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: If your below average in ranked you don't see balance till you sink. Even then, as its super easy to play for a loss your liable to run into asshole smurfs who are there just to pubstomp players like you. Its not a balance issue so much as inherent issues with 24-7 RNG ques and free account creation. Hum... You know, Lets see if we can get the community to lend a hand to the new player experience. Edit. Aight Lets see if any one steps up. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/KBxYi702-everbody-who-is-down-to-lend-a-hand-with-new-player-experience You are also welcome to add me should you like.
its not just that, its the fact that there are players 100+ playing on the enemy team constantly, im getting slammed each game with 100s 200s 300s and rarely 400 and up. i cant even have the choice in playing ranked
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