HibHib (NA)
: My girlfriend died today
Im sorry for what happened. I couldnt begin to imagine the pain. I cant think of how i would deal with losing my wife. I hope you are able to overcome. With love so real she would want you too. remember: "I shall endure" {{champion:34}} Fellow anivia Fanatic,
Vanjie (NA)
: @KateyKhaos - Why The Exclusion of Karma as a Star Guardian?
am i the only one that liked the visual update. saying it was very poor worked visual update is a little dramatic.
: > [{quoted}](name=VyleExyle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=seLkO3ZM,comment-id=00020000000000000000000000020000,timestamp=2016-09-15T02:36:26.974+0000) > > I feel like he should get a special summoner's icon to commemorate such a fine accomplishment I'd wear it with pride. >I understand that there are lots of false reports, but, statistically, “most reported” isn't going to happen unless you deserved a fair chunk of them Not necessarily, if you get falsely accused of murder, even if it's 50+ times, it doesn't mean you're guilty of murder. I'd put down money on it right now that the vast majority of those reports were not substantiated and were instead, bullshit.... but it doesn't matter, at least now I know Riot's logic and am satisfied to have finally gotten a response to their actions. I don't feel betrayed anymore.
Not a good comparison. media and public like to crucify defendants that they see on tv without actually knowing what happened. However, the league reporting system only allows people to report after a game. if the 50+ people were present at the murder and reported it to police right after the fact then that is very much a strong case against you.
Shadòw (EUW)
: I really hope Ivern won't be the next Champ with an Revive/Invulnerable Ult.
He looks like a support but i have no idea what his abilities will be from a short video except for the ability to grow bushes in the middle of lane. Any thing else is complete speculation.
: So your removing dynamic que for diamond +
it only had major effects on high elo not us lower elo people. just that most of us used DQ as a reason other than ourselves for not climbing. "None" is a slight exaggeration.
MacheteLT (EUNE)
: Kled's ultimate
Thats how it suppose to do. It is completely unstoppable.
: The Tale Of Kindred (a Kindred comic) - Finally here!
This is an awesome illustration! When they released the dialogue it became my favorite video riot made. Great work!
: Should have been Pizza Delivery Pantheon instead
They made a skin the community has been begging for years. I wouldnt call that so far away. Making his spear a giant butter knife to me is hilarious. The pizza delivery skin has been something people have been wanting on sivir for about just as much.
Ypherion (NA)
: It's a good analogy. I agree with the necessary evil. Just because this particular direction isn't and arms race we want to start, we have several others we are deeply involved in. In terms of prevent/predict, we've prototyped some systems internally which showed decent capability, but they never got to the degree of accuracy we believe we need.
I apologize, I thought you were implying that yall were trying to avoid the arms race all together. I have faith that yall can come up with a system to alleviate this type of problem.
: >ky$ What on earth does that even mean?
: What about Louisiana? We aren't just a bunch of redneck swamp people you know
At least yall aint in Alabama. Mandatory "roll tide!" :p
Ypherion (NA)
: That's certainly one of the big guns in the "arms race". There's some interesting questions about how to get labeled data for an algorithmic solution at the volume and pace we'd likely need to keep up with the trends, but it has potential. It still runs afoul of the standard disease-cure model: there must be a disease before there can be a cure. By definition, players will always be ahead of the filter. That's not to say we're giving up and just saying gg ez is ok. We've got other stuff in mind :)
In the Criminal Justice system we call it the Cat and mouse game. We put up "traps" and "barriers"(rules and enforcement) in order to catch some of the mice before they get the cheese,all the while mice try and find ways around these things. It is a endless cycle but we view it as a necessary evil. Since opportunity is defined by the aggressor, then the best we can do to prevent deviation is to predict it and evolve with an ever changing strategy. The goal doesn't have to be complete dissolution of the crime just simply a decrease. League has a report/punish system similar to law enforcement, but it lacks the prevent/predict system that a CJ system has.
: Good Mage Supports to Contribute to Fights With????
Mage supports: karma{{champion:43}} Zyra{{champion:143}} Lux{{champion:99}} Morgana{{champion:25}} Tanky Supports: Leona{{champion:89}} Thresh{{champion:412}} Braum{{champion:201}} Blitz{{champion:53}}
: Tips and tricks for champs you play
{{champion:34}} you can stop a lee sin kick mid air with wall if you have good ping.
: [@ Riot] Is Rylai's a support item?
anything is a support item if you're brave enough
: Why is sejuani so slow? if she got off her boar will she move faster?
she isnt the only one. {{champion:34}} is big ass bird and she is slower than teemo. Its all about game balance
: Why it's not fun to play against VEIGAR!
whenever i go against veiger i go cleanse {{summoner:1}}. I know its not ideal for an adc but a early QSS will limit a good portion of his damage. He didn't just respawn and get a 1 shot r from thin air. someone started feeding him or letting him farm up.
: Convince Me
Yasou is getting some nerfish changes coming if i remember correctly. They will be targeting his tanky side which sounds good to me. Honestly im just tired of seeing yasou in every damn game. If he inst banned there is a 50% chance he will be picked.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Elizabeth,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=8cE8N0hO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-19T19:53:26.110+0000) > > Where do you check what rank you are for individual champs lolskill.net !
: Where the fuck is the tribunal?
: I am the 17th best Shaco in all of North America and I'm currently streaming!
Where do you check what rank you are for individual champs
Blüê (NA)
: Why Am I ALWAYS Paired With Silvers??
I just checked the last 3 games you lost on Leagueofgraphs. In the game you had s2/g5 dou, the other team also had a s2 but you were the highest ranked player by two divisions. The last game you played the other team also had 2 silvers albeit they were s1 in comparison to one of youre teammates being s2, but that silver 2 was doing better stat wise than anyone else on your team that game. he had better KDA, Farm, gold, and level. The pattern also continued with you being 2 divisions higher than anyone in that game aswell. Honestly it looks even ranked wise in those games.
Rioter Comments
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: **So we need to wait until Mid season 2017 for the runes system update or even prices reductions... {{summoner:3}} ** **Nothing about the new client and the {{champion:19}} VGU, so i guess they are for the mid season 2017... or 2018, we never know. {{summoner:3}} **
"As with previous updates, this will be focused on gameplay specifically -- so things like towers, dragons, champions etc. -- rather than features like the new client, matchmaking, skins and so on." Warwick up date was said to be late this year or early next year.
: Why play anything else when you can play Anivia.
Her totally play rate is 5%. her win rate is high because the few that play her main her.
: When is the weekly sales popping up?
Dont the sales go live on Tuesdays though?
Cherysse (NA)
: Why is Nidalee on such a thrash state?
Honestly i miss the days where she was played as a support and playing her jungle was a troll. She has gone really far this year. She does seem to have enough problems that no one plays her that much at all and doesn't win that well either.
Warpes (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Elizabeth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zj9qgZff,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-15T12:50:13.257+0000) > > for what reasons? None were given. I have climbed out of B5 into S4 in the last month on this BS que and earned my solo badge on the way. Its honestly not that bad. and your point is exactly?... So because you climbed to "silver 4" (wow, amazing...) that means dynamic queue isn't bullshit because of premades, boosting, and shit matchmaking from various elos? (the reasons btw, since you apparently need them spelled out for you) Or are we supposed to be impressed with your miniscule climb from flat bottom or something? Is that why you're posting this?
I originally posted on your comment cause you went on sarcastically about being in bronze/silver playing with a diamond being fair, when the guy was in diamond. I mentioned my bronze/silver because you're original comment was about those tiers. However, It disagreed with you so my tier suddenly negates my opinion/experience on the matter when his didn't.
Warpes (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Elizabeth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zj9qgZff,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-15T12:30:33.869+0000) > > He is in diamond. What he is saying is that he had a premade when he is in diamond and that it bothers him for some reason his wording suggests either way. but does it honestly matter? dynamic queue is shit for all of these reasons.
for what reasons? None were given. I have climbed out of B5 into S4 in the last month on this BS que and earned my solo badge on the way. Its honestly not that bad.
Warpes (NA)
: Nope. Dynamic Queue promotes "teamwork". And having a Diamond on your team when you're in silver/bronze is excellent teamwork.
He is in diamond. What he is saying is that he had a premade when he is in diamond and that it bothers him for some reason
: How to counter Dragon Guy as Ahri?
step 1: bait stun step 2: stay right in his face He has no abilities for close up except his ult. with you're mobility you should be able to dodge it with you're ult/flash. Edit 1: also i think charm makes him lose his balls. You know kinda like irl.
: getting out of bronze
Kills are nice and all but the nexus is the true objective. I crawled out of Bronze after i started the focus on cs and objectives.
: So you want a first time Kled in your promos?
: @Riot Community wants new champs to be disabled in ranked. What are your thoughts.
: it still kinda looks like a nerf am i being mistaken and if so how so?
nerf when it comes to damage to champs. Buff when it comes to minion clears. It depends on how you play him. I never use it to damage an enemy only if im going for stun with it.
: Um Rito?
I like it i can finally clear minion waves better. i never used it for damage
Hibeki (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MatthewRT2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XBdg3EEn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-09T21:01:07.961+0000) > > easy answer: DONT PLAY RANKED! > > from what i could tell by reading this is that you don't have the capacity to deal with ranked games, stick to norms where it doesn't matter if you win or lose Oh I can deal with Ranked games. I can't deal with the 20+ loss streaks from stupid people. Come back after 24 hours? Still feeders.
Im impressed that you lost 20+ games and none are your fault.
: unkillable. Do not age. Do not die. (I guess if runeterra blew up-- they could die though)
that means Drakalops are harder to kill than cosmic and ascended beings? thats crazy. O_O I would like to hear the origin of these creatures.
Xplizit (EUW)
: Im Back as adc Lucian main =)
MrGrak (NA)
: Program Urgot
Gonna be awhile before he gets a skin. I imagine that star guardian skin for him would be better though lol
: I played 2 games with a dynamic party and lost my solo badge wtf?
it depends on wins not how many games you play. how many games have you won by yourself/team. i do know that a huge percentage of your wins have to be solo to keep the badge. otherwise you are "boosted trash".
: Big overarching league questionarre
1. No matter what role you play in you should still build a defensive item if you are getting destroyed. for example as an adc you can deal with heavy CC/Burst mages with a an MC {{item:3139}}. Some champs are by design a counter to squishy champs so dealing with them will be difficult and would require teamwork. 2. The trade off champs like Ahri, Yas, kat have is that they are highly susceptible to cc. If you so much as stun them they can die rather quickly. Ahri's charm isnt a given and her diving at point blank range isnt with out risk. kat depends on ult heavily which can be dealt with with a lil cc, hell aniva's wall can do it. 3. I havent played against rengar much but i have learned that just like other mobile champs cc is a good coutner for him. Ahri only has true damage on her q when its coming back. so mr can def help. it helps to dodge the ball on the way back and you should be good with tru damage. if you want to counter the true damage build health. for any burst mages get {{summoner:3}} that helps alot with the damage. I main mid and normally play anivia so when i get annie i normally get {{summoner:1}} or {{summoner:3}} and rush {{item:3001}}. Or i play lux and outrange her.
: It said: > I once failed to assassinate their full health tank because I was out of energy. Also, once I tried to use Q to clear a minion wave, but I had to wait .5 seconds for it to come off CD. Rito pls buff. http://orig04.deviantart.net/e72d/f/2015/362/f/c/zed_by_crazyfoxmimi-d9lr61z.gif That was a serious suggestion for a buff. Rito just doesn't want to admit Zed is underpowered.
: That feeling when Rito deletes my post about Zed
Maybe they took it as a joke. Did it have a meme and not much else?
: ranked rework
Riot has said that league is a team game. Team wins? you win. Team loses? You lose. if you get carried you gain lp. if you lose carrying you lose lp. If i do well and lose its frustrating but if i do bad and get carried i thank Riot Jesus.
: Recently placed Silver IV now Silver V looking for Team for Ranked
You can climb solo. Its all about time management. Knowing when to put the mouse down and relax a bit. Tilting is the leading cause of losing games. I was placed in B3 this season and mained supp/Mid, i stopped supp and went mid/top and slowly dug my lil ass to bronze earning me a solo badge on the way. what role do you main? i imagine jungle?
: I see you take locket often. I'd ask why not banner? I've found banner tends to lead to more victories than portal or other options. As a support main, I'd love to get some tips/tricks from you.
I think its because Locket provides much more defensive stats during a teamfight. pushin lane with banner is nice but i would prefer zz'rot for pushing lanes anyways. unless you are planning on split pushing with supp i would go for locket 9/10 times
Áery (NA)
: I recently hit Gold playing Support Solo
Being a support main was rough for me in bronze so i switched to mid/top and have now exited bronze. I think i could have done it being supp/mid but i didnt have the patience and cant deal with certain random adc's
Iageri (NA)
: ITS SOO TRUE! "Princess" was my sister's baby girl... but I used to live with her Our mom would visit.... and I moved out.. and my mom would still call me complaining there's nothing good on TV and that she found herself watching the new season of Princess Sophia even though "Princess" was never there..
lol the life of parent... takes some getting use too. Right now we are in the terrible 2s and he has an addiction to "Cars" the movie. I can get use to watching different episodes of the same show but man i will go insane if i have to watch Cars another 30 times!
Iageri (NA)
: It's not just Daniel Tiger, I've watched every episode of Princess Sophia 5+ times like it was Religion. You know my pain <3
I havent had to deal with those shows but i do know your pain. My kid watched the entire octonauts show just as many times then Clifford(that stupid red dog). The crazy thing is that sometimes me and my spouse catch ourselves watching the shows even though our son has ran off to do something else. lol
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