: {{champion:84}}{{champion:51}}{{champion:39}}{{champion:145}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:246}} are all most likely out because they received skins too recently(and Qiyana is still too new, give it until next year). There's a wait time of a few months between skins, and we'll likely see Star Guardian within the next month or so. **** That potentially leaves {{champion:22}}{{champion:164}}{{champion:131}}{{champion:245}}{{champion:114}}{{champion:429}}{{champion:89}}{{champion:267}}{{champion:518}}{{champion:61}}{{champion:133}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:113}}{{champion:15}}{{champion:37}}{{champion:163}}{{champion:44}}{{champion:67}}{{champion:254}}{{champion:142}}. **** The most likely candidates are {{champion:245}}{{champion:133}}{{champion:37}}{{champion:163}} and either {{champion:518}} or {{champion:142}}, because I feel like having those 2 on the same team is more of a liability than anything(Neeko is MIA looking for cheese breads, Zoe is playing fetch with her familiar, their whole team is dying, its a bad time).
It'd be funny actually if the new 3rd team is a dysfunctional mess. Ahri's got the pitch perfect team, Lux has got the underdog Protagonist Squad^TM, now we get Taliyah trying to micromanage 3 woman-children while Taric sparkles in the background.
: If people are flaming you this hard in normals, then they're sad, sad, little people and deserve your pity.
It's funny because I genuinely loved League since before S1 even if I was off-on for years, as a casual norms player. I still do, but somewhat less than a year ago I would've told you that I rarely faced toxicity and almost every game was fun. I got pressured finally into playing some ranked and I think it's forever spoiled the game a little for me. Even in norms I get more players with terrible attitudes for some reason. I didn't touch ranked much after my initial placements so even though it's kind of gross to look at, I don't know if it's even worth going back in for. League used to be fun 99% of the time. Fuck ranked.
: Plz stop rubbing my nose in being bad... im trying.
Hopping on the add-me train, I'd actually like to play with you wayyy more than the toxic players rife in the game. Don't let them get to you either, since trying is the most important thing and you're doing it!
Falrein (EUW)
: LUX CALLED MY GIRL A SPOOKY OLD WITCH. I am mad at her. Great issue, don't have much to say really. Well, actually... I am not a Lux fan, so I don't really care, but I'd like to know what a Lux fan would think about that issue. Lux is depicted as incredibly naive and, not that it's a bad thing, but I'd feel annoyed if a comic series about one of my favourite champion was just them being manipulated Of course the seried is not over so hopefully we'll see growth in Lux. I'm just wondering about that really, and hopefully Lux will grow and won't spend the series being manipulated or overly naive. That's all for me! Great issue really. I just want - no, I NEED this Marvel collaboration to continue. There's so much they can do with comics, plus... Well, who wouldn't want to see their faves in a comic? :p
I have a theory that League is getting into comics so that they'll one day become movie material.
: I don't really see Zoe fitting since the overall theme of SG is more of a "high schoolers with magic powers" setup (like Sailor Moon, pretty much) If we go by Zoe's original lore, she's far too old, but if we go by her appearance, she's way too young - the same reason I couldn't see Annie joining them either. Plus...she's already pretty much star themed. I don't see how they'd make a star themed basic skin into a star guardian without making it essentially a chroma. Taliyah definitely has a quirky sort of fit to her. At the very least, I can see her kit converting to glitter well enough...even the ground FX can be glowing magical glitter circles that pretty much say "you can't draw enough magic from this area" so contrary to what other people are saying, she's not the worst fit. She'd seem kind of like the "Rock Lee" of the group - definitely quirky and awkward compared to the others, but absurdly motivated and terrifying at her unique style. I just don't see them passing up Ashe though. Not to say I necessarily want them to or not, more just saying I doubt it. She's one of those "photogenic" sort of champs that just sort of fits in wherever they want her, and she's also pretty much one of the main faces of LoL in general, so the odds of them passing her up are rather slim. Morgana and Kayle both just got major lore and graphics updates...so one or the other of them are likely to get a new skin soon, and Morgana is generally the more favored of the two (and has easier particle FX for it). Neeko would be the most interesting on this list. But in a way, I feel like she's in direct competition with the role Taliyah would fit - quirky and awkward, but also powerful.
Good point about Zoe; that was my reason for Annie as well. I think they could make her work though, and it'd be fun to do something with her hair. While she's pretty childish, Lulu is also more childishly whimsical. I could see her joining as a sort of first year in between Lulu and Jinx. Maybe it's just rumors but yeah Taliyah seems like the obvious choice and I support it. I agree with your points about Morg and Kayle, I just don't want them to. I still find Morg a little...not boring exactly, but I'm tired of her even with the update. Kayle's particles are harder like you said. I really don't want Ashe. I dunno, I feel like she has a shit ton of skins, doesn't need more, and I'm also kind of tired of her. She's photogenic in a boring way, unlike say Ahri or Lux (Lux skins being a bit much though ofc lol). On the other hand, I'd beg for Neeko. I think she could distinguish herself from Taliyah in her own "curious chameleon" way--she's a little foreign/has eccentric ideas, while Taliyah is quirky but grounded (ba dum tss). Plus, she'll add the animal-girl to the crew! (like Poppy and Lulu; Ahri and Soraka.)
Ayzev (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rashlasher,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rNWv0jhQ,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-06-09T03:06:36.376+0000) > > I don't know why everyone thinks Jhin is so unique, he's literally the artistic serial killer stereotype. > We have no spoiled brats on the League roster right now The same reason you express support for Qiyana for applies to Jhin, and your grievance with Jhin applies to Qiyana just as well. I feel you failed to pinpoint the actual reasons why you like one but not the other. > Very well executed, yeah, but no one seems to address that. Why address something that's well done? I'd say the execution matters more than the idea.
I don't have a grievance with Jhin, I was pointing out the hypocrisy in people who praise Jhin for "uniqueness" while slamming Qiyana for being a spoiled brat trope. I'm saying no one is addressing that. Also, that's more reason to point it out--people are praising Jhin's "uniqueness" rather than a more worthy compliment that is his execution.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rashlasher,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TVnb56de,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-07T20:05:08.668+0000) > > We don't have a spoiled rich brat archetype in League so it's actually interesting imo. Neither AS nor Camille actually pedestal themselves even though they can be cocky or self righteous. It'll be cool to see Qiyana as a character with a "princess complex". I mean, it is just 1 person, and it's of the opposite sex, so I guess it is welcome for variety, although I went from "Oh god, her hair is gorgeous, and love the jewelry, can't wait to try her!" to "Oh god, might have to perma-ban her so I don't hear her VO." {{champion:81}}
Maybe it's the sex difference impacting the trope, but Ezreal seems more like wannabe-casanova, sort of a dickhead. Qiyana is in a delusion of grandeur, a real "I am special and an empress!" one. They are similar, tho. Also it's nice that you actually liked her aesthetic even if you're over her personality/VO. I liked it too, unlike the boards lol.
: > We don't have a spoiled rich brat archetype in League so it's actually interesting imo. I felt a lot of {{champion:114}} 's story crosses over with Qiyana's. You've got... 1. Scion of some ancient dynasty/noble house. Check. 2. Youngest/younger sibling not set to inherit the dynasty/noble house. Check. 3. Is extremely talented in some martial skill set. Check. 4. Character is arrogant as a result. Check. 5. Defeats the rightful heir (Fiora's father or Qiyana's older sister) 6. Gets respect through combat and now feels she has to restore/protect her house/name/etc... The story beats sound extremely similar to me. The context might be different, but ultimately they're both spoiled rich brats who are the younger sibling with extraordinary talent and wants to press their family inheritance.
I find it pretty distinctive from Fiora. Most of the characters in league are cocky/arrogant to some extent. Fiora's arrogance comes more from elitism--she IS elite and has like an old Britain/France notion of protecting one's honor and one's house. But I can also see Fiora as more keen to noblesse oblige; furthermore while arrogant and confident in her skills, it's not like she's delusional or stuck in a bubble. Like she definitely knows there are stronger people out there, worthy people beside herself. Qiyana embodies an entire actual trope. In anime, this manifests akin to himedere. In American media, the snobby stuck-up sitcom girl. Being rich and arrogant like Fiora isn't the same thing as "spoiled rich brat".
: I think the majority of SG skins have been mages, with a couple of off-focus ones. So...they're going to need some more off-focus ones. Also...they said they're not really looking to put any more males into the line, so I'm going to place my bet that Xayah/Rakan are out. {{champion:39}} - pretty flexible top/mid, popular, fits the line of fighting for justice and shit. {{champion:133}} - Already has a pet, and kit fits the role explicitly well as "one who responds to injustice anywhere." {{champion:25}} - Another "Darker Star" like Syndra, Morg's role would likely be more of a selfish defense of the world, than it is a sense of justice. {{champion:22}} - *leader* Ashe is already known as a leader in most other lore, and I don't see why they'd pass her over. {{champion:98}} - (breaking my own rules here) Shen is Tuxedo Mask. :P
Didn't think of Quinn! I think that'd be good, plus she doesn't get that many skins. I'm dying for Taliyah, Zoe, and Neeko though, so I'm gonna have to overrule Ashe and Morgana. (I like Irelia too but I don't see her particles fitting the skin line well).
im small (EUW)
: Star Guardian 2019 predictions!
Taliyah is a shoe-in like others have said. I REALLY am hoping/wanting SG Neeko. I have the whole gig for her Winter Wonder set, but I think the splash of her original is so much prettier, and overall the release skin is like, okay. Nothing to blow my socks off. I can see a green SG Neeko being just perfect! I would also welcome SG Zoe, it's easy, she's not too oversaturated, fairly popular, and would look great. That's already 3 champs I would buy the SG set for, so hopefully the other two are ones that will please the base but won't be my cup of tea. I think Taric would be a good addition. I'm not so convinced on Annie (little girl; not a teenage magical girl thing) or Sona (feels too thematically similar to herself/other skins). Tired of Ashe skins. I hope the last spot will be another male, actually, but not sure how that'd work.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nylisa,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rNWv0jhQ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-08T21:25:24.904+0000) > > You know whats weird? there are a lot of characters that people like and call/find likable, but i hate them. but then there is this girl, almost anyone i ran to these past few days says she is a bitch but then i like her..! Same, really same. I find Jhin's concept boring and overhyped but everyone puts him as an example of 'good release' or 'perfect champ'. I fell in love with Qiyana when I saw her splash art for the first time and after reading about her I love her even more {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Yess! Wow y'all exist. I don't know why everyone thinks Jhin is so unique, he's literally the artistic serial killer stereotype. Very well executed, yeah, but no one seems to address that. We have no spoiled brats on the League roster right now, welcome Qiyana!
: Qiyana says "me" about 15 times during this one video
We don't have a spoiled rich brat archetype in League so it's actually interesting imo. Neither AS nor Camille actually pedestal themselves even though they can be cocky or self righteous. It'll be cool to see Qiyana as a character with a "princess complex".
: The reason 9/10 women prefer Demacia: https://66.media.tumblr.com/f634f9dc26e4c47c260531e63939328c/tumblr_o07pkxrCeJ1v1cyino1_400.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=jX8GEjEX,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-02-27T00:52:01.095+0000) > > The reason 9/10 women prefer Demacia: > > https://66.media.tumblr.com/f634f9dc26e4c47c260531e63939328c/tumblr_o07pkxrCeJ1v1cyino1_400.jpg I'm going to save this...for art reference...
: RP update: Cost and refunds
How do I check how many refund tokens I have (I don't think I've ever used one but)
: Final Call: Golden Spatula Club
Don't really understand the hate but everyone will salt because salt. 1) Don't buy it if you don't want it. 2) It costs less than skin boosting a ton of games, so if you like skin boosting, you're essentially getting unlimited skin boosts for a period of time.
: Garen's skin in-game + splash art + dance are far superior to that of Darius's (not to mention garen is already winning so might as well pick him for 1000 BE, know what im saying)
> [{quoted}](name=I Like Teemo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Owmz53Zd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-27T18:37:00.777+0000) > > Garen's skin in-game + splash art + dance are far superior to that of Darius's > > > (not to mention garen is already winning so might as well pick him for 1000 BE, know what im saying) This is why I'm on team garen *shot* Also he has an awesome lion. Sorry Darius your wolf is beta.
: What's the point of Oreos if they don't even taste like Oreos anymore, Riot?
Underappreciated post. Also hey, I feel like Kai'Sa is a nice step in the more normie direction. And I don't want them to stop making champs as someone else mentioned, that would be ridiculous. It's exciting and fun to have new ones, for both lore and gameplay. 300 champs wouldn't mean having to know 300 sets unless I guess if you're pro, because a thing exists called meta...a set number of who is best this season is all you'd need. (And even that is not that necessary, I literally don't even bother knowing much beyond the abilities of a small champ pool and I play just fine). But back to the initial post, I agree, I started to notice the odd trend when they made Tentacle Oreos but I don't think it's gotten too bad just yet. Fat Goat Blacksmith oreos were kind of weird though.
l2 4 G 3 (NA)
: It is the worst thing to ever exist. Honestly, if you enjoy this game don't ruin it for yourself and just keep doing what you're doing.
O_O Aight! Just feelsbadman when I got no rank.
Kissie (NA)
: ***
Did it today when I accidentally got into a normals instead of an ARAM. You get a 5 minute timer. Not bad. But probably don't do it unless you really want to in case it turns into low priority queue.
Kissie (NA)
: ***
Dude exactly the same, I'm horrible top and jungle. Btw is there a penalty for dodging? Sometimes I get shit AR champions and I want to "doge" but dk if it'd get me bad places
Kissie (NA)
: ***
o.o That intimidates me a little. I'm not a wide-ranged player--there's only so much you can master by playing on and off--but basically I'm a good support and good-to-bad ADC depending on the day/game.
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Chermorg (NA)
: They removed it not because it’s not punishable, but because people were abusing it like you said. Someone who never uses a ping/chat, and never types/reads chat can still be punished for refusing to participate in the team aspect of the game.
How can the latter be punished? I almost was going to comment how I wished it were still a thing in that case because not having team communication really sucks. You're already matched with 4 strangers. I recently just came out of a game that was pure shit in communication, and I know they hadn't muted because near the end when I was getting low-key tilted by it the Vi comes in and tells me to shut up bc I'm garbage. 'Well, you know, maybe I wouldn't have died 4 times if you guys communicated!' I can't tell you how many times I pinged, asked for a gank or lane switch, tried to get us to focus a lane instead of them selfishly sticking to themselves and focusing on racking kills or farming. GOD the lane switch thing was the worst. For some reason, at the very beginning of the game, they all went off in the dumbest lane distrib: Vi and Yas top with Morg mid and Zilean and Syndra (me) bot. Morg can go anywhere. Why am I, Syndra, forced into bot against Tristana and Varus?! But no response. Nothing. Not even silent acknowledgement. Sorry for the rant; I'm just so annoyed that a potentially fun-and-won game turned into shit because of the refusal to even try to play as a group and not an individual.
: She was not denied anything. That's assuming that she had it in the first place. It's obvious they wanted a Leader for the SG group to have the Legendary, and Soraka doesn't have the personality to fit that, enhanced VO or not.
Finally someone understands the legendary was to go to the "leader" type. Soraka is like the quiet best friend support mage; Syndra is the dark horse.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rashlasher,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rrPu6vbW,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2017-08-11T21:03:11.387+0000) > > Need moar cuteboyz {{champion:81}} > > But I honestly would like some new hot female characters to play too >.< YESSSS! We want cutie and hot boys! We have enough sexy girls!
> [{quoted}](name=Mikasa Ackerman9,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rrPu6vbW,comment-id=001400000000,timestamp=2017-08-11T21:39:31.059+0000) > > YESSSS! We want cutie and hot boys! We have enough sexy girls! Right??? There's a lot of buff-type dudes and armored guys and monster-esque dudes but I want more {{champion:81}}
: I agree with you there. Syndra is the "dark horse" of the group. But her lines don't really fit the skin, in my opinion. Now, back to Ahri and the legendary skin. I think there are 2 main reasons why Ahri's getting the legendary skin... 1) Marketing. Riot knows an Ahri skin sells. 2) Despite the fact that Ahri has a LOT of skins, a fair number of them are just "new model" or "recolor" without any visual or sound effect changes. Challenger, Arcade and Popstar all have changes, and Foxfire does have a few changes, but the others are 750 quality or less. Also, with Ahri's new lore (especially the story about the garden), her lines don't really fit any more, and since a legendary needs a new VO, it was Riot's chance to give her some new lines. I may be wrong about the second one, but to me, a lot of the recent legendaries (e.g. Lee Sin, Caitlyn, and now Ahri) have gone to champions with a lot of lower quality skins, so Ahri fits because of that.
Definitely agree the VO kind of dumps Syndra. At least remove the filter, you know? IMO I don't like the palate that much either, so while I love the Multi, it's not worth it for me. Idk the purple and gold particular shades feel tacky or it might be that she's too tan in it and gives it a ehhh feel (tannish + purple + gold = not the best scheme, again IMO). I also agree with the Ahri thing. People talk about her always getting a lot of skins, she hasn't really gotten a high tier one tbh. Again, look at Sona, Katarina, etc. I also really love her SG skin so I'm not griping. But...I guess it's for that particular reason I wanted a LITTLE more edge for Ahri in this SG skin. One, she'll not get another high tier for a while (well, probably high tier? but not like, this quality which also this takes up her Legendary slot.). I might just be a little too obsessed with the changing modes thing. DJ Sona has 3 forms and can play awesome music. Lux has a shit ton of forms. I just thought for a new legendary, SG Ahri could be a bit more extra. Not sure how, though. Back to the point, I'm basically fine with SG Ahri and I'd rather have Syndra's legendary saved for something else (even if her VO does bother me). People should stop complaining, anyway.
: B-but Ahri needs the SG theme more because ... because she fits into everything! A-and she hasn't had a skin since, uh ... less than a year! Hell, give Ahri the Epic / Legacy upgrade since she's more deserving than Soraka and Syndra! Yea, Riot knows they made the right choice, screw Taliyah who not only fits the theme way more but is in need of a skin. (I'm really salty about Ahri screwing the other candidates over)
I can see Soraka getting it instead, but that's about it. Syndra is like a dark horse charac...eh. Also Taliyah doesn't fit this theme at all. Come back after you've drafted a full outfit with abilities that match. For example, what the hell would her wall be, a mass of sparkles or rainbows? That'd be insanely annoying. Honestly sure it's partially the "coz it's Ahri" factor but pretty sure Riot was working with an image for who they wanted to be the leader and legendary, and found who fit afterwards. They've got a neat backstory anyways. I want better skins for Soraka and Syndra too but like hey why can't we enjoy wanting both? Besides, this is like Ahri finally getting the high-tier skin. She'll probably lay low for a while now, excepting maybe Pool Party.
: But don't forget what girls want! We girls are still waiting for a thin cute guy with cute attitude! We have enough egoistic and rude psychopath human guys!
Need moar cuteboyz {{champion:81}} But I honestly would like some new hot female characters to play too >.<
Kloqdq (NA)
: I think this all comes to a couple different factors for people. My main issue was a wasted potential and already existing themes for the champion. We have already gotten those more colourful fun skins on ahri. We have some more serious and "quiet" skins. I wanted to see something evil!
Would love to see a Soulstealer Ahri
: If Ahri is getting a robot skin, it'll either be Project or Program leaning towards Program. These skin lines see more regular releases and have a more sleek appearance which would better fit Ahri.
A robotic Ahri would be gross. But I'm not really a fan of the robotic series anyways. After her finally getting this high tier skin, she'll probably settle down. I think she should still get a darker skin (a lot of them are bubblegum pop-y) at some point, like Soulstealer maybe; that + a Pool Party should honestly set her for the next several years tbh. Random but I'd love to see a Patissier series.
Nylisa (EUW)
: yes i can totally see how it works out for you and im so glad it does. maybe one day i consider giving it a chance and who knows i might like it just as you do right? what i said about Riot keeping silent, i mean like if they see people dont like the ideas of "out of character" skins,i think the community will be more accepting if they come out and explain that they want everyone to be happy and they rather have options for all the players who want to see their fav characters in different theme rather than restricting it to the original characteristic even if its not the same kind of personality. you and me can say that all day long but unless we hear these words from Riot perspective and they explaining why they picked X and Y character for this skinline and not Z character (after the reveal and release of course) community would be much less hostile toward their choices. right now dozens of topics demands to know why Ahri and MF and EZ was picked and not other ones, many people question the "Deadline" that was given for left behind characters, many of the players have so many different assumptions about them that might or might not be true.
I don't think MF really fits that well (it's ok I guess) but I think the other SGs match pretty well. Ahri and Ez certainly fit the magical girl/boy look. (Miss Fortune doesn't tho IMO, even if alternate the look just doesn't fit that right I think. She looks like Leilan from Puzzle and Dragons.)
Myrza (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rashlasher,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gJQKTJdo,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-11T07:16:40.350+0000) > > This. I initially went on the boards because I just found out about the SG hype (and also was hoping I could find > a place to beg people bc I&#x27;m so broke but shhh that&#x27;s a side quest) and instead this negativity is just raining on my dazzle. > I initially really wanted SG Ezreal too but everyone says he&#x27;s ugly and I shouldn&#x27;t let myself be influenced but bc money is money > it makes me question myself. > > And I&#x27;m super in love with SG Ahri so for the apparently few? people on here that share this opinion, all this lash about it > is really upsetting. If you find SG Ezreal appealing to you, you should get it. Why should the community tell you how to spend your money? No skin pleases everyone. I myself like the idea of SG Ahri but if Riot wanted to make it legendary, I understand if they would wait longer because she did just get Arcade. Bottom line is even if everyone hates a skin, it is your money and if you like that skin you should get it. Haters gonna hate.
Thanks to both of you for the response. You're right, it shouldn't matter if I like the skin anyways. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ZyniX (NA)
: I also dislike the mentality of "I don't like it so it shouldn't exist". Sorry but no skin is going to please everyone and I kind of like how every player has a chance of getting a skin that's right for them. This goes for game modes as well. Don't like it? Don't play. Edit: Btw op great name
This. I initially went on the boards because I just found out about the SG hype (and also was hoping I could find a place to beg people bc I'm so broke but shhh that's a side quest) and instead this negativity is just raining on my dazzle. I initially really wanted SG Ezreal too but everyone says he's ugly and I shouldn't let myself be influenced but bc money is money it makes me question myself. And I'm super in love with SG Ahri so for the apparently few? people on here that share this opinion, all this lash about it is really upsetting.
: I'd rather not burn Syndra's only legendary skin slot for the next half-decade or so on the SG theme of all things. There are much stronger and better suited themes for her than that.
Deedlez (NA)
: I DONT CARE, im buying me and all me friends a SG skins and we will be a team!!! :DD
oh my god can u be my friend and buy me one I have actually no money ;------; *shotshotshot* I'm sorry I just want SG so bad the only cool skin I have is DJ Sona which was a Christmas gift years ago. TT-TT
: I think Syndra should have gotten the legendary for this one. Her usual VO doesn't really fit the skin ... unless you consider the "untapped power" lines.
I really don't think she should have gotten the legendary, since: 1) Syndra fits the theme, but not THAT much to a T 2) She's kind of the dark horse of the squad, I think if anybody gets the legendary it obviously is supposed to be the "leader" of the squad. But I do think she could be fixed up better. I know the VO is special, but maybe they could have touched up new VO lines a bit and taken out some old ones that made no sense, and buffed Ahri's skin power since as a legendary, I think it's gorgeous but still a bit minimal compared to DJ Sona and the like.
: The one thing I ask for is a readily visible tribute to classic gaming outside of the recall and particles. Corki's appearance puts him into the top-down shooter tribute. Exreal's appearance and animations pay tributes to RPGs. Hecarim's appearance (tied with his kit) seems to directly refer to Robot Unicorn Attack, a type of running game that still has some popularity as a genre. Miss Fortune uses Light Guns and has a Space Invader on her cap, which is also very similar to Super Mario's. In addition, her death involves her corpse digitizing. Sona's death shows "Game Over" with a sad tone, something that all arcade cabinets played often. Riven's death shows and voices "K.O." as a tribute to fighting games. Ahri does none of these outside of an 8-bit orb and a gameboy on her hip, both of which are lazy, minimal additions/changes.
I agree that Arcade is kind of lackluster, and I think Academy is actually kinda fresh but it's still not high tier and I think Katarina would be a cool one (with the knife schoolgirl look) but Katarina, Sona, and Ahri all have a lot of skins anyway. And again, I think the rustic fox look was a nice add-on. In totality, I concur with that. But I do think SG Ahri is really nice. Because I'm biased, I personally would like to see a BIT more with it, it's already gorgeous and all but Idk I guess after the wow factor of switching skins with Sona and Lux I wanted something a little bit extra. But back to the point, I disagree that SG Ahri doesn't fit the concept well. Animal-girl magical girl is quite a thing, and her fox affiliation makes for an excellent familiar. It's really cute, anyway, and I love the skin. Biggest complaint about new SG lineup in general is probably Syndra looks a bit...her design and concept is super super cool, but I don't know if it's the color palate or what it feels kind of lackluster the same way Arcade does.
: Honestly we all knew she was gonna get one. I just don't think she needed the legendary. Personally I think it shouldve been Syndra. She doesn't really fit it, so VO just makes no sense now. Same reason why Jinx needed it last year tbh. Also Lux is my fave, but every round of new SG skins make me mad jealous. I'm glad they updated her a bit last year but everyone else is waaaaay prettier than her now :/ I'm still gonna buy Ahri, and either Syndra or Ezreal tho. havent decided yet :P edit: and SG Soraka? Never crossed my mind but now seems like a no brainer. But MF?????? tf??
I think the point is that the Leader of the new squad is supposed to be legendary, for obv. reasons. I think they did roles first probably, or at least Sandra is more of a dark horse SG, doesn't really fit the leader role IMO. But ughhhhhh for real, I don't know which ones to get (and I'm broke af this is the first time I've seriously considered doling out the dollars..) I don't care if people are complaining like this new SG Ahri is gorgeous and I want it so bad! I can't decide between Ezreal and Soraka now though....send help ;-; I like Syndra a lot but I think it's a little bit ehh.
: On my mac the above steps aren't possible. I think I'm having the same problem though. I launch the client and it freezes without ever even opening a window, regardless of if I click on the icon or try launching from the applications folder. But I found a solution that worked for me and hopefully will for everyone else on mac that the above didn't work for: -Open Finder ->applications -Right click on 'League of Legends' and select 'show package contents' ->LoL -delete the file named 'lockfile' -launch the client by clicking on 'LeagueClient' in the same folder as the file you just deleted It works but curiously 'lockfile' reappears when you launch the client. However I closed the client and tried launching again and it worked without having to delete 'lockfile' again. Not sure why the steps and files were different on my mac as opposed to that other solution.
Sir, you are a god.
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Flâyz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rashlasher,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=MPd8wJoe,comment-id=014e0000,timestamp=2017-04-20T22:47:18.953+0000) > > I will gift you Xayah for free this double IP weekend if you still need her. :) Send me a request (same username) > I&#x27;m on this forum begging for a Rakan lol but you don&#x27;t need to gift one back. can you gift me rakan? i added you.
If Sanguis Signum doesn't take up my offer, sure. But otherwise i'm too poor lol. I'm willing to grind a few games to gift once, just out of heart. If you do get Rakan/i am able to gift u Rakan, let's play together!
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I've already posted several times on here (beggars gotta knock on every door) but here's my official hobo flyer. http://imgur.com/a/HYtam
: I'd like to own Xayah so that I can gift Rakan to my boyfriend, I don't really have the IP to be able to do both, if even one. Don't really expect anyone to care about a stranger trying to give things to their significant other but, worth a shot I guess.
I will gift you Xayah for free this double IP weekend if you still need her. :) Send me a request (same username) I'm on this forum begging for a Rakan lol but you don't need to gift one back.
slimofq (NA)
: I'm interested in Gifting. I have 450k ip with nothing to do with it on this account o.O edit: Hey, if I've accepted your friend request then I've added you to the queue. Takes 24 hours after accepting for me to be able to gift you. With a 10 per day limit its already going to take a few days to send to everyone I've added. So I'm going to stop accepting requests here pretty soon. Sorry to anyone who missed the window. If I've already accepted your request then you'll get your gift as soon as it lets me ;)
Could you please gift me Rakan? I'd appreciate it so much! My username is the same as appears here.
: @Keyru, I love this idea, and would really enjoy seeing this option continue with other new releases. I tend to have way too much ip since I don't buy many champions, and was able to gift two friends Rakan today, giving me something great to do with my ip.
Hi! Do you still have some IP available? I would really, really like to be gifted Rakan. (Anyone seeing this, if you want to trade, I will definitely gift you back when I get enough IP on double ip weekend!)
Aeró (NA)
: {{champion:64}} Don't leave me out just because I'm blind!
: Turns out it wasn't that long I've been playing for. =/ It was harshly pointed out to me that I've only been playing for 384 hours over a span of 3 years. I've been practicing with Ahri for the last 4 months I think. Before Ahri I was using Lulu.
IF it makes this better, I've been playing for almost eight years, but repeatedly had huge breaks so I'm still basically a scroob.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Does Ahri truly suck at farming CS?
Wait...Ahri bad at CS? Am I messing up my gamer terms? CS refers to dat minion killing farming stuff no? Ahri bad at CS??? So, I'm the only one Q'ing in a line, knocking off a third to a half of all the minions hit HP (Progressively more as game goes on), and 2-3 max sweeps gets me the whole wave, quick? This isn't impossible for an Ahri newbie, either. I think I may be oversimplifying what you're asking. You just get to the front of minion line, Q so the orb goes like: O---> minion -->O minion ---> O minion OK I'll stop, failed type-animation. And to get the ones that line up sideways, like those clusters of three, the orb follows you like a boomerang, so you move her accordingly. I think I'm oversimplifying your question. Must be messing something up, because it's just Q, sweep, Q, sweep, 5 seconds = make it rain gold.
Alox (NA)
: One extra thing I like to add, if you plan on going all in for a kill on either Vlad and Leblanc it's important that they are around 50% HP at the very least. When going in either Leblanc or Vlad I would use **Ignite immediately** at the start of the all in why? - Leblanc when low enough will trigger her mirror image passive, now you know the Real Leblanc is the one will the Ignite tick on her so you can focus the right target. - Vladimir will start taking DoT BUT also it reduces the amount of health he will gain from his spell vamp, also if he happened to have pool and uses it to escape he will still take Damage from ignite ticks and probably kill him as he tries to run away.
Want to add an extra "caution" warning when poking Vlad, though. If you aren't careful with her movement and range and all that, he can easily siphon your HP. I made that mistake a lot when I first played her against Vlad (Was really worried I was doing something wrong but I'm glad Vlad is hard for her and not just for me).
NewMk (EUW)
: Buff Ahri
This is completely irrelevant except it pertains to Ahri (I didn't want to make a whole new thread on this) but Cosplay Maid Cafe Ahri...no?
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