: Wukong Update- Prepped For PBE!
I never got to play the version based around clones. It sounded like it had more to play around for both players and opponents and would take away his unfun invisible burst. What was the reasoning for dropping that and doing this lighter, slight tune-up rather than a more holistic rework? Is that off the table completely or did it just require more resources than were available so it's tabled for the foreseen future?
: Wukong Update- Now In Active Development!
Will he have a ghost effect with his clones so he can pass through them, and vice versa? I can imagine mashing everything at once on an enemy in melee range and then getting clone-blocked from moving in or out of trades. Will the clones replicate your Q, and if so, will they heal, will Wukong heal off their strike as well? When the clones die or expire, will they do the cloud thing he currently has that deals damage? I really like that his form of survivability is different from any other champion in the game. It's three-pronged in that he has his innate defensive stats plus the passive for team-fights, he has a small bit of healing on his kit, and the clones can absorb some of his intended damage. It gives him much more nuance to playing as and against and you can't just counter him with things like healing reduction or penetration. Similarly, he isn't going to ramp up his damage without using his clones, so his old hit and run style is gone, thankfully. Oh lastly, is his passive range increase going to scale by level? I could see a cool lever with extending that range by farming with Q a la Nasus if you ever wanted something else to really tweak in the kit.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
Do you feel Neeko’s shapeshifting fits with her kit and play style? It feels like it would fit better on a tanker champion without long range engage who would be rewarded for luring in enemies with a juicier target only to transform, revealing the threat of some short range damage or cc that normally is hard to pull off due to the lack of a gap closer.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
It looks like Wukong is moving away from the assassin end of fighters and towards the juggernaut end. My impression is that he's going to be hard to stick onto targets and be able to ramp up the damage with the clones to compensate for what he's losing from the assassin style he used to have (which I'm fine with him losing, because he used to be so binary and not contributing a good gameplay experience for either side). Are his clones going to be able to apply on-hits (I'm thinking maybe going Frozen Mallet if they do), because how is he going to reliably get his clone damage bonuses up and then be able to take advantage of it without having his ult up to keep enemies in place for the clones, or through ally crowd control? How quickly can I get ticks of damage for the passive to apply with his ult? Currently, you want to cancel it oftentimes as soon as you apply the knockup, but if the damage is going ramp, sitting on as many enemies as possible changes his gameplay. I actually would really like that, and suspect that it'd be better than canceling out to spam other abilities, particularly if his burst has decreased.
Meddler (NA)
: Once we've got some details to share we'll share em. Likely we also put work on PBE for an extended period like with Quinn, Rengar, LB work last year. Don't have anything concrete yet besides being able to say we're planning to do some work on him. Don't want to build any expectations around how quickly, scope of change etc. Won't be just numbers changes, certainly not a large scale rework though.
Just a suggestion, but give him a stacking mechanism a la Nasus where he gains range on his staff would be cool and fit the mythical inspiration. Something like extending Q range and ult radius per X Q last hits is what I was thinking.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
I like the rule bending/breaking that going beyond level 18 offers. Perhaps if it cannot fit on someone’s kit cleanly, it could be made into an Inspiration rune instead. It’d be extra work doing exploration on whether there’d be issues with some skills that lower in cooldown with each skill point if they now can chain cc or something, especially if it would be put in Inspiration where many may take the extra 5% CD-R as well. But all in all I like it because it creates a new play style.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 9
Is next year’s champ rework schedule going to be more aimed at larger projects or smaller, but quick ones like Ezreal? Any word on adding a new dragon type and anything new on providing dragon info in champ select? Are there any plans to provide stats and ratios for champs and items either on the client or website, or is Riot content with outside sources having to provide it?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Is there any possibility for a new dragon type still? I recall talk of one being pushed back last offseason.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Is Amumu getting looked at for a rework soon? His passive is forgettable and he suffers from the same issue Alistar did before his updated E where once he does his initiation he doesn't do much aside from stand around an autoattack (well he mashes E and leaves W I guess) until his cooldowns come back up again.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be looking at shielding and healing, in particular from enchanters, in the 8.12-8.14 range.
Does this include a potential anti-shield item that was in the works a few months ago?
: NOW COMPLETE - [Q&A] Ask Ivern's Creators Anything!
Did Daisy require any new pet AI, or was the recent Annie/Tibbers updates and Yorick/Maiden of the Mists work all done in conjunction with iteration on Ivern and Daisy? I still hold out hope that pet AI and control interface will get to the point where you guys can implement a true pet champ.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
I feel like the plants landing damage should be more rewarding considering that if you miss the Q or E on a seed, it's basically two spells down the drain with maybe 1 plant attack getting in. Can they maybe get additional effects for landing multiple strikes on champions (not on minions)? For example, say the third shot of a Q plant does percent damage or provides more utility in the form of a strong slow, while the E plant could reroot a champion on its third strike. A last possible would be for plants to spawn more seeds after accruing however many champion strikes. Then she could follow that up with more plants (maybe disallow those to spawn seeds though).
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
It sounds like her kit has enough issues that she'd be better suited for a fuller rework rather than the lesser touch-up that it sounds like she's getting. I don't know if it's the case that she's really only getting maybe one ability changed, but that's my general impression with what the mage rework will entail. If it turns out that the end results don't quite fit, is it realistic that she could be tabled until a full gameplay update could be done on her? I only ask because her current kit has two possible playstyles that really just revolve around number tuning. It's either based around her just wanting to poke with Q and then if some one does close the gap or she has the upperhand, then she relies on the E spam, but it's not highly tuned enough to be worth going in for poke with it ever really. That type of play sounds like she'd end up doing no damage and never be picked because otherwise she's super oppressive from afar and never in danger. The other way around, with E being enabled by Q actually forces her to go in. That sounds healthier, so I can see why you'd focus on making her less of a long-range kiter, though the poisons could use some touchup so they're thematically more interesting. As an aside, I like her current passive thematically, but it's not a smooth build up as it's so piecemeal rather than her gaining gradual power as she inches closer and closer to certain thresholds. I don't know that it fits her. That might fit better on a different champ in the future. All in all, it sounds like if she is only getting a minor reworking, machine-gun E that's enabled by the poisons sounds like the way to go as it'd be just way beyond the scope of the project to go with strictly making her a poison mage without resorting to giving her a full gameplay update.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
I feel like both Brand and Malzahar share the characteristic of having both burst and sustained percent health damage, as both have 4, essentially instant, damage spells with less utility, plus their passives deal damage. I like that and feel like that should be part of their calling cards as they don't get heavy cc or extra mobility. Additionally, Right now they have a bit of overlap in that they both can spit out a chunk of AoE, but I feel like that should fit more with Brand and his burn up everything play style should be accentuated more. Malzahar's Q and W are big AoE, but his more iconic E and R are single target, disregarding the jumping of E, but that's conditional and a unique amalgamation of single target and AoE. Anyway, I feel like both could still do some burst and sustain, but Brand's should be the AoE one. Maybe he gets lesser damage because of it, I don't know. As for burning every one, only his current E really plays that up, but it's kind of bland. It could be cool if his passive gave targets a sunfire effect, though he'd obliterate minion waves, maybe only on champs. Then he'd hurt the backline by burning them with their own allies if he couldn't get to them. It also plays up on his desire to hit grouped up enemies and them wanting to scatter. His abilities seem so simple that it's hard to say any of them really have to stay. His passive is central though.
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Jaredan! [COMPLETE]
Since last year had a lot of mythological themed champions, have you considered making alternative interpretations of those champs for new skins? For example, Kindred are the personification of death, but it's likely they are described differently in tales passed down in Bilgewater as compared to the Freljord or Shurima. I see it kind of like how Santa Claus goes by different names, looks, and somewhat different behaviors across different cultures, but generally represents the same core idea.
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Jaredan! [COMPLETE]
Regarding some of the oddball characters who hail from less concrete Runeterran places like Taric, Malphite, Kayle, Morgana, and Nocturne - are they going to continue as characters from these otherworldly places, and eventually you're going to update them lorewise as one batch, or is it more likely we'll see them come piecemeal as they're relaunched and rebranded into the lore of the various city-states and other locations?
: Team Builder role icons: Distribution and future plans
Would you consider adding more role icons for the subroles like juggernauts and whatever other titles you guys settle upon once those roles are better delineated?
AD Yuumi (NA)
: [INTRO] August "gypsylord" Browning, Champion Designer
Would a "living weapon" type of champ that could be wielded by allies say during an ult or after death as a passive be feasible? Regardless of whether you guys could get a kit for a champ like that to a place you liked, would a champ concept that isn't easy to iterate upon artistically much more than its base skin put the kibosh on proceeding ahead? I'd hope you guys just assume your artists will come up with some brilliant solution down the road and go on anyway (seems like that occurred with Z.A.C with Pool Party after a long while where he was mostly looked at as a recolor type of candidate).
: [INTRO] Brian "FeralPony" Feeney - Live Gameplay Design Lead
It seems like now that we have champs that can troll/grief allies now, like with Tahm Kench eating an ally and running into the fray, that a cc like sleep could be implemented, even though an ally could awaken the target much to the dismay of the rest of the team. Is that design philosophy still in effect, or are you guys lightening up on the restrictions champion kits can have nowadays? The burden of knowledge stuff seems to have been worked around to some degree with new champs and all their complexity, like with Illaoi and knowing one can reduce the spirit's lifetime by fighting her rather than running away, which is more way more intuitive, but potentially more punishing, so I'm curious if design is going to open up a lot more like this. It seems promising for the health and future of the game, what with new champions and reworks having seemingly limitless possibilities in terms of design and kit.
: [DISCUSSION] What would you like to hear in the Dev Corner?
This might not directly be development related, but kind of. What sort of more in depth statistics are used for balancing? I'm thinking along the lines of things like, how do you balance across skill levels for champs that are heavily gold/item dependent (do lower elos play poorly with some champs because they can't get the items until 40 minutes in kind of thing, or are they actually equal due to way more kills at lower elos)? What proxies do you use to determine if a champion is balanced? This might relate more to development: is there a standard champion for each role to balance around when developing new champions or reworks, kind of like the Renekton bar that was referenced a season or so ago for top lane? I'm interested in hearing about the statistical and analytical side to balance, and usually all we hear about is that a certain champ might be too strong/weak and so we're testing incremental stuff or whatnot. It'd be cool to hear about what you're actually measuring that makes you decide a champ is in that state that they need tweaks, aside from bland stuff like "winrate."
: DEV BLOG: Marksman Itemization
It seems like all the defensive options for marksmen are now found on offensive items like Phantom Dancer and the lifesteal items. Is it deliberate that there are only a couple purely defensive items marksmen more commonly pick up such as GA and Banshee's Veil?
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with L4T3NCY! [COMPLETED]
Are there any game modes that will never see the light of day due to an excessive amount of coding/animations? I don't see you guys ever doing an ability swap mode without implementing huge restrictions since new animations would be required else it'd look extremely wonky (Garen spin on say, Leblanc).
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with L4T3NCY! [COMPLETED]
Are there any game modes that will never see the light of day due to an excessive amount of coding/animations? I don't see you guys ever doing an ability swap mode without implementing huge restrictions since new animations would be required else it'd look extremely wonky (Garen spin on say, Leblanc).
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Since Kindred is represented across multiple cultures in Runeterra, does the classic skin represent one of those cultures' vision of what Kindred looks like? Are there skin ideas in the works for say, the Ionian representation, or Bilgewater's, or Shurima's?
: @RiotRepertoir Status check on the Yorick gameplay update?
I'd prefer he remain more of a bruiser who hobbles in and whacks the enemy with his shovel type rather than a purer necromancer type. The ghouls could stay in some fashion, but he doesn't really have any windows of weakness once he gets rolling in a fight since his cooldowns are low enough that he just spams ghouls over and over again and he gains damage resistance or reduction (which it is as I rarely play him anymore due to his state), so the enemy never focuses them down before refocusing to him because it's not worthwhile. Maybe they have aoe and get to kill them while fighting him, but yeah, he needs a retooling. Perhaps more focus on his actions than on the actual ghouls. They're also super annoying to actually target. That is reason alone to make him less of a necromancer unless they're made easier to click on and actually worthwhile to kill. So bruiser Yorick preferred over necromancer Yorick. I just feel a necromancer would fit onto an entirely new character much better, although at the rate with which new champs are released nowadays, that may take a while, so I wouldn't be entirely disappointed if he were more of a necromancer if it meant we'd get that archetype in the foreseeable future. Outside of gameplay, his voiceover is top-notch. I like the effects on it and it's sort of slow and plodding in cadence, which fits his personality well. If you're doing a full-scale rework on him, that's likely getting worked on as well, so perhaps it can be noted that his general personality of being very of matter of fact when it comes to death and without any real emotion is perfect. He's not bloodthirsty undead like Sion. Although I guess if his lore is in anyway similar to before where I think he's been digging graves for years looking for his body or something to the point that he's forgotten what life is like (or something like that), then that explains the lack of emotion aspect and it could be cool to have him show glimmers of his humanity showing through as well.
: We wanted to keep a strong focus on the central characters of the story. We talked about various Champions we could involve, but it then becomes shoehorning things in, or having cameos that aren't satisfying. So no, sorry, Fizz and the others won't be making an appearance in this story.
> [{quoted}](name=Jaredan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ErXYAKos,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-24T21:38:23.600+0000) > > We wanted to keep a strong focus on the central characters of the story. We talked about various Champions we could involve, but it then becomes shoehorning things in, or having cameos that aren't satisfying. > > So no, sorry, Fizz and the others won't be making an appearance in this story. Are we going to get a future lore patch for under the sea or whatever the name of the sea is. That'd be good for all those characters you left out of this one - Fizz, Nautilus, Nami, Taric (when he's redone).
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
It Tahm devours and enemy and Morgana Black Shields him, can he run the enemy back into his team as though it's a Skarner ult, or is the slow unavoidable since it's not being applied by an enemy?
: HUD Update
Can we get a tooltip update or whatever it would be called for the amount you'd deal to towers if you're an AP champ. I know it's something like the greater value of your AD or AP, but the AP value is some percentage of your total AP. Perhaps it could be added to the tooltip when you hover over your AP value. "Auto attacks will deal X to towers before mitigation."
Marthian (NA)
: Meanwhile axes take very little effort to juggle and hit like a freaking truck. Not to mention the movement speed boost with CD reset upon catch.
> [{quoted}](name=Marthian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BgTvapr5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-21T02:37:13.288+0000) > > Meanwhile axes take very little effort to juggle and hit like a freaking truck. Not to mention the movement speed boost with CD reset upon catch. Sure, that's a fair counterpoint if you look at his whole kit. I was under the impression that it was just a general thing that was being done across the board with all champions for ultimate costs, regardless of the costs of the rest of their abilities/frequency of use. You could also counter that if you're catching the axes frequently, you get more chances to recast W and spend even more mana; or if you're particularly poor at catching them, you're punished for having to recast Q again, whereas say Ezreal could repeatedly miss Q and still be able to cast his ult. I just assumed it was irrespective of the kit and missed when they were adjusting ult costs across the board. I know they didn't actually adjust every champ who was above 100 in the same patch even, which suggests that they were not as careful as they perhaps could have been.
Rioter Comments
A Ocean (EUW)
: Champion mastery too affected by outcome?
Can the comparison of my performance on champion X to other players who play that champion give more weight to those comparisons that had the same game outcome? So then if I perform poorly on X, but my team is dominating everything and wins the game, the performance of other players of X in wins is weighted more heavily than the performance of players of X in losses. And of course, the opposite would happen in losses for myself on X placing more weight on the comparison of X players in losses. This would help to lessen the effect of being carried by others in boosting up my score to some degree and would dampen the effect of allies who may be anchoring me down too heavily scorewise in losses where I'm performing well. I don't know if this is already in place, but it just feels like the weighting of factors isn't properly set yet (if you are actually doing like this yet with weighing of performances in losses and wins by champ), as it seems odd that players who have a fantastic game, yet lose are pulling in far fewer points (like 1/4 to 1/3 total) than in games of mediocre performance that wind up as wins. So something akin to this: Score = (My Performance)/(Average Performance in Wins*(.6) + Average Performance in Losses*(.4)) Where the .6 and .4 are swapped if the player lost the match (also these numbers are hypothetical weights, so you'd tweak them as necessary). I suppose if you wanted to go even further with this, you could come up with a measure for overall team performance in wins and losses where you rate how big the win was over the opponent and then could grade the player based on how big of a factor the player was in the game and then compare that weighted score to players of the same champion across other games. That's probably way more math than you want to get into, but it's the kind of direction you see professional sports heading with the analytics movement.
Zelta (NA)
: Annivia passive bug
I've had this happen to me as Anivia as well. In my case I was Singed flipped and died while airborne. I never went into egg. It was very early into the match and so I hadn't proc'd the passive prior to that in the match. It seems like a movement displacement is interacting with her passive. If you search my thread history (I don't post often; it was maybe 2 months ago and I post like 3 times a year or so) there is another post I made regarding this that was handled by another Rioter. Perhaps you can glean some more information based on that.
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
I think Kennen is due. There just isn't much to him, he's very basic looking. Have you ever seen some one cosplay as Kennen - probably not, and it's because he's a generic looking purple ninja. I think he's actually some one you could give an entirely new visual update on. He'd be cool if he had neat particle effects of electricity parsing around his body too. With that said, I think he's also due for a gameplay update. Right now he's pretty weak, and is one of those characters who is unfun to play against when he's good because he's ranged and essentially resourceless. Also, he has some minor bugs that for whatever reason haven't been fixed even though they've been made aware for over 4 years (his W going on CD but not casting if you have a mark on an enemy champ and they move out of range while you're casting it). You'll probably end up packaging a reimagining of him visually with some gameplay updates as he's poor on both fronts and been cast into the "nerfed down to low viability but never going to receive buffs because he becomes a problem" category.
: Updated Summoner's Rift Q&A (11/7)
With the game becoming more and more complex with new champions and a slew of new mechanics in the upcoming season, why do the jungle camp monsters mirror each other on both sides? It seems like the perfect opportunity to create unique monsters on each side (of course they'd need to be similarly sized, numbered, and have the same stats).
: Hexakill <3 Katarina & assassins early on in Featured Game Modes
A few points on why she wasn't fun to have in games (for either side): 1. She has the ability to do massive burst instantly and repeatedly so she'd end up getting the kills more often than not, which frankly, when she's already up 10 kills on every one else, isn't fun and is essentially kill-stealing. I had games where the Kat would be up around 15 to 20 kills and the remaining 5 champs wouldn't have reached 10 kills aggregate yet. 2. Her resourceless abilities on a fairly low cooldown and being AOE allows her to farm the minion waves better than just about any other champion in the mode. Consider that allowing minions to whittle each other down isn't what happens in most games of Hexakill and you have a champ who can clear an entire wave and push herself farther ahead in gold allowing her to continuously deal all the killing blows to minions and other champs. 3. On the enemy side, once she's ahead, her combo is capable of killing a squishy in like half a second. It's so fast that a lot of the time you can't react or once you see her closing in, it's already too late for cc, even targeted cc like say a Taric stun, to prevent a death as she just does her burst, is stunned and then has cooldowns back up as soon as the stun wears off. At best your team gets a 1 for 1 out of it. 4. It's a fun mode and players want to play fun champs who aren't always the best picks or most rounded picks for the team, so you end up with teams that may not have a huge slate of cc to stop her, and then you're just out of luck and she kills everything. If you could just ban her, it wouldn't be as big of a deal. If the mode was draft you could also pick accordingly. So in conclusion, I don't think it's necessarily that players found her to be an automatic win, thus warranting her being banned if it were available. I think they wanted to ban her because other players had much less fun in games she was involved in.
: > > Regarding the time between the Ascension ritual and Xerath's confrontation with Nasus and Renekton: I have one finger on my nose and with my other hand I'm pointing at LordHippoman. > > > > We purposefully left Sivir's lineage as a mystery because, well... fun. Personally, I'm loving the discussion here and elsewhere about who survived. Though we don't want it to be an eternal secret, it's a fun part of having an on-going story. And it's a secret we want to tell though a story. > > I would ask why that is fun. I love a mystery, but contradictions? Not so much. Wiping out the entire royal family, but then having a descendent many years later? It's not very mysterious in my view, but impossible. If you gave us hints of another lover of Azir's that was out of the city at the time, or some other way for the lineage to continue, that would be a mystery. As it stands now, it just seems like a plot hole without much of a reason to exist in my view. The problem with giving a hint of that type is that it pretty much ends the mystery. The other options are to either give multiple possibilities and spend time setting them up in the story (which would take time and isn't the central focus of the piece), or show the family that we're aware of (then seemingly taking those options out of the equation) and make it clear that someone linked to Azir must have survived because he knows that Sivir is linked to him by blood. We opted for the latter for the reasons outlined.
Zilean is getting at least his passive reworked (all other global passives have been altered and Zilean was played at Worlds, so he's assuredly getting changed), perhaps a bit more of his kit, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that he could be involved in some time-travel hi-jinks with Azir that would make perfect sense even if all of his descendants were killed at the Ascension. If this is the case, then I wouldn't expect any closure until that rolls around.
: maybe you died while your passive just came up within milliseconds? and you're like : i had passive wtf? just a suggestion. its happened to me before. i should be more aware of my egg timer xD being an anivia main and all.
I can attest that I had egg. After dying, the CD had all but the tiniest of slivers to go yet.
: Anivia didn't go into her egg
I actually had this same bug happen to me sometime during this past week, but forgot to report it as it happened early in the match. I was doing an ARAM match, and was pretty sure I had egg, the enemy team tower dove and killed me, but my egg either never materialized or they did so much damage that they killed it instantly and I never saw it. My passive went on CD though. I can attach logs if you want, I'll just have to go look up when that Anivia game was first (I don't believe I've played her since). Also, if it helps, I may have been Singed flung and killed while midair.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
I think Taric is in a unique spot aurally. His voiceover really does define him both in his choice of words and the softspokeness plus slower cadence he speaks. Thinking of some of the original champions, they aren't nearly as defined by their voice as Taric is (except maybe Teemo, whose voice is a huge part of defining him, and actually completes the trifecta of cute character, annoying kit to fight against, and then has that childlike voice to throw it back in your face that you're being beaten by a child). Some of the newer champs really utilize their voices as defining characteristics of the champ, but look back at some one like Mal'zahar whose voice is tuned to fit his character, but doesn't define him, as that's what his lore does. When he gets his voiceover updated, I hope he retains all his gem lines such as "Ruby for vigor." and adds another half dozen or more including some more obscure stones such as tourmaline, peridot, citrine, tanzanite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli, along with all the well known stones that for some odd reason were forsaken and not given amazing lines already. Visually, he isn't just wearing "gem encrusted" armor. He's wearing armor with sharp and jagged crystals jutting out of it. It's like "rock candy" and that's a good thing. It juxtaposes the neatness of his voice with a more rugged and tough outlook. He wouldn't look as good if you polished the precious stones that make up parts of his armor. It would just look a bluish metal if anything. I don't know if it's possible to get this level of detail and make it work with the angle and distance the character model is seen from, but it would be awesome if you could get that transparent effect you see in gems somehow into his model where he has crystalline parts. I kind of doubt it would hold up unless every one played the character way zoomed in, but it would be cool if possible as opposed to the more opaque effects his crystals maintain now. The other aspect of him visually, how he carries himself on the battlefield, is that he's brave and willing to walk right into danger. His armor really makes it so he can walk right in and face an onslaught of damage and then walk right out. He actually does do this in game since he has so much armor, so I think it's important that his armor is "outrageous" and huge, and absurd, like the equivalent of Cloud's sword in FFVII, but for armor. The guy is not phased by death, in fact he doesn't really acknowledge it at all. If he falls, he kind of just laughs it off and that's it. Oh, one last bit. I believe his lore represents him as some kind of being from another planet/galaxy/wherever. Obviously that's dumb as he looks human and nothing else about him lends itself to that derivation. So tell the lore guys to kill that. He could be the essence of some crystalline being for all I care, that would play more into giving him more lines about gems too, so that'd be great.
Morello (NA)
: What unique strengths would you guys like to see enhanced or improved on Elise? What weakness vs other characters would you imagine she should have?
First of all, I see her as much easier to balance and fitting better thematically if she were to be a laner (probably solo lane) rather than her current best fit in the jungle. Her human form spells are mana gated whereas her spider form are strictly cooldown based. Thus, hitting her mana regen and base does little to her jungling, but certainly hurts her laning. I feel that thematically she was created with the idea that she'd skirt around in human form on the edge of the enemy's engage range while whittling down the opponents health. She fits well up in top lane due to the prevalence of tankier opponents and her percentile damage. The spider form is meant to jump in and finish the job, but if she miscalculates she should be squishier and pay for the mistake. Currently there's none of that intricate dance going on because she just blasts off her human spells and transforms into a spider in the jungle to allow her spiderlings to tank. I'd put way less emphasis on the spiderlings with her too. They don't really add much skill for her aside from blocking skill shots. The majority of the time, they just tank jungle monsters for her, and they heal her, which just seems like overkill. I think the heal aspect on her W in spider form takes away from her other strengths and it's more of a "win-more" ability. If she's ahead in lane, she can freely zone the opponent and heal up. If she's behind, unless under the tower, it's going to be difficult to stand there letting her spiderlings unload for the full W duration to heal her. Secondly, the W doesn't really resonate well with her Q in spider form. She jumps in with Q doing the percent missing health, a finisher move, but then she has a sustained damage and bruisery move where she can stand there and fight the opponent for a bit. It's basically something for her to do until her Q comes back up and she can do another "assassinate" attempt. I think there is one more point that supports why she should be rebalanced to lane rather than jungle, and that is her itemization choices. In conjunction with her ability to shred health, she scales well with magic penetration items. There aren't many champions in the game who can strictly go this route as most mages who pick up pen also need AP. This makes her build a little more interesting as she can build tankier and more utilitarian items.
Statikk (NA)
: Statikk Q&A (completed)
First, what is live gameplay and balance's role in preparing for the next season while it's still considered preseason and you guys are making your sweeping changes? Secondly, what do you guys have in mind for top lane? Currently it revolves around who is the most dominant top laner metagame-wise, and then within game it is so heavily swayed by one kill that the winner ends up winning all future trades and proceeds to have their way until they either make a huge mistake the opponent can capitalize on or the jungler resets things with a good gank. Top lane needs to be less swingy; is it the priority for next season to fix these issues? No other lane is basically "over" after one kill like top lane can be, and the other roles seem to be much more dynamic in terms of what type of champion and playstyle can succeed (mid seems dynamic enough, jungle has been ongoing this season, support was a huge focus this past offseason, marksmen seem to be an ongoing project this season and likely will receive more work for this upcoming season, so top lane really sticks out).
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: Meddler Q&A
With each new champion it seems like the engineers create some sort of new tech. Are there any plans to ever revamp the pet system and come out with a more true pet champion (like a more permanent Tibbers that has more in depth controls and doesn't just walk around and melee)? I'm just curious, as I recall forum chatter a couple years back indicating that it's not really feasible because of the way your champion is always actively selected for commands by default, and that sweeping changes to the game system would need to be undertaken for a pet champ that played to the standard level you guys would demand. Anyway, any thoughts on if that's still too big of an obstacle or if there are potential workarounds. It'd be cool to have a new subtype of champions that control more active pets rather than the bulk of our current "pet" champions that are more of short-term area controllers.
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: @Morello, it's really time for that Soraka rework.
Might I recommend having her sacrifice a percent of her own current health to cast her heal, while at the same time applying a buff to herself that increases her own regen for x amount of time in order to heal back some of that health. Additionally, the regen shouldn't be enough to fully recover, but the buff should be extendable by her involving herself in combat with enemy champions. This way she can't hide behind every one and heal (well she can, but she hurts herself and her heals become less effective), and she's encouraged to engage in combat to recover while her enemy is also encouraged to engage in combat because they have a window where her health is lowered as well.

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