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youubi (NA)
: Dear Riot, please consider recategorizing your older skins (aka, old Legendaries).
I dont play Brand and they gave me Zombie brand. Wtf? why?
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: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
: Victorious Aatrox looks like GARBAGE
The aesthetics of his dressup is so bad that i cant even compare him to pre VU {{champion:48}}
: This should be Crabgot's Dance
Hey it should have been like this..please Rito make it happen
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
Akali is really not needed in there...We could have had vayne or sona or caitlyn
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
i cant believe it. Riot i love you. These preseason changes are ground breaking. I cant imagine the thinking prowess of your teams to come up with such unique concept. Best game ever. Take my money.
Raw (NA)
: "We didn't get any livestream or celebration from Garena for the 10th anniversary." There are nothing to be celebrate about a dying game.
> [{quoted}](name=Raw,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EGRVdh1Y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-16T13:27:26.137+0000) > > "We didn't get any livestream or celebration from Garena for the 10th anniversary." > > There are nothing to be celebrate about a dying game. easy to say buddy but harder to accept. Earlier i saw a Rioter giving 500RP per person giveaway for honor lvl 5. We saw people get RP gift even if its little by drawing art. We saw rioter doing some favor towards players on request. We dont even have a player support to ask for a refund.
: I wonder when we are going to see the Champion Roadmap
Where and when he said today there will be a roadmap?
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xelaker (NA)
: Riot doesn't read the forums, they loathe the community they let fester on here. GL finding a fix though man, hope my comment keeps this thread up for a bit. 1+
> [{quoted}](name=xelaker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=w8ocI8BX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-16T05:43:42.165+0000) > > Riot doesn't read the forums, they loathe the community they let fester on here. GL finding a fix though man, hope my comment keeps this thread up for a bit. 1+ thanks for the upvote Brother. I saw many rioters posting and commenting today in the boards. I hope someone will give an answer.
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: Senna is back!
She had her ass shown st the end. It felt unnecessary. A paranormal warrior with that kinda dressup is nonsense. Hoped for more badass clothing and weapon.
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
I cant thank Riot enough for these amazing changes. Lets be honest...pre season js always messy and the end result is beautiful. With these changes the game will feel new and whole lot of fun. I cant wait for 9.23. Riot please!!!
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: I hope you get the support you need friend.
> [{quoted}](name=ExcaliburX,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=N4b3tksh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-10T12:00:17.048+0000) > > I hope you get the support you need friend. Thank you for you words brother 😊
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: Worst world champion song ever in 5 year.
Good song to hear...and a hot garbez music video . Absolute lazyness.
: [Gameplay] A bug that exists in game for a year and still didnt fixed
Horızen (NA)
: Player Support said they'd give me RP if I drew a picture for them- so I did and then nope.
Riot scammed like that's something new. Sad...i feel you bro. Riot is tilting me so much lately.
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: Karma's Mantra Q detonation ratio has also been nerfed but is not listed/specified in patch notes
I was so pissed of on that nerf cause i just bought dark star karma. Riot you are actually pretty shit.
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Euphila (NA)
: So many Questions about Sona. (Where is she?)
Well jhin got bamboozled by those huge T's and went obsessed about them. Thats how he started to think about sona all the time. Poor guy.
: Continue my Concept Skins (Super Galaxy Ivern)
: All my concept skins
I would like to see in the skin concept lead position rather than whoever is in there. Favouritism is in its peak in riot's skin team. Lazy af, giving 30+ skins to a popular champ where champion like orn,reksai,kindred etc are fogotten projects.
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: Ban him. Problem solved.
ok then implement ban system for normal games
: Is Nunu and Willump truly a braindead champion?
I play nunu and i find him mechanically rich to play. I have to watch for good engages. i have to peel for my team and also set up ult and secure objective. If there is a braindead champion in the game that is Blitzcrank Just keep throwing Q until one lands and smash your keyboard until all your abilities are in cooldown and then die or flash out like a dick.
HaydenzM (EUW)
: explain.
Lately the game has been so buggy. Sion has a billion bugs. Yassuo wall is bugged. Xayah's feathers are bugged. Lately the funny bug of spaghetti scoreboard. Riot maybe too busy with a new game.
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: itS jUSt nORMals MMr iS DIFfereNT JuST PrACTIce YOUr NEw CHampIOns In NorMs At this point it's easier to first time champions in ranked, since at least I don't have to fight diamonds.
true bro....its harder to learn new champions in normals than in ranked. As i also get diamonds in my normal games while being low gold.
: I'm surprised that no one else has commented about Ashe getting a second legendary.
Bro....I 1000% can garunty project ashe feels more cooler. Only if riot make that after ulting high noon ashe permanently keeps the ascended form, then i can say project and high noon ashe is even. Cause now when u return to base...your form reverts back to normal for high noon ashe. Project ashe's dance maybe bad but her particles and running animation is probably the best in leauge of legends.
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Leu07 (NA)
: Taurus Taliyah
This has to become a skin in game...but sadly Rioters dont come to boards posts. Only moderators roam around the actual authority gives a flip about the board. Lemme show how active moderators are. This comment will be deleted in 2hours...but sadly no rioters will see this post in 2 years. = Fuck you Riot. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: It's almost like we shouldn't reliably use data from day one of a patch. get down voted all the all the threads. How sad your life is. LoL{{sticker:sg-janna}}
: I couldn't agree more. Riot just buffed the champs they wanted to see at worlds, and nerfed the ones they don't want to see. These changes weren't about numbers, because blitz, fiora, and riven were all fine. It's just sad that they don't care about solo queue or actual data anymore.
Actually Riot did it purposfully to favor the viewership side. As if we see Aatrox every game after watching him the whole year we might get bored .Also champions like karma,tahm kench doesnt bring fun to a match and they wanna make worlds fun to watch. So they buffed montage champions like fiora,riven, vayne etc. I know its a pain...but maybe riot will revert these in the patches after worlds.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League of Legends High Noon Ashe,Darius and Hecarim new skins 2019
: syndra counters leblanc? who was the clown that told you that one? when you yourself play syndra it will all become apparent to you. {{champion:105}} is good against her, as is {{champion:157}} ,{{champion:245}} , {{champion:8}} , {{champion:127}} ,{{champion:3}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:61}} , {{champion:517}} and even {{champion:80}} {{champion:105}}+{{champion:80}}+{{champion:8}} becomes untargettable and once its 6 it becomes a "skill matchup" for syndra to survive fizz's burst, since fizz can E syndra's E stun or her R burst, way easier for fizz to kill syndra than vice versa, same goes for pantheon, and pantheon can kill syndra even easier pre-6 with even less risk... aaand meet Vladimir, he is AIDS. {{champion:517}} {{champion:61}} shields on E, one has a heal+execute on w. sylas counters any mage. {{champion:90}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:157}} 2 words, Passive Shield. one has a windwall, one has a fucking built-in banshee's veil. {{champion:245}} {{champion:127}} JUST...R {{champion:7}} I can touch you, you cant touch me. {{champion:38}} if i make it through laning with farm and anything less than 0/2/0 proceed to archangels tile and collect 300 gold per encounter {{champion:101}} I'm you but with longer range {{champion:268}} the syndra lane bully of LCS level play {{champion:34}} (not exceedingly good in this meta but once upon a time you cant kill her) {{champion:84}} she's akali.
TY bro. Though i dont like fizz,akali and wont play them probably i will try vlad and liss...i do play azir but he feel very cdr dependent now. Either i hit 40% cdr or i wait for late game. 🤯
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: WTF happn to garen changes. well dam. was really hopin to play some on-hit-spin2win garen myself.{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: xayah kai'sa untouched LMAO
: xayah kai'sa untouched LMAO
: Patch 9.19 notes
an actual good patch. without tahm and Karma. Riot can i say f u?
Keiaga (NA)
: {{champion:81}} is another adc with great, longrange poke and also great burst potential. Same with {{champion:51}} and {{champion:18}}
Ezreal E forwards a fixed distance and gets intsalocked often. He cant go in backline and one shot enemy adc. Neither Trist nor Caitlyn can go and run around while killing backlines. They always gets targetted. Kaisa doesn't.
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: Could someone explain 99 LP
No good complaining. Dogshit riot dont looks into board posts..try reddit.
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