable to expect a full-blown rework to address her awkward role.
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: Claim an UNDERRATED waifu Marida Cruz She's almost more of a big sister than a waifu.
: Mystery Champ?
1:30AM PST, still waiting lol. Guess it will be a day or two.
: Ping spikes to 110-1200 for 30 seconds
I'm with Shaw as well and have experienced some ping issues in the past. They're notorious for routing issues (especially with league) and node saturation. I'd recommend posting on their internet forum as they actually do something if you complain. The forum staff are quite helpful as well.
Bârd (NA)
: Nerf Irelia
10/10 would buy.
Jabril (NA)
: Mystery Champ Challenge 7/1
Challenge accepted.
: I'd need a new top laner...
Definitely Shen. He's hard to kill and has a pretty smooth laning phase depending on the matchup. (Gnar will eat him for breakfast) He's generally a safe pick and scales well into late game.
: Need 3 more people
: ip boost 5s
: need people for 5v5 Normal blind pick 300% bonus IP (1 MORE)
: Need 3 for ARAM party(leave name)
4k Swat (NA)
: I understand the concept of ARAM. I would like to see at least a ban phase. By all means I want the game to be random, but I don't see why they focus on Summoners Rift and just allow every champion to be used in ARAM. If they made new game types more focused on a more balanced game. There can still be random champions all day long. But at least one specific champion doesn't have the advantage over another **just because of the map.** I know my outlook doesn't look great on ARAM but I do take breaks and I do win from time to time. It's the same champions game after game though with the occasional surprise here and there. There are more than enough champs in ARAM to allow banning. Poro King allowed us to ban and it worked out pretty good. The same champs however got banned because everyone knows of the dirty tricks with ARAM OP Champs. I don't want to sound against anything because I'm not I just think they should implement some new features not just nerf every champion that we don't like in ARAM.
Best case scenario they should have two ARAM queues, one all random, the other blind draft. Then we'd get to pick our poison. I get where you're coming from in your second post though.
saDD3ath (NA)
: So what did you get from the mystery gift?
: For Eve, we saw an opportunity to create a skin for her before an update that wouldn't interfere too much with any then-current plans with her. This does not mean every potential champion update is in the same state and can be treated in the same way. The team felt it would be a win to create a skin at the chance we got, so we took it instead of passing it up. It may not have coincided with what was said in the past about skin plans, but I think it's much better to try and take things on a case-by-case basis rather than let a statement be the end all be all for the rest of eternity :) Do you play Zilean? Is there something in particular you would want to see for him? {{champion:26}}
A Gandalf LotR-themed skin would be amazing for him. I'm picturing something like Veigar Greybeard.
: Suggest a "fun" champ
{{champion:412}} You can either set up amazing plays with him or bait your team into oblivion.
4k Swat (NA)
: Add Ban Phase in ARAM
Such is the nature of RNG and the concept of ARAM. If every game were to be balanced around the meta, where would the randomness be? It would just be all mid at that point. The randomness adds to the experience, although it seems yours has been unlucky. Riot isn't to blame however. Your outlook on the matter seems to be cynical. Try taking a break from it and playing again when you're in a more optimistic mood. Also, if you want to have a decent team comp from the start, I'd suggest playing blind draft alternatively. You'll still get IP/exp in a full custom game.
: Hey, GD! What'd you get in your mystery gift?
: Your Favorite Champion Goes to School with you or works with you etc.
SlimyDan (NA)
: Your last played champ on SR is sent to protect you from your last played champ on HA
{{champion:67}} Protecting me from {{champion:30}}. Seems legit.
Sangyoon (NA)
: Venturing into ADC
Ventured into a Thresh/Graves lane as Vayne earlier today. Got roflstomped. Never again.
: {{item:3102}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3143}} etc
{{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} :P
: You've never had that game where the start trolling from the get go??? I 've had more than my share.
Oh trust me, I've been placed in bronze twice. I know the feels. I noticed it getting better midway through silver.
: Anyone that still hasn't received the mystery skin?
We'll be waiting into Monday at the latest for all the people to get gifts. After that they're doing a manual check to make sure everyone who was eligible will get their rewards. I haven't received any sort of punishment on LoL ever to my knowledge, and I haven't been gifted yet. Give it some time. From a support email I sent: > Jan 10 13:46 > > Hello Raritits, > > The gifting list is currently being generated, so we won't be able to determine eligibility until rewards are sent in the next few weeks. Players who are eligible will likely receive their gift before we're able to verify eligibility. These rewards will be handed out gradually over the next several days, as we can't gift everyone all at once. You may see some players get their rewards before others. If you haven't received your reward yet, don't worry! We will process all mystery gifts as soon as we can.
Even if they seem to be trolls, most people would be reluctant to surrender since they still have a chance of winning even with the troll in their game. In my experience, people seldom surface as trolls/toxic players until something bad happens in game, whether it be a bad play, losing lane, etc. With that out of the way, here's a scenario providing my above statement is horribly incorrect: Let's say we have "less than optimal" example of synergy in champ select. Four players just can't get along for whatever reason. The fifth player is a minority who wants to stick it out. He's willing to cooperate and be positive but the other 4 can't seem to get along so they opt to surrender. Right from the start that optimistic minority was screwed and is going to lose LP/promos simply because he was unlucky. He didn't even have a chance to play in game. There would be no way to circumvent this as removing the surrender penalty would enable such a feature to be abused when one team is in a strategic disadvantage during champ select. Forgot to ban Rek'Sai and blue team first picked her? Entire team counterpicked? Bad team composition? "LOLSURRENDERGG" Overall, I feel like this would just enable/encourage the tendency to give up early on. It's a serious optimism killer. I for one get somewhat pissed when a teammate gives up prematurely and completely demolishes team morale. What if a minority of the team attempts to surrender in champ select? We're already setting the mood right from the start. Those messages in the loading screen ("People who don't blame their teammates win 30% more games" or something like that) are there for a reason. Being subjected to this negativity or pessimism has drastic results on individual performance. Ideally, you want to go into the game with a clean slate with these new people you've just met and build the experience from there. First impressions are everything. Having a feature like this just sitting in front of us can so easily incite early conflict. "THIS IDIOT LOCKED IN *insert suboptimal champ/position* GG SURRENDER" I've been sitting here for an hour trying to organize my jumbled mess of thoughts on this topic. Let me know if I made some of my arguments confusing or unclear.
: Pick A Champion For the Summoner Below You
@Zamrayz Was going to suggest {{champion:412}} since he's so fun, but it seems he's your main already. Try {{champion:69}} support. The harass is almost as delicious as their tears. I'm a support main, but I'm always looking to improve on other positions. No restriction here for my suggestion.
: How would your favorite champion describe you
{{champion:104}} "Well ain't you just the dickens, boy."
Rikari (NA)
: Who is your most feared champion to play against?
{{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}}
Aieaman (NA)
: Zac skins??
Some random ideas I had: Cookie-Dough Zac: His blobs would be chocolate chips. Furthermore, when killed by ignite with his passive down, his corpse will bake into a delicious cookie. Battlecast Zac: Dropped blobs would be oil. Limbs wouldn't stretch, rather they would mechanically extend somewhat like {{champion:53}}'s arms. When dead and ulting, he and his blobs would be that silvery goo stuff the Terminator 2&3 antagonists are made of. Mercurial Zac: Zac made of mercury. Sort of like what I suggested above, minus the battlecast. Pool Party Zac: A giant, Zac-shaped water balloon. Blobs would be water balloons obviously. I picture this skin to be more cartoonish or gag-like, if that's the right way to describe it. Would be humorous like Surprise Party {{champion:9}}. Rainbow Zac: Because {{champion:99}}. Seriously, liquid rainbows. Would puke rainbows on death with passive down. Needs a better name though. Corrupted/Void Zac: Ferrofluid. Need I say more? Would definitely need the spiky effect. (This is what ferrofluid looks like:
: Your favorite champion suddenly says something completely out of character.
: Your favorite champion takes you to their house and cooks their favorite meal
{{champion:412}} Guess I'll be devouring souls for dinner.
Essorance (EUW)
: Petition to change dying to enemy fountain announcement from "Executed" to "Touchdown!"
: Yasuo Bug
Same here. Have to Alt+F4 and reconnect at the start of every yasuo game.


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