: Another year without PROJECT: Quinn
Yea, I was hoping she finally get a PROJECT skin. My only hope now is she will get a halloween skin https://i.imgur.com/WlxKt08.jpg?noredirect
obijeff (NA)
: I had an idea for when they have to large of a champ pool. So that they wouldn't have to get rid of any older ones but keep the pool in a similar state. Each game would randomly select a certain number of Origins and Classes and list them for the players. This would make everyone go for very different strats every game. This would be something for well down the road and would require a lot better balancing of all the Origins and Classes but i think it's the only way we could enjoy all the champs from LOL in this game.
Yeah, you have the same idea as me. I was trying to keep it brief so I probably didn't explain very well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Redeemed,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=4HOMjBEE,comment-id=0025,timestamp=2019-07-04T04:23:47.115+0000) > > * Item management: I’d like to be able to combine or at least hover combines without equipping items. Also it’d be nice we could unequip an item or something similar. Sometimes I get a rare champ with a spatula on the carousel and it feels bad if I have to waste an item (to combine) and lose the spatula for later use just to equip other items on that champ. Just a little note about this, as I don't see it as an issue as you can easily purchase a throw away champion, put the items on them to combine or to hover to check what they combo into, and then easily sell the unit to get a full refund. As for the carousel thing, 95% of the time you aren't picking up the unit for the champion itself, usually for the item. On the off chance you're picking up something rare like a Yasuo, those units are so good you could probably find a useful item to put on them with almost any starting item. As for the losing the spatula, just combo the item on a throw away unit then equip it to the spatula unit, easy peasy.
It's certainly manageable right now, but it could be better. Good idea to use a throwaway champ to hover items on each other, but that's not as easy or as quick as it could be doing the same thing at item storage. Thanks for the spatula tip; idk why I never thought of that :P
JimMaru (NA)
: My only problem with them making the champions random on every match or even every week is that it gets much harder to plan ahead. Like, sure Nid is strong early but what if there are no wilds? what if the only shapeshifters in the game are the high tier ones? What if I try to build a team of knights and nobles only to find out that Garen is not on this match? You can only plan the champions and what's gonna show up if you already know upfront all the champions that one can possibly get on a match. Many games I hard rolled to get one missing piece to win. Like playing Wild Sorcs with Gnar and nid and then realizing "hey, if I hard roll a bronze Shyv I get Shapeshifter AND Dragon because of A.Sol!" I'd rather we have seasons every 3 months that changes the champions around. Also their Origins, this time Vayne is using Arclight Skin for the Noble theme. Maybe next time she uses DragonHunter and get Dragon Origin, or Some other skin and a very different origin for example.
Yeah, I was thinking that the chaps present each game would be determined by the set bonuses. For example, "this game we are going to have Void, Sorcs, etc. So we are going to have all the sorc champs (or at least enough for the full set bonus)." Every player would probably know every set possible at the start so they'd have a pretty good idea which champs will be available. There would probably have to be some more complex filters too, like making sure the sets overlap a bit for hybrid comps, making sure there are some early game and late game comps, ect. They could also increase or decrease a set's power if the number or champs is changed for that game. For example, maybe there are only 3 wild champs so you only need 3 wilds for the set, but the AS bonus is reduced by 10%. I'm just trying to spitball some ideas which could be a lot tweaked or not used at all. Changing champs' sets (as you said) with skin changes is another cool idea.
: Im actually more irritated at the champions i get to pick from. I can't begin to tell you how many times i've selected a champ from the carousel, even one of the common ones, and then never see them in the champ buy list from that point on. I played one game today where i plucked a darius from the champ buy, intending to build him up and go for the Imperial buff, but throughout the rest of the game i NEVER saw another darius appear, even with rerolls. Meanwhile, everyone and their mother has 4 3 stars, and 3 2 stars. It's absurd how rapidly unbalanced the game gets. Also, you should allow some sort of FF for players. I'm genuinely sick and tired of having to play round after round when a very clear winner has already been decided thanks to the 3 full items and two 3 star champs one player winds up with before the 2nd carousal.
There is a limited number of champs in the pool and the pool is shared between all players. If you didn’t see any Darius’s it’s probably because a few other people were grabbing every Darius they saw.
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
Will current champs get removed for future seasons? I would imagine so as it will be harder to find champs you want if there are more champs in the pool, but at the same time it’ll be sad to see them go. It’d be neat (imo) if available champs were those in a random and limited amount of origins/types determined each match. That way you’d have the possibly of seeing every champ, but each match could sport a different champ pool with few enough champs to build a comp. Maybe, the random pool only being available in non-ranked. Other feedback: * Little legend rng: this is a big topic of debate and it would be nice if we could get some response. Personally, I’ve always been proud of Riot for not forcing people to use lootboxes/rng to get what they want. Even when the loot system came out, skins remained affordable and attainable without loot (minus the prestige skins). But now, with TFT, only 6 “skins” can be attained without rng and even then they are extremely overpriced compared to the quality of normal League skins. * Damage immunity: PD and Dragon buff are way too good in the right circumstances imo. Last game I played I managed last long enough to get the full sorcerer buff with karth and lost because my team could blow up everyone except the dragons who took literally no damage. * Item management: I’d like to be able to combine or at least hover combines without equipping items. Also it’d be nice we could unequip an item or something similar. Sometimes I get a rare champ with a spatula on the carousel and it feels bad if I have to waste an item (to combine) and lose the spatula for later use just to equip other items on that champ. * Pathing and melee comps: obviously there are some pathing issues, pls fix. Also, melee comps start to feel really bad as the game progresses. For example, a pure assassin comps just fails late game because there is not enough spaces for them to attack and so some champs will just sit and watch until one of your own units dies. It’d be nice if the board were bigger and/or melees could attack if all spaces are occupied (maybe they could share a space if that is the case). Also, tanky comps can be bad because they can exceed the round time limit. Also, Bitz gets countered pretty hard by assassins. If a assassin is the furthest unit he doesn’t bother pulling until the assassin lands and then he just pulls someone else anyways, probably after your team has agro’d on the enemy frontline. * Small thing: it’d be nice if the little legends are not forced to look in a different direction when they lose the round. It’s kind of awkward when my bird decides to turn away and stare into the abyss after getting hit with a loss.
: Nunu's E provides true sight? That's not shown anywhere on his wiki! Or are you saying he should get it like LeBlanc and Morgana, because his E is basically the same?
I'm assuming you are referring to {{summoner:32}}? That's the summer spell "Mark" on ARAM (the icons looks similar to Nunu's E). It provides true vision.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.14 changes according to Riot Repertoir (Blitzcrank, Leona, Akali, Lux, Tahm kench)
If they are going to revert Akali's shroud to invis they need to remove champion true sight from {{item:2047}} and hopefully {{summoner:39}} too. Assassins already have a pretty hard item on aram since they can't find isolated enemies or flank, but old Akali was probably the worst of them because you could just buy oracles and 100% negate her shroud.
: How will I know when TFT is ready to play?
Here's the [official release schedule](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hvzgE6om-tft-teamfight-tactics-release-timeline-and-temporary-restrictions)
: got my friend permabannede - he blocked me on every media - did I do the right thing?
You were certainly right to report him. Not even considering the grief he put you through, he was making the game worse for random strangers and violated the code of conduct. I’d be very hesitant to stop talking to him just because random people on the internet told you too. We don’t know and can’t really judge the relationship. My advice would be to stop talking with him or spend less time talking with him if he is verbally abusive. It is impossible to spend a lot of time with someone without them impacting you so spend time with good people (or at least some time). Also, if you want to continue being his friend, tell him what you think he’s doing wrong. It can be awkward to have such candid conversations, but he may be a bit blinded to his own wrong doings (perhaps his insults were intended to be more lighthearted smack talk without realizing that he was hurting people etc.) and/or may go out of his way to change or at least act more appropriately around you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tioym,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=PBPEGOHv,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-06-14T15:34:19.000+0000) > > What's the Plan for Akali. > It's pretty rude to gut a champion and then not even respond to the people who play it. Well, welcome to the club {{champion:72}}
I don’t think Skarner is gutted. He has the best jg winrate plat+ (According to op.gg at least) and is even picked up by the pros. That being said his kit feels pretty bland.
: Except you know exactly where she is, then. Is Yuumi invisible because she pressed W? How about Fizz on his E? Does Poppy's ult knock you into a bucket of camo paint? No, none of that does. Yet they *all* functionally same thing as Akali's W when true sight is on her - It makes them untargetable. Obviously you can still hit Akali in her W, so she's not truly untargetable. But the point remains that **the only drawback is "I can't right-click her in her W if she has true sight on her"**. You see her outline and it's not even the shitty shimmer that Oracles gives - It's a real-time outline. So, since we've determined that you **can** see her, you just can't right-click her...Why are we still on the "BUT MEH TRUE SIGHT!!!!!!!!!" circlejerk?
: Please for the love of God
I don't think you can switch runes in tutorial and you can only use a few champs which probably means only a few champs get loaded into the game (just like in your standard PvP game) which does not demonstrate that they have the tech to load any champ in during a game in progress.
: No he wasn't. He was fine in balance besides high mana costs. He was just unpopular, not weak.
Fair, I guess I mean he felt really bad for a large portion of player bc of his mana costs and ult cd were ultra high. Those were the only things they could really adjust on him bc his poke/wave-clear was almost unavoidable, his sustain was awesome, and arguably the best ult in the game.
: Since Galio is so hard to balance apparently, why not REVERT HIM?
I mean old Galio wasn't even possible to balance so they had to keep him perma weak.
: Yeah {{champion:96}} Riot {{champion:107}} would {{champion:7}} never {{champion:103}} revert {{champion:154}} a change {{champion:238}} they {{champion:39}} made
Oh hush now. This is no place for evidence based logic.
: According to Rakan's Voice Over? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
{{champion:497}} "You gonna marry me today?" {{champion:498}} "Ask me again tomorrow." {{champion:497}} "I always do."
: As someone who plays ARAMs fairly frequently, I didn't like bans. There's only a few Champions I don't care to see in the mode, and even then no one is an instant win. It also doesn't feel in the spirit of the mode.
Not to mention you wait an extra 30 seconds in lobby and then someone leaves at litteraly the last second, putting you back in que.
: I'm not sure if Rakan is the marrying type...
He asks Xayah to marry him every day according to his VO.
mosaickle (OCE)
: This is a nice trick but I'd definitely avoid doing this if you actually have the time (and specific mechanic) to ward properly. If you have any ability that can withhold vision within the fog of war (for instance, Lux's Lucent Singularity, Ashe's Hawkshot, Quinn's Heightened Senses etc), it can act as a temporary ward for you to actually ward safely, properly. If you watch the video in its entirety, you'll see that honestly, it gets the ward in there but not much else, the vision for many of them are very limited. If you feel immediate danger, do this, that's fine, don't risk dying to ward properly, but if you feel safe and are able to reveal parts of the map, I'd suggest you ward at the furtherest edge/corner of certain brushes; that way you can get a lot more vision. Another 'trick' that this video didn't show specifically is that, if you click on your trinket or hold down whatever key you bind to your trinket (and whatever item slot you may have a warding item), you'll be able to see the "aiming reticle" of your ward/trinket. What some people don't know, is that it goes green in a brush. As such, if you hover your mouse over the edge of a brush, you'll always be able to tell whether the ward is going to be in the brush or not. Nothing's more embarrassing than placing the ward _just_ outside the brush.
After mucking around with the practice tool I've found the bush indicator will not always work across dragon and baron pit. You can ward the bush across the wall even if the indicator is telling you are going to miss. I'm assuming this has something to do with the map's height change in those areas. Also if you use a wall to extend the ward range you won't be able to tell if you are going to hit a bush since the indicator will be red (indicating you are warding on terrain).
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League of Legends [GUIDE] Detailed Ward Spots| Ward Tricks season 9
Awesome video! I did not know some of these existed. Unfortunately your wards across dragon pit did not make the bush. You should see both sides of the red buff's A shaped wall. https://i.imgur.com/so9RmVD.png[/img} https://i.imgur.com/KOUjLdv.png[/img]
FkValeRly (EUW)
: I'd much rather be a new player in season 2 when the game was actually good :^)
Eh, good is relative. It wasn’t fun to play support: forced to take gold per five runes, be the designated ward slave, have almost no items designed for your class, and be ultra poor the entire game. But it was fun having an 85% win rate on Talon bc I could flash/silence onto mages and there was _litteraly_ nothing they could do as I killed them in an instant. Don’t even get me started on jungle items (and gold/xp “gains”).
FkValeRly (EUW)
: new player trap
Between loot, honor rewards, mission rewards, and free champs, I'd rather be a new play today than a new player when I actually started in S2 and got almost nothing for free. No matter how ineffective a new player's selection is today, they're still getting way more than new players of old; especially when you factor in the cost of old runes which you had to buy.
Flarizon (NA)
Hexakill on TT was my favorite rotating mode; Hexakill on SR didn’t seem much different than a normal game to me.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Poll: which rework did you vote for?
It was a really tough choice. I went with Fiddle because I feel like he had the most to gain. His VO is bad, his kit is dated and is not fun to play against, he has a ton of theamatic potential, and I personally like him.
: I'm not entirely sure, but my estimate is they see as pushing back the timer spawn for Scuttle as less camps available for taking thus less gold and experience because you have to wait. Not entirely sure.
There is in fact more gold and xp (if I understand it correctly). There still the same number of camps but you’re taking scuttle at a different point in your clear rotation; and since that point is later in the game, you get more gold and xp since the scutttle will have a higher level when you take it.
Ekitaih (NA)
: I agree that it's better for lanes, however it's worse for jungle.
How so? The way I understand it, it's only better. You don't have to be a good lvl 2 fighter to contest anymore and you get more gold and xp since the scuttle will be a higher lvl by the time you take it.
: Didn't we like just have a different bug with the E where you couldn't recast if you had low mana?
We did. Thankfully that was fixed this patch.
: I told it to a Rioter and I say it again, as the number of champions increases, they are going to need to increase the number of skins they take out. Yes, it's all a matter, training and hiring new work teams and so on, but sooner or later they will have to do it.
What make you think the rate of skin releases is static? I’m pretty sure they do release quite a few more skins now with what seems like an average of three skins per patch whereas it was more like one skin per patch (more like two skins every other patch) a few years ago. That’s not even counting the boat load of chromas coming out these days. Of course I don’t have any hard evidence of that (I’m not going to count them all).
Héraklia (EUW)
: Nope they said no unmatched official skins for those two, world winners are the only one who can get that kind of thing to happen. A chroma matching colors on Xayah would be cool tho, and way less time consuming than makinga whole new special skin!
Or a 750 RP "fangirl" skin where she's cheering on Rakan could be good.
RR8Rosie (NA)
: The last champ you played with is now stuck with you during an apocalypse, how long do you survive?
{{champion:133}} I’ll probably be fine with a ranger around, unless we have to fight Darkin or something crazy.
: Yes! Guinsoo's is also under consideration at the moment. Not for a rework level thing, but for tuning. Currently I have a change in testing where Phantom hit triggers every third attack (rather than every other attack) and its %pen is a flat 15% (rather than 6.5-15% based on level). We'll be keeping this in mind while evaluating Vayne and Master Yi.
I suspect people will be frustrated with the item as long as it has phantom hit. What if it amplified on-hits (kind of like stormrazor) instead of double applying them. I bet people would find that less agravating. Just a suggestion for consideration.
: So aram reroll system occasionally gets kinda toxic, I have an easy solution to just end it
I like this. Or they could lockout other players from selecting your original champ for three seconds.
RR8Rosie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Redeemed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7wMhlUpt,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-04-25T16:40:35.883+0000) > > {{champion:429}} She has had no skins that are not pro related (both of which are legacy) since her release 4+ years ago. Do you have a skin idea?
> [{quoted}](name=RR8Rosie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7wMhlUpt,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-04-25T20:14:35.938+0000) > > Do you have a skin idea? Not really. I've seen some people suggest Olympics Kalista. Personally I'd like something more serious. Coven Kalista could be cool. Arclight maybe.
RR8Rosie (NA)
: Which Champ Needs more skins?
{{champion:429}} She has had no skins that are not pro related (both of which are legacy) since her release 4+ years ago.
: Demacian Raptor Blessed Isles champion
> Blessed Isles champion There's already quite a few. Are you thinking one that's less undead?
: Why would URF kill the player base? What's the logic?
: I very much dislike this change since it's really not removing the problem Rakan has in pro play, which is just how reliable his engage, disengage and counterenage are. I am almost completely certain that he is going to be top tier for a few patches in pro play before they are forced to nerf him back to how he is now.
It will nerf his engage reliability for sure (maybe not enough, idk). In the past Rakan could move so far so fast with flash+R+W with a guaranteed knock up which made him too reliable (as you said). But now they will have .5 seconds to react (flash, dash, sivir ult, etc) and Rakan's team will have a harder time making up the distance if he does land an engage. Remember this is an ult which means Rakan can't just use it flippantly to see what sticks.
: The Rakan changes are pretty nice
The flash lock out is unnecessary imo. He can just flash before he ults so this will mostly him feel more clunky than normal. And without his W, his R will behave like/be as healthy as any flash+hard cc combo in the game. The 12 base AD nerf is a pretty big deal too. That’s 4x more than the standard 3 AD nerf and Rakan can get in just as many AAs as the adc in an early fight. It’ll also nerf his effectiveness with Xayah’s W AS buff which I’m guessing was their goal. The defensive stats and W speed will go a long way for his early game.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot has actually said that this year some popular skin lines will come back including project and star guardian
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NQ24cMhR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-19T10:55:22.472+0000) > > Riot has actually said that this year some popular skin lines will come back > including project and star guardian Here's the source: https://youtu.be/G8lmryL_8QA?t=28
: It's Been Two Years Since Xayah & Rakan Were Released
I remember listening to Rakan’s VO on YouTube while he was on pbe. I joked to my friend that I might become a Rakan main because his VO was so funny. I played a few games with him and fell in love with his play style and I’ve been maining him ever since. I love how he is hyper mobile, but is very much team player; trading damage for CC and the power to force enemies to continually reassess him as a threat and target. He is easily my favorite addition since I started playing in S2. It’s really fun to get paired the rare Xayah main since you get the enhanced kits and the completely different VO (plus the duo dance spam is silly fun). Favorite moments: I’ve stolen a few Barons but one time I did it with no allies nearby with a rank 1 Q across the wall, that was fun. Here’s a video in which I saved Lucian from 4 enemies camping his GA revive: https://youtu.be/FueOI88c_vY Happy birthday you beautiful birbs!
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Redeemed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1bWuOrmE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-17T21:42:29.657+0000) > > I own every champ and over have 6k ARAM games; I didn't like bans. Please stop pretending everyone agrees with you. Yeah and I have every champ and over 10,000 ARAM games and I adored the bans. (No idea why the amount of aram games you played mattered...) And who the hell said everyone agreed with me? Get off your high horse and actually read. Nothing in my post was speaking about anyone else. I was speaking my own personal opinion.
Fair enough, but it sure didn’t sound like an opinion (to me at least). > The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts. > Removing banned champions is 100% catering to those accounts.
: Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.
I own every champ and over have 6k ARAM games; I didn't like bans. Please stop pretending everyone agrees with you.
: I feel bad but you posted this after they reverted these changes = ) https://twitter.com/Squad5lol/status/1118570509174620160
Yeah, I noted that at the top of the post. The update came out just as finished writing :P
Rioter Comments
: Patch 9.8 Notes
I don’t see a fix to Rakan’s E mana bug :( Rito pls fix. I’m going to miss Ghostwalkers. They were great boots for assassins who struggle because they can’t flank to avoid aoe. Mariner’s was good too.
Colte (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamille W,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2AlayaQg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-13T11:51:38.844+0000) > > I hate the state of the game atm. I'm slowly transitioning to other games because this game is unhealthy. why is this post getting downvoted? is it wrong to get fed up with a game going downhill? its like players are being brain washed by tencent
Or, on a less dramatic note, players aren’t being brain washed and just disagree with the post because they enjoy the game. Edit: looks like someone has been manipulating votes with this guy/gal.
Manxxom (NA)
: Can't we have a mode on League that everyone plays as scuttlecrab and goes against each other?
Everyone tries to run from TK. He can occasionally force everyone to stop and dance. If he catches you he eats you.
Rioter Comments
Urgash (EUW)
: Feedback from an ARAM Main on 9.7 experimental changes
6k arams I agree with most of this. The bench did seem to introduce more op champs, but it also made champ select much less painful imo. I don’t like how bans extend the time of champ select (especially when so many people doge the last second) but I wouldn’t mind too much if it stayed. Poke barrier depends solely on how far away the champ is I’m pretty sure. I have definitely seen it activate when attacked by Zyra’s pant and she was far away. I’m not sure it should exist though. It’s nearly invisible, not intuitive, and mode specific. I personally really like the champ balance. As long as they check in on aram every month or so it’ll be fine and requires very little time investment from Riot. The balance changes made each patch usually do not change a champ’s aram win rate to a significant margin. It would unlikely ever be worse than the S champs having 70% winrates. I agree ghost walkers should be more visible to lessen the gap between those who tunnel and don’t notice its users and those who will always spot its users. Kayn’s E is better though. Much lower cooldown, longer duration, heal, can be used in combat, and doesn’t silence. Fun fact/sad bug: Sion can’t ult through walls with ghostwalkers despite the description “ignore terrain collision.” Personally I’d like to see bounties nerfed or removed, increase gold gain a bit in compensation. Why should I have have to hand over a bunch of gold when I die in a mode where I have to die.
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