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: if im already lvl 5 with a char will i get something at the start or is it when i lvl up? thx for answering :D //poropower
You get the chests for getting an S in a match, they scrapped the idea of getting it for champion mastery, sadly.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
I have an idea for a skin. I'm not the best artist, and as such I have no drawing for it =(. however, the idea is Viva' La' Revo'Lucian. It's a Lucian skin inspired by the French revolution if you could not tell, and it would consist of Lucian in French military cloths and maybe a Neapolitan hat. The reason that I think this skin could be awesome, is not just because it would give Lucian another skin, but because you can make a lot of connections to the French Revolution with it in the ideas of the French Government. The French government oppressed the lower class or Third Estate so far that they eventually lead to war between the Third estate and the 1st and 2nd estate, or the rich. This works in perfect parallel with Lucian and Thresh. This is in the sense that Lucian was oppressed by Thresh and lose his wife to him and now they are essentially at war with each other. So you could even make this into two skins, the Viva'La Revo'Lucian skin, and also a skin that could make Thresh into a French monarch type look. If anyone else on this forum wants to draw ideas for the skin, due to my lack of artistic talent, that would be cool too =).
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: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
I have two questions 1) Is there a limit to the number of keys you can collect? 2) Can you break down permanent cosmetic objects for essences?
: Hextech Crafting soon debuts on PBE
Now, is it possible to buy essence in the store? Because i feel like people will use up there essences really quick.
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: Team Up & Pool Party
Even if I couldn't make any points, do I still get the mystery champion for connecting with Facebook?
: Master Arcanist Ziggs casts power word boom
Am I the only one that thinks his book looks like the one from Hearthstone?


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